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Diamond core drilling machine -Drill stand -Vacuum pump -Core drill: Ø 202 mm -Dimensions: 500/370/H1070 mm -Weight: 53 kg Fcc88lg0s
Magnetic Drilling Machine, Magnetic Drilling Machine FEIN Type PS 32 R8 Core drilling machine, Metal core drilling machine .: 10-87 15153 Year of construction 1987 drilling capacity 32 mm spindle mounting MK 3 spindle speed 120, 190, 330, 520 rpm. magnet Ø 155 mm Buw27cvog drilling unit 230 Volt, 50 Hz, approx. 1000 Watt E-magnet 230 Volt, 50 Hz, approx. 65 Watt - Spindle speed with 4 gear steps - E magnet MAGNETOR - Drill head height adjustment guided in a linear guide - drill stand rotatable o...
The RCC-1500 is a compact machine that is pratical, efficient and cost effective. It produces an accurate, clean, quality cut with quick and easy change-over for multiple core diameters and wall thickness. The CT-1500 is very easy to operate. After sliding the parent core onto the mandrel, the operator sets the end-stop, which determines the width of the cut cores. The operator then presses the start button, lowers the knife using the handle and cuts the core. Standard features: Maximum core leg...
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Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
core shooter, manufacturer: AHB, type: AHB-18, year of construction: 2015, serial no.: 623, automatic gassing machine Co0undma
Stormhallsvägen 10, 432 32 Varberg, Sweden Sweden
1360 km
ready for operation (used)
Heavy duty roll core cutting machine in very good condition. Can cut down paper roll core to the desired diameter. Extra reserve cutting blades. Cuzklivq Can ship worldwide.
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Swindon SN3 4QS, UK United Kingdom
485 km
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2 x Massin Masdim 1H sand core removal machine, S/N: 4770401, (2004) Xmi0vjgz Available: August 2021
Diamond core drilling machine -Drill stand Hhwefnzxw -Vacuum pump -Water pump tank -Core drill: Ø 15/20/3x 25/3x 28/32/40 mm
Magnetic Drilling Machine, Magnetic Drilling Machine core drilling machine, metal core drilling machine DR. BENDER Type EK 323 G7td2lx machine no. 180543 year of construction approx. 1988 drilling capacity 23 mm spindle mounting MK 2 spindle speed 160 / 400 / 1250 rpm. magnet 215 x 105 mm drilling unit 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 1025 Watt E-magnet 220 Volt, 50 Hz, 65 Watt - Spindle speed via 3 gear stages - left and right rotation - E-magnet KOCH, type KL32/6 - drill head height adjustment guided in a lin...
The machine of this series is used for the automatic waste-free production of rolls, cores and other cylindrical rolled articles. Only strip material is processed. Starting material: strip thickness from 0.7 to 1.5 mm from 3 to 23 mm width / 2 mm to 23 mm width. The machine operates automatically / loading is independent. Required machine area approx. 1500 x 1000 mm Switch cabinet approx. 800 x 350 mm Machine weight approx. 800 kg Switch cabinet approx. 60 kg Output machine max 300 pieces/min. ...
Barcice Rososkie Poland
1978 km
good condition (used)
IMR Model F.A. 2.5 S Sand Core Shooter, 2.5 litres San Capacity, 10 Sec Dry Cycle Time, 25 kg Sand Hopper Capacity, 100kg Core Box Weight Vt2c8m
WIG-welder: type AB 919/6, connected voltage: 380V / 50Hz, power input: 42A. This machine is suitable for the welding of tranformer cores. Ucbgllk
control MC3F Screw dia. 40mm = 251 ccm condition excellent can be viewed during operation No80j
Diamond core drilling machine, core drilling machine -3x: drill stand -Max. Drilling capacity: Ø 60 mm Due7tu -drilling depth: max. 400 mm -Drive: 1050 W -Speeds: 1500/3000 rpm -Core drill: Ø 18/24/29 mm -Sale: only complete -Weight: 70 kg
Diamond core drilling machine, core drilling machine -1x: drill stand -1x: suction pump -Max. Drilling capacity: Ø 300 mm -drilling depth: max. 500 mm -various: core drills Qlq7fnpno -Sale: only complete -Weight: 160 kg
THE COMPACT WATER JET CUTTING SYSTEM The iCUTwater SMART is the first choice for small series, educational institutions and workshops. Our goal was to realize a compact and inexpensive water jet system, which requires as little effort as possible, to set up, maintain and operate. The machine can be connected to a regular 16 A power connection, and works cleanly and quiet through their housing. The high-pressure pump, developed and manufactured in Germany, is completely integrated in the machine...
ENTRY-LEVEL LASER PROCESSING THAT IS OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY The ilas Flat is a professional machine for entry-level metal laser cutting. With the 400 Watt fibre laser installed as standard, it is possible to cut arbitrary contours from thin steel and stainless steel sheets over the large working area of 650 x 1050 mm. The small installation space of just 2 x 2 m is due to integrating all accessories, including the laser source, in the machine. Highlights: • WORKING AREA Cklr2duq Workin...
SPEED AND PRECISION IN 5 AXES THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY The new PLATINUM X5 HSC milling machine is a 5-axis processing centre on a steel and polished granite base, whereby a new type of sandwich material method is used for moving parts. High stiffness, large dynamics and high speed make this system a unique, precise and economical CNC milling system. The PLATINUM X5 model range is available in various sizes. Different clamping systems can be used to clamp the workpiece in the solid granite ...
AMAZINGLY SIMPLE AND EXTREMELY FAST The imark eco II galvo laser scanner enables serial parts to be marked, labelled and engraved economically with marking ranges of up to 200 x 200 mm. The galvo scanner head is designed for very high marking speeds. The imark eco II is at home anywhere placable thanks to the very compact table machine dimensions. The machine is controlled via a conventional PC that is connected directly to the machine via a USB cable. Highlights: • SIZE Clamping area of 400...
HIGH-PRECISION 5-AXIS MICROPROCESSING WITH OPTIONAL AUTOMATION FOR ALMOST EVERY MATERIAL The new PREMIUM 1010 micro precision machine is predestined for manufacturing small parts as individual or series parts. The 5-axis HSC milling system has the additional option of connecting automation systems such as handling systems or robots for unmanned production. Thanks to expanded control and communication possibilities, it is possible to integrate different automation units and to control these auto...
The plate processing machine! The large format machine system has an effective travel range of 1500mm x 3000mm and is ideal for panel processing. The EVO 1530 is controlled via the high-quality B&R controller with touchscreen operation. A special feature is the standard 6kW spindle. This makes the processing of various panel materials effective and efficient. A further highlight of the EVO1530 is the vacuum table installed as standard to enable workpieces to be clamped without any problems. Th...
SPEED AND PRECISION THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY! The Platinum X3 2010: the high-class and precise CNC milling machine High quality parts combined with careful processing of the machine are neccessary for best precision. Modern parts and technology optimize the working process of the CNC milling machine. The Platinum X3 2010 combines all these positive characteristcs in one machine and achieves unequaled quality. How the Platinum X3 2010 is constructed The Platinum X3 2010 differs a lot in i...
EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL DUE TO UNIQUE VALUE FOR MONEY Modern CNC waterjet systems are suitable for automatically processing almost every contour and every material. However, this standard no longer comes close to satisfying requirements for modern industrial solutions. As an experienced, long-term manufacturer of CNC machine systems, imes-icore GmbH has therefore concentrated on the fundamental features with the iCUTwater basic range, and has succeeded in developing the most economical and reliabl...
DE248HL ,DERBY, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
457 km
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CMT Cheese Cooling and Stretching Line Included Moulding Accessories. 1400 kg/H Iz0b0lvds Condition: Excellent/ Boiler Tanks/ Accessories.
Working length: 8000 mm Max. sheet thickness: 2 mm Description: Bttg82hdce The machine is in good technical condition, by prior arrangement the possibility of testing.
Sośno, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1712 km
as good as new (ex-display)
LEOplus LEOplus automatic cutting centre 550 mm disc with automatic profile feed robot APPLICATION: Used for cutting aluminium, PVC and wood profiles FUNCTIONS: ⦁ fully automatic operating system ⦁ hydropneumatic cutting ⦁ Automatic positioning. All steps between -22.5° to +45° with an accuracy of +-0.1 degree ⦁ Industrial PC with Windows, 10" touch screen and easy, practical interface ⦁ Precision slicing function ⦁ Big memory ⦁ Adjustable disc stroke speed ⦁ Automatic cutting with previous ...
Ingersoll Hansen Center 300 EDM CNC Erodiermaschine Hersteller [manufacturer]: Ingersoll Hansen Typ [ type]: Center 300 Steuerung [control unit]: MultiPulse Control Baujahr[construction year]: 1997 Bgwdgynkma + Inkl. Handheld + Inkl. EROWA Preset Comfort 3D-22 / Robot X system EDM dynamic tooling system (optional) + Inkl. EROWA 3-D Koordinatenmesssysem (optional) Vollständige Dokumentation ist vorhanden. Besichtigung unter Strom kann kurzfristig erfolgen. Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Ihne...
Length of the cut - 3000 mm Width of the cut - 1900 mm and 2950 mm Fence 750 mm Zthyl0f7 Auto cut set for cutting backward and forward One sided blade Double sided blade Cut thickness 1mm - 850mm Speed control for rotation of blade Variable speed control for cutting the length Blade Size: 9745.
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Film width: 200mm, inside diameter: 1500mm, without controls, including two conveyor belts. Suwfew
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
1741 km
The tool washing machine is in working condition. Bt7xcqker8
Europa VS660 Gap Bed Centre Lathe with 660mm swing x 1500mm between centres. Equipped with Fagor 2 Axis DRO, 3 jaw chuck. Quick change toolpost and toolholders. Large capacity, heavy duty lathe Specification Europa VS660 Centre height 330mm Distance between centres 1500mm Swing over bed 660mm Swing over cross slide 430mm Pui0yq Spindle bore (max. bar dia) 104mm Spindle nose mounting D1-11 Camlock Taper in spindle bore No. 7 Morse Swing in gap 860mm Width of bedways 480mm Total travel of cross sl...
Sośno, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1712 km
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ALCOR I THREE-AXIS CUTTING CENTRE CONTROLLED BY CNC APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, PVC and wood profiles, blade Ø 550 mm. MAIN FEATURES: - Precise cutting at any angle between 30° and 150° - Up to 7 profiles can be loaded - Waste treatment capacity of more than 800 mm for new production - No waste cutting - CNC control, touch screen - Data transfer via remote network connection, Internet and USB - Remote access - Pneumatic maintenance system - High processing capacity to increase efficiency...
Relief printing machine Therm-O-Type 13,000 Ccijvzlk Several machines & powder available
Bed size 880 x 630 mm Outer edge seal 950 x 700 Inside edge seal 880 x 630 Double heater 6 heat settings for the top heater Ojdgl 1 setting for the bottom heater Vacuum pump included Vacuum tanks included Top air ramp for blowing domes
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
1787 km
excellent (used)
CNC Lathe SUT 126 NC Producer: ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL YP: 1997 Control Siemens ... Sinumerik 840 C Turning diameter ... 1000mm Turning length ... 14500mm Circumferential diameter over bed ... 1260mm Btdh8kcjxo Swing diameter over support ... 1000mm Distance between stand ... 14500mm Max. Workpiece weight ... 20000kg Max. Torque ... 63000Nm The machine is in good condition and can be tested under power.
15X DRILL MACHINE Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand Furukawa Sandvik Tamrock Stocknr.: BN1210 ALSO 10X DRILLING INSTALLATION WATER DRILLS AND 5X ANCHORING MACHINE 15X DRILL MACHINE Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand Furukawa Sandvik Tamrock Stocknr: BN1210 ALSO 10X DRILLING INSTALLATION WATER DRILLS AND 5X ANCHORING MACHINE Bqzhpeccyf
production of track links for multi-rip saws The traction links are cast by a special method to ensure high quality. The feed links can be equipped with additional collecting spikes. Track belts: Roller pins or bushings are made of high quality materials and subjected to heat and thermo-chemical treatment. The accuracy of the track stroke is obtained by a special method of processing holes in the links. On special request, we make guides and breakers. We design multi-blade molds and make m...
Sośno, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1712 km
as good as new (ex-display)
DELTA III Automatic slicing saw , blade Ø 450 mm, PLC control system APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wood profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Shield 450mm * minimum slice thickness 5mm * maximum slice thickness at one time 750mm - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Automatic terminal system - Cutting speed control - Digital adjustment of the blade extension according to the width of the cut profile - Feeding of profiles with a system that prevents them from being damaged...
Radial drill press in good condition. With motorized boom (Up / Down) Bnxo2cb Morse taper 4 Travel on the boom: 725 mm. Travel on spindle: 270 mm. 32 - 2500 rpm. 0.06 - 0.8 mm / rpm feed rate. Spindle diameter: Ø65 mm. Max height between table and spindle: 995 mm. Total dimensions: 180 x 85 cm. Height: 248 cm. (Transport height: 228 cm)
Max. cutting force 30 tonnes Cutting head 400 x 500 mm Bed size 2300 x 510 mm Stroke length (adjustable) 10 - 120 mm Belt width 1800 mm Operating height 990 mm Pump motor capacity 1.1 kW 1.5HP Approx.weight 3560 Kg Traverse and feed drives closed loop, D.C. servo motors Feed System “Ping and grab” clamp feed - two fixed, one travelling clamp Nylon belt cutting and feeding system Intermediate cutting board and board shi...
Machine for peeling onions Technical parameters: - manufacturer: GOLDEN MACHINE - machine type: 2-row Bkvxbvftpd - capacity: approx. 0.4 - 0.6 tons / h - year of production: 2018 Condition: used, operational Machine location: 33-340 Stary Sącz, Poland
Max sheet format - 720 x 1050 mm Min sheet format - 360 x 520 mm Max printing format - 710 x 1040 mm Material thickness - 0.06 - 0.7 mm Outfeed - 1300 mm Infeed - 1200 mm Ergotronic SAPC plate change CleanTronic - ink rollers/impression- and blanketcylinders wash Bsi8gvtilb VariDry hot air and IR drying Baldwin cooling and circulation ACR Control - video register Densitronic color control Harris&Bruno coating unit CIP Link interface PowderMax spray with ionisation
LEO R Fully automatic, digital single-headed angle saw, blade Ø 550 mm APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wood profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - Automatic operating system - Safe cuts thanks to the cover with safety sensor - Automatic positioning on all stages between -22.5 °C and + 45 °C with servo motion system - Batch processing and precision cutting - Programming process and large memory - remote access - Data transfer via Ethernet and USB - industrial PC wit...
Complete automatic system for the production of conical buckets, Hobbocks, 10/15/20/25 l Diameter bucket top 285 mm Diameter bucket bottom 272 mm Production capacity approx. 50 pieces/min Noyit The plant has been completely overhauled, is in a very good operational condition and is still in production!!! If necessary, a complete assembly and commissioning can be offered to the buyer!!!
Can be used for filling oil and varnish. Cueopz3k