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Bakery-, pastry equipment for sale

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Bakery-, pastry equipment Offers

Sewer Rondo Pastry brake Stainless frame, central mounted flour duster, variable speed, forward / reverse, mobile, 3Ph Vunjym
Dough sheeter and sheeter, combination sheeter, sheeter -Roll width: approx. 600 mm -Unrolling thickness: from 0.3 - 30 mm -with round and long moulder type: SR0 Qkydrcjoh -Meal container -16 A-CEE plug -Connection: 380 V, 0.75 kW -Sheeter is mobile -Dimensions: 1900/1250/H1900 mm -Weight: 430 kg
Annee : 2010 Bxcqz2ajzw Founi avec Hotte Standard
Spiral Mixer Diosna SP 120 D * For max. 120kg dough * Stainless steel bowl and spiral * Time Switch * Two Speeds * Mobile with lockers Scg32p9f
It is a used, reconditioned Rego stirring and beating machine SM 2 (20 liters) for sale. The speed of the machine is infinitely adjustable. With automatic sequence of the time clock, bowl height adjustment by crank rotation. Electrical change from beating to stirring, real knocking out by stationary wave. The machine has a new stirring head, has been completely restored and painted. It is in very good condition and runs very quietly. External dimensions: Width: 60cm, Depth: 50cm, Height: 140cm ...
Hartmann GBK-410 Packing Machine Puljvq Year of Manufacture 1996 Left Hand Design
Rondo Dodge Make up line Model: SFT362V.AO Serial: C4223302 Ow8axgqg Stainless machine consisting of flour duster and rotary moulder, variable speed, comes with various size moulding rollers for different products, overall length 3600mm, conveyor width 620mm, 3Ph
good working Haton cone winder ( kegelrundwirker ) type ; CR87 nr. ; H711330 with warm air . Ytzcqk price is excl. warranty and delivery . machine can always be tested here .
Annee : 2015 Fourni avec Hotte extracteur Bxcqq37bay Double buée
Beating and stirring machine Rego SM 3 * For dough and cream Tqgdgto * Mechanical bowl height adjustment * Incl. 30l bowl * Bowl size (liters): 40 / 32 / 20 * Time switch * Mixing speed adjustable * Reconditioned
It is a used, reconditioned Rego stirring and beating machine type Vario (40 liters), built in 2008, for sale. The basic body of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. The machine has an infinitely variable electronic speed control. For accurate recipe creation through digital time and speed display as well as electronic automatic switch-off. Electrical change from stirring to beating, real knocking out by stationary wave. The machine has a new stirring head, has been completely restor...
Dorsten, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1046 km
length 8000 mm width 2400 mm Gdimwa98e height 1600 mm
Ozvan Kadaifi machine Fh88tud Model: KDF110 Serial: 73 Stainless machine for Kadaifi production, 150 - 200 dumps per hour twisting shredded wheat, adjustable thickness, 1100mm baking tray diameter, gas fired, 1Ph
used Kemper spiral cutter type ; SP50L nr. ; 6715270 with 2 time clocks res.10 and 30 minutes Stainless steel spiral / knife and bowl 2 pieces in stock. price is excl. warranty and delivery . V78p3b machines can always be tested here .
Table sheeter 50 cm belt width, type SM520 S, approx. 75 cm table length right and left (can be folded up), operation by push-button for left and right rotation, 0 - 30 mm roll-out thickness selectable, used device (refurbished, incl. new belts), incl. dough-roller and operating instructions in German and English. 380 V, 16 A CEE plug, approx. 0.4 kW. Btsfnckuvr
Transport belt with Guillotine Lippelt * Stainless steel covers Bhvq0w9eck * Spreading belt * Guillotine * Unit for cutting wheels * Variable speed * Cutting length adjustable * Cleaned and checked
It is a used, reconditioned Fortuna bun press fully automatic Gr. 4 for sale. The machine head can be swivelled electrically and switched off with an operating motion. The machine is in very good condition, fully functional and runs very quietly. It has been repainted. The machine head of the machine is in very good condition. A new stainless steel divider was installed. The spring set (press compression springs, dough enclosing ring spring,...) has been renewed. Incl. 3 x plates (further plates...
HEWA sheet metal handling system Paternoster fermentation chamber with shock freezer. For Croissant and Pastry Products - year of construction 2016 - Sheet size 2000x800mm - S7-1500 controller (TIA Portal) - 'Lenze' converter - Motors and gears 'SEW' - 'Turck', 'Sick' sensors - Output approx. 320 peelboards / sheets per hour - 2 x stainless steel switch cabinets - 1 x towers each with an elevator upwards Bvob9soeaq (1 peelboard / sheet) and an elevator downwards (7 peelboards / sheets) (cook...
Fimar dough divider and rounder Model: PO3PF Serial: 312937 dough diver for dough balls 100g - 500g, extrusion cone, 63Kgs, 3Ph Bxa8hspuya
used Kalmeijer Formatrice / Formatter ( brótlangwirkmaschine ) type ; KPS nr. 89603 price is excluding warranty and delivery . machine can always be tested here . Bxbczj8t2j
Spiral Mixer Diosna SP 120 D * For max. 120kg dough * Stainless steel bowl and spiral * Time Switch 22co9n * Two Speeds * Mobile with lockers
It is a used, reconditioned Fortuna bun press semi-automatic size 2 (30 pieces) for sale. The bun press is in top condition, fully functional and runs very quietly. A new knife star made of stainless steel was installed, no wear visible. The engine was re-mounted and a new main switch was installed. The machine has been repainted. The weight range of the machine is 24gr. – 60 gr. per piece of dough (30 pieces). Dough insert: 720gr. – 1800gr. If dough pieces are only pressed and cut, a higher wei...
Used deck oven electric Quail Infra 12sqm total baking area 6 ovens each W 120 x D 160cm 1 pull-out stove Sale ex stock Bxcoan9sak
Dough dividing and knitting machine W&P Rotamat E Bun press with 3 active plates Stand machine 30 pieces, Weight range 30-80 g = 900-2400 g, Bread press Rotamat E from the manufacturer WP is ideal for dividing and rounding dough Dough divider with new knife star, Bia2wjtdl3 newly coated dough ring, with protective visor DGUV V3 checked Connection 400 V, 1kW, 16A-CEE plug, Used machine overhauled with 6 months warranty Come to our sample bakery in the showroom
Used Eberhardt divider ( Brótchenpresse ) 1/2 dispenser nr. ; 2-1368 suitable for approximately 20 to 70 grams of dough O0l9zcpx price is excluding warranty and delivery. machine can always be tested here.
Handtmann VF 608 B in bakery design. Btyvgsfloz Machine as good as new with only 220 operating hours. Filling capacity up to 2,000 kg/hour. Windows-CE user interface incl. integrated HCU interface Weight range from 5g to 100kg portions 60 litre hopper Parts trolley in stainless steel design In addition, a dough cutter is offered for portioning the extruded dough strand after the vacuum filler. Including belt conveyor and adapter between the outlet of the vacuum filler and the dough cutter. Furth...
Cutting and stamping station König ECO TWIN 800 Xhpdw * Condition: used, working * Ready to ship
der OFENWOLF: 20 years of experience with in-store baking ovens - trade - Service like repairs, maintenance, general overhaul, relocation etc. MIWE econo 4.0604 FP - Used baking oven - general overhauled - year of construction 2006 - 4 sheet supports 60 x 40 cm - MIWE FP12 control - steam generation: Sprayer - door hinge: right - Proofing cabinet with tray evaporator, 12 trays - Steam hood with fan - rollers - water inlet and outlet hose Bw0ntr3jh9 - Dimensions: height: 210 cm, width: 80 cm, dep...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1086 km
Praline forming machine, praline shaper, -Conveyor belt missing -Chocolate forming machine -Execution: stable -Conveyor belt width: 110 mm Rlt00ry -2x press rollers: Ø 145 mm -1x molded body: with ejection -1x machine with shape ellipse: approx. 20 x 35 mm -Transport dimensions: 1540/520/H1420 mm -Weight: 280 kg
Babenhausen Germany
1244 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Dishwasher Model: S-Line 3500 + 3-stage filter system Euronorm 500 3 liters of fresh water consumption Display control 6 washing programs 2 special (extra fresh water and endless loop) C0gf8mwu peristaltic rinse aid and detergent dosing pump extra deep interior for sheets / tubs 600 x 400 mm DGUV V3 checked Drain / drain pump electronically Connection: 400 V, 6.7 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: 600 x 680 x 820 mm, WxDxH with warranty Included accessories: 1 plate basket 1 universal baske...
used Fortuna verdeelopboller ( brótchenpresse ) fully automatic suitable for approximately 32 to 80 grams of dough Diameter outer ring; 365mm. price is excluding warranty and delivery machine can always be tested here. Iqslklc
From bakery dissolution: Lfjzgge7 Cooling plant, 2 rack ovens, 2 deck ovens, 1 fermentation cabinet, flour silo plant AT Hefele with 4 silos 15 - 16 tons and much more. Everything already dismantled - ready for collection, we can help with loading. Location Maschinen Saarland Please ask for
Swings for bread roll lines proofers * Condition: used 80ohhx * Availability on request
der OFENWOLF: 20 years of experience with in-store baking ovens - trade - Service like repairs, maintenance, general overhaul, relocation etc. MIWE cube backcombi - Used baking oven, - general overhaul - year of construction 2013 - MIWE cube:air 5.0406 FP . Hot air baking oven . FP control Bw0nh78n0y . 5 Tray supports for trays 60 x 40 cm . Steam generation : Sprayer . Door stop right - MIWE cube:stone 1.0460 FP . Radiant heat oven / stone oven . FP control . for 1 tray 60 x 40 c...
Bad Lippspringe Germany
1165 km
excellent (used)
The machine is designed for film packaging Tube packaging 7n0h0aalf with scanner Connection 16 Ah. for further questions please call or email us Thanks in advance,
Air conditioner / proofing room air conditioner Lillnord Model: PG 100 Powerful with sophisticated technology for all proofing rooms up to 6 sqm Bhztecaxpq Temperature range +20 to 45 ° C adjustable via thermostat Humidity range 60 to 95% R.H. adjustable via hygrostat Automatic water regulation Connection 400V, 6.5kW Dimensions: 430 x 230 x 1725 mm, WxDxH Used device cleaned and workshop checked! 6 months parts warranty
Haton good working meter / scale (Teigabwieger) type; ST 1500 with frequency regulator Bxbbjbaeoh 1 x 230Va/c weight range about 300 to 1500 grams of dough 60L hopper total length 1350mm. and 1600mm. high without warranty, but the machine can always be tested here. price is excl. shipping costs .
Show oven, shop oven, convection oven Oybpa0b7 -Interior thermostat without function -Stainless steel version -Connection: 220 volts -Water connection: rear -Stove with glass door front -for 4 sheets -Under cabinet with stainless steel door -for 8 trays -Weight: 110 kg -Dimensions: 650/600 / H1500 mm
Beating and Stirringmachine Rego Vario * For dough and cream * Condition: working; new painting Scp08yyd * Incl. 1 bowl * Incl. 1 mixing tool * Time switch * Adjustable mixing speed
Fortuna head machine, very good condition. machine number: K2-194 230v For more information send a message! Omxzt
Circular knitter WERNER & PFLEIDERERER Globus-U Cgrmeucw year of manufacture 1989 used
Dough part and rounding machine Bun press Fortuna automat Gr. 3 + Bll7ltdtcq Head cleaning backwards Part head newly revised Dough insert up to 2500g without proof with return button Dough divider with 3 new curling plates E-system NEW DGUV V3 tested Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Used machine overhauled with 6 months warranty Come to our bakery machine warehouse with over 400 machines and devices!
1 used WP Haton gauge with step security Ebfuv8b type ; Parta ST 1000 no. H12684 13 beats per minute and 3 x 380Va/c suitable for about 200 to 100 grams of dough height funnel ; 180 cm. discharge belt protrudes 65 cm. from the machine and 89 cm. from the floor. price descending EN no guarantee
Double shaft mixer, double spiral, kneading machine, -Double shaft mixer -Execution: stable -Trough length: 900 mm -Trough inside width: 445 mm 92wckf2ml -Trough height: 620 mm -Drive paddle: 6/9 kW -Speed paddle: 26/52 rpm -Paddles: run mutually -Direction of rotation via: reversing switch -Body and paddle: made of copper -Coat: heatable or coolable -Bathtub: with spout flap -Transport dimensions: 1770/1000/H1005 mm -Weight: 1000 kg
Seeding station WP Kemper Bhvrv00ebf * For seeding dough pieces for bread roll lines or other systems * Condition: reconditioned * Own control * Special adjustments on request
Stutensee Germany
1256 km
reconditioned (used)
Used Thermooelofen Fabr. HEUFT Built in 2003 18qm baking surface 2 secondary circuits 2 extract herd Chahqxhy Turbo mounted on steel plate Stove is checked and fully functional sold Sales from stock.
Wuppertal Germany
1072 km
reconditioned (used)
Stirring machine SM 4 For mixing and beating of doughs Stainless steel 40 litre bowl and tools new Bwsbmpu7d9 Gwqrlk With automatic timer Speed adjustable Buhen8jb7e Incl.coarse and fine whisk and stirring frame Machine professionally overhauled Also size SM 2 and SM 3
Babenhausen Germany
1244 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Planetary mixer Model: V-Mixer 60 L Professional machine with robust technology! for best results! LED display 10 power levels and timer Tamper protection / safety grille with protective circuit Thanks to the easy-Trop you can work continuously suitable for use in the bakery and confectionery Mixer with tools: Pudhym 1 whisk, 1 whisk, 1 flat stirrer 1 60 liter stainless steel kettle Boiler stroke electrical DGUV V3 checked Connection 400V, 4 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: 742 x 1060 x 1695 mm, WxD...
- Four bongard rotatif 8.63 electrique - Chariot 600x800 - Fioul ou gaz Dnap3gsz Livraison sur toute la France et à l'export sur cotation

Used Bakery-, pastry equipment

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