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Chocolate production line for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Complete Winkler and Dünnebier chocolate production line. This is the absolute "Mercedes" among chocolate production lines. Very robust and well maintained. The new price was 1.2 million Euro Production line 750 *230mm and 22 meters long. Capacity 1 To per shift at 3g/pc. Complete with 3 mould sets and Mould plates. Chocolate tanks with pumps. Metal checkers. Sold is the plant ink. Dismantling and loading from the Bremen location. Have a look at the photos . Visits to the plant can be arran... more
Complete Engineered Wood Flooring Production and Finishing Line in Excellent Working Condition - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Varnishing + Stain + UV LED Oiling + UV LED Varnishing System - Min Parquet Dimensions - 60 mm (width) x 550 mm (length) - Max Parquet Dimensions - 190 mm (width) x 3000 mm (length) Line for production includes following machines: - Cold Press DA 2500-200 NEW! Bhex0myuun - Glue Spreader DA 200 - Circular Saw - Transvers... more
Basic Line - Completely New Engineered Wood Flooring Production Line - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Staining + Varnishing + LED UV Oiling + LED UV Varnishing Coating System Line for production includes following machines: - Table Saw DA 2800 - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200S - Wide Belt Sanding Machine DA 600 - 3m - Longitudinal Milling Machine DA 200B - Transversal Milling Machine DA 2500B - Tools For Profiling (Two Sets) Line for f... more
The STRADA is a system for the automated productio Cxv2l7783 more
In this offer you buy a used b/w production system "Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line ". Object of sale: 1 x Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line with the following equipment: incl. staple finisher AF1 counter readings: Total: approx. 1,781,576 pages Condition: This offer is for a used device, which under certain circumstances may show signs of use. 22nrpf (minor scratches or yellowing). The device is tested for function A test printout can be seen on the photo For further informat... more
Automatic production line for paints, undercoat, primers, acrylic plasters, etc. Diamac (Italy) List of main devices: -2 x DIAMAC 50HP INVERTER STATIONARY DISOLVER, on a high steel bearing structure (landing + stairs) Capacity: 2 x 1500 liters • INOX steel • inverter • control of automatic programming (PLC type) • automatic water supply filling • automatic transport of 4 types of resin (filling) • automatic filling of dry / powdery products • automatic feeding of water for ladle washing + drai... more
CARACTERISTIC MACHINES MACHINE DATA FVH130-2 1-1 DIMENSIONS OF THE BRAMS - Thickness: 150-200 250 300 - Width: 450 min. up to 900 max. Length: 7250 max. 1-2 CUTTING TOOL -e 280mm; consisting of 20 discs, thickness 31.5 - cutting length 630, weight: 350 kg - speed: 140 to 400 rpm 1-3 WORKING SPEED Z AXIS - adjustable from 1 to 7.5 m / min, Arbitshub: 920 max. 1-4 X-AXIS WORKING DEPTH - Adjustable from 0.25 to 2 mm - for the return of the carriage: 3m / min. 1-5 POWER -110 k... more
I sell the bed grill sewing machine Wikoma Sultan Lade production line. Year 2016. Ljy07ui7 more
In this offer you buy a used b/w production system "OCE VarioPrint 110 DP-Line ". Object of sale: 1 x OCE VarioPrint 110 DP-Line with the following equipment: incl. staple finisher AK1 counter readings: Total: approx. 4,470,913 pages Ob99d Condition: This offer is for a used device, which under certain circumstances may show signs of use. (minor scratches or yellowing). The device is tested for function A test printout can be seen on the photo For further information y... more
Printing Embossing Napkin Folder, Roll to fold Size: 2"-17", With Motif-EMBOSSER any pattern (border, all-over, logo) Napkin Printing-2 Color Flexo Ibkdnop Speed/output : 400 – 600 Npkin per Minute… 24–36.000 pcs. /hr. Minimum: 2’’ Wide up to 17’’ Wide 1 The embossing rolls can be covered with wool-cloth,neoprene or wool -paper materials.(the rolll cover materials can be decided by the embossing patterns) 2 Embossing unit can be equipped with heating elements to keep the temperature of... more
COMPLETE LINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WPC PROFILES - WITH WOOD AND PVC FLOUR The machine is brand new Production year 2018 Bfqhl9iwjy The price includes commissioning assembly and knowledge of profile production technology The machine consists of the following components: - GWC 80-156 twin screw extruder - GWC 65-132 twin screw extruder - CAL 14000/6 calibration table - ROL 240 two-track haul extraction - saw 240 - Cheyenne SP2 brush - SR-RP700 wide belt sander - storage device - 500 / 1000L mix... more
In this offer you buy a used SW production system "OCE VarioPrint 110 DP-Line". Object of sale: 1 x OCE VarioPrint 110 DP-Line with the following equipment: incl. booklet finisher AF-1 Counter readings: Total: Approx. 136,234 pages Black: Approx. 136,234 pages Consumables: Toner: 60% of Nvvex Condition: This offer is for a used device, which may show signs of use and wear. (minor scratches or yellowing). The device is tested for function A test prin... more
Window processing line, CNC window production system, window angle system -Double-end tenoner, make: Gubisch, type: DST H -By.: 1994, Ser.-No.: 7593 -2x 2 tool towers with 5 heads each -built tools from: Leitz -Shaft mount: Ø 50 -Max. Tool: Ø 350 mm -Max. Tool height: 650 mm -4x milling motors 11 kW 2800 rpm -Control, make: Gubisch -Roller conveyor, L/W: 4,000 x 200 mm -Milling machine, make: Gubisch, type: FN2000 Qlodfkmma -By.: 1994, Ser.-No.: 7490 -4 milling shafts -4x milling ... more
- Highly productive line DMS - France - Speed - 200m/min. - Total Power - 250 KW Bmtxqyeyf3 - Sheet thickness - 0,5 - 3,5 mm - Width - 1550 mm - Coil weight - 15 T All other information find on pictures more
Consists of: CNC lathe Okuma LU 25 CNC lathe Okuma LB 300 M CNC gear hobbing machine Hurth WF 250 C7nuhdz CNC inductive hardening machine Düsseldorf HGL 1500 E Cutting and centering machine WMW Straightening press Müller CR 16 Abrasive cutter plaice T300-15K Fluxing device Universal 900 WE II from Tiede Washing plant Dürr Loading system between Okuma LU 25 and Hurth WF 250 Turning and interlocking the loading station more
Gruber and Kaja 0B COMBINATION: PRODUCTION LINE FILLS Production line with four machining centres, 2x FILL 5-axis MC, 2x FILL 4-axis MC. Capacity 480.000 pc/year Consisting of : Lot 41 CNC Horizontal Machining Center Fill SM02 (2010) Ser.-Nr. AN-001639, project no. 50 / 00435-0, 4 machining axes, workpiece carriage, m. Round table (# 4), 2x 2 spindles, the 26.4 kW, 2 tool changer, m. ever. 32 shots SK 63a, cooling unit, Mfg. Hyfra, Spruehnebelabsaugung, tool breakage monitoring, circulatio... more
Düsseldorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6376 km
270.000 €
Offer not including VAT
Another 30 days
consisting of: 1. die-sinking EDM machine, make: AGIE, type: FORM 3000 VHP, year of construction 2015, extinguishing system, make: WALTER, CNC- control/ 2. die-sinking EDM machine, make: AGIE, type: FORM 3000 VHP, year of construction 2015, extinguishing system, make: WALTER, CNC- control/ 3. Measuring machine, make: EROWA, type: SYSTEM SOLUTIONS CMMQI, year of construction 2016, PC with screen, keyboard and mouse, shuttle table, loading/ handling system, make: EROWA, washing plant / 4. 3-electr... more
WALTEC GPE-12-2150 Production year 2014 Mileage 30 826 mtg Technical parameters: MAX/MIN glass drop weight 2300/80 g Crzyaoc Max performance 40 pcs./min Max product diameter 400 mm Air demand 180 m3/h, pressure 5 bar Water requirement 4 m3/h, pressure 3 bar Softened water requirement 2 m3/h, pressure 3 bar Installed power 87 kW The equipment: The line for the production of glass details dedicated to the glass bathtub with the output of 18 tons per hour. The line consists of 2 twin GPE lines diff... more
/ year of construction: 1997 / max. paper reel diameter: 1400 mm / max. paper reel width: 1130 mm / min. paper reel width: 420 mm with adapter / mechanical running speed: 500 m/min. (according to manufacturer) / suitable for: A4 and A3 - currently laid out for A4 / including: Sollas 20 A4 wrapping machine of 2000 G9tnu9 more
Description: For sale plant used for the production of pellets complete with dryer. It receives both wood chips and sawdust and has a production of 900 kg per hour. Very good condition. Pellet plant: year of construction 2014, manufacturer BS Bollareto Impianti Machine type 500 VFK , two presses Dryer: year of construction 2015 manufacturer Comip s.r.l. Machine type Vulcano 2P The machines comply with EEC standards. 45kW 4-pole asynchronous motor voltage 400V 50Hz Flat die working system wit... more
Number of machnines 2 0 Loading meters, approx. m Total weight, approx. kg Bfgmjrvz3r more
Sankt Marien Austria
7017 km
good condition (used)
Gruber and Kaja 0A COMBINATION: PRODUCTION LINE FILL/FANUC Production line with two machining centres, 1x FILL 5-axis MC, 1x FANUC 3-axis MC. Capacity 250.000 pc/year Consisting of : Lot 38 CNC Machining Center Fill SM-02 (2009) Project no. 50 / 00414-0, 5 machining axes, 2x 2 motor spindles, each power 26 kW, 2 tool changer type MTM 50, each 32-fold, HSK 63a, workpiece carriage m. Rotary table, m. 2 workpiece carriers, swiveling (4 u. 5. axis), the tool control point, chip conveyor, Mfg. Kno... more
Production line capacity: max. 2.0 t/h of fruit on the inlet side and adjustable from 1,000 to 1,500 l/h aseptic pulp on the outlet side. Bmt9qovtiw The history of the production line: The production line was purchased by one of the largest agricultural companies in Hungary for its own fruit orchard (350-400 ha), was successfully launched, but was later unused. In 2015 it went to the new owner through a financing bank, which bought the line but did not use it. The price includes: A complete pro... more
The machine fully complies with the features of a comprehensive device for the production of envelopes with air protection and is distinguished by high production efficiency. Its characteristic feature is the fact that it does not require additional external elements (other machines, e.g. laminators) for the preparation of production materials. Bmmthj8ct2 For the production of envelopes you need: - two rolls of paper (A huge advantage here: it does not have to be polyethylene-coated paper! It ... more
Semi-automatic line for the production of protective masks line consists of 5 machines.For those interested I have material, rubber bands and all necessary things to produce 1 million masks price to be agreed. I will send a video for those interested Bjau9mfazk more
Technical Details : - Capacity - 5 Pallet/min. - Year - 2014 - Model - GSI 150 TA - Working hours - 2000 - number of workers - 5 - The line is designed for the production of disposable pallets ! Line Consists : - Block cutting machine - Block box Ogibz - Automatic feeding of cross elements - Transporter elements for the first Nailing Head - First Nailing Head with 24 output of the nails - First Rotate unit 180 degrees - Transporter elements for secound Nailing Head - Secound Nailing Head ... more
We delivered this complete production line to our customer in 2018. On this line front walls for vehicles were backfoamed. It can be used in many ways, e.g. for foaming I-sheets, carpets, etc. The pictures show the plant in 2018. If you are interested in the plant, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our customer. Since we built the plant, we are exactly the right partner for dismantling, relocation, rebuilding and re-commissioning. The system is ready for operation and consist... more
Koenig Lippelt complete roll production line. Line includes: Automat Artisan SFR-TS Transporter Offtj Eco Twin 800 line Hopper TS 150 Tilting lifter HK 1100/3000 Line capacity: 6000 kg/h more
Double mitre saw Haffner DGS 187 End milling machine Rotox SAF Water slot milling machine Haffner WS 395 Reinforcement screwdriver Powasert ADS SE 1 Handle olive / lock case. - Drilling and milling machine Rotox FBO 222 Mveddw Urban AKS 4110 two-head welding machine Automatic corner cleaning machine Stürtz / Elumatec SE - DK 2 /4 glazing bead saw Haffner GL 172 more
Machine 1: 05-2003 Machine 2: 10-2005 with Palletech. Pallet size 400 x 400 mm. Number of pallets 14. Movement x-Axis 510 mm. y-Axis 510 mm. z-Axis 460 mm. Table indexing (C-Axis) / NC Table 0,001°. Number of tools in magazine 30 pieces. Maximum spindle speed 35-12.000 min. Tool taper DIN 69871A. Fe8grmz CNC control Mazatrol PC-Fusion-CNC 640 5x If you have any questions concerning the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to view our other advertise... more
The line includes: - CNC Beam Processing Center WBZ 150/12, 2007 - CNC frame and crossbar station WEM 150/12, 2007 - 6 Table's for the manufacture of wall elements WTW 150/12, 2007 - CNC machining bridge OPTIMAT WMS 120, 2004 (6 processing units) Blvrl0kbma - CNC machining bridge OPTIMAT WMS 120, 2007 (5 processing units) - Standing wall magazine Optimat WLW100 / S. The line is in good working order, the WBZ needs repair. Dismantling is included in the price. We are ready to arrange assistanc... more
Technical Details : - El . Power - max. 400 Kw - Thermal Power of high frequency induction coil - 340,00 - Max. Processing weigth - 5.000 kg - Thickness - 3,0 - 5,0 mm - Speed - 70 m/min. Bl82ou3iah Length of line - 70 m more
4,0 Pieces of complete Line of Production Disposable Tabelware with Injection Molding Machines with 6 Pieces of Molds, Packaging Units and Printing Machine 4,0 St. Produktionslinien zur Herstellung von Bechern bestehend aus den nachstehenden Einzelkomponenten: 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,3 Liter 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,2 Liter 1 x 6 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,1 Liter 1 x 6 - Fach Werkzeug Becher geriffelt 0,2 Liter 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher Automat geriffelt 0,2 L 1 x 4 - Fach Werkze... more
Complete wood pellet plant for sale Production capacity 1200 Kgs / hour Biomass boiler and chip drying Trommel. Chip Refining Mill. MUNCH Pellet Pellet Press (Germany). Pellet cooler. Semi-automatic bag packing machine. Aspirations, bucket elevators, etc ... Plant in full operation. A great opportunity! Pellets, biomass, environment. Cglwswdd more
Produktionslinje för trä pellets till salu. Komplett fabrik / linje för produktion av 30 000 - 40 000 ton pellets per år. Anläggningen har använt sågspån med 50% fuktinnehåll från gran som råmaterial. Det finns även en linje för användning av returvirke som råvara. Anläggningen består av följande stora element. Inmatning med lamellmatare Hammar kvarn för torrt returvirke, Maier, Tyskland K8kjds8p Rotertork, gör Van den Brock, Nederländerna, kapacitet 5 ton / vatten per timme. Pulverbrännare... more
CNC Horizontal Machining Centre with Palletech Table size 800 x 800 mm. Table NCRT. Number of pallets 14. Movement x-Axis 1300 mm. y-Axis 1100 mm. z-Axis 1000 mm. Table indexing 0,001°. Bj0izpeguf Number of tools in magazine 237 pieces. Maximum spindle speed 35-7.000 min. Tool taper DIN 69871A-50. CNC control M-plus If you have any questions concerning the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to view our other advertisements for a complete overview ... more
The line for gnocchi includes: Bltpzode29 - GLASS (Germany) cooking kettle, type PRO-3, tilting, 500 ltr. capacity , with mixing, vacuum and cooling - bin loader for 200 ltr. bins feeding the dough into the forming machine - SANDORE (Italy) forming machine , type NF 100 C, power 8.5 kW - segment feeder, type Z, feeding the product to the vibrating tunnel, width: 400 cm, height 200 cm, drying and cleaning the product (vibrating screens, blowing turbines) - SARP (Italy) vibrating tunnel, type STR ... more
Technical Details : - Full automatic Pallet production line STORTI - Capacity - 7 pallets / min. Blz0zybp7f - Year - 2004 - Number of workers - 3 - Model of nailing machine - GSI/150-TA.9 - The line is equipped with completely automatic feeding of elements more
production line u.a. 6x multi spindle ELHA FM4+ X (YOM 2005/2009) 1x handling- and storage system Felsomat, 1x parts cleaning unit Dürr (BJ 2007) 1x debrushing unit Dürr CB22896 (BJ 2007) laser printing, measurement equipment, coolant unit etc. Bfysx7vco7 Individual machines on request. more
Compact system roof station: 2 pcs. Zimmerman turning tables with clamping device 1 pc. Multifunction bridge with tool changer + suction Data record WUPCAD Compact unit RW station: consisting of 5 transport tables, of which 1 pc. insertion clamping table, 1 pcs. butterfly turning station (2 tables), 1 pcs. Transport table longitudinal, 1 pc. Transport table longitudinal-transverse, Blf7wi7mpm Two pcs. Multifunction bridge with tool changer + suction Data record WUPCAD more
We sell an automatic pelletizing line for wood pellets with a capacity of 950-1000kg / hour, expandable to 2000kg / hour for wood raw materials. Dosing container, crusher, transport routes, intermediate hoppers with level and quantity control, pellet hoppers, pellet sorter from dust and abrasion, reinforced TL700 press, BS6 dryer without boiler. Functional connected, so far occasionally operated line for dried materials. High efficiency - 1-person operation (for drying -2 person operation), dece... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Output: 24 t/Tag, format: 1800-3400mm, roll diameter: 90-140mm, core diameter: 38-50mm, including Unwinder PERINI 321A, Unwinder ROLCO for two rolls, knurling unit, Embossing Machine PERINI, sealing, bag filling and closing machine and additional accessories. Bgerrn29 more
LENHARDT / BYSTRONIC, 3500 x 2300, TPS IGU Production line, 2300 x 3500 mm, Right – Left, year: 1999 Isolierglasanlage, 2300 x 3500 mm, Rechts – Links, Baujahr: 1999 Linia do produkcji szyb zespolonych, 2300 x 3500 mm, Prawo – Lewo, rok budowy: 1999 Good working condition / Guter Zustand – in Produktion / Dobry stan techniczny – w produkcji Cmqmut7x - Einlauftransporter / Inlet station / Stacja wejściowa, - Waschmaschine / Washing Machine – 8 brushes / Myjko-suszarka | GW-SU-2,30_VR-4B15, - Ausl... more
The equipment described here is based on the following Standard features. The FFP 2 mask line uses the latest ultrasonic welding technology and is characterized by high-tech, reliability and ease of use. It realizes the automatic production from the material feed to the finished product. In the meantime, one operator could have several Manage lines simultaneously. The line consists of the automatic feeding of roll and nose clamp, the Formation of the mask body by ultrasonic assemb... more