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Respiratory protection filter Be2whotnmy -Clean AIR: basic 2000 -P SL R Art. No.: 80 00 10 -Price: per piece -Number: 17 pieces -Dimensions: Ø 131/54 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg/piece
Provides cleaner air for worker environment Igrtwhgje Reduce sick days Reduces winter heating and summer air conditioning costs Reduces redos caused by cross contamination Energy Efficient – economical to operate Mobile – easily moved to where it is required Efficient use of production floor space No ventilation or makeup air required Powerful motor re-circulates air at over 3,000 cfm ***Only used for one project***
Silos TURBO Filter Pgxbt 180 m2 Diameter 5700 mm Height 11300 mm Weight approx 40 T
Extraction table with filter system from Air-Fresh-Service total width 2700x1120mm working surface 2000x1000mm padded support surface air volumes from 3.000 m³/h - 6.500 m³/h integrated pre-separator large calming chamber for uniform flow of the filter media Sound-insulated fan integrated in the housing solidly manufactured housing The table was purchased but never used, therefore like new. Bupysbgwpv The extraction table type AIR GRIND is characterized by its compact dimensions and its flexible...
Capacity: 400l. The system is temporarily operating with activated charcoal. B0zzphmai
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions, air filters -Mann air filter housing with: filter -Inlet/outlet: Ø 80/70 mm -Part Number: 43 905 63 8981 -Dimension: Ø 260/400 mm Bfnz8qkfr9 -Weight: 11.5 kg
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions, air filters -Mann air filter housing -Inlet/outlet: Ø 80/70 mm Bfnz9m7woc -Part Number: 31 -Dimensions: 330/240/320 mm -Weight: 6.7 kg
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions -Mann air filter housing -Inlet/outlet: Ø 39/39 mm Busfjwv3 -Part Number: 45 -Price: per piece -Number: 2 pieces -Dimension: Ø 173/165 mm -Weight: 1.8 kg
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions -Mann air filter housing with: filter -Inlet/outlet: Ø 104/104 mm -Part Number: 44 681 92 949 Bbvbkd978 -Dimension: Ø 330/440 mm -Weight: 4.55 kg
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions -Mann air filter housing -Inlet/outlet: O 52/46 mm -Part Number: 44 100 92 921 Bfns3j7xoi -with air filter: C 11 100 -Price: per piece -Number: 8 pieces -Dimension: Ø 190/285 mm -Weight: 1.15 kg
Air filter -Manufacturer: Mann & Hummel, air filter -Type: C 12 116/1 secondary element -Dimension: Ø 114 x 315 mm -Weight: 0.8 kg O2wjz
Air bellows, roller bellows, air cushions, air filters Noyzz -Donaldson air filter housing -Inlet/outlet: Ø 73/70 mm -Dimension: Ø 196/370 mm -Weight: 1.45 kg
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1091 km
flow: 4000 m³ / h engine power: 1,90 kW Noise level: 72 dB (A) Dimensions W x D x H: 1040 x 508 x 595 mm Connected load: 1.6 kW (230/400 V / 50Hz) Weight: 115 kg Hrat73uri colour: gray RAL 7035 Suitable for cleaning cooling lubricant and oil-based grinding mist.
Electrostatic filter system for oil mist, suction, oil mist separator W+W Filter systems Type EL-FI 1000 Air cleaner, filter system, mist and fume separator, oil mist extraction, high-voltage filter No. 500816 Year of manufacture 1999 Flow rate approx. 1000 m3/h Suction pipe diameter 200 mm Air outlet grille 305 x 125 mm Engine power 0,15 kW Mains connection 230 Volt, 50 Hz Rated current 0.65 A - electrostatic air filter with filter elements - 1 piece of pre-filter made of wire mesh for cleaning...
DESCRIPTION Bqcjejkqee Removes 91% of all fine dust particles> 1 µm Adjustable in three levels Time recording for automatic shutdown For cleaning the air in workshops, also for exhibition and living spaces Highly efficient filter process removes 99% of all particles> 5 µm and 91% of all fine dust particles> 1 µm Designed to clean the air in workshops, also for exhibition and living spaces The ideal addition to a stationary extraction system without a fine filter The use of several in larger pr...
Air filter Hiqvre2yy -Type: SMF 30/50 -Diameter: Ø 81 mm -Dimensions: 780/140/140 mm -Weight: 2.3 kg
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1091 km
flow: 1200 m³ / h engine power: 0,95 kW Hzn8yrdza Noise level: 58 dB (A) Connected load: 0.407 kW (230/400 V / 50Hz) Weight: 60 kg Dimensions W x D x H: 353 x 542 x 756 mm colour: gray RAL 7035 Suitable for cleaning cooling lubricant and oil-based grinding mist.
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal Austria
1823 km
excellent (used)
2 pcs ES 2-11 & 1 pcs ES 3-11 ES 2-11: capacity 6000 m3/h under pressure 3.600 Pa no of filter cartridges 32 # filter area 51,2 m3 motor 11,0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz fan speed 2910 U/ min compressed air connection 1/2” dust collection bins 2 x 165 l dimensions L x W x H = 3222 x 1210 x 2505 mm weight 1220 kg Bw3prsbbfh ES 3-11: capacity 8000 m3/h under pressure 3.080 Pa no of filter cartridges 44 # filter area 70,4 m3 motor 11,0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz fan speed 2910 U/ min compressed air connection 1/2” ...
Air flow 6000 m3/S Corv29h ARGUS is a filtering unit for air purification in working areas for the separation of oil mists and oily fumes generated during the processing of metals with cooling lubricants.
used, great condition 4 elements a 1500 mm x 1300 mm x 350 mm / pc. Connection diameter 710 mm x 405 mm Bwgckzlywv Required space approx. 3400 mm x 3100 mm x 450 mm Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty
Air performance: 600 m³/h unit extraction rate Colour: Light grey Buiimtu2zz Electrical connection: 3~, 230/400V ± 10%, D/Y 50/60 Hz 0,5 kW power supply 1,5/0,88 A, IP 54 Weight: approx. 50 kg
Original Knecht Filter (Air Filter) -Number of pieces x type: -1x Knecht LX 275 -1x Knecht LX 507 -1x Knecht LX 611 -1x Knecht LX 739 -1x Knecht LX 747 Ql8whzv2w -Price: for every 5 pieces -Total weight: 20 kg
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1091 km
flow: 2500 m³ / h engine power: 1,05 kW Noise level: 67 dB (A) Dimensions W x D x H: 1040 x 508 x 595 mm mass: 103 kg Connected load: 1.25 kW (230/400 V / 50Hz) colour: gray RAL 7035 Suitable for cleaning cooling lubricant and oil-based grinding mist. Bhz8hvf
- IVAT AIR TOWER -second hand-| Yvcms - yom 2015; 5,5kW - existing of - oil fog T5 - ENERG EPF Pacet 5000 - Comfortpaggage, wireless, heating, temperature controller - activated caarbon 5000
Connection diameter 100 mm Motor power 1,95 kW Bvohsmptti nominal volume flow 730 m³/h with 1 chip bucket with lever for closing mobile filter cleaning with crank good condition
Original Knecht Filter (Air Filter) -Number of pieces x type: -1x Knecht LX 33 -1x Knecht LX 227 -2x Knecht LX 265 -1x Knecht LX 271 Bijfvkh -1x Knecht LX 273 -1x Knecht LX 388 -1x Knecht LX 511 -1x Knecht LX 568 -1x Knecht LX 576 -2x Knecht LX 612 -Price: for all 12 pieces -Total weight: 40 kg
Electrostatic Air Filter Make LAS Equipment for air purification Type SH 2000/3 V max. 2000 sqm 3/h height 530 mm depth 480 mm width 920 mm B9x0ykk3
Caterpillar C32 Marine Propulsion Air Filters for sale at any plausible offer. In total 12 pieces. Asking price per piece is € 99,00. New price of this filter is € 300,00. Nu07r77z
Losma AS4 DC Aspirofilter Air Filter Losma Aspirofilter AS4DC Air flow: 0-1700 m³ / h Fan: double centrifuge Filtration levels: 2 Negative pressure: KPA / MM H2O: 0.44 / 44 Engine: 3 phases 220 / 380V 1.5kW Insulation class F IP55 65 dB Manufacturer price: 4300, - € SERVICES Perfect compact solution for mist separation Horizontal or vertical mounting APPLICATIONS The air purifiers from the series Double Centrifuge Aspirofilter are particularly suitable for vapors and fog of integral and emul...
Selling off remaining stock: 4 x air filter LX 191 Price on request plus VAT and if necessary freight / collection possible. Can also be picked up individually. Bkusuwblq8
Complete unit for heavy particle load Suction tube: 180 mm Power supply voltage: 230 V. Filter surface: 6,0 m² Air volume 1000 m³ / h Total power requirement: 0,3 kW Gy7gvme30 Machine weight approx.: 78 kg Filter chamber L: 360 x W: 510 x H: 500 mm 3 inserts with - pre-filter (stainless steel knitted) 500x370x20mm Ionizer / collector cell 500x370x210mm After filter (stainless steel knitted) 500x370x20mm. There are three identical units for sale. The price refers in each case to a device.
Filter (Air Filter) -Type: MS 246 ALR -Dimensions: 305/305/H246 mm Snktugfpa -Weight: 40 kg
IMI NORGREN BL74-605G Connection: G3/8 Nzg9rnfp filter element: 40,00 µm Control range 0.3-10 bar Housing material: Die-cast aluminium Drainage: Automatic With pressure gauge new price piece ca: 260.-Euro Unused from stock liquidation There are 15 pieces available
Whether in exhibition halls, sports halls, concert halls or multifunctional rooms: the ThetaCore bULL room air virus filter can be used in versatile situations thanks to its low noise development and low maintenance requirement and optimally supplements your existing hygiene concept in large rooms. The status of the room air can be easily read off the hygiene traffic light. With the corresponding app (iOS/Android) or software (Mac/Windows), the ThetaCore bULL can be operated in no time and at th...
Electrostatic air filter Indusa elstar EL4001 NVAS R/O There are 36 pieces available in different versions of intake and air outlet, but the majority is R/O. The air filters are from 2013 and only very little used since the company has changed to a central extraction system in 2014. Some are still new and unused. All used air filters are cleaned and disinfected and give the optical impression of a new system. Bmfuve0rbb There are also some EL 2001 NTD VA and EL 2001 NVAS The well thought-out des...
ISI industry air filter, self-propelled Ojxof Model: FI-2400 Motor: 2.2 kW Year of construction: 1991 Equipped with particulate filter mats
complete device for heavy particle load Air volume max. 2200 m³/h Filter area 15 m² Weight 145 kg Motor 0.75 kW, 400 V, 50 HZ, PE Puew0u
Air filter Liagj -Type: 6.0690.16.7.0110 -Number: 8x available -Price: per piece
Round filter (cyclone filter: cyclone and filter combined) Explosion-proof housing pressure shock resistant up to 1. 4 bar with pressure relief valve for indoor installation make Glander 88 sqm filter area Pneumatic cleaning, time or differential pressure controlled. With control unit, large maintenance door and level indicator. Flat floor with agitator With blower 160 m³/h at 6300 Pa, 30 kW installed next to the filter on the platform. Connection for flameless pressure relief. Brsb0nstfs
Whether in public buildings, classrooms, medical practices or nursing homes, the ThetaCore tOWER can be used in a variety of situations thanks to its low noise level and low maintenance requirements. The "Corona" traffic light makes it easy to read the condition of the room air. With the corresponding app (iOS/Android) or software (Mac/Windows), the ThetaCore tOWER can be operated in no time and at the same time easily integrated into your network. The 7-inch touch display offers intuitive opera...
for the effective efficient extraction and filtration of: Solid particles and dry dust Pd3j2 Vapours and gases from cleaning agents Emulsion mist separation Welding fumes and torch smoke
Dimensions: H 4.5 m x W 2.05 m x D 2.05 m G370k2tcm Filter house with 2 roll containers for dust collection
HOCHLEISTUNGS-LUFTFILTERANLAGEEXOMIST HPM emulsion mist separators are available in various sizes for use on almost any machine tool. The up to 4-stage filter system cleans the exhaust air with an efficiency of over 99%, even in high-pressure applications and for oil mist. Powerful device for retrofitting lathes, machining centres, milling machines, grinding machines, etc. The service life of the filters is usually several thousand operating hours. EXOMIST HPM can be equipped with filter packag...
Compressed air filters, fine filters Qldjowohy -Connection: 2" inches -Number: 3x filters available -Price: per piece
Bag filter with explosion protection equipment for St1-powder Air volume 2700 m3/h With pneumatic dedusting of the filter bags Filter surface 51 m2 Pipe connection NW 250 Control unit for dedusting filter Blower 2,2 kW, 1600 daPa with discharge silencer Pressure relief valve DN 200 Used only for tests and as good as new. Gxachk Mild steel model
MODEL Darwin 1200 D Maximum air flow 50 (Hz) 60 (Hz) 1270 1500 Noise level (dba) 76 Intake port (mm) 150 RPM (rpm) 2800 3400 Net Weight (kg) 35 Bp7ggmqy Power (kW) 50 (Hz) 60 (Hz) 1,50 1,75