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Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-415 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 7650 x 1000 mm Number of T slots: 7 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 5850 mm Y axis traverse: 1200 mm Z axis traverse: 1500 mm Milling head Head type: Auto-indexing UD... more
x-travel:700 mm y-travel:550 mm z-travel:500 mm Uwwj7xe3s feed speeds:1 - 2000 mm/min Table area:800 x 500 mm rapid traverse:5 m/min spindle turning speed range:25 - 3150 U/min spindle taper ISO:40 spindle diameter in front bearing:70 mm spindle motor:7 kW quill stroke:100 mm total power requirement:12 kW weight of the machine ca.:3,3 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,5 x 2,8 x 2,1 m HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 CNC control for 4 axis NC table [...] swivelling Heidenhain touch probe coolant device, mot... more
x-travel:500 mm y-travel:380 mm z-travel:300 mm distance between table/spindle:540 mm table surface area:650 x 380 mm table load:200 Kg tool taper:SK 30 spindle turning speed range:60 - 6000 U/min feed speeds:1-5000 mm/min rapid traverse X,Y:20 m/min rapid traverse Z-axis:20 m/min spindle throat:345 mm spindle drive:5,5 kW Tool changer:10 Stationen diameter of tools max.:80 mm tool length - max.:200 mm Iyvxqdphw weight of tools max.:18 kg tool changing time:7 sec total power requirement:13,5... more
x-travel:700 mm y-travel:450 mm z-travel:500 mm control:Philips 432 CNC tool taper:SK 40 speeds:20 - 3150 U/min Bdvams27ti feed:1 - 3000 mm/min rapid travel x/y/z:6000 mm/min table load:0,6 t table-size:900 x 500 mm total power requirement:36 kVA weight of the machine ca.:3 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,3 x 3,0 x 2,6 m more
HEYLIGENSTAEDT | HEYNUMILL ECOFLEX 5-axis simultaneous portal machining center for milling and turning with 2 interchangeable tables Control: SIEMENS 840 D Built: 2009 Machine number: 85 0002 36 Tables can be coupled at an extra cost - travel 10,000mm or individually: X - 4,500 mm / Y - 4,000 mm / Z - 1,500 mm / plus W - 1,500 mm = 3,000 mm! Spindle hours: only about 4,900 hours Universal NC machining module - B- and C-axis: 360° / + - 110° 2x Clamping tables size 2500mmx3000mm W... more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 12240 x 1000 mm Number of T slots: 6 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 10450 mm Y axis traverse: 1200 mm Z axis traverse: 2500 mm Milling head Head type: Universal Auto... more
x-travel:18000 mm y-travel:2500 mm z-travel:1250 mm spindle motor:31 kW spindle turning speed range:10 - 10000 U/min spindle taper::HSK A 80 number of tools:104 :A-Achse +100/-90 c-axis:+/- 200 ° feeds:1 - 16000 mm/min rapid traverse::16 m/min weight of the machine ca.:72 t M27qp total power requirement:65 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:25,5 x 10,0 x 5,2 m Machine equiped with SIEMENS 840 D control for 5 axis - NC 2-axis fork type milling head - BALLUF tool identification system - MARPOSS ... more
Gêbr. Universal console milling machine Fabr. WANDERER Works Type KFEV1 TECHNISCHE DATEN Size of table surface 1550 x 315 mm Distance between water drains 1000 mm Trajectories automatisch/v Hand X, Y, Z 730 (750) x 240 (260) x 400 (420) Path of Pinole 80 mm Tool recording vertically/horizontally ISO40 Diameter of the milling spindle 70 mm Spindle speed vertical/horizontal 45-2000 U/min Subfront X, Y-axis 16-710 mm/min Subfront Z-Axis 8-355 mm/min Rush X/Y/Z-Axis 4000/2000/100... more
ear 1999 CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 Table Surface 2500 X 700 mm. Number of T Slots 5 T Slots Dimensions 22 mm. Longitudinal Traverse (X Axis) 2500 mm. Transversal Traverse (Y Axis) 800 mm. Vertical Traverse (Z Axis) 800 mm. Working Feeds (X/Y/Z) 5-5.000 mm/min Rapid Traverse 12.000 mm/min Head Type Universal Taper ISO 50 Be82x7dyrm Turning Speeds 20-4000 rpm Head Power 22 Kw ATC INCLUDED Positions in ATC 30 Pos. Hydraulic Tool Clamping System INCLUDED EC Guarding INCLUDED Internal... more
Workspace: 1300 x 800 mm (length x width) Maximum feed paths: Longitudinal movement of the table: 1200 mm Cross movement of the table: 800 mm Round movement of the table: 360° Bfao2oyt33 Milling head swivelling on both sides 90° Discharge of the milling spindle: 830 mm Maximum table load: 4000 kg Total weight approx. 10,800 kg For more technical data see last photo more
Serial No. 2821-0523 Control Deckel Contour 3 Table Size 900 x 530 mm Table Load 800 kgs Table Left/Right X axis 560 mm Table Rise & Fall Z axis 390 mm Feed Rate 2 -3600 mm/min Speeds 40 - 4000 rpm Spindle Taper ST40 Spindle Rise & Fall 80 mm Head Tilts 45 - 0 - 45 degrees Ram In/Out Y axis 500 mm Fitted with tool clamping Be9ug0et9p Length 8' Width 7' 6" Height 6' 8" Nett Weight Actual. 2,800 Kgs. / 2.76 Tons. more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-415 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 11000 x 1000 mm Number of T slots: 7 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 9300 mm Y axis traverse: 1010 mm Z axis traverse: 2000 mm Milling head Head type: Automatic milli... more
table diameter:1400 mm x-travel:2200 mm y-travel:1200 mm z-travel:1100 mm c-axis:360.000 x 0,001 b-axis:+/- 60 ° w-axis:350 mm distance spindle center to column::1100 mm table load:6 t spindle drive:15 kW S3tz8h Torque:4600 nM spindle turning speed range:10 - 1600 U/min spindle taper ISO:50 no. of tools in the magazine:20 Stück total power requirement:45 kW weight of the machine ca.:30 t dimensions of the machine ca.:5,8 x 5,8 x 4,9 m Machine complete overhould and retrofit in 2001 with SIEM... more
General Data Machine weight 60000 kg Main Drive Spindle speed range 630 rpm Movement X-Axis Movement 4000 mm Y-Axis Movement 3150 mm Z-Axis Movement 2000 mm Workpiece Workpiece weight 20000 kg Table Outer length 1400 mm Outer width 1400 mm Additional Equipment Ehea2fv Skoda E 20 (2000 x 2000 mm, 20 t) rotary table, year 1967 2 pcs of floor plates : 2x 1870 x 6400mm 2 pcs of milling heads This SKODA WDA 200 Milling Machine from the Czech Republic was made in 1964 but completely overhauled ... more
x-axis:5500 mm y-travel:1200 mm z-travel:2000 mm spindle taper ISO:40 Din 69871/72 Imd8y88ts spindle turning speed - stepless:1500 - 12000 U/min feeds infinitely variable to rapid traverse:0 - 12000 mm/min power capacity - milling spindle:13 kW adjustable work table::manuell 1000 mm 5 Tonnen dimensions of the machine ca.:ca. 9,5x6,5x5,2 m total power requirement:60 kW weight of the machine ca.:40 t Table dimensions:1500 x 2000 x 750 mm groove width:23 mm no. of flutes:6 flute distance:250 mm... more
Travel routes in approx. information: X - Axis: 700 mm Y - Axle: 250 mm Z - Axis: 400 mm Table clamping area approx.: 1000 x 310 mm Speed - spindle approx.: 45-2000 rpm Be82ldbgub Accessories: - Digital display Fagor Dimensions: L x W x H approx.: 1,800 mm x 2,300 mm x 1,800 mm Weight approx.: 1,700 kg more
Serial No. RO36900 Control Selca S3045 (Heidenhain Compatible) Longitudinal Travel Column X Axis 8000mm Ram Travel Z Axis 1200mm Vertical Travel Head Y Axis 2300mm Spindle motor power 37 kW Spindle Speeds Constant Torque 5-562 rpm, Constant Power 562-3000 rpm Spindle Taper ISO 50 7388 Head Rotation V Axis 360 Degrees, U Axis 275 Degrees, Indexing via CNC Ram Size 335mm x 350mm Fitted with Siemen's Drives Equipped with 5000mm x 2700mm Floor Plate. Slideway Covers, Operator Platform, Hydraulic Too... more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 2500 x 700 mm Number of slots: 5 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 2500 mm Y axis traverse: 800 mm Z axis traverse: 800 mm Milling head Head type: NEW! 2,5º Auto indexi... more
x-travel:800 mm y-travel:500 mm z-travel:550 mm table surface area:1100 x 600 mm tool taper:ISO 40 Bbvfuvs8 quill stroke:80 mm spindle turning speed range:20 - 5000 U/min feeds:1 - 5000 mm/min rapid traverse:6 m/min total power requirement:16 kW weight of the machine ca.:4,9 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,2 x 2,9 x 2,4 m With continuous path control CNC 432, fixed table, coolant device, quill, splash guard, electrical handwheel. more
General Data Measurements width 3000 mm Measurements depth 2140 mm Measurements height 2500 mm Machine weight 5000 kg Control Unit Brand HEIDENHAIN Model LE 355 B CNC main language Spanish CNC language customizable Yes Ekm7zca Main Drive Number of spindles 1 Movement X-Axis Movement 1100 mm Y-Axis Movement 600 mm Z-Axis Movement 500 mm Workpiece Workpiece X 1100 mm Workpiece Y 600 mm Workpiece Z 500 mm Workpiece weight 2500 kg Table Outer length 1600 mm Outer width 600 mm Number of tslots ... more
x-travel:1400/1450 mm 2vxtytdb y-travel:750/800 mm z-travel:750/800 mm spindle diameter:128,57 mm number of spindle speeds:30 - 2000 U/min spindle taper ISO:50 table surface area:1820 x 650 mm T-slot - width:18 mm weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3110 x 2200 x 2450 mm total power requirement: kW more

CNC milling machine KUNZMANN WF 4 CNC

Waiblingen, GermanyGermany
6660 km
excellent (used)
Heidenhain railway control TNC 426 Routes: X=400/Y=350/Z=400 mm Spindle speeds infinitely variable 1-5000 rpm Tool holder SK 40 Vertical milling head Coolant device Machine light Machine shoes electric handwheel Uryaly2b fixed full protection cabin -without vice more
Serial No. 9211604 Control Heidenhain TNC 320 Table Size 2500mm x 800mm X Axis Travel 2200mm Y Axis Travel 1000mm Z Axis Travel 1000mm Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces Input 415/3/50hz Spindle Speeds 40 - 2000 rpm Feed Rate 10 / 5000mm / min Fitted with Coolant, Hydraulic Tool Clamping, Pendant Control Be9t8pdwot Length 4400mm Width 3100mm Height 3250mm Nett weight actual. 11,900 Kgs. / 11.75 Tons. more
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