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Portioner and twister for sausage, Brand Vemag, type: LPG 202, complete renovated, with 4 diferent NEW chains, we ship to every country Oks7r
Trolley, dolly, wheelchair, transport dog -Angled frame: 825 x 550 mm -Angled frame made of: stainless steel VA -Castors: made of polyamide -Diameter: 160 mm -2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors -Number: 15 cars available -Price: per piece Qksokxm2h
Formax F19 Machine. Tenderform F19 machine, in working condition. Tender-Form® (Tenderform) burgers have better texture, shrink less, cook more evenly and taste homemade. Used on burgers for McDonalds. Large capacity forming machine. Bqdekhcwll Complete with spare parts including tooling, dies. plates etc All manuals included.
Butcher Boy Automatic feed meat grinder Model: AU56 Bqn0y0wpeo 80kg stainless hopper, 5500Kgs per hour, 140mm diameter discharge chute, 25HP, 3Ph
Dronten, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
6258 km
excellent (used)
Superb condition AMF-BX with the updated 2015 derinder installed. Ovcox
The DKM-200 is the excellent meat grinder for frozen meat. With a high engine power and incredible quality, this meat grinder is a winner. 2kr7wyg In the meat sector, a meat grinder for frozen meat is a MUST. - It is made entirely of 304 stainless steel - It separates bones from chicken, turkey and fish thanks to the customized separation system - The nervous separation system is optional - It has a double spiral for fresh and frozen meat - 3-stage speed control - Capacity: 200 liters COMPLI...
Handtmann HVF 95, entirely professionaly renovated, with many new original parts, with 2 vacum pumps in one trolley, with tub for 300 kg. ,ieverything in stainless steel, energy 400volts/50Hz/3PH. we ship to every country H3fnu2ye
Meatballs machine, schnitzel cutting machine, shaped meat production, shaped Fh03yll -Body: made of stainless steel -cutting with a guillotine (knife). -The meat is pressed into a mold and cut, -then placed on a conveyor bath by vacuum. -Working method: electro-pneumatic -Dimensions: 2600/700/H1730 mm
Formax F19 Machine. Standard F19 machine, in working condition. Large capacity forming machine. Complete with spare parts including tooling, dies. plates etc All manuals included. Ossdf
Offered is a vacuum sausage filler Fa. Frey F-Line F160 Bj.2007 the machine is workshop tested and ready for immediate use. Operating hours : 3201.6h embroidery for 120L cutter wagon filling capacity up to approx. 3.600 kg/h machine housing and hopper completely made of stainless steel filling hopper solid approx. 160 litres filling pressure up to max. approx. 40 bar vacuum pump 21 m³/h Total connected load 9,5 kW three-phase current 400 Volt, 50 Hz including standard accessories and accessory h...
Sold here is an air clipper Polyclip SCD700 in very good condition, functionally tested and ready for immediate use. Connection 5-7bar, machine no. 3047/02. With this clipping machine you can work very fast, the ideal tool for the small to medium sized butchery. It is recommended to operate the device with a maintenance unit. Bilytedo DIMENSIONS Base area: width 25cm x depth 37cm height: 95cm Die of the Clipper is in good condition. worldwide shipping no problem. Price has been greatly ...
The hydraulic filling machine HD-40 is suitable for your company with an excellent price-performance ratio for filling sausages, salami and spiced sausages. Capacity: 40 liters Furnishing: -Hydraulic system -Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel Ovesh -Easy cleaning and easy handling -Communication cable is available -Can be combined with meatball forming machine -Adjustable speed Characteristics: Hydraulic pump: 2.9 l Motor power: 2.2 kW Voltage: 380 volts, Trifaze (industrial) electr...
Automatic grinder D 114 mm "MEISTER PLUS" Machine is factory overhauled Machine stainless steel Stainless steel screw and screw housing STAINLESS WITH FREE-WHEEL FUNCTION Automatic screw ejector 1 speed ELECTRICALLY LOCKED PROTECTIVE GRILLE Vts22u Contactor control with push buttons Motor 7 kW / 400 volts / 50 Hz
Slicer, slicer, slicer 3iosq022 -is sold as a spare part carrier -Control: defective -Mechanics so far ok -Operating voltage: 380 V -Shop slicer -Dimensions: 700/700/H550 mm -Weight: 90 kg
Mondini Evolution E340VG In excellent working condition Strkn8 Ready to go Comes with a complete list of spare parts Manuals included
Offered is a Poly-Clip PDC-600 Bj.2013. fully equipped, 24-er filling tube. The clip machine is fully functional Overhauled and ready for immediate use, filling caliber up to 90mm. See pictures. Bmf9lzni More on request. Cash payment or prepayment. Sale only to traders, no guarantee, no warranty.
Crate washing machine Bq2djkskm3 The crate washing machine transports the crates through the washing channel by means of a conveyor chain. Efficiently arranged flat jet nozzles clean the crates with low water consumption. These water nozzles can be operated with either hot or cold water. The crate washing machine is equipped with five spray bars. Three spray bars for recycled water and two spray bars for fresh water. The water is collected in a tub underneath the machine. This is equipped with a...
With the ultimate meat grinder you have no limits when it comes to meat processing and the technical ones reflect that. Capacity: 1500 - 1900 kg / h Motor power: 16 kW Voltage: 400V Perforated disc diameter: 16cm Cooler: optional Cutting block: stationary String cutter: Optional Jwhlw3 Weight: 1250 kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 201 x 212 x 281 cm Compliant with CE guidelines
Pleinfeld Germany
6753 km
defective spare-parts repository (used)
The electronics are shot. One motor is also out of order. Cm3bjb98
Tube track sliding hook, Euro hook, meat hook, meat hook -clear width: 307 mm -Upper part: flat steel 35 x 12 mm galvanized -Lower part: stainless steel Ø 16 mm -Load capacity: 250 kg -Number: 248 hooks available -Price: per piece -Own weight: 1.4 kg Qk0fde9fd
Nowe Skalmierzyce, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
7047 km
reconditioned (used)
Bowl in liters: 30 liters. 2 gears of bowl and 2 gears of knives Muyl0k
Offered is a meat cutter K+G Wetter SM-65L T2M. The machine is overhauled, ready for immediate use. Power 400v.63A.24Kw. Cutter 2-speed forward 1500-3000 rpm. Mixing speed forward 2-speed 75-150 rpm. Cast iron bowl. 2-speed 9/18 rpm. Temperature monitoring. 6-speed / 3-speed cutterhead. Key. Cutter head bearings and seals replaced, cutter head sleeve, controls, temperature filler, bowl gear bearings, machine feet. Bqh3bauvqn More on request. Cash payment or prepayment. Sale only to traders, no...
Dronten, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
6258 km
excellent (used)
Handtmann VF100 vacuumfiller portioning machineStraight out of production this Handtmann VF100 several many tools. Gixieyr Handtmann is the most popular brand of meat portioning machines world wide. The VF100 is a great addition to this, while its easy to use and very reliable.Very particular machine is in good working condition, with the tools to make a wide variety of products and sizes. The machine is equipped with a tote bin lift to easily feed the hopper of the VF100. Comes with the twistin...
With our smaller alternative PKM 22S you can keep your supermarket or catering business up to date. This variant offers you a multitude of advantages: 7cofmfkb - compact design - high performance - Cool possibility Capacity: 400kg / h Motor power: 1.5kW Voltage: 400V Perforated disc diameter: 8.2 cm Cooler: Present Cutting block: stationary Tendon cutter: No. Weight: 60kG Dimensions: 27.2 x 95.2 x 40 cm Compliant with CE guidelines
Lipna Poland
6886 km
good condition (used)
I sell 40L Mainca Bowl Cutter. In perfect condition Hlgxq20h
Tube track sliding hook, Euro hook, meat hook, meat hook -Upper part: flat steel galvanized -Lower part: NIROSTA Jfakuhx -Number: there are several hooks -Price: per piece -Total weight including storage box: 390 kg
Nowe Skalmierzyce, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
7047 km
reconditioned (used)
900 liter tumbler after a major service New control on the MCM 023 controller New inverter New tumbler bearings New glass, hoses, connectors, valves Pump and gear after major service, replaced bearings, seals, oils, thoroughly cleaned and adjusted to work with the machine Rpd9mrud Machine fully ready to work
Meat grinder Seydelmann AD-114. Year 2000. 2 speed. Motor power 9 x 11 Yajr97o9 Kw.380V. Hopper ca.140L. Housing, screw V2A. Capacity approx. 1500 Kg/h. Cutter set 5 pieces. Knives, discs new grinded fully functional and ready for use. Workshop tested. More on request! Cash payment or prepayment. Sale only to traders, no guarantee, no warranty.
The PKM 42S is a meat processing monster and with outstanding technical data. For an ideal price-performance ratio, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. 2 year guarantee and around the clock customer service, ARI Maschinen GmbH is a reliable company for the food industry. Capacity: 1000 kg / h Motor power: 5.5 kW Voltage: 400 V Perforated disc diameter: 13cm Cooler: Optional Cutting block: stationary String cutter: Optional C3b0hffm Weight: 380 kg Dimensions: 61.1 x 127.1 x 129.7 cm Compliant w...
Formax F6 Machines Httemp0ee Tenderform machines with paper interleaf facility Complete with 1 pallet of spare parts including dies. plates etc
Sausage warmer Gltj3ol -Connected load: -230 V/50-60 Hz/600 W max. -hinged lid -Control light -W310/T260/H250 mm -Weight: 6.70 kg
Nowe Skalmierzyce, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
7047 km
refurbished (used)
The Cretel 560A mobile derinding machine is a safe, reliable and precise machine suitable for the derinding of product. It is suitable for use in small good stores, commercial processors, butcher shops and other meat production facilities. It is a belt fed machine, with wheels allowing for easy maneuvering and re-positioning in the workplace. Machine is after full service, new tapes, electricity, knife Bk2jyehcwx engine after full service with new bearigs etc.
Offered is a bacon cutter Ales Schneider Fa. Rühle SR1Bj.2000 with 3 - pair creel in a good used condition. Machine is workshop tested Mengel eliminated. See photos. More on request. Cash or prepayment! Cctxpxh Sale only to traders, no guarantee, no warranty.
Capacity: 600 kg / h Motor power: 3 kW Voltage: 400 V Perforated disc diameter: 98mm Cooler: Yes Cutting block: stationary Tendon separator: No. Legs: No. Cvjss8ry8 Weight: 82 kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 36 x 107 x 43 cm -Removable snail housing with mountable and demountable head area -Meat grinder (with cooling system) The PFW 32 EEE is custom-made for the European market and reflects the quality of the company. We have combined the most modern technology with easy handling to produce a meat ...
GEA-CFS Multiformer, Batter and breading line with pre-duster 400mmFull forming line available directly from stock. All machines are tested and ready for operation.The line consisting of; Clygndwai Multiformer > Pre-duster > Batterer > Breading machine, optionally we also have an electric 600mm Koppens fryer (this link for more info) in stock and a 600 CFS twin grill (more info shortly). The line from forming up to the breading machine has a total length of around 10.50 meter.GEA-CFS MLF Multifo...
Standard trolleys, lift trucks, containers, loading trolleys Qk2c30ryh -Standard trolley: 120 l -Width: 540 mm -Length: 540 mm -Depth: 430 mm -Weight: 26 kg
Garantie, Sofort verfügbar Tp8hegnt für2500 € Aufpreis:Lieferung und Inbetriebnahme innerhalb Deutschland möglich. Andere Länder nach Absprache auch möglich
Offered is a slicer Bizerba A-404. Bj.2010 with base used in a Seher good condition The machine is fully functional immediately ready for use. More on request. Bqcgk3jyky Cash payment or prepayment. Sale only to traders, no guarantee, no warranty.
Slicer, slicer, slicer -Shop slicer -Dimensions: 600/600/H450 mm -Power: 250 watts -Number: 2x machines available -Price: per piece -Weight: 50 kg/piece Cbzjir8i
Offered is a meat grinder cooling grinder Eskimo Mado MEW-715/82 Bj.14 cutting system 3 parts.(Unger System) Power: 400V 50Hz. 16A.1,5Kw. The machine is in a very good condition. Mass: HxWxD 450x370x300mm. Power approx. 400kg. depending on perforated disc. More on request. Cash payment or prepayment. Yduss Sale only to traders, no guarantee, no warranty.
ADE FLE 1200 meat grinder 220V ADE Meat Grinder 230V FL-E 1200 Housing, cutting set and feed tray made of stainless steel! Bpz0taolel This meat mincer with a capacity of up to 120 kg is ideal for gently mincing small to medium quantities of meat. The three-part cutting set, consisting of a knife, a perforated disc (Ø 70 mm), the stainless steel worm and a pre-cutter, ensures optimum mincing of the meat. The housing and feed bowl are made of stainless steel. The auger housing, cutting set and f...