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Angle grinder, cutoff grinder, floor grinder, floor saw -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm Hiivhrvn3 -Dimensions: 500/160/H120 mm -Weight: 8 kg
Lohr am Main Germany
1284 km
excellent (used)
Kolbe Pjbyh Angle Grinder 130 mm Type AWE 130 2 Speeds
Limburg an der Lahn Germany
1167 km
refurbished (used)
High performance meat grinder offers exceptional versatility for all types of chopped products from hard to very soft. Provides a fast grinding process for fresh and slightly frozen products. - All stainless steel - Push button control - 2 speed - With feed for 200 L - Hopper capacity approx. 400 litres - Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz - diameter 160 mm The pictures are from an example machine. Errors and prior sale excepted. All information is non-binding. The accuracy of the information and prices are ...
Angle grinding tools ANGLE-GRINDER are suitable for grinding, plastering and deburring grinding wheels of all kinds on almost all materials. Suitable for robotic surface treatment. The processing disc is mounted axle-removable, wherein the necessary contact force is programmatically controlled Nog9f can be varied. By switching the control air can compensate the dead weight and the contact pressure regulated to zero. The deflection takes place in parallel via a parallelogram mechanism without cha...
Erlangen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1393 km
Demonstration tool : Wvelriui7 Desoutter Angel Grinder KA26085B7V Free Speed : 8500 rpm Grinding wheel maximum : 7x3 in. / 8x7 / 8 spindle thread : 5/8-11 Power : 2.82 hp Weight : 5.9 Ib.
The overall package consists of the following components: 6x high frequency angle grinder 230mm of the company fein 2x high frequency angle grinder 125mm of the company fein 8x high frequency straight grinder with 6 and 8 holder from Fein 1x frequency converter 25 kVA (devices are operated with 300 Hz) Stzzxg All devices are offered including motor protection plug.
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 230 mm -Dimensions: 550/260/H120 mm -Weight: 6.4 kg Bdfraxop7c
Erlangen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1393 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Deprag Angle Turbine Grinder GAT 823-450 BX Xuiwce9ib demonstration tool Lever valve with locking startup Technical specifications: Free speed: 6600 rpm max. Power: 6,03 hp max. Grinding wheels Outside diameter: 9,05 in. Weight: 4,0 kg Spindle Thread: M 14 Air connection : IG 1/2 "
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder, floor grinder, floor saw -Transformer 42V safety extra-low voltage Berh9m2rdg -Isolation transformer: Type ESB F with 2000 VA -Angle grinder: type MSf 78 dk -Grinding wheel: Ø 180 mm -Speed: 8000 rpm -Power: 1.5 kW -Number: 2x machine sets available -Price: per machine set -Dimensions machine: 670/170/H240 mm -Dimensions transformer: 340/200/H470 mm -Weight: 44 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder 0pvadyei -Grinding wheels: Ø 178 mm -Power: 1900 W -Speed: 8500 rpm -Dimensions: 600/160/H230 mm -Weight: 7.7 kg
pneumatic angle grinder, flex, grinding witch, cut-off grinder, cut-off machine, angle grinder -for discs: Ø 50 mm -Speed: max. 18,000 rpm Dwk7ya -Case with: accessories -Dimensions: 430/360/H90 mm -Weight: 2.2 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 250 mm -Power: 2300 W -Speed: 3500 rpm -Transport case Bzkfb9o0 -Dimensions: 645/240/H330 mm -Weight: 21.5 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder Yq9apo97 -unfortunately: no nameplate -Dimensions: 560/140/H2400 mm -Weight: 6.3 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 1400 W -Speed: 8000 rpm -Dimensions: 560/150/H230 mm -Weight: 5.5 kg Bh32pzl3
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 125 mm -Power: 600 W Bg83ofpj9v -Speed: 8500 rpm -Price: per piece -Number: 8 pieces -Dimensions: 280/70/H120 mm -Weight: 2.7 kg/piece
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 1800 W Ysdfd0 -Speed: rpm -Dimensions: 550/140/H235 mm -Weight: 5.6 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder Bhjgzbzlmd -Grinding wheels: Ø 230 mm -Power: 2350 W -Speed: 6000 rpm -with: suitcase -Dimensions case: 600/180/H310 mm -Weight: 8 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 2100 W -Speed: 8500 rpm Bg83oyrvhx -Dimensions: 640/140/H240 mm -Weight: 6 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Angle grinder: AEG WSB 1800 -Power: W -Speed: rpm Csxq9jelu -Dimensions: 550/140/H235 mm -Weight: 5.6 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder N07ix -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 2000 W -Speed: 8500 rpm -Dimensions: 580/150/H220 mm -Weight: 5.5 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder Ekeax89 -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 2200 W -Speed: 8500 rpm -Dimensions: 500/230/H140 mm -Weight 6.2 kg
Angle grinder, cutoff grinder -Grinding wheels: Ø 180 mm -Power: 2300 W -Speed: 8500 rpm Ehogfkw -Dimensions: 525/180/H140 mm -Weight 6.5 kg
pneumatic angle grinder, flex, grinding witch, cut-off grinder, cut-off machine, angle grinder -Max. Discs: Ø 178 mm -Speed: max. 8500 rpm -Number: 74x angle grinder available -Price: per piece -Weight: 4 kg/piece Ekbhgxp
Velen-Ramsdorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1036 km
grinding range max. 30 mm angle adjustable from - to horizontal 0-180 Grad angle adjustable from - to vertikal 0-45 Grad angle adjustable from - to negativ 0-52 Grad connected load 230 V wheel diameter 100 mm Bh73wfiuzd weight of the machine ca. 55 Kg dimensions 0,5 x 0,4 x 0,4 m This grinding machine is suitable for: Twist drill (max.13mm), milling cutter and turning tool (max. 30mm) comes with: - chisel grinding tool - Diamond grinding stone for HM. - White whetstone for HSS. - LED lighting...
Knife Grinder Grinder for sharpening planer thin ASN-810 Grinder is designed for automatic sharpening planer blades mounted in the package to 4 pieces. Sharpening is done face polishing pots. Assuming the chip occurs outside the cut. The size, number of passes working wyiskrzających, speed and the grinding head of recurrence points - are programmed in a microprocessor controller. The grinding head is moved along the bed by means of a motor-driven helical gear running on guides with recircula...
Hereford United Kingdom
402 km
good condition (used)
Laska WW200G2 frozen meat grinder in lovely condition. Only 4118 running hours. Has come direct from meat factory which closed in 2016. 58 Kw 112 Amp Lq8vmcca
Holton Heath United Kingdom
518 km
excellent (used)
Tube capacity 10 - 127 mm Bwqeuzaiqf Belt size 2000 x 120 mm Belt speed 1-20 m/min Weight 710 kgs Year 2018
Barry St, Oldham OL1, UK United Kingdom
407 km
ready for operation (used)
Swing over bed 660mm. Distance between centres 3050 mm. Standard grinding wheel size 760 mm x 75 mm x 305 mm. Maximum width of grinding wheel 203 mm. Maximum dia. ground 560mm. Maximum dia. ground with auto cycle 406mm. Maximum wheelhead withdrawal 76 mm. Table traverse speeds 3125 mm/min. Work rotation speeds 18 – 110 rpm. Grinding wheel speeds 650 & 750 rpm. Automatic feed range 0.10 – 0.03 mm. Wheel head power 15 kW. Table drive motor 3.7 kW. Table traverse motor 3.7 kW. Maximum taper ground ...
THE LAST LUMSDEN EVER BUILT. NEW 1996, ORIGINAL COST £97,500.00 LUMSDEN Model 93ML Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder. Pguad Serial Number: 93ML/103/13000 New 1996 Country of Origin: UK With auto sizing attachment, coolant and filtration unit. Segmental wheel dia 34″ Segments per set 16″ Table dia and grinding capacity 60″ Magnetic table dia (Humphreys) 60″ Max height wheel to Magnetic table 18″ Minimum height of wheel to table 4.1/2″ Spindle speed 450 rpm. Table speeds...
Krefeld, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1037 km
working area 76 mm Number of stations 1 0 material length beliebig mm tube diameter mm grinding band dimension 100 x 2000 mm Band Speed 30 m/sec motor speed 2800 U/min 0 3 kW Benya2vdhr range L-W-H 1,3 x 0,5 x 0,8 m weight 200 kg
Angle drill, hand drill, corner drill -for: working in hard-to-reach places Qli29gygp -Nominal consumption: 650 watts -Drill holder: MK1 -Max. Drilling capacity: 15 mm -Connection: 230 volts -Weight: 4 kg
Köln, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1074 km
working lenght:12.000 mm pressing power:180 t Punching capacity:1000 kN cutting capacity:Flach - max. 22 mm cutting capacity:Winkel - max. 150 x 150 x 15 mm punch diameter:32 mm number of punch tools:3 Stk. / pcs. connected load frequency:3 x 400 V control:VACON 110 accessories::Zufuhrwagen accessories::Schleppketten-Quertransport Voortman V550 punch-shear unit suitable for shearing and punching flat steel and angle profiles. This low-cost Voortman V550 punch-shear unit has a horizontal and ...
Cutting saw for wood, aluminium and plastic profiles, double mitre saw for special angles from 20 to 135 degrees stepless motorized A video of the running machine can be sent on request. Positioning control PCE 5000 with colour screen, for single cuts and program cuts, profile data and cutting data records can be stored. The machine is equipped with many extras. cutting length approx. 5100mm with software stop overlength by reaching around Software stop for short parts Swivel range from 20 degre...
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1038 km
max. grinding diameter 250 mm grinding length 600 mm workpiece length 600 mm table: 835 x 145 mm long. travel of table 300 mm spindle turning speed range 2.100/3.000/4.200/6.000 U/min feed vertikal digital readout Höhe/Querweg E29s2hl coolant Control total power requirement 1,5/1,8 kW
Surface grinder FAVRETTO - MC-160 DGT CNC CNC Surface & Profile grinder 1800 x750 x 650 mm MACH - ID 6672 Make: FAVRETTO Type: MC-160 DGT CNC Control: SIEMENS 840D YOP: 2008 X – Travel: 1.800mm Y – Travel: 750mm Z – Travel: 650mm Table Length: 1.800mm Table Width: 500mm Table load: 1.900Kg Feed rate X-Axis: 5.000mm/min. Feed rate Z-Axis: 5.000mm/min. Grinding stone dimensions:406 x 152,4 x 100 mm Power: 15kW Speeds: 1400Rpm Coolant system: Yes Feed ...
-Our offer number: 5/89 -Threaded drill grinding machine, drill grinding machine, grinding buck, grinder, tool grinder -Manufacturer: Meteor -Type: ME 14 -Dimensions: 650x700x1200 mm (BxHxT) -Drill holder diameter 2-15 mm -Drill diameter 2-40 mm -Drill length up to 225 mm -With threaded drill grinding device 4-50 mm -Backcut 0-12 degrees -Peak angle 70-140 degrees -Grinding disc width 40 mm -Grinding disc diameter 200 mm -Engine: -Type: 40186 Type mez -Connection current: 220/380 V -U/min:...
Angle drill, hand drill, corner drill -for: working in hard-to-reach places -Nominal consumption: 650 watts -Drill holder: MK1 -Max. Drilling capacity: 15 mm -Connection: 230 volts Hihuoqkso -Weight: 4 kg
Mörfelden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1218 km
Bread Grinder Altuntas RBZ Intended for grinding of dried dough, bread, rools other bakery and pastry products into crumbs. * Protection against accidental product discharge during operation * Base with adjustable height of the legs Ultks99n * Easy and quick replacement of sieves (as many as 3 in set) sieve mesh: 5, 4, 3 mm to ensure desired size of the final product. * Holder for easy bag fitting * Double blades with a new system of grinding assistance (applied only in our ...
Film wrapping machine, angle sealer MINIPACK-TORRE type FM-75 Film wrapping machine, hood sealing and shrinking machine Machine No. 90-5755 Year of construction 1988 product width max. 250 mm product height max. 160 mm product length max. 400 mm film width max. 500 mm half tube foil diameter max. 250 mm Welding width max. 280 mm Welding length max. 400 mm shrinkage chamber dimensions L x W x H 430 x 290 x 250 mm Mains connection 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 2,2 kW - 2 operating modes: welding and welding wi...
Double grinder OPTI SM 250 Ngtjaxwa
Maximum disc diameter: 500 mm (currently 400 mm mounted) Very stable design Bonbyn33is
Table size 6' X 18'' Gp2ydl7rs Max grinding length 475 mm Max grinding width 160 mm Wheel size 180 x 16 x 32mm Auto down feeds Rapid traverse Extraction Magnetic chuck Machine manuals
Angle drill, hand drill, corner drill Qli3sjdor -for: working in hard-to-reach places -Nominal consumption: 360 watts -Drill holder: MK1 -Max. Drilling capacity: 15 mm -Connection: 230 volts -Weight: 7.5 kg
bench grinder Pjwa9 brand MIC SCHAAN type DWSOR
Düsseldorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1053 km
grinding diameter 950 mm grinding length 6500 mm swing diameter 1000 mm workpiece weight 18 t grinding wheel peripheral speeds: 36 m/s longitudinal feeds, infinitely variable 200 - 2800 mm/min grinding wheel speeds 415 - 830 U/min grinding wheel size 750 x 70 x 305 mm grinding motor 20 kW workpiece turning speeds 6,7 - 60 U/min creep feed 20 mm/min total power requirement 65 kW weight of the machine ca. 45 t dimensions of the machine ca. 13 x 4,5 x 2,1 m 1986 retrofit with stepless feed drive...
max. grinding diameter 130 - 320 mm grinding length 100 mm workpiece length 250 mm power capacity - grinding motor 0,7/0,9 kW turning speed range - power take off spindle 1400 / 2800 U/min centre height 65 / 95 mm weight of the machine ca. 500 KW dimensions of the machine ca. 1 x 0,6 1,5 m Beocukalhe Electric 380 Volt Index head Div. grinding wheels complete with flange Machine dealer with own stock of 2500 m².
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1242 km
Drill grinder HAARMANN HSP 30 type Fabr. No. 7925 built in 1974 Diameter of 30 mm Grinding wheel diameter 200 mm Grinding wheel width 30 mm Grinding spindle speed 1400 / 2800 R/min Motor output 0,55 kW Power supply 380 v, 50 Hz -Drive with hand crank -Movement of cam -Continuously adjustable top angle -Diamond dressing holder -5 different cams Bc9vggmxg0 Dimensions L x W x H 870 x 650 x 1450 mm Weight 250 kg good condition