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- Power: AC Motor 55 kW - Screw Diameter: 50 mm L/D 1:40 - Screw Rpm: Max. 600 rpm - Heating complete (40 kw all together) - Volumetric Main Feeding - Watercooling - Side feeding - Degasation with Vacuum - Electric Cabinet -incl. trial with customer - Capacity: Until 250 kg/h, depends to material mix Cftg3gj Optional according to customer requirements - Waterring Pelletizer "Leistritz / Gala 300 H" - Strand Die Head , waterbath, pelletizer - Screen Changer
No.: 2586k 1 used, functionally tested and operating compounding-pelletizing line, equipped with : Extruder twin-screw COMAC Type EBC 68 with Motor 110 kW-DC screws 2x Ø 68 mm – 40 L/D co-rotating intermeshing Segmented screws & cylinders, Water / Medium cooled** 1x venting port ** 1x side feeder screws 2x Ø 52 mm Melt-filter 2 piston Type K-SWE 160 incl. Hydraulic-pack Bek3lxayl9 BKG underwater-pelletizing unit Type AH 2000, complete with: diverter-valve / Hydraulic pelletizer with mot...
Wuppertal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1067 km
good (used)
12 screw extruder/compounder type RE 3 screw size 12x 30 mm, segmenetd, Co-rotating - 32 L/D Drive 130 kW Px8akscb7 incl. 2x vacuum stuffer 1x side-feeding extruder control-board Optional against additional price: loss-in-weight blenders or underwater pelletizing equipment ex workshop available
Wuppertal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1067 km
reconditioned (used)
12 x 30 mm screw extruder/compounder type RE 3 Co-rotating , 32 LD very good for technical high filled compounds incl. 2 x vacuum stuffer 1 x side feeding extruder for additives Drive 130 kW materials: PC,PA,PET,PS,ABS,PE,PP Compounds Capacity 400 kg/h Optional: lᐳ oss-in-weight blender ᐳ Strand-pelletzizing or ᐳ Waterring-pelletizing or ᐳ underwater - pelletizing equipment ex our Stock / workshop available, ask for more details, and our most recent Machine-Stock-List The Line ready for...
The main rudder of Kuhne has expanded the construction year 2006, and in 2010-2011 the plant was expanded with another extruder (coating unit) of the company SML. O9hgquqa COEX-Castfolium system with additional coating unit. The main system is equipped with a co-and a main ruder. The coating unit with a main ruder. Processing thermoplastics in a processing area of 90-300°C. The system can be operated with the following combinations: • Main unit (CoEx-plant) with coating unit • Main unit (CoEx-p...
Continuous extruder filter.Two hydraulique pistons.Exellent condition.Ready for pick up. Bpriu7lq
* General * SKU004K022 * LocationBarneveld * MakeKraftanlagen Heidelberg * TypeST-350/6D * No.91.02 4295916 * Year of construction1991 * Key Features * Single screw extruder"Pin extruder" (1x) * Screw diameter350mm * L/D6 * With jacket * DC-motor180 KW, 440 Volt + 53,7 KW, 400 Volt * Inlet350x285mm * Screw can be heated * Information * Without switchgear * Floorspace5,5x1,7 M * Total height2,0 M * Weight11.000 KG * Extra Specifications- With die head for 167 strands - With die face cutter - Extr...
Single screw extruder, used manufacturer: Ide type: ME-60/3-25-S year of construction: 1993 Dcg0m3kr machine no.: 775 screw diameter: 60 mm Screw length: 25 x D Screw: 3-zone screw for PVC-U, ABS, PC, TPE Drive power: 35 kW Screw speed: 9 - 90 1/min. Computer control: ME-Control Accessories: Mass pressure sensor and mass temperature sensor Remark: In 2013 a new barrel and a new screw were installed in the extruder (original from Ide, invoice available). Condition: The extruder was cleaned, repai...
Used NRM/Marshall & Williams OPS Film Line with 8" Davis Standard/NRM Extruder. Manufactured new in 1990-1998. The line is still installed as operated and consists of the following: 8" (200mm) Davis Standard/NRM 30/1 L/D vented, single screw extruder. The extruder is equipped with an electric heated, air cooled barrel, includes a spare screw, and driven by a 900 HP DC motor and SCR controller (upgraded in 2005), supplying a 156 RPM screw speed. Upsteam is a Jenco gravimetric blending syste...
We had the filabot EX6 extruder with Airpath and spooler shipped from the USA; it arrived on 2021-04-14. This machine combination is suitable for the extrusion of granulate into filament. Unfortunately, we then realised that we needed something else for our purposes. The equipment has not been taken out of the boxes and is completely new. They are designed for 110 V; a corresponding transformer costs approx. CHF 140. In addition, we are selling a specially hardened screw for carbon fiber rei...
Coperion Werner und Pfleiderer Extruder ZSK 43 MV, in very good condition. Was in use for Powder Coatings. The Extruder was in use for tests, therefore the Extruder has not so much running hours. We sell the Extruder complete with elektrical cabinet. O739b
A ready-to-use single-screw extruder from the SIKOPLAST brand is for sale. Ideally suited for foils, styrofoam, flakes or other materials with a high volume. The system is fully configurable to accommodate a wide variety of materials. Technical specifications: Throughput: 300-550kg / h depending on the material. Material: Built for low density material like film or EPS / XPS Year of construction: 2017 rebuild and overhauled Motor: 105kW main drive Screw diameter 120mm / 32LD 55kW extruder heati...
* General * SKU011C013 * LocationBarneveld * MakeLeistritz * TypeZSE-110 * Year of construction1986 * Key Features * Double screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter110mm * L/D20 * Co-rotating * Number of heating zones:4 * Electric heating * DC-motor10-110 KW * Information * .86.02.1822 * With switchgear * Sizes switchgear120x70x230 CM * Floorspace4,7x1,4 M * Total height2,2 M What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are re...
IDE-o/c 204016 SINGLE SCREW CO-EXTRUDER MEB 30/5x25D (picture similar, here shown MEB 20/5x25D) - NEW machine from IDE-stock program - mobile on 4 swivel castors - manual height adjustment ± 200 mm via threaded spindle - control cabinet integrated in the frame - control via PLC Control 20/4 * operation via 5.7" touch panel * screw on/off * screw speed * screw speed display * display motor load * heating on/off/lowering value - emergency stop button on the control cabinet - incl. con...
Mengerskirchen Germany
1166 km
ready for operation (used)
The machine is ready for use but in need of overhaul Brm3it9y There is a 2nd engine with gearbox and several other machine parts
brand: LMP (Maris), 2 screws co-rotating, diameter: 125mm, screw: 2650mm (210) and discharge screw: 400mm (3D). Motor: 37kW, 220 / 380V, variable speed. Brwys0mupo
Extruder Krauss Maffei single screw X3cjo Super condition immediately ready for use To bid against
Production line for PVC composite boards JWELL PVC production line built in 2017. It is a technological line for the production of composite products based on wood flour and PVC. The co-extrusion line was mainly used for the production of composite boards, rails and facade profiles. Extruder for composite terrace boards is complete. The line is complete, it consists of: - SJZ 80/156 twin screw extruder, capacity 300 kg / h, 4 heating zones - SJZ 45/100 twin screw extruder, capacity 60 kg / h, 3...
* General * SKU042E139 * LocationBarneveld * MakeLalesse Arnhem B.V. * TypeLA-85 * Year of constructionunknown * Key Features * Single screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter85mm * L/D11 * Number of heating zones:4 * Electric heating(3x 4,5 KW + 1x 3,0 KW) * AC-motor30 KW, 380 Volt * With variable speed drive(frequency inverter) * Feeding with metering screw * Number of temperature controllers: * Information * With switchgear * Floorspace2,5x1,2 M * Total height2,4 M * Weight1450 KG What you can exp...
This Cappuzi extruder has been used to produce corks out of PP. The condition of the machine is very well. We have shut down and decoupled the machine ourselves. Technical details: Screw: 50mm L/D: 28 Drive: 22kW RPM: max. 140 The machine can be viewed in Breda and it will be delivered including complete documentation. Brprlqdsxs
brand: Henschel, type: HE-90, 1 spindle: 90 mm Ø, 30L / D, with degasser. Hydraulic filter changer: 120 mm. Engine: 150 hp, with speed variator. Brwve2kyp7
Semi - Automatic Butter Extruder, Shaping and Cutting Machine fited on full stainless steel frame, Control panel. Two Stainless steel screw augers, stainless steel hopper. Cutting wires on outfeed conveyor making the machine easy . Manufacture : Dairy Machinery UK Bfsvspj9uf Model : DMUK EXSH1 Usage : Butter and Various Viscous Pastes Extruding, Shaping and Cutting Machine Shapes and Sizes : Choose your own shpe and size Control Panel : Butter Working Switch, Butter Extruding S...
Extruder machine for the production of films. The machine is used but has been overhauled. Total length 20m. Hg0xonw Film width 800 mm.
* General * SKU037E122 * LocationBarneveld * MakeWerner & Pfleiderer Stuttgart * TypeZSK-25 P 8.2E * .230230 * Key Features * Double screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter25mm * L/D40 * Co-rotating * Vented * Number of heating zones:6 * Electric heating(18x 500 Watt) * Water cooling * DC-motor10,4 KW, 440 Volt * With variable speed drive * Screw speed± 50-500 Rpm * Information * Year of construction1990 * With switchgear * Floorspace3,2x0,9 M * Total height1,5 M * Weight950 KG What you can expect f...
DOUBLE SCREW EXTRUDER WEBER DS 85, 17: D Bj. 1976 Application: PVC pipe Drive: 22 KW Y7crgas Output: approx. 200 kg / h Condition: Function tested
ICMA brand San Giorgio. Model: MC70, 32 / D. Year 1990, 2 spindles with modular rotation (in segments), with degasser. DC motor with inverter: 45.4 Kw. Electrical panel. Dispenser for extruder. Hydraulic filter changer: 160 Ø. Air-to-air cutting with 1.5 Kw: reduction motor, cyclone with solenoid valve and cooler for pellets: 3.5 mnon-breaking spacex non-breaking space0.50 wide. Brvzjo77go
For items Ø 1,5-50mm. Extra gear engine for small wall items. Reconditioned in 2004 with new drive unit. Bssty89hzz Extra snails and tools included. Including manual.
* General * SKU080U534 * LocationBarneveld * MakeWerner & Pfleiderer * TypeZSK-53 * .148612 * Key Features * Double screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter53mm * L/D30 * DC-motor20,0 KW, 440 Volt * Exchangeable segments * Information * Year of constructionunknown * Without switchgear * Floorspace3,2x0,7 M * Total height1,7 M * Weight1450 KG * Extra Specifications- With many spare screw segments What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared...
Twin Screw Extruder Line - Compounding - Electric Cabinet - Motor AC 5 kW - Screws 20/42 LD - Degassing - Side feeding - Die Head with 2 holes , 3mm - Water cooling - Heatings incl. - Waterbath - Pelletizer Visit and a trial with the customer is possible. (Also Video Call) Blytknzhmw
Bockhorn / Grabstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1076 km
excellent (used)
WEBER DS 12:22D, Year 1991 Kssyn2td TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER Application: PVC pipe Drive: 120 KW Output: approx. 800 kg/h PVC (powder) Screws and Barrel very good General condition: very good, ready for use Delivery time: immediately
Twin screw extruder FANGTAI FT 500-2 manufactured in 1998. The machine currently has one snail with a diameter of 50 mm and one screw with a diameter of 65 mm. Sujcdk Technical parameters of the machine with a diameter of fi 50 mm: - screw diameter: fi 50 mm - L / D ratio of length to screw diameter: 28: 1 - rotational speed of the screw: 10-120 rpm - film width: 200-550 mm - film thickness: 0.015-0.04 mm - main engine power: 7.5 kw - heating power: 30 kw - efficiency: 50-100 kg / hour. - weigh...
Stainless 8Kg hopper with agitator and stainless screw, variable speed, variety of extrusion plates for different style pastas, mobile Harcdsj
Stock - No.: 2008 1 used, in 2021 partly overhauled and functionally tested compounding-pelletizing line, equipped with: Extruder W& P Typ ZSK 57 twin-screw 2 x Ø 57 mm – 36 L/D co-rotating intermeshing drive 55 kW DC screw speed up to 480 rpm, screw depth 9,5 mm Segmented screws and cylinder-barrels – water cooled 1x degassing port control board incl. melt-pressure control Additional equipment: > vacuum pump 1,1 kW > piston screen-pack-changer 2 x Ø 80 mm incl. hydraulic station > strand-...
* General * SKU042B319 * LocationBarneveld * MakeBerstorff * TypeZE-130R Silicon tube extruder * 2900/92 * Key Features * Double screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter150mm * L/D10 * AC-motor90,0 KW, 380 Volt (Ex) * Screw speed± 75 Rpm * Information * Year of construction1993 * Floorspace4,0x1,2 M * Total height2,3 M * Weight6500 KG What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination world...
Wuppertal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1068 km
excellent (used)
Berlin Germany
1444 km
good condition (used)
Screw diameter: 70 mm, screw length: 24 D ( 1680 mm) drive power:: 70 kW Vuyvlfe Heating capacity: 8 kW Cooling water consumption: 500 L/h Equipment: 3 heating zones Suction conveyor (Pump + funnel 90L); melting pump Maag, Type: Extrex 36-3 ST Melt pressure sensor (Dynisco)
Bockhorn / Grabstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1076 km
excellent (used)
SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER BATTENFELD UNIEX 1-45-30 Application: PE PIPES F3zvsoj Year of construction 1998 Motor: 61 KW Output: approx. 160 kg / h PE Condition: Very good, currently still in production. Will be available in March 2021 Sachal Extrusionsmachines Hablamos español Nous parlons français We speak English
Double kneading, stainless, twin 50Kg agitated mixing tanks that feed into the stainless discharge screw, 130-180Kgs per hour, variable speed with timer, 3Ph, mobile Bffwguqzcn
Extruder : Make Colmec Type : TGFD 120/2V Machine built : 1984 o 120 mm screw whit a length of 2640mm o DC motor power 83 KW o DC controller replaced in 2014/2015. o Melt pressure meter including the display’s replaced 2019 Bqegqsai8d Salt bath spray line/cool-wash unit Make : TPP Machine built : 2004 o Speed max 25-30 m/min. Possible to increase to max. 40 m/min. by means of changing pulley (excluded) o Length of vulcanization section salt bath 15 m...
* General * SKU103Y799 * LocationBarneveld * MakeBaker Perkins, Stoke on Trent * TypeMPC/V30 * .65034 * Key Features * Double screw extruder(1x) * Screw diameter30mm, Screw length 420mm * L/D14 * Co-rotating * Number of heating zones:3 (6x 200 Watt per zone) + die heater * Electric heating * Water cooling * DC-motor3,0 KW, 180 Volt * With variable speed drive * Feeding with metering screwdia. 32mm * Used ontoner * Information * Year of constructionunknown * Floorspace2,0x0,9 M * Total height2,0 ...
One Screw Extruder - With Hot Air Pelletizer For Materials like: Regrind , HDPE , LDPE , PVC , PS etc. (Film , foil material) - Gear Motor DC 18,5 kW Ithuaw2 - Screw D-130 mm - Forced Feeding System - Degasation - conveyor fan - Big Bag Station
Throughput: 50 – 150kg/h (depending on material) Machine is in operation for trials and productions currently. Berstorff ZE 40 A Twin screw extruder • Fa. Berstorff • Type: ZE 40 A • YOM: 1993 • Screw diameter: 43mm • segmented Screw and Barrel • Length/Diameter-Ratio: 33,5 and 39,5 • New Barrels: 2pieces 6D with cooling; 1 piece 1,5D • 1 Sidefeeder (Screw diameter 34mm) • Drive power: 42kW • max. rotational speed: 500Upm • Engine refurbished complete...
Completely overhauled Leistritz ZSE 67 GL compounder. Extruder model year: 1983 Bmyxk0vv8e New barrel and screw: 2014 New Resotec control: 2016 Maag Melt Pump: 2014 The machine is delivered including 4 components gavimetric dosing from Motan Colortronic.
Stainless pasta extruder, 50kg twin shaft kneading hopper with stainless screw discharge into extrusion plate, used for long pastas, stainless mesh safely lid, variable speed Danfoss inverter, 3Ph Ptz3oi