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Air conditioner, air conditioning E399rkqhw -Power: 6.5 kW -Type: AOY24FNBK -Dimensions: 900/365/H645 mm -Weight: 80 kg
Air conditioner / proofing room air conditioner Lillnord Model: PG 100 Powerful with sophisticated technology for all proofing rooms up to 6 sqm Temperature range +20 to 45 ° C adjustable via thermostat Humidity range 60 to 95% R.H. adjustable via hygrostat Automatic water regulation Connection 400V, 6.5kW Dimensions: 430 x 230 x 1725 mm, WxDxH Used device cleaned and workshop checked! Bhztecaxpq 6 months parts warranty
conditioner with filter, pressure regulator, stopcock filter with pressure regulator P3KEA14ESABNGP stopcock P3KVA14LN inlet pressure upto 17 bar controlled pressure 8 bar Fjrtabt7 connection 1/2" wall mount
Commercial AC for Restaurant. Was installed but never used. The Restauranteur didn't want it, so we dismantled it. Bm9gikb23o
SANYO ECO G Gas heat pump air conditioner Model: SGP-E190J2GU2W Power source: 230 V AC, 1 Phase, 50 HZ Max electrical input: 1,16 kW, 5,4 A (Continuous) Unit protection: IP24 Cooling capacity: 56 kW Heating capacity: 67 kW Heat input (HS)(Cooling): 43,5 kW Heat input (HS)(Heating): 46 kW Refrigerant: R407C, 17 kg Design pressure high side: 30 bar Vss3qy Design pressure low side: 16 bar OUTDOOR USE ONLY! We have 4 pieces on Stock!
mobile air conditioner, air conditioner, room air conditioner -mobile air conditioner -Energy efficiency class: A -Ideal for rooms up to: 100 m³ -24 h timer Fx3tdueb -Dimensions: 450/630/H825 mm -Weight: 38 kg
Babenhausen Germany
1244 km
reconditioned (used)
Air conditioner / Gaerraumklimageraet Lillnord Model: PG 100 for all Gaerraeume to 6 sqm Temperature range +20 to 45 ° C Lz9k2owj Humidity range 60 to 95% R.H. Connection 400V, 6,5kW Dimensions: 430 x 230 x 1725 mm, WxDxH
Bader HX 1500 switch cabinet cooling unit Manufacturer: Bader Type: HX 1500 Cooling capacity: 1,50 kW Power consumption: 0.60 kW Starting current: 14 A Voltage: 230 V Refrigerant: 134a More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! Bhp8usrje International shipping costs on request!
Airklima AAM13000 Mobile air conditioner Air cooler Without exhaust air hose, without outdoor unit, environmentally friendly Power consumption cooling 480 W Suitable for room size: approx. 70m2/170m3 Technical data Room size: 70/170 m2/m3 Power consumption cooling: 480 W Air volume flow: 13000 m3/h Sound pressure level: 54 dB(A) Power supply (V/Phase/Hz): 230/1/50 N3fqr Water tank: 100 l Dimensions (LxDxH): 870x570x1400 mm Weight: 40 kg condition: used good condition, everything works / with rem...
SANYO SPW-SR124GXH56 Air Conditioner-indoor unit Year of construction: 2004 Cooling-heating unit Semi-concealed two-way air outlet Power kW Cooling: 3,60 Heating 4,20 Air volume (high) 576 m3 / h Phase 1 50Hz Voltage (AVR) V 230 Running amp. 0.45 / 0.29 A. Power 93/61 W Power sound level (H / M / L) dB-A Ref.dia. Narrow / wide tube 350 x 840 x 600 mm Weight 23+ 7 kg Indoor unit H / W / D mm 350 x 840 x 600 Panel height / width 358 x 1060 x 680 mm Bfxi7gtksr • Thin, compact and lightweight uni...
Air conditioner, air conditioning -Transfer: in the current condition as seen -Housing back wall: slightly deformed at the top -Stulz: MINISpace EC room cooling CCD 61 A -Power: approx. 6.8 kW -Dimensions: 600/670/H2250 mm Cg7jcipo -Weight: 172 kg
Babenhausen Germany
1244 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Air conditioner / proofer air conditioner NEW Lillnord Model: PG 1000 Powerful with sophisticated technology for all fermentation rooms up to 6 sqm Temperature range +20 to 45 ° C adjustable via thermostat Humidity range 60 to 95% R.H. adjustable via hygrostat Automatic water regulation long lifetime! thanks to the proven "Lillnord system" Dimensions: 500 x 200 x 1700 mm, WxDxH DGUV V3 tested Connection 400V, 6.5 kW, 16A-CEE plug NEW device with 12 months warranty Bll99upftk Come to our large b...
Toshiba air conditioning RAV-SM1102AT-E air conditioner outdoor unit; 9lansx07x • Casing: galvanised, lacquered steel sheet "Pearl White" • prefilled condenser unit with DC-twin rolling piston compressor • Speed controlled compressor • Axial fan • Cooling up to-15 ° C ambient temperature Technical data Cooling capacity heating capacity 2200-12500 W 2200-12500 W voltage 230 Vac power 16.5A power 3560W protection 16A/T Sound pressure level 53 - 54dB(A) refrigerant R410A depth 320 mm Width 900 mm...
Model 740U ADABADaAD2C2D2 Nr.206 Baujar/Year of manufacture 1995 Jfcpye9 Bettriebsspannung/Operating voltage: 400V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz/Cycl Steuerspannung/Control Voltage: 230/24, 1 Ph Kaltemaschinen/Compresor: 400V, 7,5kW, 23Amp, Anzahl/Number:1 Luftermotor/Fan Motor: 400V, 2,2Kw, 5,2Amp, Anzahl/Number:1 Elektr.Heizung/Electr.Heating: 230V, 18kW, 27,3 Amp, Anzahl/Number:2 Kaltemittel/REfrigerent: R22, 2,5bar
Sanyo SPW-XDR94GXH56(B) Variable Refrigerant Flow Semi Concealed 4-way air discharge Capacity : Cooling :2.80kw Heating 3,20kw Air-circulation (High) 900 phase 1. 50Hz Voltage rating (AVR) V 230 Running amperes 0.21 0.18 A Power input 0.032 0.022 watt Power sound level (H/M/L) dB-A Ref.dia. Narrow/Wide Pipe 6.35 (1/4) / 12.7 (1/2) Weight 21+4,5 kg Indoor Unit H/W/D mm 265 x 840 x 840 Panel H/W/D mm 291 x 950 x 950 • Sirocco fans and heat exchanger fins with new shapes are adopted and the...
Toshiba cassette air conditioner RAV-SM804UT-E incl. outdoor unit RAV-SM803AT-E; Consisting of: 1 x Toshiba 4-way cassette air conditioning unit RAV-SM804UT-E 1 x outdoor unit RAV-SM803AT-E 1 x standard remote Toshiba RBC AMT32E Inverter compressor Heating function Size of the room greater than 50 m² max 115 m³ The new 4-way cassette fits unobtrusively into any ceiling. A newly developed axial fan Turbo allows the devices to operate very quietly, While the design of the ceiling panels improve...
Toshiba cassette air conditioner RAV-SM804UT-E incl. outdoor unit RAV-SM1102AT-E; Consisting of: 1 x Toshiba 4-way cassette air conditioner SM804UT-E 1 x outdoor unit RAV-SM1102AT-E 1 x standard remote Toshiba RBC AMT32E Inverter compressor Heating function Size of the room greater than 50 m² max 115 m³ The new 4-way cassette fits unobtrusively into any ceiling. A newly developed axial fan Turbo allows the devices to operate very quietly, While the design of the ceiling panels improved guaran...
Pressure reducers, pressure regulators, manometers -for oxygen S0yhevger -Inlet pressure: max. 200 bar -Outlet pressure: 0 - 12 bar adjustable -Number: 1x piece available -Price: per piece -Weight: 1.4 kg
Oftersheim Germany
1248 km
unexamined (used)
Ölnebelsabscheider AIR Fresh Baujahr 2013 Btpgxcifl0 Leistung 1,15KW Das Angebot richtet sich aussliesslich an Gewerbetreibende im Sinne §14 BGB kein Verkauf an Privat!
Air Liquide gas semi-trailer for liquid natural gas, LNG, methan, Ogeg9 Gas tank volume: 45 m3, Stainless steel Tara 12600 kg Test pressure 9,5 bar Cryogenic isolation for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG We would also be pleased to prepare an offer for you or provide you with further information. To discuss the possibilities, please contact us by e-mail.
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1201 km
used screw compressor Year of manufacture 2010 regularly serviced 10 bar with refrigeration dryer Motor 23,4 kW Cfwsynam Volume flow 3.14 m³/min Weight 520 kg Availability: short term location: Hochheim
Goldenstedt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1114 km
bag length 22-340/ 22-127 mm bag width 300 - 470 mm work impulse 0-99,9 sek. Temperature range ca. 60 - 70 °C dimensions ca. 1300x800x1200 +Tisch mm Bskp0rl9rr
Emskirchen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1384 km
Hot Foil Stamping machine AIR HYDRAULICS AH Year 2006 - Serial-No. AH 930002 -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- Str2nw -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect- -On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg - Can b
Digestorium exhaust system for pharmacies, chemistry and medicine -Interior dimensions: 540/850 / H900 mm -Stainless steel version Ikgjfpn -Glass door front -With Camfit filter cartridge -Connection: 0.085 kW -Type suction: EB 225 -with extractor hood -Dimensions: 675/900/H1200 mm -Weight: 100 kg
Burgoberbach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1385 km
good condition (used)
Fully functional 2 stck available, can be viewed . Bxcvz3hw8p
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
1083 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics Integrated dryerSound proofTank / Vat Hxbp87f8o NEW state 1.84 hours of functionning 300 L air tank PF6 filter and automatic purging Debit / Rate of air flow: 33 m3/h Power and Motors Motor: 4 CV Overall dimensions
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
1782 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 5292 Type: PLASMATOME 25 Producer: SAF Air Liquide Ft23xu2 Made in: 2004 Characteristic: Length of the working table: 12000 mm Width of the working table: 2000 mm Table height: 700 mm Maximum thickness of the cut sheet metal: 150 mm Cutting speed: 15 m/min Equipment: NETRAJET HP 120 tilting head CNC DIGISAF 3.5
Provides cleaner air for worker environment Reduce sick days Reduces winter heating and summer air conditioning costs Reduces redos caused by cross contamination Energy Efficient – economical to operate Igrtwhgje Mobile – easily moved to where it is required Efficient use of production floor space No ventilation or makeup air required Powerful motor re-circulates air at over 3,000 cfm ***Only used for one project***
Emskirchen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1384 km
Jogger Schuster RW Year ca. 1992 - Serial-No. - Size 900 x 1150mm mobile, tiltable height adjustable -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- Bi0gy2dmbn -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect-
Air cushion or air cushion bags are characterized as particularly space-saving and clean packaging. Fill-Air air bag packaging systems feature a variety of fast, easy-to-use systems that deliver air-filled cushions on demand. They offer excellent protection and efficient cavity filling while at the same time reducing material and shipping costs. Qk8ux2w3f -Weight: 42 kg
Compressor unit type 178 A CD E Delivery volume 4760 l min B8iffu7m 9 bar operating pressure KW 30
Kobližná, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
1782 km
good (used)
Designed for welding with 15 PAW (Plasma) method without additional material Used to weld individual sheet metal sheets together (to the strip) and to weld the seal welds of the tanks (to the twisted sheet) Thickness of welded material 1-10 mm single-layer or multi-layer weld Cc7d0kkq Maximum weld length 3250 mm Can be used for diameters from 380 to 1450 mm Plasma / TIG seamer benche
Extraction table with filter system from Air-Fresh-Service total width 2700x1120mm working surface 2000x1000mm Bupysbgwpv padded support surface air volumes from 3.000 m³/h - 6.500 m³/h integrated pre-separator large calming chamber for uniform flow of the filter media Sound-insulated fan integrated in the housing solidly manufactured housing The table was purchased but never used, therefore like new. The extraction table type AIR GRIND is characterized by its compact dimensions and its flexible...
Bergkirchen - Gröbenried, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1493 km
unexamined (used)
Rapid Air coiling machine. Model: R56AP. Serial no.: 71589. Coiler outer diameter: 920 mm. Coil inner diameter variable: 120-500mm. Spare control box. Buw2roxszj More coilers on stock: Soprem, ALO Teknik, Kohler, Bruderer, Rapid Air. As well servo feeders and used flash butt welding machines Ideal BAS 100, Ideal BAS 050, Ideal BAS 120...
Centrifugal fan, paint mist extraction fan, fan, extraction fan, blower -Motor power: 1.1 kW -Speed: 2760 rpm Q9wnkla -Max. Volume flow: approx. 1,900 m³/h -Max. Pressure: - kp/m² -Connection input: Ø 300 mm -Connection output: Ø 300 mm -Impeller: Ø 310 mm -Connection: 400 volts -Number: 3x available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 900/630/H660 mm -Weight: 64 kg
Plasma Kjellberg HiFocus 160i 1x plasma 1x oxy-fuel Bpazjc9qdt Working table 2950x3050 mm Control Digisaf 100 Extraction unit Kemper 8000 Year of construction: 2000 Available: 01/2021 Machine can be inspected under power Video available on request
Combination steamer Juno air-o-steam, type 5512-3, heating air damper Bu7clve0en with 10 bays 1/1 GN, base with 1/1 GN bays, Connection 400V, 18.3kW, built 1989 Total dimensions with base LxWxH approx. 90x92x174cm, weight approx. 190kg, older device, but is in good condition and works perfectly
More pcs in stock! Print resolution 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) 12 dots/mm (300 dpi) 24 dots/mm (600 dpi) Print speed Up to 400 mm per second Tamp sizes (mm) Tamp-Blow standard of 12.5 x 7 to 160 x 300 mm, label lengths must be limited in accordance with label quality, longer or smaller labels are possible using special tamps Label gap Minimum 3 mm Label roll 300 mm diameter, up to 450 running meters, core 76 mm (3"), outside winding (optional inside winding) Data interfaces RS232, RS422, RS485, Eth...
OFFER 15275 Technical data: Buborrvos0 - Load capacity 100 kg - Face plate diameter 300 mm - face plate mot. stepless inclinable 0 - 135 ° - mot. Rotation infinitely variable 0,2 - 5,0 rpm - table height at horizontal position 385 mm - passage opening 30 mm - E. foot switch - Space requirement approx. W 400 x H 385 x D 300 mm - Weight approx. 28 kg
Respiratory protection filter -Clean AIR: basic 2000 -P SL R Art. No.: 80 00 10 -Price: per piece Be2whotnmy -Number: 17 pieces -Dimensions: Ø 131/54 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg/piece
Width: max. 38 mm Feeding length: max. 50 mm Thickness: 0,05...1,02 mm Strokes: max. 260 1/min W7l0unbz Feeding power: 90 N can be equipped by mechnical valve or solenoid
Hergensweiler Germany
1423 km
good condition (used)
Welding rotary table Air Liquide 2,5 tons hydraulic height adjustable with hand and foot remote control speed indicator Y2oqa2 like new