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Fruit-, & vegetable processing for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Fruit elevator with fruit mill Fruit pulp pump Pomace elevator Condition and technical data see pictures! Bj8a2jjtda Dismantling and transport by buyer! more
DORNOW- roller inspection table, 250cm length Used Item No. VA002211 R-IL 2500 Made in Germany by Dornow food technology GmbH, Duesseldorf Condition: Used, very good Construction year: 2018 Operating time: Approx 7 months Location: Ex works, Duesseldorf, Germany Scope of application: Dornow- roller inspection tables are used in order to manually inspect and peel vegetables and fruits after industrial peeling by mechanical/ abrasive or steam peeling. It is used in the food industry as a very... more
Almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be processed into juices, baby food etc. The solid-liquid separation takes place under vacuum CE declaration of conformity Bjxmbffd37 Accessories: 1 coil and 1 additional pump. Instruction and operating manual Very few operating hours, in mint condition. more
Fully stainless steel belt washer, 5500 mm long, 450 mm wide , with pumps and deep tank. Sutable for vegetables and fruit, it can be use for carrots, cucambers, onions, potatoes etc... machine fully working ready to use Fmcbifblg more
Fresh and clean vegetable Processing Machinery, chopped and packaged for consumption. TURATTI Fourth Range Salads Line, year 2003 composed of: - Preparation table with 3 conveyor belts. - BY PASS Conveyor - Waste Conveyor - Universal Cutting machine model MAGNUM - Reception Conveyor - (2) Blowing Washers model VENEZIA - Washer product Outfeed Conveyor -Centrifugal machine REVERSE model - BY PASS Conveyor - Centrigugal machine outfeed conveyor - Lift to Weighing machine - Connecting belt - KLING... more
-Used pasteurizer KHF2000 Klinger Gas, with two plate heat exchangers Data on the machine: Machine type: Used pasteurizer KHF2000 Manufacturer: Klinger Cvrf0d2q Year of construction: 1997 Capacity: 1700 litres/h at 75 degrees condition: good (used) Price: 7500 € VB plus tax A Klinger pasteurizer with two integrated plate heat exchangers is for sale. Machine has been used until the end and is fully functional. more
Sieve belt press of the company Klein from the year 1989. New price 185.820,00DM Fully functional. Bandwidth 1m. Length:440 Width:195 Height: 280 ( with stand elevation 315 ) Weight: approx 5000 kg Processing quantity: up to 6000l fruit mash per hour Including several canisters of cleaning agent for the press, switch cabinet, piping, hopper screen with tank and pump. Condition and extent see pictures! Press can be removed from the building in one piece. Fr200gpsu Dismantling and transport by buy... more
Stainless cooling belt for French fries Made in Germany by Dornow food technology GmbH, Duesseldorf Condition: New Manufacturing time: 3-4 months, shorter manufacturing time possible upon request. Location: Ex works, Duesseldorf, Germany Scope of application: Using the stainless cooling belt, French fries can be cooled down to approx. room temperature after frying. Other fried products can be cooled down using the cooling belt as well. Upon request, the following fried and pre-fried food pro... more
Filling machine for fruit and vegetables Manufacturer: unknown Type: unknown Year of construction: unknown Efhdbkv8s . more
The large onion peeler from M&P engineering tops, tails and peels onions of 45mm to 115mm diameter using self adjusting floating knife assemblies over a range of up to 25mm on any one setting. It then slits the onion horizontally from top to tail, the depth of slit is determined by onion quality and grade. The machine finally removes the skin using compressed air providing an end product of optimum appearance. Bjv8m2dutz more
EMV Polishing machine against BP 14x3000. Polishing vegetables and root vegetables high capacity about 15,000 kg / h, depending on the 2008 product year, completely in stainless version with almost new brushes. E0pbx9hce more
The machine Finis KGSCH6 /Bj. 09 2012 is a knife peeler, where the potatoes are guided over 6 horizontal rotating discs, which are covered with knife blades. At the entrance there is a weighing hopper for quantitatively optimal guidance of the goods to be peeled in order to generate the best possible peeling result. The plant has a capacity of 800 - 1000/h import - the import capacity is based on 10-15% waste and depends on the size, type and quality of the imported product. The system is offere... more
Automatic Dornow batch type peeling machine for potatoes, other tubers and vegetables Capacity Input per hour: ca. 200 - 400 kg Capacity Input per hour for pre- peeled products ca. 400-600 kg Main dimensions: ca. Length 985, Broadness 500mm, Height 1600mm Total knife lengths Ca. 3600mm Bimajtq8ao To peel potatoes, carrots in pieces and many other tubers and other root vegetables, other fruits and vegetabes on request. Door opening and clsoing by pneumatic mechiansim, timing can be set in... more
Cucumber length filler with infeed conveyor Hjosfdx Manufacturer: Niko Type: 18.20.042 Year of construction: 1980 . more
Fully automated machine for preparing fresh pineapple slices (with or without core) for consumption Bjocejknzk more
Peeling machines is located in 68766 Hockenheim - Germany -Fully automatic potato washing and peeling system with prewash container (400kg potato), Bi0ymnc0yq -Potato destoner, -Feeding and distribution head with 2 measuring chambers (2x15kg), -2 potato washers and peeling machines (2x15kg), -Potato after-plastering belt system - potato inspection table type NPB. Plant is in very good condition, capacity 1000-1200 kg / h. The documentation is complete and the machine is supplied with many spar... more
Very well preserved belt press Flottweg with a capacity of approx. 5 t, Year 1991, 3050 Bst (designed for 50 000 Bst) complete with applicator roller, belt cleaning with sheet screen (water-saving) and all accessories. Screw elevator with washing system and mill Voran WAR 65 year 1995 Pomace steep elevator 3m CMA year 2007 conveyor belts 8m, 4m, 3m with control from the fruit silos Hfcanlyt The entire plant is designed for 1000t and higher. All components are made of stainless steel. more
Length:99.08" (2517 mm) Width:44.34" (1126 mm) Height:61.92" (1573 mm) Net Weight:930 lb (420 kg) Motor:5 HP (3.7 kW) Cfnth87o The Model J9-A produces dices or strip cuts from various products including bakery/snack products, spinach, greens, peppers, citrus peel, celery, broccoli, parsley, and frozen-tempered meats. When feeding a firm product using the Model J9-A equipped with standard parts, maximum infeed thickness is 3/8" (9.5 mm). When feeding a firm product using the Model J9-A equipped... more
Height 1550 Width 1850 mm Length 900 mm Weight 650 kg Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Installed Power 4 kw Bjs28xxkbp Main material Stainlees Steel more
filling machine / rotary filler Manufacturer: Schmid Type: 10/1 Year of construction: 1988 Refurbished: 1994 For sauerkraut, red cabbage, kale and similar products Filling material is filled by a screw drive Feeding screw: adjustable Speed: 6-8 cans per minute Direction of rotation: counterclockwise size of the cans: 10.200 ml or volume: 10 kg diameter 23 cm Height 26 cm Volume content of cuttings: 10 kilos Plate for 6 cans length of conveyor belt: 3,65 m Dimensions of the machine L/W/H: 3500 x ... more
Bottles filled with the product and poured with juice as needed arrive at the conveyor star of the machine on a conveyor belt. The drive star is driven by a "Maltese cross" drive with a frequency converter. The caps required for closing are made by an automatic, manually filled cap dispenser. power demand: 4.5 kW Cem0guca more
DORNOW stainless steel conveyor belt with chute, suitable for food Item No. 3300-1 Made in Germany by Dornow food technology GmbH, Duesseldorf Condition: Used, very good Construction year: 2019 Operating time: Not in operation, was used as show piece Location: Ex works, Duesseldorf, Germany, worldwide shipping Typical scope of application: The DORNOW- stainless-steel conveyor belt is suitable for the transportation of food e.g. potatoes, red beet, onions, carrots, cassava/ tapioca and sweet ... more
Impeller pump Phönix 6000 of the company Schneider B2fyz80c good condition, see pictures 6000 l/h 400 volts NP: 950 € more
Kiremko BV Holland french fries plant, Dear Sirs and Madames, Your requests regarding my machines will not be processed without the full details of your company: company name, registered office, telephone number and email address. Kiremko french fries machine, bought in Germany from ongoing production. Disassembled and stored in our warehouse in Belgrade - Serbia. 2-3 trucks are required for loading / transport! PERFORMANCE 1000 kg / h, depending on the size of the french fries *** POMMES-FR... more
Height 1950 Width 1050 mm Length 3200 mm Weight 725 kg Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Installed Power 4 kw Main material Stainlees Steel Fgw8sfmfe more
MA.PI.BI model TE400 tomato juice continuous evaporator. (USED) Bjuhgfjn0r Triple thermal effect type, running in mixed current (juice/steam), forced circulation of the juice into the with vertical tune-nest heat exchangers and circulation pumps driven by electric motors. Production capacity 400 ton/24 hours of fresh tomatoes. (juice / heating fluid) tube-nest heat exchangers steam consumption: 1,2kg steam for 3kg evaporated water more
The pre-prepared pouring juice is automatically loaded into the jars arriving on the conveyor filled with the product. The juice to be filled comes from a steam-heated tank, providing the possibility to fill heated juice. The machine operates automatically. Power requirement: 5.5 kw of steam. 15 kg / h Bjufy2wwvz more
Stainless steel hopper with conveyor for vegetables and fruits Used, very good condition Nztot Hopper has a volume of 1.5m³ Discharge height 3000mm Width of belt 500mm Made in stainless steel The conveyor is equipped with a high- quality rubber belt suitable for the transport of food. Hopper and the complete frame are made in stainless steel. With the conveyor dry as well as wet fruits and vegetables can be moved. Also other pieces/ objects can be transported upon request. The hopper and co... more
Press for grapes and soft fruits like raspberries, capacity about 1,5 t per hour Stufrs more
This is a convection oven for thawing, regeneration and baking of the manufacturer Holland Techno Groep (Convotherm components), type HotAir-CO-P-E-AP108-DE. The unit has been tested in our own workshop and is fully functional. Several quantities of these convection ovens are available. The RRP. for this device is 13.940 € gross. Please note in your price comparison, these are thoroughly cleaned, tested devices, free of defects, with warranty. The indicated price is net plus 16% value added tax.... more
Used food cutting KRONEN KUJ V This Kronen KUJ hopper fed dicing machine has a centrifugal impeller that is fed from the hopper then it feeds trough the slicing knife to the crosscut and circular assemblies. The machine can be setup to produce 2 to 20mm cut sizes. Capacity, depending upon your product and cut size requirements will be from 300 to 3000 kg per hour. Choice of either 5 and 10 mm cutting parts. High quality accessories enable neat slicing without damaging the produce. Even delicate ... more
Product code of Kamarakis website: KAM – SYM – CON – 001 Concentrator Manzini Suitable for Tomato juice and jar. (The machine Homogenizes the product) 4pcs (2 small, 2 big) capacity: 30 tons / h /piece (the big one) capacity: 20 tons / h /piece (the small one) Inox construction Steel construction the water tank Bftjbuutrq The machine is temporarily stored in our premises (BUILDING A) Immediately available For more refurbished, used and new machines from the food industry visit our website: kam... more
Fruit and vegetable cooling tunnel for pasteurizing fruit and vegetable products filled and sealed in glass. The equipment automatically carries out the sudden arrival of finished products between 60-90 folyamatosan on the conveyor belt Fiavwzare more
DORNOW roller peeling machine with special equipment for onion peeling Made in Germany by Dornow food technology GmbH, Duesseldorf Scope of application for the roller peeling machine: Industrial peeling of onions, potatoes, celery, red beet (cooked and not cooked), carrots, turnips, parsnip, sweet potatoes and many other roots and vegetables. In addition cassava/ manioc can be peeled with this Dornow roller peeling machine. The machine is fitted with special equipment for onion peeling but thi... more
Cherry pitting machine made by Unimasz Olsztyn, very good condition. Capacity 1800 - 2000 kg/h. Bjn9s7zn3z more
500L stainless steel tank Speidel, used for the production of fruit juice 9exfrsa more
Nilma Vertical cutter mixer Model: Speedycutter DS/3 Emt7zwddi Stainless, 60L capacity, 5.5Kw, (needs new blades) more
Product code of Kamarakis website: AUT – MHX - BIN – 001 Bins feeder & tumbler It receives 4 bins full, one over the other, empties them one by one and picks up the gaps one over the other. Empty bins every 4 seconds Capacity up to 120 bins / hour The machine is temporarily stored in our premises (BUILDING B) Immediately available Bi2ioocco For more refurbished, used and new machines from the food industry visit our website: kamarakis-usedmachinery more
The main units of the machine: loading belt, dosing star, glass turning and rinsing track, electric control. Technical parameters: width: 700 mm length: 6500 mm height: 2000 mm weight: 650 kg power requirement: 1 kW mains voltage: 400 V AC mains frequency: 50 Hz Mains type: PE + N operating voltage: 24 V DC control type: electromechanical protection class: IP 55 steam pressure: 0.5 bar steam volume: 50 kg / h water pressure: 3 bar water volume: 80 l / h Wpv3gf22 more
Used Dornow potato peeling line / roller peeling machine / peeling machine Made in Germany by Dornow food technology GmbH Scope of application: Can be used to peel potatoes and other roots and vegetables that can be directly marketed in vacuum bags or can be processed further. Capacity of the Dornow peeling line: The peeling line is suitable for an input of 500 – 2,000 kg per hour, depending on the kind and condition of the vegetables that are peeled. The following roots and vegetables can b... more
Destoner-pulper made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, suitable for medium / small productions. The machine realizes a complete separation of the pulp from the internal core and simultaneously crushes the fruit, creating a final product suitable for fermentations, and jams, fruit juices. • Loading hopper with dosing screw • Adjustable internal shaft with flexible rubber paddles Ewt032hmw • Separate waste and pulp exit, with the possibility of connecting a suction pump, or separation rotofil... more
The self-cleaning filter is used to filter the juice obtained from pressurization. The filter traps larger particles that remain in the juice after pressurization. It has the particularity of self-cleaning: the filter self-cleans when it is in operation and does not clog, which means that it is not necessary to clean the filter by hand when 'he works. Entirely in stainless steel. Mounted on a cart. Self-cleaning equipped with a hedgehog that scrapes the particles present in the filter. Equippe... more
Pasteurizer Tetra Therm Aseptic SAD 5500 Manufacturer-Tetra Pak Model- Tetra term aseptic SAD 5500 N2kot Year of manufacture-1996 Condition-good condition (used) Serial N : Т5841130117 Working hours :27566 capacity : 5 500 l/h with deaerator, SIP unit, control cabinet Very good condition, still working Have a lots of spare parts more
Product code of Kamarakis website: KAM - RAF - PEL - 001 rotary sieving machine(double-Rafineza) (with liquid lubricant cooling system, gearbox and electrical board) • Completely repaired (demodulation, cleaning, sandblasting, painting, changing all oring, all seals, all bearings, oil prescribed according to the manufacturer's instructions (silicone), editing and test operation). • Capacity 30tns / hr • installed power 52.25 kW 400V 50Hz • a gearbox lubricant cooling system, which the previous ... more
Used demonstration machine Automatic DORNOW Batch Type Pelling Line for different Vegetables/ Tubers, e.g. potatoes, onions, carrots and many others. Capacity per hour: The line has an input capacity of about 200-450 kg/h potatoes. ᐳᐳᐳ If you need a peeling machine or lie with a higher or lower capacity, please send us a message! Products to be peeled: With the DORNOW carborundum/ abrasive batch type peeling machine 20K-T-MS you can peel a variety of fruits and tubers, e.g. potatoes, cut carro... more
MOBILE JUICE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS Our mobile systems are used to process fruit juices on site. We offer a complete juice production system mounted on a trailer with a total weight of 2950 kg. The fruit is first poured into the large crate dumper in the washing container, and then transported to the mill, ground and fed to the belt press. The juice is automat