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Liverpool L32 7RZ, UK United Kingdom
356 km
good condition (used)
Provisional specification..... 220 X 120mm capacity 2m infeed table 4 spindles Bottom x 5.5kw Right } Left } Single x 11kw for right / left spindles Top x 11kw Bvqcuoqtro Chain drive / spring pressures 6000 rpm x 40mm dia spindles Feed speeds 6 - 12m/min Safety cover
Thickness planer GRIGGIO PSA 520 is optically and technically in a very good, as good as new condition, the machine comes from a small carpenter's workshop with 2 people and has only stood the last years, because the former owner has not found a successor for his company, it has only been used very little everything works perfectly Bw77ag3fry with backstroke safety device the planing knives can be changed very easily, there are 4 normal strip planing knives, you get a setting gauge with it the c...
Technical characteristics Working width: max 230 mm, min 15 mm • Working height: max 150 mm, min 10 mm • 2000 mm chrome feed table • Drive shaft drive shaft 4 kw, speed 6 to 24 m / min • Chromed toothed feed rollers up to the 1st spindle, rubber after; pneumatic pressure and rise / fall • Electric height adjustment • Mechanical display on spindles, except for dressing • Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz, emergency stop, switches Composition: 1. Horizontal lower spindle - 7.5 Kw - 6000 r...
Marano Vicentino Italy
1653 km
excellent (used)
4-SIDE PLANER MOULDING MACHINE WEINIG UNIMAT 17 A Technical specifications: Working width: max 180 mm Working height: 120mm Motor power per spindle: 4 KW Spindle speed: 6000 rpm Diameter of the spindle: 40 mm Smallest tool diameter: 100mm Max. tool diameter: 160mm Max. diameter of the vertical spindles : 180mm Max. tool diameter of the 2nd right spindle: 195mm Max. tool diameter of the upper spindle: 200mm Max. tool diameter of the lower spindle: 180mm Feed speed variable: 6 - 18 m / min Gxuprml...
Via Mitterling, 10, 39010 Gargazzone BZ, Italien Italy
1578 km
as good as new (ex-display)
4-shaft moulder finished piece max 260 x 180 mm 4 spindles possibility to profile 45 mm Bfrpzmxxbm
Four-sided planer TOS Svitavy Master FWH 18 Width of workpiece max / min - 180/15 mm Height of workpiece max / min - 120/6 mm Feed speed - 8/16 m / min-1 Spindle speed - 6000 min-1 Tool diameter - 123 mm Diameter of the shaft - 40 mm Insertion table length - 2500 mm Number of working spindles - 4 Diameter of the input discs - 120 mm Min. Length of the machined part - 300 mm Engines: Lower 5.5 kW Right 5.5 kW Left 5.5 kW Above 5.5 kW Jxavdhrt Current 38-40 Amp, 400V Dimensions 3050 * 1250 * 1...
(dealership location)
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refurbished (used)
MAIN FEATURES : Capacities: - Finished wood width 45 to 490 mm - Finished wood height 12 to 305 mm Composition: 1 - Lower shaft, power 22 KW (30CV) 2 - Upper shaft, power 22 KW (30CV) 3 - Right spindle moulder, power 11 KW (15CV) 4 - Left spindle moulder, power 11 KW (15CV) 5 - Lower shaft, power 18.5 KW (25 hp) 6 - Upper right chamfer 7 - Upper left chamfer Feeding : - Metal rollers driven by gimbals - Power gear motor: 7.5 KW (10 hp) - Speed ​​variator with potentiometer on the console ...
Friulmac FN3 1300 - working length from 26cm to 130cm - width up to 16cm - 5.5kW saw motors Gujtzxql - smooth regulation of the feeding speed A very nice copy
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal Austria
1823 km
reconditioned (used)
working width 8 - 180 mm max. working height 5 - 120 mm feed speed 8 m / min. Gcze2wv motor horizontal spindles 2 x 4,0 kW motor vertical spindles 1 x 5,5 kW spindle speed 6000 UpM spindle diameter 40 mm infeed table length 2000 mm QTS system (autom. hight and width positioning) Incl. 4 pcs LEITZ Centro-fix tools with new knives Incl. dust collector hood weight approx. 1200 kg machine dimensions approx. L x W x H = 3000 x 1000 x 1450 mm Advise used machines: • Technical data without ob...
Marano Vicentino Italy
1653 km
good (used)
'KUPFERMUeHLE' 4-SIDE PLANER mod. VUIN 1025, Working width max 1000 mm Planing heigth max. 200 mm. (4-side) n.4 Adjustable feed speed from 4 to 18 mts/min. Motorized bottom and top driving rollers Bdlsovudoe Motorized lifting of the working table. Working table at fixed height Motor powers: 1st Bottom planer HP 7,5 2nd Upper planer HP 10 3rd Vertical right HP 7,5 4th Vertical left HP 10 Feed HP 2 Lifting HP 1,5 SECOND-HAND MACHINE, in working conditions Bkx2jy9
Technical data: Max planing width: 180 mm Max planing height: 150 mm Spindle diameter: 40 mm Number of spindles: 4 The order of the spindles: down, right, left, up Each spindle on a separate motor Toothed pulling shafts: 3 Extraction port diameter: 120/150 mm Smooth feed regulation: 3-20 m / min. Cardan feed Pump for lubrication of the working table Pulling rollers on the table top Pressure: 6 atm. Electric lifting of the body Power supply: 400V Total power: 12.5 kW Producer: SCM Overall dimen...
Weinig 6-head uh, spindles: down - left - right - up - down - left spindle number 6 width of the planer ca. 160 mm Planer height ca. 120 mm table length ca. 2000 mm table greasing feed rate H2mb3b2 from 6 to 18 m/min.
- Machine frame 1 Monobloc base frame made of heavy steel. - The machine frame is made of high-grade steel and is very heavily constructed by, among other things, the application of various sketch plates and reinforcement ribs. 2 The infeed table made of special ground steel length 2500 mm. - Input table of steel ground length 2500 mm. - Worktable Herdox HB 400 - Grooved V-belts on all spindles - Separate motors for each spindle - Electromotive high/low adjustment incl. feed rollers and pressure...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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surface planer make SAC type FS 430 HP 4 Masch.# 102g.05.84 Year of construction 1984 Technical data: Cgclrtee dressing width 430 mm Knife of the four-blade shaft 430 x 35 x 3.0 mm max. fold depth 20 mm Table length 2900 mm table length 1550 mm delivery table length 1310 mm Table width 430 mm Diameter of the knife shaft 120 mm Blade shaft speed 4500 rpm. Table height 800 mm Dressing fence 1300 x 160 mm Stop inclination 0 - 45 Drive power 4,0 PS Weight approx. 745 kg Outer dimensions approx. 2900...
4 sides Guiliet cross section Max. 180/120 mmElectronic height adjustment via scale 4 shafts4 motors can be switched on via sequential switchPlaner heads (blade can be clamped with Allen key) and can be easily adjusted to different masses Ba8qdgrck
- max. planing width 220mm - max. planing height 120mm - diameter of the spindles 40mm - smooth feed adjustment 5-25m / min. - electrically adjustable planing height - electrically adjustable planing width - 5 universal head Order of heads: 1 Lower 7.5kW 2 Right 11kW motor shared with left head Jwxuki 3 Left as above 4 Mountain 7.5kW 5 Universal 5.5kW
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal Austria
1823 km
reconditioned (used)
4-sided planing machine Brand: Weinig Type: P 26 S Year: 2002 Working width 20 - 230 mm max. working height 120 mm Feed rate 5 - 24 m/min. Spindle arrangement: spindle 1 - bottom - 5,5 kW spindle 2 - right - 7,5 kW spindle 3 - left - drive together with right spindle spindle 4 - top - 7,5 kW Bubwgq29eq spindle 5 - bottom - 4 kW feed motor 3 kW feed speed 5 - 24 m/min. operating panel SIMATIC OP7 ATS system automatic positioning for left spindle hight adjustment spindle diameter 40 mm rotati...
Model Melanto 450-4 four shafts with floating cutters + lower corner edgers. Consisting of a roller conveyor at the Costa entrance and one at the exit of the Stival Rocar soundproofing cabin TO SEE FOR VERIFICATION OF THE EXCELLENT CONDITION OF THE PLANER Buuzp3exlv NEGOTIABLE PRICE
Murnau am Staffelsee Germany
1510 km
reconditioned (used)
Working width 300 mm Working height 250 mm Working height 4-side 200 mm Number of spindles 4 Spindle configuration b-t-r+l Spindle diameter 60-60-50-50 mm Jointer for spindle 1-2 Motor power 37-45-11-11 kW Working width adjustments Digital adjustments Working height adjustments Digital adjustments Feed speed 20-200 m/min Feed motor 15 kW Feed-system Cardan Driven bed rollers 3 Infeed rollers 3 Bsxlasfibi Outfeed rollers 1 Tools horizontal 200x300x60 Z12 Constant table height ca. 900 mm Chip remo...
4 - side Thicknessing and planing machine with side heads. Mvbmwc Max working width 760 mm Max working height 200 mm Feeding speed up to 23 m/min
WEINIG UNIMAT SUPER 4 planer - machine in stock - after the technical review - German production - year of production 2006 - specialized machine for planing wood for gluing TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: - planing width 150 mm - planing height 50 mm - diameter of the spindles 40 mm - equipped with tools - the first lower head 11 kW 6000 U / min - second upper head 22 kW 7000 U / min - the third lower head 5.5 kW 6000 U / min 2siati - 2.2 kW feed motor - adjustable feed on the inverter - feed on car...
Moulder 4 heads Master Maximum planing width: 220mm Minimum planing width: 15mm Maximum planing Height : 120mm Puiegu Minimum planing height : 6mm Year of production ~2000 Spindle diameter : 40 mm Feeding table: 2000mm Moulder with 4 heads and possibility to mount 5th head Spindle layout Bottom Horizontal: 5 kW Right Vertical: 5 kW Left Vertical: 5 kW Upper Horizontal: 5kW There is a possibility to mount aditional 5th head in the machine. Machine is in our factory, we bought it new from dea...
- vertically and horizontally adjustable spindles - planing width 23cm - planing height 16cm Rrutle3 - bottom 5.5kW, right 5.5kW, left 5.5kW, top 7.5kW - pulling roller in the table -chromed tables -central lubrication of the machine -pump with liquid to slip the material -6 drawing rollers with metal rollers in front of the upper head, 2 fights with rubberized rollers behind the head -heads included - planing height set electronically from the desktop The machine is in very good condition, sol...
Working width 860 mm Working height 310 mm Working height 4-side 210 mm Number of spindles 4 Spindle configuration b-t-r+l Spindle diameters 50 mm Spindle rotation speed 4500 U/min Outboard bearings for spindle 1-2 Motor power 22-22-7,5-11 kW Working width adjustments motorized Working height adjustments motorized Feed speed 6 - 30 m/min Feed motor 5,5 kW Feed-system Cardan Constant table height 940 - 950 Chip removal bottom 10 mm Chip removal top 16 mm Chip removal right 20 Chip removal left 20...
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal Austria
5459 km
excellent (used)
heavy duty planer with turning ring and height adjustable indeed and outfield roller tables working width 30 - 2100 mm working height ca. 13 - 300 mm 2 top and 2 bottom horizontal planing shafts, inclined, the left 2 shafts with 4 knifes, the right 2 shafts with 6 knifes horizontal spindle bottom 2 x 18,5 kW horizontal spindle top 2 x 22 kW H82q7gyf vertical spindle right 7,5 kW vertical spindle left 7,5 kW motor table height adjustment 3,0 kW feed speed variabel up to approx. 4 - 24 m/ min...
Miechucino Poland
1713 km
good condition (used)
Four side planer 4PM 180/4 Bkr099xzo2 - after the technical review - very good condition - DTR documentation - year of production 2006 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: working width 180 mm working height 120 mm spindle diameter 40 mm 5.5 kW lower horizontal spindle right and left 7.5 kW vertical spindle upper spindle 5.5 kW 1.1 kW feed motor spindle speed 6000 RPM the top four steel pull rollers one top rubber pull roller two kinds of feed speed 6 and 12 length of the feeding table 170 cm diameter of...
Upper and Lower Hydraulic Advancement Group. Bdudwmfh89 Electric command board. Working range 330 mm Feed speed 0/100 m / min approx. Maximum height 130 mm Maximum width 330 mm
Ennepetal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1082 km
x-travel 4927 mm Gnl2cdovo y-travel 2871 mm z-travel 1083 mm Control CNC turning speeds 600-18.000 U/min total power requirement / kW weight of the machine ca. / t
x-travel 4.200 mm y-travel 1.400 mm z-travel 850 mm control Sinumerik 828D Siemens Main spindle: turning speed range - main spindle max. 8.000 min/-1 power capacity - main spindel 18,5 / 15 kW transmission ratio 2 max. Torque - Nm tool taper ISO 50 work table: table surface area 3.200 x 1.200 mm max. table load 8.000 kg T-slots 7x 22 x 150 mm distance spindle /table 50 - 900 mm distance between columns 1.400 mm distance spindle / column max. 404 mm Tool-Presetter: number of toolpositions...
x-travel 4200 mm y-travel 2000 mm z-travel 1200 mm table surface area 4200x1250 mm distance between uprigths 1600 mm workpiece height 1200 mm milling unit 1 spindle turning speed range 56-355 U/min spindle taper ISO 50 milling spindle drive 11 kW Feed 0,05-2000 mm/min planing head 3 total power requirement kW Usa9blr9 weight of the machine ca. 40 t dimensions of the machine ca. m
New machine Year of manufacture: 2020 Equipment and technical data: Digital version with motorized thicknessing table adjustment With TERSA cutterblock for changing planing knives in seconds TERSA planing knife system enables particularly quiet running Diagonally toothed steel feed roller for constant and even material feed Material feed with two speeds The extra long dressing tables allow easy and precise dressing of workpieces Working tables are made of grey cast iron, annealed and stress-fre...
Compact planer and moulder SCM Profiset 40 for four-sided planing and profiling, special price incl. planing heads. - spindles: 4 - spindle arrangement: bottom - right - left - top - Motor for horizontal spindles: 7,5 kW - Motor for vertical spindles: 7,5 kW - working width: 180 mm - working height: 105 mm - feed max.: 12 m/min - spindle diameter: 35 mm - dressing table length: 2.300 mm - Complete set planing heads and rebate cutters - CE-version - New machine with warranty - delivery date vsl.:...
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1155 km
x-travel 4.000 mm y-travel 2.100 mm z-travel 1.000 mm Control Fanuc 18i table-size 4.000 x 2.000 mm rapid traverse X-axis 18 m/min rapid traverse Y-axis 18 m/min rapid traverse Z-axis 15 m/min turning speed range - drive spindle 10 ~ 6.000 U/min power capacity - milling spindle 26 / 22 kW tool taper DIN 69871 A50 tool piece magazine with 60 Pos. T-slots 18h8 / 125mm total power requirement 70 kVA weight of the machine ca. 42 t dimensions of the machine ca. 8 x 3 x 4 m Manufacturer: AWEA Mo...
Four knife shaft, Main motor 7.5 KW 380 V, Height adjustment of thicknessing table via handwheel, Planing width 620 mm, Plane thickness 1-250 mm, Feed speed 7-20 m / min. Smooth table Rubber feed rollers in good condition HxLxW: 1030 x 1000 x 1280 mm, Weight approx. 980 kg Dskkqjx Machine is in good condition and has been constantly serviced. Transmission has recently been overhauled by a specialist. Immediately ready for use With knife setting gauge
x-travel:2.200 mm y-travel:3.500 mm z-travel:1.500 mm control:HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI max. workpiece size for 5-sided machining (tool length 100 mm):. y-travel:2.760 mm x-travel:1.460 mm l gth in through put process:1.500 mm clamping table:3.500 x 2.100 mm T-slots:22 mm Abstand 200 mm max. load:1.000 kg/m2 feed X-, Y- and Z-axis:5-65.000 mm/min rapid traverse X-, Y- and Z-axis:65.000 mm/min Acceleration:bis zu 3,5 m/sek2 axle drives::. water cooled linear motors, X-axis as GANTRY:. fork mi...
Working width: 410 mm Planing shaft: Tersa Number of knives: 4 Dressing table length: 2000 mm Hollow point adjustment: no Dressing fence angle adjustable: yes 45° to 90 Btxm3ntitq maximum passage thickness thickness planer: 250 mm height adjustment thicknessing table: electric display of planing thickness: mechanical digital display Feed speed: 6 m/min Feed roller: steel Extraction roller: steel Pressure beam: - Table rollers: no Motor power: 4,5 kW Motor brake: yes, automatic Suction connection...
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Used machine Year of manufacture: 1981 Condition: Workshop tested Equipment and technical data: C0ydtuna - Planing width 630 mm - max. working height : 1 - 250 mm - 4 strip knives - Link pressure beam - Rubber infeed and outfeed roller - Infinitely variable feed - motor : 5,5 kW - with automatic brake location: Hochheim Availability: approx. 2 weeks after receipt of order
Witten, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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x-travel:4100 mm y-travel:2000 mm z-travel:800 mm table-size:4100x1700 mm tool adaptor:SK 50 DIN 69781 spindle speed::4000 U/min power capacity:18,5/22 kW distance between columns:2100 mm numbers of positions in the tool changer:32 Bs7loa0wk7
Surface planer, dresser, dressing machine Cb9iaco3 -Working width: 450 mm -Table length: 4200 mm -4 Knife shaft: carbide -Dimensions: 4300/1100/H1000 -Transport length: 3300 mm -Weight: 1030 kg
CATALOG NUMBER 6240 TECHNICAL DATA - max planing width 640mm - maximum planing height on both sides 190mm - maximum four-sided planing height 120mm from down: - preliminary table, adjustable - 2 pcs guide rails, including 1 clamping bar - smooth skid roller - 640mm planing shaft, 4-knife 5.5kW - 2 smooth, sliding shafts in advance: - pulling shaft, toothed - pressure - pulling shaft, toothed 2 pcs - pressure - 640mm planing shaft, 4-knife 7.5kW - pressure - pulling shaft, smooth, metal in the b...
Felder combined thickness planer. Bwpnu8zf9a planing capacity 410 mm x 220 mm. side fence with angle adjustment 0-45°. 4 turnable knives in cutter block. year 2007.
Working width: 410 mm Planing shaft: Strip knife Number of knives: 3 Dressing table length: 1800 mm Hollow point adjustment: no Dressing fence angle adjustable: yes 45° to 90 maximum passage thickness thickness planer: 230 mm height adjustment thicknessing table: hand wheel display of planing thickness: scale Feed speed: 6 m/min Feed roller: Steel Extraction roller: steel Pressure beam: - Table rollers: no Motor power: 4,4 kW Bt2gmxqcxh Motor brake: yes, automatic Suction connection: 100mm Machi...
Code: 0321 Brand: MARTIN Model: T 45 CONTOUR - CE Standard Automatic thickness planer with full-width profile unit - CE standard - Year 2004 (190 working hours) Technical data: Owziz The blade shaft has in addition to the 4 Tersa grooves also 4 dovetail grooves. This allows profile knives to be used quickly and easily. Working width mm 630 Working height min/max 2,8/300 mm Spindle speed 5000 Motor Kw 7.5 Chip removal max 12 mm Electronic control for working height adjustment (99 storable me...
x-travel 14000 mm y-travel 5000 mm z-travel 1500 mm w-axis 3000 mm column daylight 4000 mm column: max. dist. table - spindle nose 4500 mm workpiece weight 100 t table dimension - longitudinal 9000 mm table dimension - cross 3000 mm spindle taper ISO SK 50 spindle turning speed range 2-2500 U/min spindle motor 113 kW spindle diameter 200 mm max. torque on the spindle 9500 Nm feed in x - axis 1-10000 mm/min feed in y - axis 1-10000 mm/min feed range Z-direction 1-10000 mm/min rapid traverse 2000...