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Drying for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
UV dryer unit, UV dryer, UV lamp, UV high-performance luminaire -The lamps come from a UV varnish drying -Working width 1400 mm -Doppelgehäuse -UV range 180-450 nm -UV tube type CK 110/80 -Radiant power 80 W / cm Unifygusz -3x tubes available -Prize piece -Transformers and accessories available at extra cost -Dimensions 1720/400 / H630 mm -Weight 126 kg / piece more
Container (1) Belt Drying Plant Type NEWtainer ALLin DRYer L for drying of different free-flowing / spreadable biomass with integrated storage container incl. turning device, belt washing device as well as conveyor belt extension (retrofit). For further details please refer to the technical description. C9tcuaiis more
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
dealership location
7080 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine Condition: Used Bipa Code: 900033 Manufacturer: Organized System G9njlx Model: 20MC Machine Condition: Used Drying oven of 20 sqm, internal dimensions cm. 500 x 200 x 200h., brand Organized System, hot water heating (boiler not included), complete with internal system and external control panel brand Ares, used. more
Vodskov, Denmark Denmark
6333 km
good condition (used)
The distance between the rolls is 178cm. The Diameter of the drum is 320cm It comes with; Oven with oil burner. Cyclone Tracks with drive motors Valve Steering Panel Ogkdyxu Fe77iqz Water evaporative pr. hour: 5.000kg Garant.Produktion pr. hour Commodity With 70% moisture 6.300kg Dry With 10% moisture 2.100kg Commodityw ith 75% moisture 6.200kg Dry With 10% moisture 1.700kg Commodity With 80% moisture 5.800kg Dry With 10% moisture 1.300kg Commodity With 85% moisture 5.400kg Dry With 10% moistu... more
kiln,loading capacity 45m3 load hight 2,2meter Clqxtqf more
UV dryer unit, UV dryer, UV lamp, UV high-performance luminaire -The lamps come from a UV varnish drying -Working width 1400 mm -A housing -UV range 180-450 nm -UV tube type CK 110/80 -Radiant power 80 W / cm Lvvsr -3x tubes available -Prize piece -Transformers and accessories available at extra cost -Dimensions 1720/340 / H630 mm -Weight 94 kg / piece more
I sell the set of wood dryers 3x100 m3 wood netto. Year 2005. Custom manufactured according to the project using CSA Electronic System and sensors. 3 chambers 10x10 x h.4,5m Xgnw8 Fully working. more
Sawdust dryer AGROMECH M829 produced in 2018 hopper for wooden chips, automatic feeding of wood chips, automatic feeding of sawdust, pneumatic feeding of dry sawdust, device for cleaning dry sawdust, Bhjtlmmwoj storage of dry sawdust with a walking floor, automatic feeding of sawdust to briquetting machines, CO2 fire extinguishing equipment, warning devices with audible and visual alarms more
Aussenmass L 26m B 9m H 5m Innenmass L 2x 12,5 m B 8 m H 3,9 m Inclusiwe steuerung aus 2014 Be2pkkk87s Bereits demontiert !!! more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. operational temperature: 210°C, connected load: 8.6kW, length: 1200mm, width: 1600mm, height: 1800mm, weight: 565kg. Bhfxkaqccc more
Ready for operation incl. control and monitoring, 3 exhaust air fans, 9 electric heating elements (4 kW output each) with fan in 40' insulated container (12 m chamber length). Dimensions 40' ISO container: Internal dimensions: L12.032 x W 2.352 x H 2.698 m Y2vabd External dimensions: L 12,192 x W 2,438 x H 2,896 m more
Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany Germany
6582 km
ready for operation (used)
Cabinet with side carriages is loaded from the long side by means of trolleys and is suitable for drying logs and cut lumber. Stacking space LxDxH: 4300 x 1150 x 1050 mm = 5.2 m² heating: 12 kW Engine: 1,1 kW Supply and exhaust air Ø: 150 mm Stacking strips straight: 150 Stacking cross-section: 1.15 x 1.05 m Bg9if9kalc Computer automatic MP 90 - Electronics B "electronic semi-automatic" This control system was developed especially for smaller lumber dryers. The wood and wood equilibrium moisture... more
3 drying chambers 60 m3 each (for 50 mm thickness and 6 m length wood). Inside width 6,4 m Inside height 4 m Frame, gate Few side panels Bhdpq2i7bg 1 full electric box Original drawings Without ventiliators, radiators Sale of what you can see photos more
RG 1500 dryer with heat exchanger Unlike ordinary tumble dryers, these dryers do not ignite or explode. Drying takes place only in hot air. The principle of operation of this type of dryer is based on giving heat to the chamber through special heat exchangers through which fire, smoke or hot air from the oven passes, it does not come into contact with the dried material, dryers do not generate any pressure or underpressure, therefore no supervision for pressure boilers is needed. Our dryers ext... more
Vellberg, Germany Germany
6682 km
excellent (used)
approx. dimensions: Bgk2wyr0bx WxHxD 6500x4000x3500mm more
For sale is a UV-bridge of the company Beltron GmbH at our headquarters in Bad Zwischenahn. The device is being discarded due to low usage. Ntsy9 The basic data: UV bridge of the company Beltron GmbH 1 HG lamp with 120 W per cm 600 mm Irradiation width with shutter Further information is available on request or on the photos. A collection by the customer is possible immediately with prior arrangement of a date. If you have any questions or price requests, please send us a message and we will ans... more
Tumble dryer M829 Technical characteristics: Nominal capacity of the drying room when drying sawdust or other biomass with an initial humidity of 45-50% and a final moisture of 15% 1000 kg / h The amount of water evaporated 1100 kg / h Furnace heat output max 1000 kW Maximum drying air temperature at the drum inlet 600-650 ° C Average fuel consumption: hard coal or fuel with a calorific value similar to coal Bhdxhtwplc 200 kg / h high-calorie sawdust briquette 250-300 kg / h natura... more
Stockheim OT Reitsch, Germany Germany
6713 km
excellent (used)
Mühlböck drying chamber type QSWF, year 1998 chamber size 2.60 x 2.90 x 13 m, with loading trolley Stlgh0 with oil heating make Loos, 195 kW more
Hüllhorst, Germany Germany
6452 km
excellent (used)
Total length is 21 m, width 2.4 m, inside 2.2 m, stack size 17.5 x 1.25 m, connected load (heating)KW 36, heating medium electricity/heat pump, connected load (electricity)KW 70, average consumption KW/h 15, operating voltage 3 x 380 V / 50 Hz Bfeubzjct0 more
8370, Denmark Denmark
6358 km
ready for operation (used)
STEAM CHAMBER (beech wood) - AS PHOTOS Cfjxgrnro 6400 mm width 5200 mm debth 3200 mm height Inside 6x4,9x3 M - some of the back wall must be free of steam passage, so it can only be used about 4 meters in dept. more
4 pcs. cut wood - drying kilns (block) top condition Make INCOMAC Type: LCD 2 x 150 / 1 x 100 / 1 x 80 Year of manufacture 2007 Heating medium HH Frontloader equipped Control system NEW 6800 Dimensions (inside) : Dimensions: 11.800 x 7.200 x 5.900 / 7.600 x 7.200 x 5.900 / 5.800 x 7.200 x 5.900 mm Dvrq9a0 Net usable volume approx. 480 m³ more
IR oven Model:Triab Type:IRM Tubes Quartzglass with gold No:5768 Techn info: Throughfeed width 1400mm CC transport rollers in conveyor 200mm Jtgnqkmz 12 pcs IRM tubes 3750 watt/pcs Total 45 kw 400 volt, 50 Hz 3 phase Included electric control cabinet Dimension:4300x1900mm (lxw) Stock no:104052BXA more
Drying chamber in mineral wool insulation Door width: 6500mm Door height: 4100mm Usable depth 5100mm F9ycpm2 direct heating with oil burner Electric power: 15 kw System can be converted to hot water heating more
KJG dryers for dense masses - municipal and other dense liquids up to 80% humidity. We collect humidity up to 10% at a time. 9hwj9ok more
Very less used sawdust drying machine. Currently taken apart and stored. Bfjqv8h3jm more
Bad Salzuflen, Germany Germany
6466 km
excellent (used)
Drum dryer for wood chips SWISSCOMBI , capacity: evaporation up to 12 t/ stdthree-pass dryerlength approx. 12 m, diameter approx. 4,3 mBJ dryer 1994 cyclones 2015frequency converter Without switch cabinet Nva2uc2n more
German manufacturer Brunnerwymimy internal chambers: door width 950 cm depth 950 cm, loading depth 800 cm height 400 cmpo Volume 300 m3, assuming 1/3 as timber input it is possible to dry 100m3 wood external dimensions:width 10,3 depth 9,7 md door pushed to the right sprinklers installed in the heaters in the rear part of the heaters under the ceiling in the central part of the heaters under the ceiling in the central part of the heaters chamber number of fans 5 control of automatic drying cycle... more
It is system units (GSU) the company NARDI to dry Chamber control 2 remote control unit (RCU) and the accompanying General. The control units ran in our plant from 1998 until February 2018. Bbqibkfoyd The RCU are both in need of repair: communication RCU and frequency converter is defective. The other rules work correctly. The HSE are still fully functional. All cables for set 6 2 drying Chambers are available. More detailed part list on request! more
Drying chamber was assembled at the new location in 2013 but not put into operation. Bgrox9fwv2 more
REMIX-OIL P.P.U.H. Remix-Oil ul. Wenecka 1/11 39-320 Przecław Poland Tel./fax: 17 774 7057 Mobile 666 744 744, 665 922 666 RG-type Drier Plant with Heat Exchangers New on European market. Patent Pending P.416648 Unlike other drier plants, our driers do not explode or burst into flames. Practically, they can dry anything without contacting fire or smoke with the mass/material being dried. Drying process goes on only in hot air. The principle of operation for that sort of driers is to give up... more
2 floors 4800mm width with fence Musw80 1,2 cubic meters / h on veneer with 1,5 mm thickness clima system more
Habruck, Austria Austria
7074 km
good (used)
The plant is dismantled Dimensions: 12.8 m long and 5 m deep 4.3 m high Bfxm78pjab more
Berlin, Germany Germany
6757 km
good (used)
INCOMAC drying chamber, 3 chambers per 100 m3Outside dimensions: 2 pcs : 9 x 26 x 6 (W/L/H) m1 pcs : 9 x 12 x 6 (W/L/H) inside: 2 pcs 8.5 x 24 x 4 m, 1 pcs. 8.5 x 12 x 4 m Bfu9lnmytx more
Diaphragm pressure vessel OTTO type 400/150,. Ssfaco Volume 400 ltr., operating pressure: 5 bar. more
5 drying chambers with Muhlbock control. Water supply, heat collector with pump GRUNDFOS. The volume of drying chambers is 300 cubic meters. Drying chambers in excellent condition, worked for about 5 years. Dismantled. The cost is indicated with installation and commissioning in the territory of the buyer. Details are discussed. Netto price Npy9z more
Budapest, Hungary Hungary
7377 km
excellent (used)
Inside of Vanicek klin's With 2 fans, 4 Heating dodies, doors, Documents OK Visit: anytime possible in Budapest. Diameter in net: 7,2 x 5,3 x 3,2 m (LxWxH) Dwhxgy more
3 pieces aluminium drying chambers (as block) Dimensions per chamber: width x height x depth: 9.7 x 4.7 x 7.9 mStacker loading, volume per chamber approx. 90 m³ net, per chamber 8 fans a 3 kW, heating with hot water, electrical control, very good condition, since the TCs always stood in a hall. 2rkxgm more
The characteristics of the Termowanie wood at temperatures up to 230 ° c Protection of wood against flammability The process of combined drying and termowania Loading wood carts on Rails Heating medium: electric current Automatic process controller Possibility of remote control of process Bedbacjtir The device consists of: · Chamber drying and heat treatment, · loading system, · wood heating system, · the cooling system of wood, · vacuum system, · ... more
Bad St. Leonhard, Austria Austria
7121 km
Vomp, Austria Austria
6891 km
ready for operation (used)
1. mill-block-dryer TK 11 TYPE: QLSF-2x1,20 -3x1,20 -9,50 dimensions 9.00 x 2,60 x 4,00 heating power 240 KW can be TRANSPORTED AS THE WHOLE2. MÜHLBÖCK- TROCKNER TK12 TYPE: QLSF-2x1.20 -3x1.20 -13.00 HEAT POWER 240 KW Bfnsfccat0 more
BURKLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES Düsentrockner-Anlage DURCHLAUFTROCKNER TRDUE 700 Nozzle Dryer System one-sided drying of various media on plane parts 2cadqdj0 parts can be heated by the built-in IR emitter more

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