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Packaging machinery for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
A-3900-Trepko-DoubleCup-fillingmachine Trepko filling machine for cups type 106 K.S. (P) Year of production: 2002. Capacity 10.000 pieces/hour Cup dimension Ø95 2 pieces of tools Can work with double tools/cups (see photos) Fn7wqllt CEE machine, incl. complete electrical documentation and Mechanical documentation. Robot packing machine and other equipment can takes with that. Sale complete line: Spoon applicator. Case erector Norway. Robot for stacking in cartons. Palletizing. Stationed: Denma... more
Filling machine with vacuumIdealable for filling smaller and larger pieces with liquid. Incl. vacuum function, capacity 10-35 pack/minute, package size width 100-160 mm, length 150-350 mm, 3 phases, 400 V AC, 50 Hz, 9 A, incl. 3 vacuum pumps, dim. approx. 3230x3155x1800 mm, weight approx. 3700 kg, dismantled. Without free-standing conveyor belts, operating panel scale, injector, scale, water cooling and frame for scale, The machine has extensive documentation. Bfqxo8yp9y more
PLC Controlled 600 bars per minute 18 cases per minute Up to 4 packing lines Bars individually flow wrapped Robotic loading into 6 bar packs Auto box filling Bwe0r32w Located in UK Cannot be recommissioned in the UK more
Tetra Pak cardboard packer TCBP 70 wrap-around units Ekdow0h 2003 year of production V100 28 000 working hours more
Multivac T300 traysealer Most compact fully automatic traysealer Multivac has to offer. Because of it’s compact size and build in vacuum-pump this machine can be easily installed in small production facilities. Besides just sealing this Multivac is also capable of packing with MAP (gas flushing) for a longer shelf-life of the product. Delivered with a mould for round trays/ cups. Bf0ka72ve Have a look at the video below for a quick overview. more
Angle welder with shrink unit, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, hood shrinking machine, hood shrinker, film wrapping machine -electronic temperature control -max. Pack size 800 x 600 x 310 mm -max. Packing weight 18 kg Bkxr97x -dimensions Machine 1870/1010 / H1200 mm -weight machine 212 kg more
Modell Confezionatrice Die GSP EVO ist eine Maschine für die Verpackung von lange haltbaren Produkten mittels Gasinjektion oder Versprühung von konservierten Aromen. SIe ist geeignet auch für Produkte mit großen Abmessungen und großer Höhe, oder kettenartig, auch bei Verwendung von Polyäthylen-/Polyofin-Folie. Das elektronisch gesteuerte Quersiegelsystem garantiert schnelle Formatwechsel. Leistung : 60/70 Packungen /min. Produktabmessungen: Breite: 10 - 280 mm Höhe: 1 - 200 mm Länge 50- 2000 m... more
This is a vacuum machine Webomatic double chamber machine PNC-20-A-D-M2, equipped as standard with a fully automatic lid swivel and two vacuum chambers, knife function front and rear, electric protective ventilation (ESA), compressed air sealing, mechanical ejector, built in 1999, completely overhauled in 2015 for 7000 € at Webomatic and has not been in operation since.A vacuum pump motor from Koncar, technical data see nameplate, is part of the offer, but is given as unchecked free of charge, a... more
SuperVac Vacuum Packer High performance stainless steel SuperVac vacuum packaging machine. For meat, fish, cheese and all other products that require vacuum packaging. Made of high quality stainless steel to facilitate cleaning and maintain maximum hygiene. Max product height - 180mm Chamber dimensions - 890 x 740 mm Belt width: 620 mm Comes with Shrink tunnel in set. Npewd Manufacturer: Supervac Model: GK 169B Height: 1550 mm Width: 1250 mm Length: 1800 mm Weight: 650 kg Electric power supp... more

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Yang Olympus Vac Traysealer The Yang Olympus tray packing machine is a modified atmosphere tray packing machine that utilises a semi automatic rotary table. This rotary table in the tray packing machine enables trays to be loaded and removed while a cycle is under way. This results in tray packing machine being able to do a massive throughput of upto 6 cycles per minute – in real terms, with a 2 cavity mould this could be over 700 trays per hour, packed in a controlled atmosphere with the highe... more
Shrinking and welding in one operation Qkv93hmle -Control of the welding temperature -Control of the temperature -Interior L 450 / T 300 / H 220 mm more
Die VC999 TS500 ist eine Schalensiegelmaschine für Betriebe mit kleinerem bis mittelgrossem Verpackungs-aufkommen.Das Verpackungsgut wird in vorgefertigte Schalen eingelegt. Die befüllten Schalen werden manuell in die Schublade einge-legt und sodann mit einer Deckfolie überzogen. Dazwischen kann wahlweise ein Austausch der Atmosphäre (MAP) statt-finden. Kompakte Leistung • Bis zu 4 Packungen werden gleichzeitig verarbeitet • Betriebsarten: nur Siegeln, Vakuum-Gas (MAP) oder Gasspülen Flexible ... more
Hello. I'll sell the Ilapak VEGATRONIC Vertical Packer. The Vegatronic 2000/300 (sn.0710608001) machine has welding jaws with a width of 300mm, which means the possibility of making pillow packaging with a maximum width of 280mm. The maximum packaging height (cutting length) is approx. 420/430mm (assuming the use of the receiving conveyor under the welding jaws of the machine). The weight range of a single package that can be made on a machine is difficult to determine without knowing the densit... more
Shrink tunnel SuperVac A-1232 Productivity: 15 cycl/min Transporter width: 600 x 330 ( mm ) Feeder: plastic - roller Bfgji72z8 Water tank: 90 l Material: Stainless steel Manufacturer: Supervac Model: A-1232 Height: 1500 mm Width: 700 + 600 tape mm Length: 650 mm Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N Total power: 9,4 kW more
Sorma punnet packaging machine - netting machine PK10-112 - PK8-112 has been designed to assure a high performance 0,5-1-2 kg punnets containing fruit and vegetables such as peaches, kiwis, tomatoes etc.The netted punnet guarantees hygiene, allows full view of the content and may be easily picked and transported. • TECHNICAL DATA Bforqz0e7c • Output: • 40 to 55 punnets/minute • Installated power: • 1,5 kW - 50 Hz - 400V • Air consumption: • 100 Nl/min - 6 bar We can arrange transport more
Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer Yr8ldw Only ±360 production hours, like new. Work with PAPER and Plastic, SKIN-pack and MAP. Multivac R275CD thermoformer capable of doing MAP (modified atmosphere packing) and SKIN-pack. Skin pack (or darfresh) is a film tightly secured around the product with a strong vacuum. For a very nice presentation of the product and longer shelflife benefits for numerous products. The Multivac is equipped with 2 strong Busch pumps for the forming of the trays an... more
Vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine Qleesrogt -Transition in actual condition as visited -The machine comes from a bankruptcy and must be re-commissioned -with film dispenser max. 420 mm -Low-pressure facility -Sealing station -Schnitzel suction -Switching control unit more
Mesoma Waage :14 Köpfe Rovema MVP 280 überholt 2004 Rovema Simatic Steuerung max. Folienbreite 520 mm Artikelzustand gepflegt Verfügbarkeit Verfügbarkeit sofort Bdefkbtmc more
• power supply 380 V, 50 Hz; • dye (8x) 195x155 mm; • film width 410 mm; • with denester for 3 trays; • tray dimensions 195x155 mm; • product infeed conveyors wire belt; Bryyibta • belt width 320 mm; • vacuum + gas; • suitable for cold cuts and etc. more
Tepro P22N Packing machine Sealing bar size: 2x520 (mm) Chamber size: 600 x 600 x 250 (mm) Material: Stainless steel Manufacturer: Tepro Model: P22N Height: 1000 mm Width: 800 mm Length: 1200 mm Ic8vcsf7 Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N more
Flow wrapping - It was used for potatoes, apples, tomatoes is a horizontal-motion process in which product of any shape is wrapped in clear or printed polypropylene film. The end result is a flexible package with a non-lap type seal on the bottom and crimped end seals. Gcxnoiv We can arrange transport at an additional cost . more
Used line for production of aluminum caps. Consisting of: Disk scissors Feeder unit Feeding table Mobile Station Component parts 2 Hydraulic presses for pressing of waste Dwlsii Scales Station of airpreparation Packing machines for bottles packing Manual hoist Stamping machine for aluminum caps Collecting bunker Rolling machine Collecting bunker of 2 pieces Orientator Automatic machine for insert Comtrol line Managing line Automatic machine of preparation and supply of paste Drying machin... more
Vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine -with one us output conveyor -Control Siemens Type Simatic Panel Touch -Aluminiumkaschierung -Film width 600 mm Qk8mdjtxi -3-fold coiling -Tellervereinzellung -Shulbeutelbildung with Heizspiegeltrennung -Teilschutzeinhausung -Corpus stainless steel VA -Assembly 4500/1400 / H2150 mm -Weight about 2000 kg more
A machine that wraps cakes in a "flowpack" type packaging. The product is filled manually in a chain feeder, then automatically transferred to the packaging module. 2rjqku more
• overall dimensions 3600x1000x1750 mm; • power 5 kW; • power supply 400 V, 50 Hz; • dye 255x320 mm; • film width 410 mm; • roller width 480 mm; • aluminium rollers; • with vacuum/gas function; • sealing area 300x400 mm; • max tray height 80 mm; Vl7ye9o3 • pneumatic dye lifting system; • 2 lines of tray; • suitable for food product packaging in previously formed trays. more
• Type: End Load Cartoner ET180MS • Power: 18 KW Machine production rate: 200 cartons per minute of production. Sizes of cartons allowed into the machine: • Width (l): 60 to 190 mm • Height (H): 16 to 100 mm • Depth (L): 120 to 200 mm • Maximum weight: 1.5 kg Cdjblf8y Machine need repair or can be used for parts. All documentation included. more
Horizontal Packaging Machine with gravity dispenser PK-92 SP Designed for fast automatic packaging of liquid products. Included CIP cleaning. PK-92 SP provides high speed and accurate weight. Technical descriptions. The total length is 5747 mm. The total width is 3431 mm. The height is 3260 mm. Bfm9hf2taj Power supply 380 V. Air flow rate 1200 l/min. Air pressure 6-8 atm. more
2103, The machine can thermo-weld appropriate portion of film over tubs containing convenience and pre-cooked food (solid, liquid, creamy, pasty), generic foodstuff and non-food items too. The film is accurately sealed and cut along the whole extent of the tub’s outline. Bc8mo8g30f more
Vacuum packaging system, vacuum packaging machine Ekbhhwx Foil width of Max 400 mm more
The machine wraps cakes in a "brick" type packaging, side seals, envelope type, capacity about 24 pcs / min. The product is filled by hand directly into the chain. Ser.number: 0087. Bflkhnzhgp more
• overall dimensions 2100x985x2000 mm; • power 8 kW; • power supply 400 V, 50 Hz; • film width 420 mm; • film reel diameter 76 mm; • capacity 6-8 cycle/min; • air pressure consumption 6 bar homogen and dry 300 Nl/min; • gas pressure 2‐6 bar; • 2 pcs tools 227x145 mm and 187x155 mm; • usage of autoMAP100mini: central kitchen, ready to eat, catering, milk product, delicatessen, processed food, fresh cut, frozen, meat, dried food, seafood, bakery, pastry, medical, military logistics; • weight 1000... more
We offer 2 used machines for tray packing. Machines were not tried and stood for a long time in the camp. Therefore, the machines are sold as spare parts machines. Scne2be0 more
Carton tape sealing machine automatically with automatic upper lid random device Manufacturer: standard Pack Type: NCF 045 Year of construction: 1999 9oxvfvyj0 Glue heads for bands maximum width up to 76 mm in roll maximum diameter up to 335 mm External dimensions of boxes: Length: min. 150 to 600 mm Width: min. 100 to 500 mm Height: min. 100 to 500 mm ... more
Kliklok fully automatic cartoner Model: Concorde K170 Bewfid2o87 Serial: HKS170-13040KM Fully automatic cartoner, 7500mm overall length, belt width 250mm, variable speed, variable carton sizes, Mueller digital control, Nordson gluer, lynx 4900 encoder and 90 degree outfeed conveyor for waste product more
Schnittstelle Produktübernahme: Bemwpv2ada Oberkante Trichter zum jeweiligen Formatsatz ca. 2000 mm über Boden Schnittstelle Produktabgabe: ab Ende Transportband Bodennaht voraus, Längsnaht oben Produkt liegend , ca. 950 mm über Boden Füllgewicht 2 x 125 gr Packstoffstärke ca. 40 my Packstoffspezifikation OPP Beutelform Flachbeutel Beutelformat L 60- 350 mm Beutelformat B 70 -150 Beutelformat b 70- 150 mm Leistung 50 - 60 Beutel/ min Frei ab 09.2019 Dokumentation vorhanden Wartung erfolgte re... more
A machine that wraps cakes in a "brick" type packaging, side seals, envelope type, capacity about 24 pcs / min, product filled manually in a chain. Bfljy0ptq8 more
CAVECO Model : DV-8 8-HEAD VOLUMETRIC FILLER Volumetric dosing machine for solid products such as: cube-shaped vegetables, cube-shaped meats, ravioli, rice, etc. Equipped with special device for dosing only in presence of the trays Automatic feeding of product by means of VSN stock tank Independent operation Vbj98 Automatic synchronization with the transport conveyor Truck basement Suitable to be washed by water spout. Adjustable gram-weight Production: up to 80 dosages/1’ IP 55 Protection Pow... more
AW-3600CP is an automatic weighing-packaging and labeling machine designed for packaging food and any other articles. Allows you to package articles of different sizes. The machine in a very good state, technically 5/5, visually 4 +/5 Well investigate the machine wear that you want to buy. Often machines are sold because they have been completely exploited, which generates a chain of endless repairs and continuous downtime in production. You can watch and test your device thoroughly. The con... more
DIGI AW 4600 AX Semi automatic machine for weighing packaging and labeling products Can pack a large range of products and shapes even without scales. Meat cheese delicacies fruit. Touchscreen Control Bez3mn3oov Can pack up to 14 packs/minute Dimensions: HxWxD 154x86x9 Voltage: 400V/230V Weight approx. 280 kg. Year of Build 2010 more
Buckhurst Hill Essex, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5928 km
Scanvaegt RF5 checkweigher serial: BMP01014 2009, stainless frame, weight range 600g - 5000g, up to 40 packs per min, max product 300mm x 220mm, total length 800mm Baptysebid more
• Stainless steel strapx Cyklop with stainless steel rollers • Width: 64.5cm. Besaaad8pz • Height: 49cm. more
The machine wraps cakes in a "brick" type packaging, side seals, envelope type, capacity about 24 pcs / min. The product is filled by hand directly into the chain. Bflaoqgt7v more
Output Quantity 250ml – 1000ml Output 1920 packs/hr Filler Accuracy ± 3 ml Pack / Quantity Range Min. Bag size (W x L) approx Max. Bag size (W x L) approx 100 mm x 135 mm Bfbpxf8b9f 170 mm x 265 mm Packaging Material Co-extruded 3 or 5 Layer PE Based or Laminated 65 to 120 microns Film Reel Core dia 76 mm & Reel diameter 300 mm max Electrical Requirement Input Supply 380 V AC, 50 Hz, 3 ph + N + G Connected Load 5.5 KVA Peak Power Rating 5 KW Cooling Water more
AMTEC VERTIwrap weigher 13-head 5.0 liter large linear unit (fruits, etc.) Bbvi9ouvie Large linear combination weigher, 13 5.0 liter weighing heads, for various kinds of big volume products: fruits, vegetables (potatoes, carrots, tomatos, oranges, mango, etc.). Also suitable for frozen food, such as fish or meat. - Specifications: weighing range: 200g-5kg; max. speed of the machine in neutral: 80 cycles/minute. Our machines are available as sample, exhibition or demonstration machines and avai... more
A-tec packaging machine Doyspack, printing, opening, erection, vacuum needed from business liquidation A-tec packaging machine Machine for the separation printing, opening and erection of Doypacks consisting: Year of build 2016 Mounted on a wheeled frame MayTec profiles with the Dimensions: B x T x H 800 x 1200 x 1600mm Storage magazine for up to 300 bags to set manually width and depth on the different bag sizes Separation unit with Vacuum grippers and Rotary unit Hot embossing unit to the p... more
Buckhurst Hill Essex, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5928 km
Newtec 5000C checkweigher roller conveyor serial: 1491 weighbed 350mm x 330mm, with roller outfeed conveyor, weight ranges from 1 - 5000g Baptmuvag2 more
with in feed for sliced or complete breads with integrated clip device with date printer 3wtujdpl suitable for plastic or paper bags product size: L: 100-400 mm, B: up to 230 mm, H: 30-150 mm capacity up to 25 packages / min complete stainless covered more
Cartoning machine for packing portionpack packages, 4 pcs in a carton. Laying 4x1 or 2x2, capacity up to 90k/min. Dimensions of the box 157x123x37mm, adjustable settings. Utomatic flowpack connected with the Abb Flexpicker robot. Bydnigzi more

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