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Basic Line - Completely New Engineered Wood Flooring Production Line - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Staining + Varnishing + LED UV Oiling + LED UV Varnishing Coating System Vs8ugu Line for production includes following machines: - Table Saw DA 2800 - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200S - Wide Belt Sanding Machine DA 600 - 3m - Longitudinal Milling Machine DA 200B - Transversal Milling Machine DA 2500B - Tools For Profiling (Two Sets) Lin...
Complete Engineered Wood Flooring Production and Finishing Line in Excellent Working Condition - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Varnishing + Stain + UV LED Oiling + UV LED Varnishing System - Min Parquet Dimensions - 60 mm (width) x 550 mm (length) - Max Parquet Dimensions - 190 mm (width) x 3000 mm (length) Line for production includes following machines: - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200 - Circular Saw - Transversal Milling Mach...
Technical details: productionline in continuos-mode / productionline in continuos-mode production line sandwichpaneel for wall and roof / production line sandwich panel for wall and roof sandwich panel dimensions panel thickness: 20 - 240 mm panel system width: 1,000 / 1,100 mm panel length: 3000 - 13000 mm panel weight: 12 up to max. 25 kg/m² sandwich panel facings Steel strip: galvanized/coated supplied in coils strip thickness: 0,3 to 0,8 mm coating thicknes: 0,05 up to max. 0,10mm coil weigh...
Automatic layering machine CA400D.V, Cappeletti Machine D540, Nest machine N500/P2, Cooler, Continous dryer, Steam pasteurizator AV, Press for extruder pasta P.C.V.300, Automatic layering machine, Vibration distributor, Hayssen vertical bag sealer. Bslspgcafz
Complete Line for the production of soft, semi-hard and hard Cheese Capacity: 15.000 ℓ milk per day/ 1.500 ready cheese Brands: Alfa Laval, Hamina, Fimland YOM 1999/2000 Location: Finland Types of cheese: soft, hard, semi-hard. Head weight up to 5 kg. In this set of equipment, a universal vertical press is used, which is installed both on the press carriage for pre-pressing the layer, and on the table for pressing into molds. This makes it possible to produce a finished product of various sh...
Attec fully automatic pork cutting line consisting of steel hanging line, dimensions: 6500 mm x 400 mm x 1700, automatic 2 saw leg cutting unit with s/s outfeed belt for waste pork legs, belt width: 290 mm, automatic measuring system for precise and individual cuts of individual pork carcass, plastic belt, belt width: 800 mm, Attec splitting circular saw with outfeed belt, plastic belt, belt width: 1300 mm, 500 mm, 300 mm, 100 mm and s/s protection fence, total dimensions: 9800 mm x 4200 mm x 22...
Complete Vemag Sausage Production Line Used Vemag Sausage production line. Vacuum filling machine Vemag DP10C - power 9.5 kW; - rotary vane pump Bpvkt27pfi - 400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply; - hopper capacity 250 liters; - portion weight 5-60 000 g; - portioning speed> 700 portions / min; - filling capacity up to 6000 kg / h; - vacuum pump 20 m3 / h; - integrated loader for DIN 9797 200l meat bins Automatic lenght portioning device Vemag LPG 202 - Calibre range from 14 to 40 mm - capacity up to ...
1. Injection moulding machine ENGEL ES 3500/550 control CC90, robot and band conveyor The machine can be viewed in action. - Build year: 1990 - Clamping force: 500 t, Locking force: 550 t - Mould opening stroke: 850 mm - Mould height min.-max.: 310 - 800 mm, - Tie bar space: 800x800 mm, - Ejector stroke: 250 mm, 2 core pulls - Screw diameter: 80 mm - Shot size: 1960 cm3, - Shot wieight max.: >1765 - Heater: 34kW, Pump capacity: 67 kW - Oil filling: 1300 l - Measures for transport: Injection un...
The line for gnocchi includes: - GLASS (Germany) cooking kettle, type PRO-3, tilting, 500 ltr. capacity , with mixing, vacuum and cooling - bin loader for 200 ltr. bins feeding the dough into the forming machine - SANDORE (Italy) forming machine , type NF 100 C, power 8.5 kW - segment feeder, type Z, feeding the product to the vibrating tunnel, width: 400 cm, height 200 cm, drying and cleaning the product (vibrating screens, blowing turbines) Bltpzode29 - SARP (Italy) vibrating tunnel, type STR ...
Complete Vemag Sausage Production Line Used Vemag Sausage production line. Vacuum filling machine Vemag HP10E - power 16 kW; - double screw pump - 400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply; - hopper capacity 250 liters; - portion weight 5-60 000 g; - portioning speed> 750 portions / min; - filling capacity up to 5700 kg / h; - vacuum pump 16 m3 / h; - integrated loader for DIN 9797 200l meat bins Automatic lenght portioning device Vemag LPG 202 - Calibre range from 14 to 40 mm - capacity up to 1500 portio...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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State Of The Art 3 and 4 Cylinder EURO 6 Engine Production (1,0 to 1,4 ltr.) EURO 6 Norm Max 220 NM Torque Btuqjpjle0 > 150KW/200hp < 9 seconds from 0 to speed 100 > 200 km/h top speed < 6 liter fuel consumption < 140 grams of CO² emissions The dual camshaft adjustment of the Euro 6 engine allows variable valve control. Numerous measures such as the grey cast iron block with hollow frame structure, hollow cast camshafts and an intake tract made of plastic contribute to further weight saving...
1 bottom spindle motor 7,5 kw 2 right spindle motor 3 left spindle motor 11 kw 4 top spindle motor 11 kw 5 top spindle motor 7,5 kw 6 bottom spindle 7,5 kw working width 20-230 mm working height 8 – 120 mm the machine have the memory function for electric setting and progrommring Dimter S90 Year 2007 operator working height 1000 mm max working width 300 mm max cutting height 180 mm sawblade 630 mm max ingoing length 6300 mm max pusher speed 60 m/min sawmotor 7,5 kw 7 pcs of transfer chain...
Cylinder block production/ machine list: Pos. / System name / Manufacturer / Y.O.M. 1. / Tool setting equipment / Zoller / 1996 2. / flood cleaning system / Dürr / 1998 3. / Washing machine Ecoclean 41X / Dürr / 2002 4. / Washing machine Ecoclean 33W / Dürr / 2002 5. / Drr-flood cleaning system / Dürr / 1996 Btvvrixnnz 6. / Interlinking equipment / Claas Güdel/ 2001 7. / Measuring-and Marking machine Fröhlich / 1996 8. / pic and place sytem / Burghardt / 1997 9. / Measuring machine S...
Complete assembly line for final assembly Chain conveyor system or normal conveyor belt In different sizes, We also build customer-specific length sizes ! Wyfdamej With control!
Écouflant France
855 km
ready for operation (used)
Complete line for the production of corrugated sheets, transport of the sheet, punching, bending of the sheet. The machine is programmed for sheets from 0,8 to 1 mm Btvrddwr03 The programs already entered are for 2600, 3570, 4460, 5340, 6230 mm tanks. The electrical cabinets of the machine will not be dismantled, the machine will be 8000 x 2100 mm + all the conveyor tables. Weight of the machine : 9000 kg Videos on demand by whatsapp
Machine 1: 05-2003 Machine 2: 10-2005 with Palletech. Pallet size 400 x 400 mm. Number of pallets 14. Movement x-Axis 510 mm. y-Axis 510 mm. z-Axis 460 mm. Table indexing (C-Axis) / NC Table 0,001°. Number of tools in magazine 30 pieces. Maximum spindle speed 35-12.000 min. Tool taper DIN 69871A. CNC control Mazatrol PC-Fusion-CNC 640 5x Gxfqro If you have any questions concerning the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to view our other advertisem...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Window processing line, CNC window production system, window angle system -Double end tenoner, make: Gubisch, type: DST H -Year of construction: 1994, serial no.: 7593 -2x 2 tool towers with 5 heads each -built tools from: Leitz -Shaft mount: Ø 50 mm -Max. Tool: Ø 350 mm -Max. Tool height: 650 mm -4x milling motors 11 kW 2800 rpm -Control, make: Gubisch -Roller conveyor, L/W: 4,000 x 200 mm Qlodfkmma -Milling machine, make: Gubisch, type: FN2000 -Year of construction: 1994, Ser.-No.: 7490 -4 mi...
Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
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/ year of construction: 1997 / max. paper reel diameter: 1400 mm / max. paper reel width: 1130 mm / min. paper reel width: 420 mm with adapter / mechanical running speed: 500 m/min. (according to manufacturer) / suitable for: A4 and A3 - currently laid out for A4 / including: Sollas 20 A4 wrapping machine of 2000 Bo3jvsmprx
Mörfelden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1218 km
Fritsch Cake Production Line - For Tray Bake - Tunneloven And Cooling Cr0me9c * Year of construction: 2006 * Works with 60 cm width cake trays * Hourly capacity: approx. 300-350 trays * Fritsch dough sheeting line for shortcrust pastry, yeast dough and mixed dough, depositing on trays fully automatic The line consists of following components: * Diosna tilting lifter for wendel mixer bowls 240 (mixer and bowls optional) * Preportioner with Extruding unit * Satellite...
United Kingdom United Kingdom
381 km
good condition (used)
Complete Granola/Cereal Bar Production Line Kemutec 500HE Plough Mixer with dry and liquor feeds Dmldlzd 3-station Dosing System Spooner 3-compartment Conveyor Oven, variable temperature and speed Hosokawa Kreuter GMBH BKK1300 Top and Bottom Cooling Tunnel Key Vibratory Feed Cablevey Tubular Drag Conveyor System £300,000 Recent Investment on Spooner Oven Used to Produce Jordans Granola Previously Used to Produce Jordans Frusli Bars Dismantled and Ready For Shipping This line cannot be used with...
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
1083 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics 4-sided moulder 6 tool holders 2 finishing planers (top and bottom) Digital positioning Automatic transfer in double tenoner Double fast opening tenoner 620mm high scanned shafts Automatic splinters Automatic transfer to roll forming machine Right and left digital roll forming machine Boxy0w8ilx Nice compact installation Power and Motors Overall dimensions
CNC Horizontal Machining Centre with Palletech Table size 800 x 800 mm. Table NCRT. Number of pallets 14. Movement x-Axis 1300 mm. y-Axis 1100 mm. z-Axis 1000 mm. Table indexing 0,001°. Btbxhb0ot8 Number of tools in magazine 237 pieces. Maximum spindle speed 35-7.000 min. Tool taper DIN 69871A-50. CNC control M-plus If you have any questions concerning the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to view our other advertisements for a complete overview ...
Wood ladder production line Btmkyv9mdj Row mortising machine MAKA 10 mortising chisels 10 pneumatic clamping pistons from the side and pneumatic clamping pistons from top and Tenon router for square size tenons producer: J. Löschner Maschinenbau from Neuhausen-Erzgebirge for tenon thickness 22 mm tenong width 46 mm depending on the used chisel the tenon thickness is adjustable by the distance between the two routers the tenong length is variable by the adjustment of the sawblade stepless adju...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Line was used for producing herbal fleece, output: 150-250 m/min, working width: 2400mm, feed: 5/min, stroke speed: 1200/min, length: 10,000mm, width: 4500mm, height: 4500mm. Btullhi9yh
The production line for the production of sheet metal parts WEMO was manufactured by the Dutch company WEMO Nederland B.V. in 1991, and in 2015 and 2019 it underwent extensive modernization. The main stations included in the line Wemo : 1. Sheet feeder 2. Conveyor belt 3. Punching station: 6 hydraulic presses 3oknryo 4. Sheet turning station 5. Bending station: 4 bending machines (2 fold along the sheet and 2 fold across the sheet) 6. Receipt of finished products Maximum size of the obtained p...
complete cutting line from Hunkeler, roll 2 newspaper, consisting of: UW6 - 150m unwinder with airshaft 70mm, compressor web dryer device LC6 loop control Bfuaztk7zg CS 6-1 cutter pinless for 2-up, print mark reader DC7 drum collator TH66 Heidelberg Stahlfolder buckle folder with 4 buckle plates SAL66 stream delivery short Modules are for immediate availability. Still installed, inspection possible
Technical characteristics Edging capacity 450 mm x 1000 mm Cutting capacity 60 x 350/135 x 250 mm   INDICATOR UNIT WITH 1 MOBILE BLADE Multiblade saw PINHEIRO AMA 2-414A  Transport chain width 450 mm  Max distance between the two outer slats 450 mm  Distance between the fixed blade and the mobile blade 35 mm mini, 345 mm max or 70 mm mini, 400 mm max  Max sawing thickness 140 mm  Max width of timber passage 1000 mm  Saw blade Ø 450 mm max / 250 mm min  Electric adjustment...
Printing Embossing Napkin Folder, Roll to fold Size: 2"-17", With Motif-EMBOSSER any pattern (border, all-over, logo) Napkin Printing-2 Color Flexo Speed/output : 400 – 600 Npkin per Minute… 24–36.000 pcs. /hr. Minimum: 2’’ Wide up to 17’’ Wide Ibkdnop 1 The embossing rolls can be covered with wool-cloth,neoprene or wool -paper materials.(the rolll cover materials can be decided by the embossing patterns) 2 Embossing unit can be equipped with heating elements to keep the temperature of...
Line for the production of EURO pallets with stacking VANDRELOO The machine consists of the following components: Mv8ueo - assembly nailer - skid collector - stacker / pallet stacker The machine is fully operational
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1179 km
Overview for PET PCO 1810 production line for carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks and water Production Speed 15.000 to 18.000 bottles for 0.5 l, 1.5 l and 2.0 l bottles each hour The line consists of: 00 beverage process GEA VT40 LOC IN 1999 01 blow molding machine Sidel SBO14 2002 02 air conveyor NTS 1997 03 closure transport Zalkin CA5 1997 04.1 rinser-filler-capper Alsim 80-90-10 1997 capper Adelski OT PP2010 2003 ultrasonic unit Cavitus 2015 sterilisation spray unit Innowatec...
The sheet metal production line WEMO was built in 2008 by the Dutch company WEMO Nederland B.V. This line is designed for serial production of strip elements (sheet metal in a coil) in an automatic cycle, e.g. panels for a computer housing, panels for a coffee machine housing, an electrical cabinet housing panel, etc. (elements visible in the attached photos). The production line with bending and punching stations can be used wherever it is necessary to automate production, in which we have punc...
Pallet production line O.M.E.V for pallets up to 60 x 200 cm, consisting of: - First nailing machine O.M.E.V - Pallet turner O.M.E.V. - Second nailing machine O.M.E.V Bsdyzza2ab - Outfeed chain hoist - For self-dismantling and self-collection.
Technical characteristics Cfsv8gr composition: HFM160 unit for notching on four sides UCR 237 unit for milling dovetail joints log cabin drilling unit section 240 x 140 mm maxi Power and Motors Overall dimensions
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Honda (South), Swindon SN3, UK United Kingdom
485 km
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Complete Petrol Valve Assembly Line to Include Wano Co Ltd Stem seal assembly machine, 16 valve capability, 415V, 50Hz, 12KVA, S/N: 8978049, (1990) Wano Co Ltd Valve leak test unit, S/N: 8978049, (1990) Wano Co Ltd WK17188 Cylinder head valve leak tester, 4KVA, Weight: 2 ton, S/N: WK17188, (2018) Hirata Ball insert and leak test machine, 400V, S/N: 2967-B, with Servo press, (2) USON Qualitek MR, (2018) Yachiyo Kohken Retainer and cotter sub assembly machine, weight: 800 kg, S/N: 8978057, (1990)...
Technical specifications BigBag machine capacity - up to 800 kg / h Machine capacity: 30 kg bags to 80 bags / h Equipment 1. POLPAK SP-717 packing machine with a collecting system, s / n 81002. 2. POLPAK SP-717 packing machine with collecting system, s / n 81003. 3. POLPAK SP-717 packing machine with collecting system, s / n 81004. 4. POLPAK SP-717 packing machine with collecting system, s / n 81005. 5. POLPAK SP-717 packing machine with collecting system, s / n 81006 Device configuration: 1. Vi...
Velké Karlovice Czech Republic
1886 km
reconditioned (used)
The line enables the production of pallets. The machines are currently after overhaul of mechanical parts, including surface treatment. New control software and electrical installation required. 9qvx9ni
Complete powder canning line consisting of a filler and seamer. Perfect for baby formula / infant milk formula (IMF), pharma or coffee beans, or any other product that requires a low residual oxygen level. This machinery is perfect for small factories or larger factories looking to add an extra line for R&D purposes or small batches. Combined new price in 2015: EUR650,000 Seaming / closing machine: Indosa / SwissCan V-Matic 127 - Single canning station with 3-heads for evacuating, gassing an...
Pallet production line O.M.E.V for pallets up to 60 x 120 cm, consisting of: - First nailing machine O.M.E.V - Pallet turner O.M.E.V. - Second nailing machine O.M.E.V - Pallet nesting Bohm & Kruse with pallet turner - Outfeed roller conveyor Dbr8upgl - For self dismantling and self collection.
Technical characteristics conveyor belt, MAAS transfer range, Hxfeghycu used DUBUS parade drill gear notching line and drilling: conveyor belt, belt transfer (90 °), return conveyor belt, machining Power and Motors Overall dimensions
SLS300 TOP cutting angle regulation +/-90 degrees blade diameter 750mm Bteyiffhvr pneumatic clamps motorized feeding rolls motor 11kW infeed and outfeed table L=3m with rolls laser year 2000 CE ZKT roll tables 2x3m motor power 7,5kW motorized movement of tool regulation of depth of milling max tool diameter 300mm regulation of milling angle pneumatic clamps SKA-4
Heerewaarden Netherlands
937 km
excellent (used)
Technical Description of the Line Sheeting Section Button flour duster Dough block infeed belt Upper flour duster Brv83i9mzg Infeed roller with multi roller Bottom flour duster Upper flour duster Transversal / Crossroller First Gauging station Second Gauging station Flour removal brush Lengthwise cutting station + dough scrap removal Spreading belt Spira Croissant Machine Triangle cutting station Monopump (8 nozzles) depositor for filling Triangle turning station Triangle length extension sec...