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Description: Ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis plant (both possible from the pressures (pressure pipes up to 30 bar) without control. The plant is not ready for operation in its current state. A maximum of 12 8"/40" modules can be installed. In the current state only one pressure pipe is connected for operation. Year of construction: 2001 9jsoh02po Documentation: no Storage location: Warburg warehouse Status: used - in need of overhaul Accessories: (booster pump KSB CN 30/12 3R) delivery ...
United Kingdom United Kingdom
381 km
good condition (used)
Complete Granola/Cereal Bar Production Line Kemutec 500HE Plough Mixer with dry and liquor feeds 3-station Dosing System Spooner 3-compartment Conveyor Oven, variable temperature and speed Hosokawa Kreuter GMBH BKK1300 Top and Bottom Cooling Tunnel Key Vibratory Feed Cablevey Tubular Drag Conveyor System £300,000 Recent Investment on Spooner Oven Dmldlzd Used to Produce Jordans Granola Previously Used to Produce Jordans Frusli Bars Dismantled and Ready For Shipping This line cannot be used with...
1500mm line bar with mechanization Power75cv Bficgz3svo
PEDDINGHAUS ANGLE LINE: • Peddinghaus AFCPS 823-B Angle, ( New Control & Drives in 2017) Flat Punch and Shear Line, Bs8l2ewqxv 8” x 8” x ¾” Angle Capacity, 12” x 1” Flat Bar Capacity, (2) 130 Ton Punches, 400 Ton Single Cut Shear, 42’ Infeed,
Design: Single-stage glanded centrifugal pump in inline design for pumping water or heating water. Type: IL 100/165-30/2-K3-N31 Manufacturer: Wilo Year of manufacture: approx. 2008 Documentation: no Storage location: Warehouse Warburg I Status: used - good Flow rate: 300 m³/h (approx.) delivery head: 40 m (approx.) Material: steel (pump head made of cast iron) connections: DN 100 (suction side / pressure side) Voltage: 400 / 690 V Current: 53 / 31 A Power: 30 kW Vum0hq Revolutions:...
Hobart Dishwasher Model: BÄKO-line All in Double bag system 2 liters of fresh water consumption EasyClean System Rinse aid and detergent dispensing pump extra deep interior for plates 600 x 400 mm 9u8m9zsuw incl. built-in softener Sequence / drain pump DGUV V3 tested with warranty Included Accessories: 1 basket 1 Universalkorb 1 cutlery basket with 4 boxes Inlet and outlet hoses Ruecksaugverhinderer
CNC Flexible Automatic through-feed DRILLING and DOWELS INSERTING LINE Buiijbgyjn - Min workpieces (panels) width (X axis): mm 250 - Max workpieces (panels) width (X axis): mm 3000 - Min workpieces (panels) thickness (Z axis): mm 10 (12) - Max workpieces (panels) thickness (Z axis): mm 60 - Min workpieces (panels) length-depth (Y axis): mm 100 - Max workpieces (panels) length-depth (Y axis): mm 1100 - Adjustable feeding speed (to in-feed and out-feed panels) until 120 m/min Y11049) Gantry...
The automatic carousel painting line RR-B4 is designed for spraying stains, primers and varnishes on flat, profiled, formed and complex products in a continuous mode. Model BR4 Number of guns 8 Painting height 80mm Working width 1280 mm The minimum length of the workpiece, 300mm Feed speed, m / min. 2-12 Rotary speed of the carousel rpm / min 18-22 Installed power, kW 5.5 Required pressure, bar 6 Air consumption m 3 / hour 8500 Overall dimensions, mm 4300x 4800x 2700 Dotykowy panel sterujący ...
Automatic Painting Line Barberan, VIET, PINOMATIC Year of production. 2000 The line shows slight signs of use. Line used only for about 12 months, devices in perfect condition. Automatic Barberan painting line, which includes: - automatic Pinomatic stacker - supply of elements to the Pinomatic line -Pinomatic conveyors - Viet Valeria Challenge 333 TM grinder (2 x sandpaper shaft) - Viet Valeria Challenge 223 TM sanding machine (3 x flap sanding shaft, 1 sanding sheet for curved elements) - i...
Bottling line BARDI – 19LT PET • Speed: 450 bph. • PREFORMS tipper GENIUS – 2007. • Blowing machine SIAPI (1 cavity) – 2007: o Nr. 3 mould: 10 LT – 15 LT – 18.9 LT. • Filling monoblock BARDI – 2007. • 3 bells for filters – PALL. • Robot with interlayer and pallet magazine ACMI – 2010. 3mc7sntb • Label marker and applicator for pallets VIDEOJET – 2016. • Compressor 40 bar SIAD – 2007. • Air tank 40 bar MTA – 2007. • Dryer MTA – 2007. • Chiller PIOVAN – 2007. • Evaporation tower B.A.C. • Bottle ta...
VFFS machine AM019-LB, equipped with a 4-head linear weigher ATD04-G for dosing and packaging of granular products and grains in Stabilo bags. The line is also equipped with a label applicator EME, for automatic applying of labels on the ready bag. The Stabilo bag formers are easily changed according to the customer requirements. Y9eaetfn The line is also equipped with a PVC feeding conveyor and output transport belt "HIGH GRIP".
Barberan Automatic Lacquer Spray Line 8000 Hours of Service Line Speed 1-12 m/min. ( 3-39 Ft/Min ) Carousel RPM 1-25 RPM 8 Spray Arms Liquid Recovery YES Product Water Base/Solvent Min. Width 4” Max. Width 60” Brgfc78hub Min. Length 6” Max. Length 120” Distance Between Parts 3” Height of Guns 3 1/8” - 8 3/8” Cycle Time 13 Ft/Min. UV Oven 3 Lamps Infra Red Oven 2 Units of 3 Lamps Barberan Motorized Infeed Conveyor Model MMV 3500/1800 Barberan Transfer Table with Suction Model MTB 3500/1800 Barber...
Roreto di Cherasco, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
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FULL LINE of Double-side Sizing-Milling & Edge Banding. Composed of the following machines: VZ0200A) Gantry-portal Loader (Double pick-up station) "BARGSTEDT" Mod. TBH 500/D/30/12 VZ0200B) 1st Double-side Sizing & Edge Bander "HOMAG" Mod. KFL 525/8/A3/15 VZ0200C) In-feeding Rollerway "HOMAG" Mod. TDL 310/30/12 with 90° Turning device (from lenghtwise to crosswise) with double cone system VZ0200D) 2nd Double-side Sizing & Edge Bander "HOMAG" Mod. KFL 526/10/A3/30 VZ0200E) In-feeding Ro...
A pair of VFFS machines AM019, synchronized with two 14-head multihead weighers for maximum capacity and accuracy. The maximum capacity of the line is up to 140 bpm. Bffd80blzg The line is fed by a single feeding conveyor with a PVC belt, synchronized with a double belt distribution system
Barberan Throughfeed Automatic Spray Stain Line Only 8,000 Hrs Barberan Motorized Infeed Conveyor, Model: MVB 3500/1800 Barberan Cleaning Brush with Suction, Model: LP 1800 Barberan Automatic Spray Booth 8 Arms, Model: RR B8 Barberan Transfer Table with Suction, Model: MTB 3500/1800 Barberan Drying Tunnel (Convection), Model: TSP E MT Bqgquq8sc0 Barberan Motorized Outfeed Conveyor, Model: MMV 3500/1800 Only 8,000 Hrs Line Speed 1-12 m/min. ( 3-39 Ft/Min ) Carousel RPM 1-25 RPM 8 Spray Arms Liqui...
VFFS machine AM019 SERVO, equipped with an 8-head weigher ATD08-R, used for dosing and packaging of grain and granular product. The line could be equipped also with a different feeding conveyor, according to the produt being packed. Mibsy9d An aspiration unit is connected to the line, making it highly suitable for grains with high dust accumulation (like sugar).
VFFS machine AM020 SERVO, equipped with a 14-head multihead weigher with 5.0ltr hopper volume, used for dosing and packaging of fresh salads in "pillow" bags. The line is also equipped with a label applicator, for automatic applying of labels on the ready bag. The bag formers are easily changed according to the customer requirements. Mflygk0 The line is also equipped with a specially deisgned feeding conveyor, which keeps the product from damage.
Wine bottling line AVE for still and sparkling wine Year:1991 Speed: 2.200 bph Bpttling line AVE composed of: • Rinser AVE 12 clamps. • Isobaric filler AVE with 16 valves. • Capper AVE for natural straight corks • Capsuling machine AVE for PVC. • Labeller AVE cold glue for front and back Bottle’s equipment : 0.75 L Bt2f2x7cbo
Bottling line composed of: • Used depalletizer APE mod. BABYDEPAL • Used rinser BERTOLASO mod. CALIPSO20 / 840 • Used filler BERTOLASO mod. EXACTA 16 • Used corker BERTOLASO mod. S.GLORIA 500R • Used washer-dryer CAMES mod. WDT 6 • Used capsuling machine for polylaminate ROBINO&GALANDRINO mod. ASTRA F4 • Used preformer BORTOLINKEMO mod. FCT 98/2 • Used open beehives BORTOLINKEMO mod. AP2002 • Used case packer BORTOLINKEMO mod. IAM / 1T PIAVE • Used glue applicator NORDSON mod. HOTMELT3400V • Use...
Bottling line isobaric ALFATEK – 6.000 bph Bt2ecq2j2o • Filling triblock ALFATEK 32.32.5 – 1998 (completely overhauled in 2017). o Rinser 32 clamps. o Filler 32 valves – degassing and self-leveling. o Corker 5 heads – natural straight cork • Caps elevator ALFATEK - 1998 • Capsuling machine NORTAN 9 heads – PVC • Labeller P.E. adhesive – 2013 o 3 adhesive stations (collar docg – front – back) o Prepared for "L" collar. • Complete with marker for batch number mold. • Labeller CAVAGNINO&GATTI – 199...
Bottling line isobaric for glass 10.000 BPH Depalletizer ZECCHETTI year 1999 completo di: • Pallet warehouse • Layer pad remover system Rinser BC 32 clamps single treatment year 1999 Filling monoblock BC mod. MASTER 40/10 year 1999 composed of: • Filler 40 valves isobaric with self leveling system Bt0hvih7ad • Corker 10 heads for crown cap (smontato) Corker AROL mod. EURO VA 6 heads for screw aluminum cap 28X16 year 2008 complete of: • Mechanical cap elevator Saturator SAP ITALIA year 2016 San...
Bottling line – isobaric • Rinser POGGIO 50 clamps o Year: 2011 o Speed: 12.000 bph o Single treatment o Fixed nozzle o Recirculation tank o System no bottle-no spray Bt0ewpr98f o Model: FM 50 • Filling monoblock CORTELLAZZI 70.10 o Year: 1979 – Completely redone in 2000 by the parent company. o Speed: 10.000 bph - isobaric o De-gassing o Pre-evacuation o Self-leveling o Capper 10 heads – Screw cap – 30x60, 31.5x18, 28x15 o model: VEGA 70.10 • Corker AROL o Year: 1989 – Completely overhauled in ...
For sale debarking line with debarker Combio 71-45, line composition (L * W * H): 1.1 Ramp of logs 6.3m * 2.4m 2.1 Step transporter 2.9m * 2.4m 3. Log transporter 10m * 0.8m 4. Log holding transporter 4.9m * 0.5m 5. Debarker CAMBIO 71-45 1.3m2.2m * 1.6m 6. Receiving device 0.65m * 2m * 1.5m 7. Roller transporter 3.3m * 1.7m * 0.8m 8. 90 degree transition 1.3m * 0.9m * 1.8m 9. 2 Ramp of logs 12m * 3.5m Su7jco 10. 2 Step transporter 4.7m * 2.4m 11. Bark transporter from under the debarker 5m ...
Used bottling line – 3.000 bph • Speed: 3.500 bph • Rinser COSTEC SF/20/0/150 – 1996 o Fixed nozzle o Single treatment • Premix CEM HL 60 – 1996 • Filler ALFATEK 32 ISO – 1996 o 32 valves - isobaric • Corker AROL SATURNO/R – 1996 o 3 heads – natural straight cork • Pasteurizer PADOVAN termosteril 5.000 L/H – 1996 • Capsuling machine ROBINO&GALANDRINO FENIX 2 – 1996 • Labeller CAVAGNINO&GATTI CG84DR.3.11 – 1996 • Box forming machine MONDO&SCAGLIONE 376/C – 1996 Gx8bhtu • Case packer MONDO&SCAGLIO...
Gjuterigatan 28, 652 21 Karlstad, Sweden Sweden
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good condition (used)
Log debarking line include log deck and Bruks reducer machine. All machine in good working condition and ready for desmantling. Dzft7m27e
Hot stamping and diecutting finishing machine model Goldline 330 Max width of the material - 340 mm Max hot stamping area - 330x250 mm Max roll diameter on unwinding - 800 mm. Max speed - 5000 cycles / h. Materials to be used: self-adhesive materials, paper, laminate and cardboard (80-200 g m2 for paper and up to 280 gm2 for cardboard). The machine includes: - Two sections of the revolving type with variable pitch for longitudinal and cross foil feed. - Four pressure regulation zones. - Unwin...
post drilling machine, FOREST-LINE. Reference FORETS-LINE: GIMAX 160 Machine without table Strokes : X - horizontal displacement of the column on its bed: 6000 mm Y - vertical displacement of the spindle carriage: 4000 mm Z - horizontal displacement of the milling spindle: 800 mm W - horizontal displacement of the boring spindle : 1000 mm Hydrostatic guides on X, Y, Z axes Axes Working speed Rapid speed X 3 m/min 10 m/min Y 10 m/min Z 5 m/min X 5 m/min b. Spindle Power: 60kW Maximum torque: 8549...
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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ready for operation (used)
General Data Measurements height 4595 mm Machine weight 51000 kg Control Unit Brand NUM Model 760 F 2tbeka Main Drive Spindle speed range 2500 Number of axis 5 Movement X-Axis Movement 10000 mm Y-Axis Movement 2500 mm Z-Axis Movement 950 mm Table Outer length 2115 mm Outer width 10000 mm Tslots size 28 mm Distance between table: 700 mm This Forest Line Seramill 240 Milling Machine was built in the year 1990 and is a 5-axis machine operating with a spindle speed up to 2500 rpm, and a cutting...
Hydraulic cylinder, synchronous cylinder, steering cylinder -Piston diameter: 38 mm -Piston rod: Ø 16 mm (M12 thread) 9biownvs8 -Stroke: 20 mm -Dimensions: 234/89/H50 mm -Weight: 3 kg
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Ref. -No.: 10024 Brand: FOREST LINE Type of control: CNC Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 C Storage location: Mülheim an der Ruhr Nrsu2aw2 Country of origin: Frankreich X-Travel: 2500 mm Y-Travel: 2000 mm Z-Travel: 1800 mm Machine length: 13250 mm Machine width: 9503 mm Machine Height: 5229 mm Spindle Diameter: Ø 150 mm Table Dimensions (Lengthxwidth): 1250 x 1600 mm Numbers Of Tools In Magazin: 130 Rapid Traverse X-Axis: 15 m / min Rapid Travel Y-Axis: 15 m / min Rapid Traverse (W-Axis): 10 m / ...
Kallkar, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1003 km
ready for operation (used)
Fuel type Remaining Bvq7n2xnpl used tail lift Manufacturer: BÄR Cargolift Type: BC 1000S4 Nominal load: 1000 kg Operating pressure: 230 bar dimension tailgate: approx. 1,8 x 2,5 m Year of manufacture: 2008 Condition for the conclusion of the purchase is a business/commercial activity of the buyer and the corresponding proof. Please send us a proof of your business/trade activity (e.g. sales tax identification number, trade licence or association or chamber identity card) after completion of the ...
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Kalkar Germany
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Silver, 1900 Watt, 6,5L mixing bowl, 1,5L mixing cup, mincer Jce990f
x-travel 6000 mm y-travel 3500 mm z-travel 1900 mm surface area 6000x2500 mm control Siemens type 840D Tool changer 40 chip conveyor Richter b-axis +/- 110 ° c-axis 360° 0 turning speeds 30.000 U/min total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t Hsxluc8 dimensions of the machine ca. m
pressure:600 t distance between columns:3640 mm stroke:350 mm no. of strokes:11 - 44 /min Distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:1550 mm table surface area:3600 x 2500 mm sliding table:3600 x 2500 mm ram surface:3600 x 2500 mm Baiu3sjwai Side window:2200 mm ram adjustment:400 mm material width coil line:500 - 1950 mm Material thickness at 1200 mm material width:0,6 - 2,5 mm Material thickness at 1850 mm material width:0,6 - 2,0 mm Material thickness at 1950 mm material width:0,6 - 1,7...
Pneumatic cylinder, compact cylinder -bar: SZD-32/50 -Stroke: 50 mm -Piston rod: Ø 12 mm -Dimensions: 40/40/H165 mm -Weight: 0.5 kg Ebfktvr
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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ready for operation (used)
General Data Machine weight 105000 kg Control Unit Model FLP 2200 Main Drive Number of spindles 1 Spindle speed range 1500 Number of axis 3 Movement X-Axis Movement 8900 mm Y-Axis Movement 3100 mm Z-Axis Movement 2450 mm Btoeobqaez Workpiece Workpiece X 9000 mm Workpiece Y 2500 mm Workpiece Z 1500 mm Workpiece weight 18000 kg Table Outer length 9300 mm Outer width 2200 mm Media Power consumption 120 kva This Forest Line FLP 2200 portal milling machine was manufactured in France in the yea...
Kallkar, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1003 km
ready for operation (used)
Fuel type Remaining Y9m98zyl VAT: The price shown does not include VAT. VAT must be paid as a deposit when exporting outside the EU, ALL DATA WITHOUT GUARANTEE, INTERMEDIATE SALE + IRRUPTURE FORWARDED - Condition for the conclusion of the purchase is a business/commercial activity of the buyer and its appropriate proof. Please send us a proof of your business/trade activity (e.g. sales tax identification number, trade licence or association or chamber identity card) after completion of the purch...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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total power requirement:***** kW weight of the machine ca.:***** t dimensions of the machine ca.:***** m State Of The Art 3 and 4 Cylinder EURO 6 Engine Production (1,0 to 1,4 ltr.) EURO 6 Norm Max 220 NM Torque Btuqjpjle0 > 150KW/200hp < 9 seconds from 0 to speed 100 > 200 km/h top speed < 6 liter fuel consumption < 140 grams of CO² emissions The dual camshaft adjustment of the Euro 6 engine allows variable valve control. Numerous measures such as the grey cast iron block with hollow fram...
Board transport all Cefla rollercoater Cefla/Sorbini T/20 MF Double Brush unit Sorbini UV dryer Cefla Ecolight TLFM/1 + TTE 3000/RU Second roller coater Dubbel REVERSE UNIT Sorbini T/20-2MF Double lamp UV dryer unit Cefla Ecolight TLF/B2-TTE 4000/RE used ducting included Pgdyx Total lenght 22 meter, Width: 1,3 meter extraction channels included Contact for more information
In this offer you acquire a used b/w production system "Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line ". Item for sale: 1 x Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line with the following equipment: incl. Finisher AK1 Meter readings: Total: Approx. 8,809,693 pages Condition: This is a used machine, which may show signs of use (minor scratches or yellowing). (minor scratches or yellowing). The machine has been tested for function A test printout can be seen in the photo. For more information you can of...