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Manufacturer: Andreas Plum GmbH Type: FWD32J Year of manufacture: 1985 Technical data (without guarantee) - table working surface [mm] - 1300 x 320 - number of grooves in the table - 5 - groove width [mm] - 18 - groove spacing [mm] - 63 - longitudinal travel [mm] - 850 Dmlstc2 - transverse travel [mm] - 255 - vertical travel [mm] - 430 - table rotation angle [°] - ± 45 - number of feed stages - 21 - number of spindle speed steps - 16 - speed range [rpm] - 56 ÷ 1800 - distance of spindle axis fro...
Králova 279/9, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky, Tschechien Czech Republic
1780 km
good (used)
Type: FSS400x1600 EFE 700 Manufacturer: VEB Werkzeugmaschinen Year of production: 1989 Dgm283p Machine height: 2250 mm Machine width: 1770 mm Machine length: 2330 mm Machine weight: 4100 kg Total machine power: 14.5 kW Max. torque cutter. spindle 1850 Nm Spindle speed range 28 - 1400 rpm. Clamping cone in ISO50 spindle The milling machine is designed for milling machine parts in piece and series production.
Schwabach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1411 km
ready for operation (used)
. Clamping surface approx. 600 x 180 mm Y-way approx. 110 mm X-way approx. 250 mm , motorised . M9v3gl 4 speeds : 46 / 94 and 290 / 592 rpm 2 feeds : 20 / 100 mm via gear pairing . WxDxH approx. 0.9 x 1.15 x 1.6 m estimated weight 1,2 to . .....
DESCRIPTION Universal tool milling machine FUW 315 /III - Manufacturer: VEB Uhrenkombinat Kombinat Fritz Heckert - Model/Type: FUW 315/III - electrical connection: 3 380V 50Hz 27,2A Bv00ydvvyd - electrical power consumption: 7,8 kW - travel in X-axis approx. 500 mm - travel in Y-axis approx. 520 mm - travel in Z-axis approx. 440 mm - working table clamping surface 315 x 1000 mm - table load 150 kg Incl. accessories and collet chuck - Tool holder 2 spindles: ISO 40
Albion Works, Savile St, Sheffield S4 7UD, UK United Kingdom
450 km
Heavy Duty, High Quality, Cross Bed Infeeding Column Live Spindle CNC Boring & Milling Machine with Hardened & Ground Box Guideways. TABLE Working Surface - 1,400 X 1,600mm Tee Slot (Size X Number X Pitch) - 22mm X 7 X 200mm Maximum Table Load - 8,000 kg Resolution - 0.001˚ Maximum Rpm - 2 RPM TRAVEL Longitudinal Travel ( X-Axis) - 2,000mm Vertical Travel (Y-Axis) - 1,600mm Cross Travel (Z-Axis) - 1,500mm W-Axis Travel - 500mm SPINDLE W-Axis Spindle Diameter - Ø 110mm Spindle Sleeve Diameter...
MANDELLI CNC Horizontal Milling Machine Type:M10 Year:1991 Control:SIEMENS 840C XYZ travel:2200x1500x1400mm Bvjajta2n9 Max. workpiece diameter:2000mm Max. table load:3000kg Max. spindle speed:4100rpm 6 pallets Toolchanger:158atc ISO 50 Please Note: The above information has been obtained to the best of our ability and belief, and from the manufacturers where possible. It is given in good faith, but its accuracy can not be guaranteed. Accordingly, it will not form a representation or constitute...
Numerical control milling machine 2syssu CHARLYROBOT year 2005 Model : charly 4U type 3
Horizontal milling machine. Brand; Herbert No; 1 Made in England Complete with change wheels. And all the milling cutters shown, see photo. Clamping table; 42 x 14 cm with 1 clamping slot Automatic fence 25 cm Ecn9oerv Height conductor 20 cm Spindle speeds range from 257 to 3020 rpm Connection; 380 volts.
Grinding Capacity Ø 315 x 2.000 mm Wheel Dimension Ø 500 x 80 x 203 mm Cc7e9rxq kW 7,5 Volts 380 Cycles 50 Including: Steady Rests Coolant System Dresser
Horizontal hand lever milling machine similar to KOVOPOL type FHP 17 C technical data: table size 540 x 170 mm Spindle mounting ISA 30 18 spindle speeds 160 - 3020 rpm. table longitudinal feed 250 mm table cross feed 105 mm Table vertical feed 160 mm scale division 0,05 / 0,04 mm Motor power 0,75 / 1,1 kW Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz Btbwjrwbu2 Weight approx. 460 kg external dimensions approx. 1000 x 800 x 1500 mm used
Sell : universal milling machine HURON Type : PU 501 Table : b1630 X 700 Efengfxx Capacities : 1300 X 700 - Z 900 Rebuilding machine : like new Ready to work Price : 45 000 €
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1190 km
as good as new (ex-display)
table mounting size: 230 x 1000 mm table movement x: 600 mm table movement y: 230 mm table movement z: 385 mm 2ipxtjx8 spindle taper: ISA 40 spindle turning speed range: 40 - 980 rpm carriages: 18 - 320 mm/min engine: 220/380 V, 0,7 PS kW space needed: 1200 x 1550 x 1600 mm weight: 1000 kg
Article number: MA1064 Manufacturer: Hermle Type: H6 / 2 K Year: Circa 1970 Machine number: 3211 Length [mm]: 900 Width [mm]: 700 Height [mm]: 1500 Weight [kg]: 560 Power supply: 380 V Gear [RPM]: 900-10000 Njqvz Lxw table size: 520 X 175 Left/right rotation: Yes
HSC-Milling Machine Year 2008 made in Germany control: 3d Web control Andronic 2060 with Ethernet interface Operating system in current version Electronic Hand Control Panel TFT screen   Technical data: 3 Drive via three-phase servo motors CNC-controlled tool changer traverse path x 400 mm, y 550 mm, Z 400 mm Axis speeds 30 m/min. Axis Acceleration ax. 15 m/s ² Repetition accuracy 0.002 mm workpiece dimensions support weight max. 500 kg   42,000 spindle HSK E 40 Type MFW-1224/42, 17kW, Vect...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1232 km
Small horizontal milling machine Fabr. RUMAG type RFO Masch. # 667 built in 1968 Technical data: Tischlaengsweg X = 350 mm Cross table travel Y = approx. 80 mm Table vertical way Z = 170 mm 2oxzsy Table size 400 x 110 mm Spindle mount MT 2 12 spindle speeds 400-4000 RPM. Power 0,37 / 0,55 kW Dimensions L x W x H
2 spindle milling machine Specifications X axis 2000.0 mm Y axis 1000.0 mm Z axis 630.0 mm E3e3lj7yy Table length 2000.0 mm Table width 630.0 mm Max load on table 3000.0 kg Spindle taper SK50 Max. spindle speed 1600 rpm Spindle motor power ----- Length x width x height 6200.0 mm × 3750.0 mm × 3600.0 mm Weight 20000.0 kg State good Bfbejqlk30 New electrical cabinet, motors with frequency converters.
Bergstraße, Deutschland Germany
1235 km
good (used)
Nr. 3405: 1 used Horizontal Milling Machine Fabr. RECKERMANN Typ FU 1000 Bauj. ca. 1975 Table Surface 1200 x 250 Workrange: 900 x 340 x 380 mm, Kr8ld Spindle SK 40 Speedrange 30-1500 min-1 Feed Rate 4 / 11 bis 230 / 570 mm/min Weight ca. 1700 kg More Details find in enclosed PDF
Travel x-y-z: 1,120 - 355 - 400 mm Table: 1,600 x 400 mm Spindle mounting: SK 50 Distance spindle clamping surface: max. 600 mm Speed range: 28 to 1,400 rpm Feed rate lengthwise and crosswise: 16 to 800 mm/min Feed vertical: 5 to 250 mm/min Spindle drive: 11 kW Total connection: 14.5 kW Weight: 3,7 t Dimensions: Condition: good, ready for use O3wppywr Accessories: counter bearing; machine vice, various spindles etc. -see pictures
HSC-Milling Machine Year of Construction 2004 control: Andronic with Ethernet interface Operating system in current version Electronic Hand Control Panel TFT screen   Technical data: 3 Drive via three-phase servo motors CNC-controlled tool changer traverse path x 625 mm, y 370 mm, Z 345 mm Axis speeds 20 m/min. Axis Acceleration ax. 8 m/s ² Repetition accuracy 0.002 mm workpiece dimensions width 600 mm depth 375 mm Height 350 mm Support weight max. 600 kg   IMT-spindle-maintenance-free-permanent...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1232 km
Horizontal milling machine Fabr. IBERIMEX (CME) type F 900 Masch.# 75128, built in 1975 Technical data: Tischlaengsweg X 400 mm Cross table travel Y 80 mm Table vertical way Z 300 mm Table size 500 x 140 mm Spindle carrier ISA 30 12 spindle speeds 80-2000 RPM. Power 1.5 HP Weight 420 kg Dimensions 800 x 900 x 1400 mm used, in very good condition I3d8qdr
Commissioning October 1997 Technical data see attachment. Paigr
SPEED AND PRECISION IN 5 AXES THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY The new PLATINUM X5 HSC milling machine is a 5-axis processing centre on a steel and polished granite base, whereby a new type of sandwich material method is used for moving parts. High stiffness, large dynamics and high speed make this system a unique, precise and economical CNC milling system. The PLATINUM X5 model range is available in various sizes. Different clamping systems can be used to clamp the workpiece in the solid granite ...
Milling machine LOEWE TYPE: FH5FS A BJ 27.03.1958 380 V 35 A Table 1,40 m x 0,4 m length 1,60 m width 1,00 m height 1,70 m Weight 3 tons colour green All axles movable. Dxbimx3vy
UCIMU MCM CLOCK 600 MP18 horizontal milling machine is for sale in Russia. Bwwgsqugg3 Made in Italy. Condition is good. Delivery to any country. Additional information and photos are available upon request.
Ingersoll OPS 800 HSC-Portal-Machining Centre Year of construction 2002 completely overhauled IMT spindle Ball Screw/Bearing Z-axis-New   Control: OPS control on Windows NT with Ethernet interface Operating system in current version Electronic Hand Control Panel Large TFT screen   Technical data: Travel x 800 mm, y 600 mm, Z 550 mm Rapid traverse 15 m/min. Table surface 800 x 750 mm Support weight max. 3,000 kg   IMT-spindle-maintenance-free-permanent grease lubrication Speed 4,000-30,000 rpm Re...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1232 km
Hor.-milling machine Fabr. RUMAG REG type 5 Masch. # 383 come. # 34280 built in 1975 Technical data: Table size 700 x 200 mm Traverse path X-axis 350 mm Stroke Y-axis 170 mm Z axis stroke 250 mm Spindle mount MT 3 18 spindle speeds 71-2800 RPM. 9 machine. Table feed 16-500 mm / min 2.0 kW External dimensions approx. 1200 x 1200 x 1600 mm Weight 800 kg Yn2ticdl2 with -Cooling device -Tischlaengsvorschub -Vertical and lateral movement manually -Holder -Hor. Milling used, in good condition
Wiesensteig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1359 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Gearbox running in oil bath (not for Vario models) Massive cast design Head height adjustable via spindle Sleeve feed via hand lever, fine adjustment via hand wheel Wide speed range 2-stage motor Puyiqq clockwise/anticlockwise rotation Safety switch with emergency stop switch High concentricity accuracy due to tapered roller bearings Mechanical quill feed for drilling via quill lever Thread cutting device 3-step vertical feed Drill depth stop Adjustable wedge bars drilling-milling head tiltable,...
HIGH-PRECISION 5-AXIS MICROPROCESSING WITH OPTIONAL AUTOMATION FOR ALMOST EVERY MATERIAL The new PREMIUM 1010 micro precision machine is predestined for manufacturing small parts as individual or series parts. The 5-axis HSC milling system has the additional option of connecting automation systems such as handling systems or robots for unmanned production. Thanks to expanded control and communication possibilities, it is possible to integrate different automation units and to control these auto...
machine number: 001524 Type / Model: FW 200x630/III Travel x-y-z: 380 - 140 - 230 mm Table: 630 x 200 mm Speed range: 67 to 1,500 rpm spindle mount: SK 30 Feed rates: 10 to 125 mm/min Rapid traverse: 2,100 mm/min Connection: 2,1 kW Accessories/equipment: condition: good Weight: 1 t Dimensions: 1.000 x 700 x 1.500 mm Bi30pplskj
Application: horizontal milling machine Year of manufacture: 1989 Condition: functional, in operation without defects Clamping table width: 320 mm Clamping table length: 1400 mm Motor power on the spindle: 7,5 kW Oe0b7 Total machine power: 16 kW Machine weight: 4 400 kg Built up area: 2 100 x 1 800 mm
Varnsdorf, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
1580 km
The RET100B is a contouring table type of a horizontal boring machine designed by the company RETOS VARNSDORF s. r. o. It is an option to the manually operated machine W100A. Workspindle diameter 100 mm Clamping taper 50 ISO Spindle speed range 3000 rpm Table transversal travel (X) 1600 mm Headstock travel (Y) 1220 mm Table longitudinal travel (Z) 1710 mm Spindle stroke (W) 710 mm Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm Table loading capacity max. 3000 kg N0j7l Control System HEIDENHAIN TNC...
Mill model RF1 for glass processing. The machine is in good condition. 3hk8a2vd
The plate processing machine! The large format machine system has an effective travel range of 1500mm x 3000mm and is ideal for panel processing. The EVO 1530 is controlled via the high-quality B&R controller with touchscreen operation. A special feature is the standard 6kW spindle. This makes the processing of various panel materials effective and efficient. A further highlight of the EVO1530 is the vacuum table installed as standard to enable workpieces to be clamped without any problems. Th...
For sale CNC machining center Okuma MC-50H The price is a net price. Pallet size: 500 x 500 mm Number of pallets: 2 Pallet loading capacity: 1540 kg Bbjjukwg Tool magazine: 30 positions Axis travel: X - 700 mm / Y - 650 mm / Z - 550 mm Tools on SK50 Max spindle speed: 30-4000 rpm - CAT50 Year of manufacture: 1986 Control: OSP 5000 (Fanuc) Dimensions: length 4700 m / width 2600 m / height 2800 m Weight: 12 T
In good condition, still using X:3200 mm Y:2300 mm Spiegsv7 Z:1570 mm W:1200 mm Power: 27,5 kW Weight: 25000kg Dimension: 7250 x 7680 x 4750 mm Table: 2000 x 2000 mm
cross-shaped beds no matter what the original type is (from WH13 to WHN13-CNC) the machine after upgrade reaches parameters comparable to a new one new headstock up to 3300 rpm Xln28 optionally fitted with automatic toolchanger with tool changing time of 10 s (from cut to cut) MAIN PARAMETERS Workspindle diameter 130 mm Clamping taper 50 ISO Spindle speed range max. 3300 rpm Headstock travel (Y) 2000 / 2500 / 3000 mm Column longitudinal travel (Z) 1250 mm Table transversal travel (X) 2000 / 350...
Table area 1435x420 mm Bqznfqrv2j Longitudinal stroke 1100 mm Cross travel 700 mm Vertical stroke 500 mm
SPEED AND PRECISION THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY! The Platinum X3 2010: the high-class and precise CNC milling machine High quality parts combined with careful processing of the machine are neccessary for best precision. Modern parts and technology optimize the working process of the CNC milling machine. The Platinum X3 2010 combines all these positive characteristcs in one machine and achieves unequaled quality. How the Platinum X3 2010 is constructed The Platinum X3 2010 differs a lot in i...
Varnsdorf Czech Republic
1580 km
as good as new (ex-display)
no matter what the original type is (from WHN9A to WH10CNC) the machine after upgrade reaches parameters comparable to a new one new or upgraded headstock up to 2500 rpm MAIN PARAMETERS Workspindle diameter 100 mm Clamping taper 50 ISO Spindle speed range 10 - 2500 rpm Vertical headstock travel (Y) 900 / 1150 mm Transversal table travel (X) 1200 mm Longitudinal table travel (Z) 950 mm Spindle stroke (W) 710 mm Table clamping surface 1000 x 1120 mm x mm Table loading capacity 3000 kg Control Sy...
5-AXIS TABLE MACHINE FOR PRECISE SMALL PART PROCESSING Due to its modern design with precise EC servo technology, the COMPAC 350i PRO is particularly suitable for processing fine mechanical parts and complex parts. Wet and dry processing are possible thanks to the integrated cooling circuit. Aluminium, brass, chrome-cobalt, steel, titanium, plastic, ceramic or other materials (upon request) can therefore be processed using the machine. The COMPAC 350i PRO is frequently used in companies in whic...
Maximum variability – unit principle Floor type or T-type Rolling guideways for all axes Ram headstock Choose size and number of clamping plates / tables Wide range of technological accessories Heidenhain TNC640 control system X travel max 12 000 mm Y travel max 2 000 mm Z travel max 2 000 mm Ram stroke (V) 650 mm Bexrgd2i Spindle stroke (W) 610 mm Machine design can be customized according to customer's needs.
GRANITE, STEEL AND LINEAR MOTORS FOR TOP PROCESSING QUALITY Bkywtmfn9x The PREMIUM 5030 is a 3 to 5-axis HSC milling machine, that is specially designed for the requirements of highprecision processing of fine mechanical small parts, microprocessing and milling graphite/copper electrodes. In order to meet with this demand for accuracy, all essential points are integrated in the machine concept for reliable production. The solid machine base, consisting of a natural hard rock granite portal with...
the last conventional machine standardly produced by TOS VARNSDORF solid design Izfnthh MAIN PARAMETERS Workspindle diameter 100 mm Clamping taper 50 ISO Spindle speed range 1120 rpm Table transversal travel (X) 1600 mm Headstock travel (Y) 1120 mm Table longitudinal travel (Z) 810 / 1250 / 1750 mm Spindle stroke (W) 900 mm Table clamping surface max. 1500 x 1500 mm x mm Table loading capacity max. 3000 kg

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