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Complete sawmills (stationary) for sale

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Engen-Neuhausen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1348 km
good (used)
Hydraulic tensioning carriage for log band saw 5 tensioning jacks length 6500 mm incl. cable roller with motor Alternatively the corresponding Brenta log bandsaw can be offered as well Of9kkbtj Price as total package 13.900,00
passing width 1.000mm, stroke 800 mm, saw motor 18,5 kW, high adjustment by new gear motor with brake, automatic lubrication pump, clamping carriage 4.000 or 8.000 mms, new switch board Bejzjcdpki
gang saw Braun HGB 70, 1 hydraulic clamping carriage, 1 electric auxiliary carriage, 1 splitting wedge, 2 cross conveyors, 1 roller conveyor, 1 sharpening machine Vollmer Cana HG, 24 saw blades Pvwdmy
crosscut saw hydraulic lifting table Wdv8pog electric roller conveyor
HD 90 sawmill with 9 m cutting length ?? kW saw motor diesel engine Accessories see photos ?? x HD90 level compensation slide with fully hydraulic clamps ?? x log clamp with hydr. Hand control devices / joystick ?? x Log shifting roller - for axial shifting ?? x Hydraulic stops ?? x Pre-cutter cleans the kerf before sawing ?? x Digital slice thickness setting - for exact setting of the dimensions C282r9sc ?? x Joystick - one-handed operation for up to 12 functions ?? x PLC control below 10 x B...
PRIMULTINI log bandsaw line, type SHF1400 – WSF – CEE – IEC Consisting of: - PRIMULTINI hydraulic log carriage, type CEE - PRIMULTINI hydraulic driven rope feeding, type IEC - Control cabin with MUDATA controller Bvwff2sesh - PRIMULTINI canter, type WSF - PRIMULTINI band saw machine, type SHF 1400
Well-maintained creel system consisting of: Log feeder with log feeder. Hydraulic tensioning carriage VS with auxiliary carriage. Creel SS 71 SV with hydraulic width adjustment. Bwg8xfluv7 Overhauled in 2007, with splitting wedge ARTA C. Creel roller conveyor and roof chain cross conveyor.
pulley-Ø 1250 mm, max. saw blade width 150 mm, passing width about 1250 mm, saw motor 37 kW, thickness adjustment and pulley movement in oil-bath, hydraulic quick clamping carriage 8,7 m length, 5 hydraulic clamps, hydraulic adjusting device for logs, 1 pre-cutting circular saw system for plank cutting with electrical adjustment device and laser preview, switch cabinet with control desc C3qwelgo
Trak taśmowy z hydrauliką Trak-Met TTP-600 - maszyna w magazynie - po przeglądzie technicznym - produkcji Polskiej - rok produkcji 2018 - CE i DTR - pełna hydraulika Mkynwym - sterowanie PLC ISP-010 PARAMETRY TECHNICZNE: - średnica obrabianej kłody 600 mm - długość obrabianej kłody max 8000 mm - moc silnika głównego 11 kW - posuw regulowany na falowniku - prędkość posuwu od 0-25 m/min - automatyczna korowarka - elektrycznie regulowana rolka prowadząca - pełna hydraulika: - załadunek ...
Röthenbach an der Pegnitz Germany
1415 km
reconditioned (used)
1 gebr. splitting wedge Esterer Arta/C, driven Nlz2888p hydraulic width adjustment pressure rollers new mounted drive motor new mounted tips new condition: very good
Wravor WRC 1050 max.cutting length 6,5m Bv0h7qmga7 We are also happy to configure a new log band saw according to your wishes.
Bandsaw line CANALI year of manufacture 1978 1 Log infeed system 1 Infeed clocking system 1 CANALI-Dividing band saw type HBSG-1100 max. cutting height 500 mm infeed speed 1 – 30 m/min. back run speed 1 – 50 m/min. motor approx. 11 kW 1 driven cone roller track with throw out facility to the right side 1 cross transport right side 1 driven cone roller track with throw out facility to the left side 1 cross transport left side 1 Middle cut dividing band saw type TMA-1100 max. cutti...
It includes 8KE 1.5 double bandsaws, 447 in feed to canter. Out feed. Brtqjimxfp
Complete sawmill for timber up to 13 mt Giahjvhd Band saw primultini 1400 SHC Wagon CEI 5 tensioner DPa
Trak taśmowy z hydrauliką Trak-Met TTP-600 - maszyna w magazynie - po przeglądzie technicznym - produkcji Polskiej - rok produkcji 2018 - CE i DTR - pełna hydraulika - sterowanie PLC ISP-010 PARAMETRY TECHNICZNE: - średnica obrabianej kłody 600 mm - długość obrabianej kłody max 8000 mm - moc silnika głównego 11 kW - posuw regulowany na falowniku - prędkość posuwu od 0-25 m/min - automatyczna korowarka - elektrycznie regulowana rolka prowadząca - pełna hydraulika: - załadunek - obrac...
Catalog number WA015 - max. log diameter 1000mm - min. log length 2000mm - max. log length 6000mm * - max. dimension of the cut element 2000x2000mm - diameter of the circular saw 450mm - power of main engines 2x11kW - spindle speed 1400 rpm - 1.1kW feed motors - feed motor rotational speed 1450 rev / min - feed speed 0-30 - capacity 10m3 / 8h - overall dimensions without the track length / width / height 2860/2130 / 2190mm - track dimensions, length / width / height 12,500 / 1,670 / 680mm - mac...
gang saw Wurster & Dietz GXV incl. accessories, pressure rollers and many saw blades. - Technical data on request. - Dismantled and loaded free. Mvzrrk
Barntrup Germany
1180 km
ready for operation (used)
Sawmill Wurster & Dietz round log cross transport with 4 arms rails 16 m log clamping carriage W & D with support carriage gate saw W & D type GDZ 71, 600 lift, year of manufacture 1977 with Jansen saw clamps, electric motor and dust suction Vollmer sharpening machine Setting automat riving knife W & D with driven rolls roller track 12 m with throw out to the side cross transport with 7 arms to transport the cut boards Paul Edger KME 2/R year of manufacture 1981 Cfewogiq splinter separator boa...
Cobra edger with four movable heads. P3lykplz
automatic working Bandsaw for Runaround or Twin - Resaw Bb8slblfb7 - Single Resaw as designed now - Twin Resaw
Scheeßel Germany
1178 km
reconditioned (used)
passing width 760 mm, passing high 710 mm, stroke 500 mm, hydraulic roller lifting device, hydraulic infeed gear unit stepless variable, saw dust shaker, 2 lubrication pumps Be9b2wyiz7
Röthenbach an der Pegnitz Germany
1415 km
good (used)
1 branded Braun full creel HGA 65 Tirol frame width: 650 mm stroke: 450 mm Bvnx2a7vkp Speed: 300 rpm 1 gebr. splitting wedge SP driven 1 gebr. creel roller table driven; 12 rollers, 1200 mm wide
Sawmill plant Wurster & Dietz GXV 71 with stilt break, passage 71 cm, roller width: 56 cm Consisting of: - Creel W&D type GXV 71, stilt broken, see pictures. Dxwiym - Sharpening room Vollmer CNHV and TSV + post saw blades. - Feed cross conveyor - Electric clamping carriage with auxiliary carriage - Splitting wedge and roller conveyor - For self dismantling and self collection.
Stranice, Slovenia Slovenia
(dealership location)
1855 km
Wheel diameter: 1250 mm (double bearing - cast wheels) Wheel width 135 mm Width / length of saw blade: 160/180 DOUBLE-SIDED) L = 9045 mm Motor power: 75kW + frequency converter Saw width: Approx. 4500mm (depending on equipment) Bosjji2mkw Rail width: Approx. 2300mm (depending on equipment) Saw weight: Approx. 23,500 kg (depending on equipment) Max cutting width (between guides): 1300 mm Max log diameter: 1250 mm
Zehles Einhang Lehren 40Stk. - 18mm 41Stk. - 24mm 20Stk. - 27mm 24Stk. - 30mm 28Stk. - 36mm 26Stk. - 40mm 18Stk. - 45mm 20Stk. - 50mm 14Stk. - 60mm 24Stk. - 80mm 10Stk. - 100mm 02jjehej 10Stk. - 120mm 4Stk. - 140mm 4Stk. - 120-180mm verstellbar 4Stk. - 180-300mm verstellbar Lehren fein 32Stk. - 1mm 28Stk. - 2mm 27Stk. - 3mm 23Stk. - 5mm 12Stk. - 8mm
Jüri Estland (Reval)
2121 km
good condition (used)
TWIN bandsaw line, loginfeed - 2 logdecks, bandsaw infeed, outfeed with boards separation, cross conveyor for slabs, original grinding equipment, dismantled ready for loading. Line in operation total 2 years Y0g2c
The offered CANALI sawmill plant consists of the machines for the production and various grinding machines The plant itself consists of Bwbnnm0rk9 Roundwood infeed Single-cycle system for sawing CANALI carriage-type band saw type HBSG-1100 Taper roller conveyor driven with ejector to the right Cross transport Taper roller conveyor driven with ejector to the left Cross transport Medium cut-off bandsaw Type TMA-1100 Accessories Vollmer band saw grinding machine with rotary blocks Vollmer upset...
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
1741 km
HewSaw SL250 Trio sawing line from year 2005 consists of log positioning devices, conveyors and three sawing machines. HewSaw sawing line is designed to process logs ranging from 100 mm small end diameter, to 550 mm large end diameter, with length 2.4 - 6.2 m. Feeding speed of the sawing line can be adjusted from 50 m/min to 150 m/min. Top diameter: 100–420 mm Maximum log diameter: 550 mm Cant height in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm Bwscmvt3xl Cant width in Chipper Canter: 75–410 mm Cant height in R...
BONGIOANNI log bandsaw line, type SNT 1600 – CMZ/M Suitable to cut log diameter up to 1300 mm Consisting of - Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs - Loading deck with 5 pc. loading arms Fk7pa3n - BONGIOANNI hydraulic log carriage, type CMZ / M - BONGIOANNI hydraulic driven rope feeding - Control cabin with MUDATA controller - BONGIOANNI moveable cross cut saw - BONGIOANNI band saw machine, type SNT 1600 - Outfeed roller conveyor with cross chain outfeed - Reload deck with 5 pc. cross ch...
Here you can see a sawmill plant that has been working perfectly until the end ( picture 1) . It has: Drive motor 75 kW (picture 2) 60 saw blades available for slide-in tangles incl. template cabinet. (picture 3) Hydraulic saw and side pressure clamp. (picture 6) Splitting wedge (Mayerhofer) electro-hydraulically operated. Swing frame right broken (must be repaired/replaced) (Picture 7) Tensioning and auxiliary carriage - remote controlled from cabin (picture 8) Control cabin for 1st man operati...
Scheeßel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1177 km
reconditioned (used)
pulley-Ø 1250 mm, opening under the blade guide about 900 mm, saw motor 37 kW, electric saw tensioner, electric saw guide adjustment, carriage length 5,0 m, 4 hydraulic clamping claws each separate movable, 4 log turner with hydraulic lifting, 4 hydraulic devices for claw distance adjustment, 4 hydraulic move off devices for the back motion of the carriage, break motor drive for thickness adjustment for two speeds, automatic lubrication pump system, heavy hydraulic feed drive incl. steel-rope, ...
Salzburg, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
1623 km
good (used)
Description: suitable for log diameter min.200mm, max.1000mm, log length min.1500mm, max. 8000mm. production capacity per hour 50-100 cubic meters of logs consisting of: Pos. 1 log feed with 4-strand chain drive, width: 6.5 meters, chain spacing 1400-2000-1600mm, with chutes for the logs. Pos. 2 hydraulic log insertion onto the log carriage with separator. Pos. C log carriage PRIMULTINI CFE, frame length 6m, with 4 hydraulic head blocks: 950/1500/2000, 3 hydraulic log turning devices, claw o...
The W+D fram saw (gang saw )plant consisting of the cutting plant for the production of boards, a dipping basin for wood treatment, a power generation plant for the self-sufficient power supply of the plant and sharpening machines for grinding the saw blades. Log feeding station with 4 chain strands W+D tensioning carriage H-32 with auxiliary carriage H-25-v W+D high performance gang saw type GDZ-71 600 stroke, with saw tensioner Jansen, motor and exhaust system W+D Splitting wedge with driven p...
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
1741 km
Small log saw line Soderhamn Eriksson / USNR with Euromill Log lenght 2,4 – 6 m, log diameter 8-30 cm Capacity 120 m3 ready material 8 h/shift averege log diameter 18 cm Machine list 1. Log deck, 5 chains 2. Elevator 3. One piece feeder 4. Chain conveyor. 5. Infeed to the debarker. 6. Debarker CAMBIO 71-45. 7.Outfeed from the debarker. 8. Chain conveyor with kicker 9. Cross conveyor 10. One piece feeder 11. Chain conveyor 12. Centring conveyor 13. Chipper canter Soderhamn 240-12C 14. Roller conv...
Profiling unit as good as new All axes mounted on linear guides All axes with servo positioning Drive 4 x 55 KW Bukwcedeon New Logpro milling cutter Centering ZEV All rollers individually driven Each roller individually positionable with linear guide and servo A total of 6 profiling units are available!
Complete AKE sawmill consisting of: Main machine list Log manipulation RR 700 Feeding for debarking Debarker - Cambio (sold) Reducer Bv2opkqbsj Feeding saw line First band saw - make: AKE (vertical) Second band saw - make: AKE (horizontal) Chipper Crosscut saw Two cut-off saws - Make: JONSERED Lamellar saw - make: WACO Model 130 Special Hydraulic equipment Pneumatic equipment Extraction system Control system Spare parts stock logs L = 1800 - 4500 diameter = 100 - 1000mm Board thickness = 16 - 10...
Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
903 km
STENNER log bandsaw line Consisting of: Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs 4 driven chains, with hydraulic loadings arm + log turner Central control device unit with digital controller for cutting thickness STENNER hydraulic log carriage, type CM12 - 4 hydraulic headridges - horizontal opening 1250 mm - length of carriage ca. 7000 mm - max. cutting length ca. 12 meters Uvzhgpc89 - movement of carriage by rope feeding - incl. rails and accessories STENNER bandsaw machine, ty...
Complete gang saw mill annual cut: 7.500 - 8000 m³ workplaces: 2 persons Consisting of: 01. log feeder 4 strands with taper roller conveyor with log turner 02. tensioning wagon Mayrhofer track width 70cm 03. esterer SS71S with hook with hydraulic saw clamp with countershaft with drive motor with frequency controlled feed with driven splitting wedge Linck Bvupexmcu7 approx. 15 years ago completely new swing from Esterer 2019 many new parts 04. creel roller gear 05. roller table / puller table 06....
Via Umbro Casentinese, 154, 52010 Subbiano AR, Italy Italy
1828 km
good condition (used)
HEADRIG PRIMULTINI MOD. SGC SQUARED CARTER Diameter flywheels mm 1300 Bq3ux0v3k0 Flywheel face width mm 165 Max dimension of blade mm 180x1,3x9620 Min dimension of blade mm 120x1,3x9240 Max speed of blade 35 mt/s. Hydraulic blade tensioning and guide Hydraulic pad for blade guide Mmotor V. 380 KW 75 (HP 100) with electric board starting star- triangle Pad for debark and rest of trunk extraction made by chains Dimensions of assembling mm 1900 x 1460 x 4210 h Weight kg 4480 CARRIAGE “PRIM...
passing width 710 mm, stroke 500 mm, automatic swinging frame, hydraulic infeed gear unit steppless variable, hydraulic roller lifting device, saw dust shaker, 1 hydraulic saw blade tensioner, 2 hydraulic side pressing units, 1 outfeed wedge separator incl. 2 side pressing rollers, 1 set saw blades and spacers, 1 hydraulic clamping carriage incl. control panel, 1electric auxillary carriage, 3 switch cabinets, if necessary 90 kW saw motor and counter shaft equipment, incl. 2 flat belts Bdz3be8c7...
complete EWD Optimes Edgerline boardlengths 2,5 - 6,3 m boardwidths 18-100mm 4 movable sawblades complete hydraulics Bukv8rva8b complete electrics/automation complete line is desmantled
Lorup, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1060 km
Linck SE 700 700 mm stroke Electronics from 2008 with S7 SPS Hydraulic saw clamp and pressure register. O9b8p Automatic program for feeding. Incl. spare part gate, with stilts etc.
BRENTA log band saw type Telematic 1400 + Hydrel 1000 Suitable for cutting 12 meter wood length Consisting of: - Length transport track for round wood - Loading deck with loading arms and log turner Bf0ecgleq - Brenta hydraulic log carriage, 6 headridges - Brenta log band saw, type 1400 - outfeed roller conveyor
Frame width: 710 x 750 mm. Stroke. 500 mm. Speed: 300 rpm. Hydraulic stepless feed from 0 - 12 m/min. Hydraulic roller lifting with adjustable roller pressure. Automatic overhang adjustment. Saw hook with insertion hinges. Alas spare parts carrier, many parts renewed. Txemjgd90
we offer a Möhringer gang saw with auxiliary carriage and clamping carriage as well as splitting wedge and pre-cutting circular saw for sale. maximum feed rate is 15 m/min Buw2xxai78 This saw is mostly used between 7-10 m/min. The machine can be picked up in February 2022.