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Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6377 km
Sand coolers, sand dryers, foundry technology, sand heaters, sand heaters, drying ovens, drying systems, drying devices Cmtaapba -2x entrance above: Ø 150 mm -4x coolers on top of each other -Water connection -2x temperature sensors -2x temperature clocks -1x electric mixer hot water -Pressure indicator: clock -Dimensions: 1500/1400/H2400 mm -Weight: 1400 kg
Monheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6394 km
capacity in moulds/h - workpiece length - max. 1000 mm diameter 1500 mm Control Getecma max. workpiece weight 6500 kg turning speed range 8 - 450 U/min - incl. clamping devices Bokqajj8
Melting Furnace Crucible Induction Furnace Filling Capacity: 6000 kg/dm3 Length: 3000mm Width: 3550mm Bn288tbojz Height: 3300mm Internal diameter: 950mm Internal depth: 1450mm
Here you can see the cheapest 3D sand printer for foundries, producing prototypes core and mold without model tools. Build space 1,800 x 900 x 900mm with robot. Furan resin as a binder is added layer by layer. Reinforcing bars can be worked into the core. The machine is built to your order! Bogdicamn8
faceplate diameter 900 mm swing diameter 1030 mm turning height 940 mm Control Siemens type 810 Tool changer 12 slide adjustment 600 mm cross travel mm total power requirement kW P73w0f weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m
Furnace system Bnv9kfoysy Year of manufacture 2006 consisting of melting furnace NABERTHERM K240/12 No. 187280 max. 1.200°C 80 kW tiltable and crucible furnace with system control
Sweden Sweden
6642 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Bogie furnace Dxxre0ly (LxBxH) 1000mm x 1000mm x 2000mm / possible to modified Power 100 kW 2 x heating zones 1150Celsius PLC Auto door Auto bogie 5 heating sides!
Kirchenlamitz Germany
6764 km
excellent (used)
Moulding frames, moulding boxes approx. 270 pieces Ohu7dwz7 very good, immediately ready for use condition lashing on pallets ready for transport
Air extraction & filter system for furnaces with a capacity of 80.000m3/hr. Installation with multi stage filtering. In Jan. 2020 all filter bags (1580 pcs) have been renewed. Engine and control system have been renewed ~ 15 yrs ago. Bno2axidax
Szeged, Hungary Hungary
(dealership location)
7505 km
excellent (used)
Induction heated precision fine castingmachine for aerospace, automotive, medical, mechanical parts and jewellery industry: Supercast for casting up to 4,0 kg. Casting capacity Supercast (appr.): Titan 2000 g, TiAl 1800 g, Platinum 2000 g, Palladium 3000 g, Gold 4000 g, Silver 3500 g, Copper 3000 g, Bronze 3000g, Brass 3000 g, Stainless steel 3500 g, CrNi-Steel 3500 g, Cr/Co 3500 g. Dimensions Supercast (w x d x h): 1800 x 1840 x 2300 mm (casting machine), 600 x 600 x1900 mm (MF-Generator) Weigh...
Willich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6360 km
width 3000 mm depth 3000 mm height 1900 mm temperature 1100 °C total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. 3600x4000x3600 m Bkn99m3p8c
Die casting machine BÜHLER Classic 34 D No. 10 335 764 Year of manufacture 2000 Clamping force 3,360 kN Weight 12.000 kg 8a9iapy The machine is still under power
Marx, year 2007, serial no. 66/4, capacity 4 t., empty weight 1,3 t, gearbox Bfosilhblr
Molded box 930 mm x 850 mm x 350 mm 6 pieces With: turning pin, bushing Ø 25 mm pitch: 1040 mm With conical clamp strips, with trusses Weight: 224.4 kg With oval holes on the ventilation sides The price is per piece. Bjobyl2myc
Horizontal casting line consisting of: * Russ holding furnace, capacity 7T * Cooling system with interchangeable coolers for various dimensions (7", 8", 9" and 10") with an output of 2 or 3 strangs * Push/pull system for casting Ojxir * 3 movable saws * Control room with camera
Induction melting furnace ITEP 002/150 HP Type of furnace : Tipping with an electric drive The content of the furnace : 15 to 20 kg Power : 150kW Frequency : 4 kHz W2knndj7 Cooling : water cooling system of double-circuit Power : 3PEN 440V, 50Hz through isolation transformer Excellent condition was in storage since the purchase. Please check out our other listings as well.
Willich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6360 km
Capacity 3000 kg Production capacity 1500 kg/h degree 1200 °c heating capacity 1700 kcal/KW total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m G0s3mmn
Die casting machine FRECH DAK 315 S DV No. 394 201 Year of manufacture 1999 Locking force 3,150 kN Weight 14.000 kg The machine is still under power Okpdv
Marx, year 2007, capacity 4 tons, tare weight 1.3 tons, gearbox Stgspw
This fully automatic HWS molding system is in the current stage No. I is for aluminum castings the best solution in your box size and also in the current competition certainly with the best solution in world comparison. Even a Webac Molding Sandmixer Speedmullor 85-B/132 will be in the Package. Fundamental plans or calculations to expand the building stages as well as dismantling and commissioning is calculated and finalized. This Machine is still located in Gothenburg and will be Transport dire...
Swarf supply conveyor, including 2 loading bays. Supply system to 2 ovens by vacuum system. Bnmdm7sb0x
Fully refurbished large industrial furnace Max temperature 1300 °C Bmcbcmjrbg Please check out our other listings as well.
Casting ladle, crane casting ladle Syphon pan with swivel gear, was used twice after re-lining, good used condition, immediately ready for use. Content approx. 300kg GG Govn737 Side cover screwed on, so that a damaged lining of the ladle can be knocked out very easily.
Forklift attachment for transporting and dumping liquid aluminium Unused inventory, built in 2009 Tipping cylinders and parts of the swing device are missing Maximum filling weight 800 kg of melted aluminium in shamotta crucible Empty weight with crucible 2,440 kg Empty weight without crucibles 1,635 kg Empty weight of crucible 805 kg Iwfvtlv Total permissible weight 3.204 kg Payload 800 kg Load focus 700 mm Hydraulic pump needed on forklifts with 100 or 200 bar...
Marx, year 2009, ladle no. B7/4, capacity 4 tons, net weight 1.500 kg, gear box Coqc7dx
Die cast machine for counter weights - steel rims Zinc SeSerial no: 02887 SPS-Type: Siemens S7 incl. conveyor RNA Type SR8-B-250-2L Voltage: 3x400V, 50Hz, contoller voltage: 24V, pneumatic: connector 3/8, Lyzi0m8jq Bpressure: 5bar, Dimensions: LxBxH: 2900x2380x2410mm, Weight: ca.1800kg, air volume: ca. 100l/min, electro cabinet with siemens equipment
Melting Furnace Crucible Induction Furnace Filling Capacity: 6000 kg/dm3 Length: 3000mm Width: 3550mm Height: 3300mm Internal diameter: 950mm Internal depth: 1450mm Output: ~3,5 – 4T/hr Control system Siemens 7 Bnmdkhxpgo The furnace has been completely overhauled by Otto Junker in 2012. They renewed and modernised all major components including thyristor control.
Rüede SC-610/D Melting crucible Technical data: Width overall 1318 mm Length overall 688 mm Height overall 535 mm Bathroom width (medium height) 650 mm Length bath (medium height) 400 mm Height bath 400 mm Operating temperature max. 450 degrees Temperature range at controller 500 degrees Bff90gohcv Temperature limitation 0...+700 degree Heating capacity kw 24 Operating voltage v -3x400 50Hz Control voltage v - 230 50 Hz Max. operating current approx. A 35 Weight approx. Kg 500 Year of ...
Dortmund, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6409 km
external dimensions (approx.) width 1200 mm height 1400 mm depth 1200 mm temperature: 300°C - 1250°C connection value: 41,5 kVA 99y0bvl
MW50-2V - 40kW microwave system Description: - as new condition, few operating hours - clocked continuous system with automatic lifting doors - energy-saving vacuum operation or increased drying capacity - 2 pcs. Electrically driven heavy duty roller tracks outside - 1 pc. Electrically driven heavy duty roller conveyor in the chamber - Microwave power can be retrofitted up to 100 kW - Operation via Siemens Touch Panel 6 " - Automatic mode Dimensions of the system: - Length incl. Outer roller t...
Striko, year 1982, fill weight max. 7.000 kg, gearbox Bfosl7ve27
Marx Canal induction furnace with a capacity of 7T. The furnace was build ~1980 and has been modernised through time. Ojocf
for smelting alloys lead/tin or similar metals K 80 / 12Sn with controller 3504 - article 101660104 Technical specification: Tmax. furnace700 c Tmax. melting 600 c Power: 50 kW Power voltage: 400 v 3/N 50 Hz B9tf2rv Including crucible: TP 287 SF1 Capacity: about 700 kg Energy consumption (cover open/closed): about 4/10 kW Weight: about 1950 kg External dimensions: about 1800 x 1700 x 1180 mm
rotary drum dimensions: length: 6000 mm inside: Ø 1600 mm outside: Ø 2280 mm max. temperature: 1200 ° C heating: gas eating power 2700 kW melting capacity: 6000 kg / h The plant consists mainly of: - furnace - hydraulic power pack and tilting mechanism - heating system - carousel with molds - charge box Whsrau9bh - measuring and control system
Manufacturer Krown Type Krownmatic KM 900 Year of manufacture 2009 Remark: new painted Bjnsdwebds Technical data Electrical heating Capacity 900 Working weight 700 kg Power 22 kW
Marx, type B5/4, year 2007, capacity 4 t, empty weight 1,3 to., gearbox Fkgp7cud
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine for cooling foundry sand, control voltage: 220V. 7bhmisx9
SMS Knoevenagel Vertical Casting plant with Otto Junker induction furnace. Renewed around ~2000 Capacity ~2400kg per casting batch (3 billets) Bnmdanavrn Max. Billet length (gross): ~3,5mtr, Netto ~2,8mtr
2 pieces shooting head and one shooting head extension for a Roeper H12, very good condition, ready for immediate use Bfxqdi9b0v
Completely new Hindenlang SLVE-900 aluminium melting furnace that can melt 900 kg at 900 degr. Celsius temperature. Melting is done using GAS. Bgri27pywe 485.0 kW power capacity 50 Hz frequency
Winterbach Germany
6670 km
good condition (used)
Manufacturer Weko Model WE-C 50 XL N3fpj Press force 490 kN Type C press Year of manufacture 2004 Control system Technical data Usable table surface 900 x 1500 mm Column passage Installation height 1000 mm
Foundry Service, type crane ladle, year 2004, ladle no. 120.1/10T, capacity 10 t, gear box Bfosfvmoxi
Tiltable roll container for foundry Size: 800 x 1700 Capacity: 850 liters Material: Steel wall thickness 10 mm heat resistant painting mobile braked wheels Fullk7sf
crusher for crushing moulding sand chunks and cores, very good condition, ready for immediate use Bfxp9wq8kj
Aluminum radiator production line (We have 3 complex for sale). Good condition. Price with big discount. Delivery to any country. Detailed information and photos are on request. The line consists of: Injection molding machine. Manufacturer: Oskar FRECH DAK 1100-112, including three accessories in a double design for casting aluminum radiators and casting chambers with a press. Nxnyt Oskar FRECH SPRAYMOTION 2 1664 / 1200E / mold lubrication unit A robot for casting including casting. KUKA. Model:...
Year of construction: 2006 Clamping force: 3600 kN Fq2uhpb Condition: function-tested and newly painted, MOOG-valve was overhauled, the monitor was renewed.
Tata Hungary
7304 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Tiltable roll container for foundry Size: 800 x 1350 Bjdj0clpz9 Capacity: 650 liters

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