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Extraction unit Nestro NE 160 mobile extraction unit V nominal: 1780cbm/h V min.: 1447cbm/h year of construction: 1997 Suction tube Diameter: 160mm Filterfl. 11,5qm Engine power: 2,2kW Rated speed: 2800min Operating voltage: 380V Rated current: 4,7A Automatic vibration Location: ex stock 54634 Bitburg - free loaded - Vt39ai
Al-Ko clean air dust collector year 2020 Exhibit (no operating hours yet - new) Technical data Power Unit 250 P Suction port: 250 mm Nominal motor power: 6.5 kW / 3 Ph voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz max. volume flow: 4900 m³ / h Nominal volume flow: 3524 m³ / h Negative pressure: 2451 Pa Oo09x0tzo filter area: 22,4 m² Spare collection volume: 2 x 250 L Dimensions (L / W / H) in mm: 2305 x 994 x 2351 Weight: 758 kg Location: ex warehouse 54634 Bitburg
Technical data POWER UNIT 200 P - Intake socket-Ø: 200 mm - Nominal motor power: 2.9 kW; 400 V/50 Hz - max. volume flow: 3010 m³/h - Nominal volume flow: 2262 m³/h - Negative pressure: 2174 Pa - filter area: 13,7 m² - Filter cleaning: Compressed air cleaning - 2 pieces of filling containers (roller containers): a. 241 litres - Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 2322 x 830 x 2050 - Weight: 320 kg Galln8un8 - Version / operating side left Location Ex warehouse Bitburg
Dortmund, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1091 km
Clean air dust extractor AL-KO POWER UNIT 250 P Motor power: 7.5 kW / 3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz suction nozzle: NW 250 nominal volume flow: 3.534 m³/h according to GS-HO-07 max. volume flow: 4.900 m³/h Negative pressure at nominal V: 2,451 Pa Filter area: 22,4 m² Compressed air cleaning Jet cleaning incl. integrated pre-separator incl. integrated automatic extinguishing system 2 filling tanks 165 L each (net) Briinutln9 in stock immediately available
Respiratory protection filter Be2whotnmy -Clean AIR: basic 2000 -P SL R Art. No.: 80 00 10 -Price: per piece -Number: 17 pieces -Dimensions: Ø 131/54 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg/piece
Dimensions: 610-610-292 Air Flow: 3400 m3/h Pressure Drop: 250 Pa Baxmo8z0 Efficiency:99.95 %
Via Mitterling, 10, 39010 Gargazzone BZ, Italien Italy
1578 km
nominal air flow 900 m3/h fan power 2,5 kw V 400/50 storage volume 250 l Yruvic residual dust level ᐸ0,1 mg/m3 SOUND PRESSURE OF 75 dB (A)
-KOM 1506- Clean air extraction system BGU 2000 S A clean air extraction system BGU 2000 S is offered here. Machine type: Clean air extraction system Model: RLG 2000 S Machine number Extraction connection 160 mm - Nominal operating voltage: 400 V - Power P1: 4. 2 Nominal current: KW 6. 2 A - with driving direction Collection is free of charge - Shipping by arrangement. Bov2pk3an2
DEMONSTRATION UNIT AL-KO EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERED AND MADE IN GERMANY YOUR ADVANTAGES Investment security: AL-KO POWER UNIT 250 P can be retrofitted with a briquette press or rotary lock valve if desired. Superior technology: The large-volume air surge tank with fast diaphragm valves ensures optimum JET filter cleaning and the lowest use of compressed air. The filter bags ensure easy handling with their standard snap ring lock. They are made from an antistatic polyester needle felt m...
Excellent value for money Mobile in the workshop can be used *. Wrxjmowo8 High suction power significantly reduced dust (dust class L) Robust, reliable construction Options: filter cartridge, floor cleaning kit *. From the frame up robust engine, economical in terms of energy consumption, strong in the suction power. The AL-KO raw air dust extractors Mobile family are easy to handle and can be due to their low weight and the integrated castors always there, where you need their suction power. *...
IE 3 engine as standard maximum flow rate up to 10,000 m³/h to the fan about 73 m m² filter area Pre-filter as standard 71 dB (A) at full load (according to DIN EN ISO 11201) Certified according to GS-HO-07 H3 residual dust content 0,1 mg / m ³ safely complied (wood dust) Models with construction pattern tested rotary valves (FSA) Approved non-return valve Built-in automatic fire extinguishing system 350 + P 9zr2y8g Intake manifold 355 mm Rated motor power 15.0 kW/3Ph Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz maxi...
Compressed air breathing apparatus -Accessories: CleanAir CA Basic 2000 -Price: per piece -Number: 3 pieces -Dimensions: 200/120/H190 mm -Weight: 1.8 kg/piece Bfguszmjal
Chamber oven, unused, with new machine warranty -classification according to AMS 2750E class 2 -operating temperature: 250 - 700°C (can be increased to 850°C without problems) Ogovv -External dimensions: W x H x D 3,5 x 4,0 x 3,5m (without door portal) -Payload dimensions: W x H x D 1.8 x 1.6 x 1.8m (working zone) -Burner: 2 -Nominal power: 2 x 100 kW -Fuel: natural gas -Temperature controller: SPS based software controller with high resolution SPS input cards -PLC control: Siemens S7 3XX prog...
4 collecting bags motor 4kW capacity c.a. 5000m3/h G8craeff outlet pipe for back the air to building dimensions: 3x0,75x2,9
White Air conditioning Ultraclean ULTRA 55.2 Air conditioning cabinet ULTRA 55.2 DXU Manufacturer: Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Device type: Ultraclean, ULTRA 55.2 DXU Year of construction: 2007 Nachheitzer 10,5 kW Cooler: 12,7 kW Humidifier: 3 kg/h Filter class: F7 Supply air volume 2500 m{h ext. ext. compression 200 Rbzzo72n
ISI industry air filter, self-propelled Model: FI-2400 Motor: 2.2 kW Ojxof Year of construction: 1991 Equipped with particulate filter mats
For sale is an oil mist extractor From ILT Industrie Luftfiltertechnik GmbH Qm2hqgod Type : 1 MRV 20 with Sander I have taken over the technical data! Separation of aerosols, raw gas not flammable or ignitable (standard: flash point ᐳ 120° C, special designs for lower flash points available) Filtering separator, depth filtration free suction 1500 m3/h mechan. adjustable, max. 1200 m3/h Housing material 1.5 mm thin sheet DC01 AmEN 10130/10131 (St 12-03), reinforced, sealed for condensed liquid, b...
Manufacturer: PUZAIR Type: dust bag. Shaking off pneumatic bag! U83frzkd
GBABS2 dust collector Castolin Goodaire 1200 Bgnf3gu3 220-240 / 380-420 V 2,2 kW
18,5kW paddle blade fan with filter. Capacity 10,000 CFM. Ready for loading. Bjwadczurp
GBABS1 dust collector Castolin Goodaire 1100 2845 r/min, 1100 m3/h 220-240 / 380-420 V 1,5 kW Use category C Jvq7fe Cooling type S Degree of protection IP54
Blomberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1179 km
1 dedusting with ring ionization with the option of installing the system on an existing transport. Cleaning perpendicular to the direction of flow of the automatic spray gun. With integrated electro-mechanical linear drive. Btohkelkso 2 compressed air-operated, rotating blow nozzles move in an oscillating manner across the direction of the workpieces. The dedusting is provided with two side exhaust hoods through which the dust-free air is removed from the workpieces. 1 ring ionization for the e...
mechanical filter system for soldering work stations and laser systems volume flow max. 500 m³ / h compression max. 21,000 Pa Bsxtppccbv preliminary filter mat - HEPA filter - activated carbon cassette control interface electrical data 230 V / 2.4 KW space requirements length - 810 x width - 365 x height - 740 mm weight approx. 70 kg  
Description High quality galvanized steel housing 9nvbzxo Powerful, economical engines Standard optional intake connection at top or bottom Uniform filter bags for all variants Discharge in chip tons The modular models of the AL-KO AAS series are available in optimally matched performance categories with energy-saving and quiet motors that drive the fan on the raw air side and thus generate particularly effective overpressure filtering. Durable quality components and an all-metal housing made of...
Electrostatic air filter Indusa elstar EL4001 NVAS R/O There are 36 pieces available in different versions of intake and air outlet, but the majority is R/O. Bmfuve0rbb The air filters are from 2013 and only very little used since the company has changed to a central extraction system in 2014. Some are still new and unused. All used air filters are cleaned and disinfected and give the optical impression of a new system. There are also some EL 2001 NTD VA and EL 2001 NVAS The well thought-out des...
Cleaning of exhaust air from processing machines, coating plants Bjgcduhlwi or food processing lines, such as cooling lubricants or spray mist Complete unit Power 0,57 kW - 400V 50 Hz Rated current 1.05 A Air volume 1100 m³/h. was used on a processing machine. We still have more extraction units. Please inquire.
Dortmund-Wambel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1087 km
good condition (used)
2. air cleaning plants Flow rate Max 1450 m³/h Speed 0.7 m/s Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz Dimensions L x W x H 800 x 800 x 1250 mm / system Weight: 160 kg / plant New price: €7.200,00 / PCs. Need new replacement filters and parts about us can be ordered! Price: €3.990,00 / PCs. plus VAT VAT Ga0lhffwi Siegfried Volz machine tools Rüschebrinkstr. 151-153 D-44143 Dortmund - Wambel
Unused cleanroom airlock from M+W ZANDER Type: FFU 0606 Mat. lock Comm.: 840 016 Material: stainless steel Technical data: Cnk7g2sa - Supply voltage: 208 - 277 V - Dimensions: WxDxH total - 900 x 800 x 1300 mm - Interior dimensions: 700 x 700 x 700 mm Delivery as shown.
Dust extraction, extraction, vacuum filter, self-cleaning DONALDSON DCE DALAMATIC for continuous operation. Bnwnfuembi Dust collector for sandblasting, grinding, sodaizing and for all kinds of dry dusts. The fan is placed behind the filter on the clean side which reduces the risk of explosion to a minimum. Pocket filter cleaned pneumatically with compressed air impulses during operation, which results in high efficiency of the device. 3 kw fan Capacity of 3200 m3/h
I sell the brushing machine suitable for polishing and cleaning works. ELMAC. Working width 1150mm. Very good condition. Available immediately. Bifhiyy93h
For sale 1 piece Leister 38B5 5102122 heating insert, Leister 5000, Herz LE L62 for air heaters, 380-440V 7.5-10kW, diameter x length 55 x 131.7 mm. Stock 1 pc. Net price: 100.- euros Parcel delivery is possible at pre-agreed prices. Please email me with your questions. 2sf3k3
Type LBM250C Motors 2 x 0.75kW Working length 1300 mm Bgzpzw2jim Working thickness 80 mm Transport dimensions 2400x600x1300 mm Weight 340 kg
Atlas copco Air compressor Model ZR 250 E Nf2fj7h OIL FREE AIR Electrical motors Two (2) machines available for sale , Year : 2003 and 1997 Working Pressure : 7.5 bars
For sale 1 piece Leister 5000 industrial heat blower, air heater, lufterhitzer, 700 ° C, 5 / 6.7kW, 380 / 440VAC 50 / 60Hz, 13 / 16A The heat blower fan unit does not include a separate air supply. Bnz7kntqbs Required air volume: 800-1000 L / min Stock 1 pc. Net price: 200.- euros Parcel delivery is possible at pre-agreed prices. Please email me with your questions.
The painting machine, as shown in the pictures, will be sold in a completely refurbished condition. It is an eight-arm, 360-degree, closed-system sprayer with a maximum of two (up to 16) spray gun units per arm. The objects to be painted are conveyed by a motorized conveyor belt with photocell sensors using nine stainless steel belt conveyors. The conveyor belt system runs through a cleaning tray filled with thinner, so it is cleaned automatically during use. The machine is in perfect working or...

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