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Clean air dust for sale

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New machineBuilt in 2020Incl. machine recognition for up to 8 machinesIncl. manual shaking Technical data:Nominal volume flow: 1,770 m³/hMin. volume flow: 1,445 m³/hIntake nozzle: 160 mmPu at V min at interface: 1,700 PaMotor power: 2.2 kWLocation: High home Availability: Immediately Expp0dvj more
AL-KO Suction Year of manufacture 1995 2 filling containers Bjicz99xll Jet cleaning Suction port NW 250 filter surface 29,7 m² Nominal volume flow 5940 m³/h Nominal vacuum 3800 Pa Motor 5.5 kW / 400 V Dortmund location L/W/H 1300 x 1300 x 3900mm Weight 350 kg more
Technical data POWER UNIT 200 P - Intake socket-Ø: 200 mm - Nominal motor power: 2.9 kW; 400 V/50 Hz - max. volume flow: 3010 m³/h Galln8un8 - Nominal volume flow: 2262 m³/h - Negative pressure: 2174 Pa - filter area: 13,7 m² - Filter cleaning: Compressed air cleaning - 2 pieces of filling containers (roller containers): a. 241 litres - Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 2322 x 830 x 2050 - Weight: 320 kg - Version / operating side left Location Ex warehouse Bitburg more
Intake connection 140 mm Nominal volume flow 1108 m³/h max. volume flow 1750 m³/h Negative pressure 2615 Pa Filter surface 8.5 m² filter material Dust class M Bh72sm2rvl Chip collection volume 1x165 l Length x width x height 1241 x 830 x 1700 mm Engine output 2.2 kW / 400 V Weight 218 kg incl. pre-equipment for connection of machine detection for up to 8 machines and 8 slide controls manual cleaning more
Nominal volume flow 2262 m³/h Stpgvg Volume flow max. 3700 m³/h Suction socket diameter 200 mm Negative pressure at Vnennenn 2482 Pa Motor 400V/3 kW Filter area 22 m² Chip collection volume 2x165 l L x W x H 1755 x 830 x 1800 mm Weight 290 kg 2 fixed castors, 2 steering castors with parking brake Pre-equipment for connection of machine detection for up to eight machines and slide controls manual cleaning more
Al-Ko clean air dust collector year 2020 Exhibit (no operating hours yet - new) Technical data Power Unit 250 P Suction port: 250 mm Nominal motor power: 6.5 kW / 3 Ph voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz max. volume flow: 4900 m³ / h Nominal volume flow: 3524 m³ / h Negative pressure: 2451 Pa filter area: 22,4 m² Spare collection volume: 2 x 250 L Dimensions (L / W / H) in mm: 2305 x 994 x 2351 Weight: 758 kg Oo09x0tzo Location: ex warehouse 54634 Bitburg more
We offer you: Blz8f73keq Air filter system/ suction Manufacturer: LTA Industrial Air Cleaning Type: AC 3001 R Year of construction: 2007 Power: 1350 VA Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz Current: 5.9 A Nominal output voltage: 11.0 / 5.5 KV Standard blower capacity: 2300 m3/h Pressure difference max.: 1100 Pa Weight: approx. 100 kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 109 x 60 x 92 cm Two identical systems with different pipes are available. Scope of delivery see photos Location: 22946 Trittau Item no.: 001004 at call ***... more
-Respiratory protection filter -Clean AIR basic 2000 -P SL R Art. Lol 80 00 10 Be2whotnmy -Price per piece -Number 17 pcs. -Dimensions of 131 / 54 mm -Gew. 0.1 kg / pc. more
CAS 600 Manually fed wood waste burner. Able to direct heat into your factory Or it will vent to atmosphere. Bmptlzx9so more
Atlas Clean Air Class II Microbiological safety cabinet With brand new HEPA filters Tested fully working condition! G03sya8 Size: 120 x 80 x 145 cm Please check out our other listings as well. more
Suction unit Nestro NE 160 mobile suction plant V denomination: 1780cbm/h V min.: 1447cbm/h Year of construction: 1996 Suction. Diameter: 160mm Filterfl. 11,5qm Engine power: 2,2kW rated speed: 2800min Operating voltage: 380V Rated current: 4.7A Bmgdul7htj Location: From warehouse 54634 Bitburg - free on truck - more
RLA 160 Jumgru Extraction system Dust nozzle diameter: 160 mm Engine: 2.2 kW 400 V 50 Hz Nominal volume flow at the nozzle: 1448 m ³/h Maximum flow rate: 2400 m3/h Filter surface: 9,21 m² Dust class M Residual dust content: H3 Chip collecting volume: 2 x 165 (193) l The maximum sound pressure level: 73 dB (A) Dimensions (L x W xH): 1755 x 830 x 1654 mm Weight: 267 kg G & pieces 5131620 more
Extraction nozzle 160 mm d, volume flow 1770 cbm/h, motor 2.2 kW, dimensions LxWxH: 1760x830x1660 mm, weight approx. 250 kg, Bztd2hly more
ALKO TMRG 2/160 year 1995 Engine power: 2,2 kW Suction connection: 160 mm Nominal volume flow: 1.770 m³/h Min. volume flow: 1.448 m³/h C7nlj8z Pu at Vmin. at interface: 1.570 Pa 1 mobile chip container Chassis (mobile extraction unit) Size (approx. specifications): 155 x 67 x 236 cm (l x w x h) Good condition! Machine from 1-man workshop. more
Manufacturer: Fields Type: RL 350 Year of construction: 2018 C28z98ac Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) Engine output: 15.0 PS (11.0 kW) Dimensions LxWxH: 2640/1140/2260 mm more
Engine power: 1.8 PS/HP (1.5 kW), year of construction: 2017, engine voltage: 3x 400 V, type: RLA 1213, engine frequency: 50 Hz, suction connection Ø: 100 mm, weight (kg): 116 kg, chip bag capacity (ltr): 135 litres, maximum vacuum (Pa): 2124 Pa, Extraction capacity (m³/h): 790 m³/h, Nominal volume flow: 565 m³/h, Filter surface: 4.1 m², M Filter material, Residual dust content: ᐸ 0.1 mg/m³, Sound pressure level: 75 dB(A), Manual filter cleaning Oicgx more
- max. volume flow 1900m³/h - H3 dust-tested - Filter surface 5m² Vtiika - Chip volume 200l - Suction connection Ø 125 mm more
Fields clean air extraction 160 BG H3 suitable for separating wood dust remaining salary level dust 3 0,1 mg / m ³ safely complied! for wood shavings and wood dust Xxoaimuia Designed for commercial use Dust nozzle: 160 Nominal flow rate: 1770 m ³/h min. Flow rate: 1448 / m ³/h Engine power: 3 KW G & 2822-M37ZN more
Clean air extraction according to dust class H2 Tested by professional association and TÜV. The negative pressure can be controlled via a vacuum meter. The suction unit has a manual dismantling position, which is located at a comfortable working height. (Not like many devices complicated to reach on the cover of the filter cartridge!) Made in Germany! Also the engine is Made in Germany! Ffisdior year of construction 2003, but rarely used and in good condition Completely ready for use and functio... more
Manufacturer: Fields Nxlkp Type: RL 160 Year of construction: 2018 Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) Engine output: 4.0 PS (3.0 kW) Dimensions LxWxH: 1775/898/2005mm suction connection: 160mm suction capacity: 3200 more
Hurrican Economy 5000 clean air extraction The unit is suitable for the extraction of wood chips and wood dust in handicraft and industrial companies that process solid wood and wood-based materials. The residual dust content in the clean air of the ECONOMY 5000 extraction unit is below 0.1 mg / Nm³. The extraction unit in question is built as a mobile dust extractor in accordance with the guidelines of the Holz-Berufsgenossenschaft Köln GS-HO-14 ( Mobile dust extractor for installation and use ... more
DEMONSTRATION UNIT AL-KO EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERED AND MADE IN GERMANY YOUR ADVANTAGES Investment security: AL-KO POWER UNIT 250 P can be retrofitted with a briquette press or rotary lock valve if desired. Superior technology: The large-volume air surge tank with fast diaphragm valves ensures optimum JET filter cleaning and the lowest use of compressed air. The filter bags ensure easy handling with their standard snap ring lock. They are made from an antistatic polyester needle felt m... more
-exhaust connection 140mm Bl2oyxcq2r -2,2 KW 400v 50HZ -with driving direction -easy change of the chip saw G&-4167-M34GZ more
nominal air flow 900 m3/h fan power 2,5 kw V 400/50 Yruvic storage volume 250 l residual dust level ᐸ0,1 mg/m3 SOUND PRESSURE OF 75 dB (A) more
Coral clean air extraction Eurofilter M300 Bjvvx9pkcy suction capacity 6000 m3/h Engine power 9,2 kW mobile Fire extinguisher H3 tested Residual dust content 0.1 mg/m³ Dimensions: length 2730 x width 1100 x height incl. silencer 2520 mm Noise level 75 dB(A) Chip volume 3 tons a 300 l year of construction 2015 more
ASA 5403 Fsubs3bn3 2 bag suction machine Raw air extraction system ASA 5403 new! Air capacity free inlet of 5355 m³/h, Filter surface area 6 m², Power 400V 3.7 KW,. Suction connection 3x120mm/1x100mm, 2 dust bags and 2 bags of chips G & pieces 5125403 Optional Zubehoer(Aufpreis): fine dust filter cartridge with specially treated Polyesterfliess with manual brush cleaning. Please request special price! more
Fields RL 125 Clean air extraction Motor power: 2.2 kW Year of construction: 2017 Motor voltage: 3x 400 V, Motor frequency: 50 Hz, Extraction connection Ø: 125 mm, Maximum vacuum (Pa): 1350, Extraction capacity (m³/h): 1150 Ysmiks more
Hösbach Rottenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7939 km
ASA 3303 Raw air dust extraction system Nominal power 3260 m ³/h,. Filter surface 2 x 3.6 m square,. Ssvqlokeo Engine performance 400 V 50 Hz 1.5 kW, 2 dust bags G & pieces 5123303 more
Bitburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7788 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Bitburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7788 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Bitburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7788 km
as good as new (ex-display)
IE 3 engine as standard maximum flow rate up to 10,000 m³/h to the fan about 73 m m² filter area Pre-filter as standard 71 dB (A) at full load (according to DIN EN ISO 11201) Certified according to GS-HO-07 H3 residual dust content 0,1 mg / m ³ safely complied (wood dust) Models with construction pattern tested rotary valves (FSA) Approved non-return valve Built-in automatic fire extinguishing system 350 + P Intake manifold 355 mm 9zr2y8g Rated motor power 15.0 kW/3Ph Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz maxi... more
Bitburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7788 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Bitburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
7788 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Excellent value for money Mobile in the workshop can be used *. High suction power significantly reduced dust (dust class L) Wrxjmowo8 Robust, reliable construction Options: filter cartridge, floor cleaning kit *. From the frame up robust engine, economical in terms of energy consumption, strong in the suction power. The AL-KO raw air dust extractors Mobile family are easy to handle and can be due to their low weight and the integrated castors always there, where you need their suction power. *... more
White Air conditioning Ultraclean ULTRA 55.2 Air conditioning cabinet ULTRA 55.2 DXU Manufacturer: Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Rbzzo72n Device type: Ultraclean, ULTRA 55.2 DXU Year of construction: 2007 Nachheitzer 10,5 kW Cooler: 12,7 kW Humidifier: 3 kg/h Filter class: F7 Supply air volume 2500 m{h ext. ext. compression 200 more
For sale is an oil mist extractor From ILT Industrie Luftfiltertechnik GmbH Type : 1 MRV 20 with Sander I have taken over the technical data! Separation of aerosols, raw gas not flammable or ignitable (standard: flash point ᐳ 120° C, special designs for lower flash points available) Qm2hqgod Filtering separator, depth filtration free suction 1500 m3/h mechan. adjustable, max. 1200 m3/h Housing material 1.5 mm thin sheet DC01 AmEN 10130/10131 (St 12-03), reinforced, sealed for condensed liquid, b... more
For sale is an oil mist extractor From ILT Industrie Luftfiltertechnik GmbH Type : 1 MRV 40 with Sander I have taken over the technical data! Puigca Separation of aerosols, raw gas not flammable or ignitable (standard: flash point ᐳ 120° C, special designs for lower flash points available) Filtering separator, depth filtration free suction 2700 m3/h mechan. adjustable, max. 2400 m3/h Housing material 1.5 mm thin sheet DC01 AmEN 10130/10131 (St 12-03), reinforced, sealed for condensed liquid, bas... more

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