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Year of construction: 1993 Operating hours: 31.000 Machine number: 1344 Track, m: 3,00 Crane type: OBX II range: 13,00 m Load capacity without grab: 2,200 kg / 13 m Gripper: included Saw: Alpha 1.3 Sawdust container: with Crane arrangement: behind the cabin Cabin side: left Measurement: Classification aid Yhsao8nl
HÄWA Root reducer- NEW - Direct from the manufacturer Machine specification Wood type: Hardwood and softwood Diameter: 0.20 to 1.00 m (run-up to 1.20 m) Log lengths: 2.00 to 5.00 m (longer lengths also possible) Total weight: 5t Total connection: 45kW (milling shaft 37kW) Zopyue79 with HBC radio remote control (Start/Stop) Including hydraulic power unit If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us.
We sell our round timber sorting car of the company Baljer & Zembrod. The machine is still in use until October 2020 and will then be dismantled. So it is fully functional and can be inspected at any time during operation! The offer includes rails for approx. 69m crane runway (i.e. approx. 138lfm rails) and also the cut-to-length polter with a length of 22.30m! The system is therefore complete and can be rebuilt directly. Year of construction: 1992 Operating hours: 23000 Machine number: 1282 tra...
Gjuterigatan 28, 652 21 Karlstad, Sweden Sweden
6417 km
good condition (used)
Log sorting line with 60 Pcs sorting bins and Rema Sawco AB 3D scener. Min. log diameter 100 mm. Max. log diameter 650 mm. sorting speed 120m/min. Betfw979wl
Log sorting wagon with crosscut deck, auxiliary wagon and Bvy7kggo 2 x 60 m tracks
GIDLE, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
7182 km
as good as new (ex-display)
complete roundwood place log feeder log pull cross-cut station entriendungs machine BAR GAR passage 900mm measurement 3d sorting 6 boxes dismantled ready for loading as new Hym0rmz
Year of construction: 1989 Operating hours: 31.000 Machine number: 976 Bjnrw3bpgh Track, m: 3,00 Crane type: ASX II (year of construction 1999) range: 13.0 m Load capacity without grab: 1,250 kg / 13.0 m Gripper: included Saw: Alpha 1.3 Sawdust container: without Crane arrangement: in front of the cabin Cabin side: right Measurement: one-piece machine !! Sales in sales order !! It is possible to buy only the crane or measurement.
year of construction 1991 - rebuilt with new machines and new measurement 2014 for long logs and sections. Jörg 3 D measurement. 2014. - RH Task split with step slider. - debarking ER 90. circular saw cut and crosscut with sword saw. Furkfpxz - Victory device - Overall control 2014 from Alfha - Sorting block train with 20 boxes. - Root reducer, Log sorting crane with OBX 4 2009 with 15.50 m jib. Complete plant still in operation to be inspected
Heavily made small log sortingline by Tähkä Oy - The 34 pockets (17x2) - Hydraulics/electronics - Metal detector Fojuux92 - 3D Log scanner - Log table
Ried im Innkreis Austria
6963 km
good (used)
Harvester Hemek Tigercat H 16 3-axle, Scania engine approx. 10.000 operating hours Bk9kjx30cc all documentation available slightly in need of repair small cable fire Please also visit my other advertisements. I look forward to your inquiry.
Factory overhaul: 2009 at the B&Z factory in Altshausen (13500 hours) track: 3,00 m Cabin: left Crane body: in front of the cabin Crane type: OBX II with central lubrication 15,20 mtr. outreach Crosscut saw: ES 122 left side Sawdust container Single-part machine 4 x rollers for support rails 0xjdjbx2 Cut-to-length poles 25 meters Machine can be viewed in operation until May 2021 Not included in the offer: grabs, cables, trailers, substructure crosscut pads and tapered rollers, track
Year of construction: 2012 Operating hours: approx. 24.000 track width: 2,80m Cabin : left Nq7yedav Crane body: behind the cabin Crane: OBX IV with central lubrication, outreach 13,3m Chop saw: ALPHA, sword 1,3m Four wheel drive with container incl. cut-to-length pole 24m incl. trailer Two-level measurement and automatic marking Available from January 2021 !! Sales in sales order !!
Logyard with large feeding table, for 3 truck loads, Bl80t0snvn Separation, root reducer Hombak, transfer to measurement, Jörg, calibratable, curvature detection. Stihl chain crosscut saw for clean cut, insertion into crosscut line with stop carriage, labelling, insertion into sorting line with 30 boxes. Easy to dismantle with gantry crane over the whole area. Price 150 000.-- + VAT
Log sorting car with crosscut saw Zpburrq2
Ried im Innkreis, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
6963 km
good (used)
Forwarder Hemek F 14 ph 4-axle, Scania engine Bk9ki2jjf9 Loglift Crane with horizontal cabin control approx. 15.000 working hours all documentation available Please also visit my other advertisements. I look forward to your inquiry.
Mühldorf am Inn Germany
6898 km
ready for operation (used)
1100 025 Round timber sorting wagon Baljer & Zembrod type Futura 80, Track width: 2.60 m, Crane: Jonsered's Log Jon 125 SR, incl. chop saw Stihl in front of the cabin, B7kkg28y For self dismantling and self collection.
Year of construction: 2016Operating hours: 100Machine number: 1886Track, m: 4,85Crane type: OBX V-24Range range: 12,55 mLoading capacity without grab: 2.500 kg / 13 mGrab: inclusiveElectric motor: 55 kWCrane arrangement: on the crane columnCabin side: leftSale on customer order Bfoup3bhtb
A log sorting line for 6 meter long logs and max diameter 60 cm. Dwigby
Log sorting Brand Hammar / Interlog mounted Log length max. 6000mm Log diameter max. 600mm 2 shared timber table control cabin and timber crane Timber Elevator feeder Root reducer Bruks RR 1200th Conveyor systems for root reducer chips from RR 1200 to the warehouse The receiving conveyor Metal ABB. Measuring station Rema Item 9015 - MR 9001.1 38 9901 000th Electrical equipment. Incoming distribution center 2 x 23 tray with an electric motor powered by Pushers Hydraulics Eheish7
Timber sorting (completely revised in approx. 2000). Was developed for round logs 8-50 cm. Bigger diameters are also possible, but without crosscuting. Capacity - 20-50 m3 / hour, depending on diameter. Consists of: 1. Log wood task for long logs up to 18 m; 2. Crosscut system with hydraulic tension and programming; 3. Second log wood task for short wood; 4. Surveying; 5. Sorting line with 46 boxes with hydraulic ejectors; 6. Control with controller. Bbit3blgq0 Total length - about 145 m. Ver...
Crane Epsilon E 12-127 reach 12.5 m lifting capacity 900 kg Track 2.6 m still in operation, but immediately available ex place, loading is the responsibility of the buyer Fgamcz9b
Year of construction: 1993 Ixuiivhj Hours of operation: 33.550 Machine number: 1338 Track, m: 3.00 Crane type: OBX II. Range: 15.2 m Capacity without gripper: 1,900 kg / 15.2 m Hook: included Crane position: behind the cab Cabin side: left Saw: without Measurement: without with cable and trailers !! Sales in the sales order.
PROFILSCHINEN track layout for part a / sorting carriage, 2 x 65 m Cyesviqy 30 x 50cm. EURO 27 000.--+ VAT
Karlstadt, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
6417 km
good condition (used)
Log Sorting with electronic control system Rema 7015. Log sorting conveyor with hydraulic “kick off” 2 x 8 bins. Bamde20d8h Installation year: 1988
Roundwood sorting system REMA/Hedlunds 2015 completely revised, dimension scanner REMA from 2014 consisting of Bgqg3xonee Log feeder with 4 chains Crane FISKARS F65 with log grab for unloading and loading (control via control panel) Separation and alignment for inserters block train Conveyor through scanner Dimensional log scanner REMA 9015 Seating control panel and control unit REMA 9015 2 x 9 sorting boxes, left/right discharge Roundwood: Diameter: up to 70cm Length: up to 6m The technical dat...
Long wood system up to 22 m Pre-carp saw, diameter 2000 mm Main cap saw, diameter 1500 mm Appendix car for exact caps Metal detector Sorting with 58 boxes Hbrbtq3y Electronics Jörg with cross-diameter surveying and full optimization Without aburination, but with positioning lip for Cambio
- machine in stock - CE certificate - Technical Documentation - production year 2007   TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:   - min. width of the central prism after the intersection of 55 mm - minimum length of the cutter shaft 1200 mm - length of the 300 mm feeding table - maximum diameter of the cutter roller 350 mm - shaft diameter 70 mm - diameter of the circular saw 500 mm - feed speed (smooth regulation) 0 ÷ 25 m / min - motor power M1 drive bottom spindle 22 kW - M2 drive power of the upper 30 kW...
SOME BZ / sorting carriage 22 000 operating hours, lane 3, 60 m Ekcob3x CRANE OBX 1, SWIVEL, MONOLITHIC TABLE. EURO 21 500.--+ VAT
Harjumaa Estonia
6990 km
ready for operation (used)
Roundlog sorting line, 2x10pockets, Bruks RR-700 butt-end reducer, 2D scanner, ABB metaldetector, hydraulic crane Foresteri, line is complete Bdeyftnnzw
Dismantling possible from 01.01.2022! consisting of: - Roundwood feed - Separation - Alignment roller conveyor - Transfer station and root reducer (make Bruks) - Qualification strand with pre-length measurement and mirror for end faces - Chop saw (Fa. Prinz) with spare chains - longitudinal conveyor before and after debarking - Bark conveyor - Debarker (Nicholson company) A2 - 3-D surveying system (FY 2009) (Fa. Sprecherenergie) including PC systems - Camera for live image transmission and scree...
Log sorting line with driving station as well as measuring conveyor and acceptance tapered roller conveyor. Manufactured by Springer, built in 1997. Acceptance tapered roller conveyor approx. 7,500 mm in length. Measuring conveyor approx. 14.0 m long with chain to the sorting fields. 18 sorting fields for wood lengths up to 4.5 m, 22 sorting fields for wood lengths up to 5.0 m. Drive station with 2 x 75 KW drive motor. Kickermotor right / left with 3.0 kW each. With steel base at a height of 2,6...
Kindberg Austria
7129 km
excellent (used)
Drive part sorting line with slip-on gear motor 45kW deflection station with block hoist approx. 13m, incl. chain with driversDismantled, ready for loading Bfgmijuci
Year of construction: 1991 Hours of operation: 17093 Machine number: 1168 Track, m: 3.00 Crane type: ASX Range: 13,00 m Nj22j Capacity without gripper: 1,250 kg / 13 m Hook: included Saw: Alpha 1.3 Cut flour container: without Crane position: in front of the cabin Cabin side: left Measurement: monolithic help (function not guaranteed)
sort dare BALJER ZEMBROD built 1993 operation hours 16500 schpurbreite 3 m 200 m crane Susan machines Ihioqql
Year of construction: 1993 (factory overhaul 2004) Machine number: 1319 Track, m: 2,60 Crane type: MBX (year of construction 2004) Nwne2 range: 13,25 m Lifting capacity without grab: 1,800 kg / 13.25 m Gripper: without Saw: Alpha 1.3 Sawdust container: without Crane arrangement: behind the cabin Cabin side: right Measurement: Counter !! Sales in sales order !!

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