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Sand blasting equipment for sale

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through-put width:1500 mm working heigth:500 mm Numbers of turbines:4 Stck. Used Gietart GW 1500-410 shot blast machine as continuous shot blaster with roller conveyor system for the automatic blasting of sheets and profiles. Bmzxpaohr8 The Gietart blast machine is equipped with 4 blast turbines type Gietart C350 with 7.5 kW drive power each and a brushing device. The GW1500-410 installation includes a stable transport system for material handling. This transport system consists of a drive... more
through-put width 565 mm Bgrtdx7fiq working heigth 250 mm discs 330 x 165 mm voltage 220 V more
Glass bead blasting machine Auer K-10s with suction Year of construction: 1989 Fw0w9lv more
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
dealership location
7714 km
weight of the machine ca. 300 kg Bh9ax0ag8c more
Konstruktionsstrahlanlage, bis 1500mm Breite und max. 1000mm Höhe. Für Bleche und Profile ist eine Abblas- und Bürststation nachgeschaltet, zum Sweepen von Konstruktionen sind die Schleuderräder mit Frequenzumformer ausgerüstet, und durch die Turbinen Schrägstellung werden alle Konstruktionen allseitig gestrahlt. ROLLER CONSTRUCTION BLAST MACHINE BRAND : WHEELABRATOR SCHLICK Bmrgpb2vj7 Brand: Wheelabrator Schlick Year: 2005 Type: RB 1500 Inlet Width: 1.500mm Inlet H... more
through-put width -- mm working heigth -- mm N7m09 total power requirement 5 kW dimensions of the machine ca. 3,2 x 1,7 m Required air-pressure 6 / max. 10 bar more
Köln, Germany Germany
dealership location
7752 km
through-put width:2000 mm working heigth:500 mm Numbers of turbines:6 Stck. The Gutmann KH2160 shot blast machine is a continuous blast machine equipped with a roller conveyor transport system for 2000 mm wide workpieces. The workpieces to be blasted (sheets, profiles and other components) are conveyed through the blasting chamber of the blasting machine for cleaning and descaling. This reliable Gutmann continuous blast machine, built in 1996, was completely overhauled by Agtos in 2006 and equ... more
SANDBLASTER: tank 4000l Remote control for two users EQUIPMENT: - pressure tank with a capacity of 4000l - 20l collector - two new FSV abrasive metering valves -new ball valves - new CFT connectors Electropneumatic control: Esttd3jwm - US-2 / EP control valve for two employees. - pneumatic control lever more
Spare parts for OSMG Shotblasting Plant - braided link belt F 450/S-1.3401: L: approx. 14,30m; B: approx. 840mm; wire Ø 6,3mm; cross bar Ø 8,0mm; pitch 50mm; material 1.3401 /X120Mn12) - Lid protection plate No. 136 = 4 pieces - Side protection plate no. 137 = 4 pieces Mg0vjaln - Blast medium inlet pipe / inlet pipe SG 350 = 1 piece - Various other cover protection plates and side protection plates (1 piece + 5 pieces) i.D. more
through-put width 600 mm working heigth 650 mm working area L-W-H 500 mm compressed air 10 bar weight of the machine ca. 150 kg. dimensions of the machine ca. 800 x 700 x 1.800 mm Bfvjkjw3nf more
dia. of drum 820 mm Bkplse2jqk width 1000 mm charge load 450 kg total power requirement 17,5 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
through-put width 2550 mm working heigth 650 mm Numbers of turbines 6 Stck. Power 120 KW weight 30 t Gietart Sprint 2.6 blasting machine for blasting sheet metal, profiles and tubes. The continuous blast machine was built in 2007 and has worked in blasting mode for about 8157 hours. The operating hours amount to 12275. There are 6 C380 jet turbines with 11kW each used .. The Gietart Sprint 2.6 continuous sandblasting machine is suitable for blasting sheet metal and profiles with a maximum doc... more
through-put width:2550 mm working heigth:650 mm Numbers of turbines:6 Stck. total power requirement:120 kW weight:27 t Bef0wuhavr Length of roller conveyors - infeed:6000 mm Length of roller conveyors - outfeed:6000 mm roll distance :419 mm Air volume:20 m³/h Gietart Sprint 2.6 shot blast system for shotblasting of sheet metal, profiles and tubes in the steel processing industry. The roller conveyor blast machine was built in 2007 and has worked in blasting mode for about 8.300 hours. The Gieta... more
Type OMSG Capri 17/24CS Year of manufacture 2000 Max. dimension of the beam suspension D1700 x 2400 mm Y-suspension monorail load 1000 kg Compressed air requirement 5 N m³/h electr. installation power 37 KW incl. cartridge filter FAC 12/10N, year of construction 2007 Hekf8r9d The system can be installed at ground level. more
We offer suspended blasting equipment with internal dimensions of the blasting chamber 1000 / 1400mm. Equipment with 2 throwing wheels with a diameter of 360 mm and a power input of each throwing wheel of 7.5 kW. Equipment with bucket conveyor, recuperation and filtration unit. Total machine power 22.5 kW. In operation until 12.2020 Bm7sam7sfe more
Please give us your quoted price Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey ----- Already dismantled; without packaging; Technical data please see handout in attachment. Bezwyv2 German text leading language. Without any guaranty and warranty, including completeness of tools & accessories as well as environmental and safety regulations. more
through-put width 630 mm working heigth 460 mm table surface area 620 x 560 mm total power requirement kW Bl9jex3wgf weight of the machine ca. 150 t dimensions of the machine ca. TBH 0,66 x 0,56 x 1,55 m more
Blasting pot 13l with cabin remote control Volume: 13l Max. working pressure: 10 bar Temperature: -20÷50 °C Weight: 15 kg Thread size: 1.1/4" Diameter x Height: ø306x285 mm THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 13 liter pressure pot - MICRO matering valve - elements connecting valves with the pot - decompression valve Ijbtv332s - BTI certificate, declaration of conformity CE CABIN REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM: - BÜRKERT 1” valve - foot pedal more
Köln, Germany Germany
dealership location
7752 km
Brushing equipment:1 St through-put width:2600 mm working heigth:600 mm Number of turbines:8 St. turbine output:11 kW Feed speed:0,6 - 3 m/min. height:4850 mm Used Gietart Sprint A2508 shot blasting machine incl. accessories for sale. The model series Gietart GW2500-815 was renamed a few years ago to the new model series Gietart Sprint. The Sprint shot blaster series is due to its robust construction especially suitable for companies with a high performance expectation for a high blast capacity... more
0 1170 x 580 x 580 mm Nxfrf operating pressure 2,2 - 5,5 bar dimensions 1,22 x 0,93 x 1,70 m weight of the machine ca. 0,15 t more
We offer continuous blasting equipment from fi. Walter - 4D 1600/600. Equipment with a passage of 1600 x 600 mm, with 4 throwing wheels with a power input of each - 11 kW. Machine height from the floor 630cm- (bucket). Accessories: - filter unit - abrasive vacuum cleaner for sheet metal blasting - brushing unit - recuperation unit - roller conveyors - cabin with electrical switchboard + machine control - bucket conveyor - air conditioning (piping) - sheet metal feeder sheet metal tipper Equipmen... more
The NEW CrystalBlast Pro X2 featuring enhanced dust collector filtration with a semi-automatic pneumatic filtration cleaning cycle. The Pro X2 is fabricated and built to help eliminate maintenance operating with simple controls allowing many successful years of sandcarving. The X2 is internationally compatible including; 50 or 60 cycle, 120V or 220V, 2-Pole On-Off Switch along with NEW LED lighting within the cabinet. Xqi9cvyh The only cabinet in the industry with an air blow-off gun inside th... more
grinding diameter 130 mm grinding length 300 mm Bl9jfuqhci centre height 65 mm total power requirement 2 kW weight of the machine ca. 0,6 t dimensions of the machine ca. TBH 1,10 x 1,40 x 1,40 m more
ROLLER BLAST MACHINE BRAND : SCHLICK Brand: Schlick Type: RB 1500 1000 4/11 Inlet Width: 1.500mm Inlet High: 1.000mm Wheels: 4 x 11kW Inlet roll table: ca. 12.000mm Outlet roll table: ca. 12.000mm Etcbacf Inld. Filter, , Main Panel more
0 1170 x 880 x 825 mm operating pressure 8 bar dimensions 1,33 x 1,24 x 1,77 m Gv92vg weight of the machine ca. 0,16 t more
We offer a blasting box - a container measuring 5800 x 2300 x 2300 mm. Container with rake floor collection, 2 x longitudinal rakes + 1x cross auger, bucket conveyor, abrasive recuperation, automatic blasting device with control + automatic filter unit. Equipment in operation. Collection possible immediately. Eoioob8l more
With the ImageBlaster S61-Spezial, even in its basic configuration, glass, metal or stone plates can be processed equally. The S 61-Spezial is therefore ideally suited for automatic blasting of a wide variety of surfaces. Products: glass plates, stone plates, metal plates in formats up to max. 6,000 x 1,600 x 50 mm. The Image Blaster S61-Spezial consists of: plate mounting frame, plate feed device, nozzle movement, cabin with automatic nozzle movement, hand jet device and filter system. Gmt7... more
Combined blasting/painting/drying chamber 4 x 4 x 7 m (W x H x L) In case of sizable and heavy work pieces or lack of space it is possible also to use combined blasting and painting/drying room where after blasting the stage will be switched to painting and finally to drying. This enables fast complete painting process without moving the objects and only a third of normal building cost. For smaller pieces mobile container solution provides possibility to take the process quick where it is need... more
The sandblasting cabins are available in different versions: * S-V-900 (900 x 700 x 720) * S-V-1000 (1000 x 800 x 750) * S-V-1300 (1300 x 1000 x 1000) * S-V-1800 (1800 x 1000 x 1000) and as a high-pressure sandblasting cabin: * S-V-P 1000 (1000 x 800 x 750) Blyoncmm3g * S-V-P 1300 (1300 x 1000 x 1000) more
- Shot blasting Machine room throwing beam with rotating automatic flow system. - A door on both sides (product goes in from the front and out at the back. Lwoe9zin - 2 modern powerful throwing lights with 11kw each. (newer and more modern of blasting technology) - 2100x1100x1100 completely complete, more
0 410 x 310 x 380 mm operating pressure 4 - 8 bar air consumption at 6 bar min. 250 l/min weight of the machine ca. 12,5 Kg 490 x 370 x 380 mm Blnrkseua3 more
We offer continuous blasting equipment from the Czech manufacturer SAF Prague, with a blower, bucket conveyor, abrasive recuperation and filter unit, year 2006, in 2018 after overhaul, (replacement of throwing wheels). Maximum width of blasted part 1000 mm., Max. Height of blasted part 600 mm. Number of throwing wheels 4 pcs, throwing wheel power - 7.5 kW Maximum speed: 3000 rpm. Self-dusting filter capacity: 5000 m3 / h. Part of the machine: Complete technical and electrical documentation. Mach... more
Technical parameters: Power supply 3x400V/230V 50Hz+N+PE Installed power 21 kW (data from manufacturer's offer) The equipment: Blasting chamber (j/w). Main roller shutter gate. Air purifier with pressure tank (ACF): SciTeex brand, model/type Blast Machine BM-SB 200, serial number 1026, production year 2016. Pressure reservoir for air and abrasive: ACF brand, type SV 206, serial number 3053, year of manufacture 2015, capacity 205 litres, working pressure 8 bar. Blasting lance. Pressure tank of th... more
TWISTTABLE SHOT BLASTER MACHINE BRAND : VOGEL & SCHEMANN Brand: Vogel & Schemann Type: FTO 1300 2/2/ Workpieces High max: 300mm Tables ø .: 1.300mm Shot Wheel: 2 x 5,0kW ( Preis: Verladen auf LKW ab F-67620 Soufflenheim Price: Loading on Truck from F-67620 Soufflenheim Nopor2u Garantie: 6 monatige Funktions- und Gewährleistungsgarantie bei Inbetriebnahme durch DECK Sarl. Ersatzteilversorgung für die nächsten 10 Jahre Warra... more
Parts of the system of the blasting cabin: - the blasting cabin - Workpiece entrance door - Operator door with a panel - lighting - rubber lining - sandblasting pot - Abrasives recovery system - pneumatically operated scraper blades - Abrasive container - Dust filter - Aftercooler - Lines / hoses - Steel construction - Main control panel Further you‘ll need a compressor and a compressed air tank, which are not included in the offer. An air duct for the compressor is recommended to the customer.... more
SLICK roto-jet 440098 Roller conveyor blasting unit ∅ 1000 x 500 mm Year of construction 1992 Height roller conveyors: approx. 1050 mm Width roller conveyors: approx. 1150 mm Roll length: approx. 1040 mm Roll diameter: approx. 60 mm Length roller conveyor infeed: approx. 5000 mm Length roller conveyor discharge: approx. 4200 mm Height of inlet: approx. 620 mm Width if inlet: approx. 1100 mm One support plate: approx. 3000 mm x 980 mm Parts size approx. 3000 x 1000 x 500 mm Total length appro... more
0 830 x 530 x 530 mm operating pressure 2,2 - 5,5 bar air consumption at 6 bar min. 250 l/min weight of the machine ca. 50 Kg 0,95 x 0,65 x ,7 cm Vveqvhez more
We offer a continuous blasting machine with 8 throwing wheels, maximum passage of the blasted part = width - 2500 mm height - 600 mm. Year of manufacture 2008, hours - 2411mth. The device contains 8 throwing wheels, suction, automatic filter unit + 18 m roller tracks with sensors. Equipment with complete documentation, the possibility of testing. The price also includes professional disassembly and loading on the truck. Blw2z7ig8n more
Sandblasting system Blasting chamber: 60x60x90 width: 100cm depth: 120cm height: 190cm Time switch 400kg with filter Good condition fully functional can be inspected and tested on site. Shipping also abroad. Inspection : Basically I would like to point out that in order to avoid misunderstandings, the article can be inspected and tested under power before purchase. Please ask questions before purchase to avoid any ambiguity. For general questions or to make an appointment for a viewing, I am al... more
Passage approx. 2100 x 500 mm 6 turbines Blasting material return conveyor Suction with circulation roller conveyor, cross conveyor E2cwsqf3c more
Sandblasting Pot: S3skhidt Outdoor sandblasting operations, closed-room sandblasting operations used in mobile sandblasting machines with pressured air. Pressure Sandblasting Pot - Technical Specifications: Working Pressure: 7 Bar Abrasive Type: Steel Grit, Steel Ball, Garnet, Glass Globe (glass sand) etc. Air Consumption: Lt / min is given in the table below. What is a Pressure Sandblasting Pot? A pressurized sandblasting machine is a kind of sandblasting machine which can be taken as a mobil... more
We offer a fully functional shot blasting machine from the Schlick company. Welded raw ovens were last blasted here before painting. You are welcome to send me an inquiry about which parts you would like to blast. The plant is assembled and ready for operation. Before buying you are welcome to test your parts with this machine. Thus no purchase at risk. Dismantling, transport, installation and commissioning can be done by one of our partners. Eheslxf Questions and technical information on reques... more
Receiver capacity 2 x 37 l working pressure 4 - 8 bar Air consumption 170 - 500 l/min. Gwlsiw weight of the machine ca. 36 Kg 1020 x 460 x 520 mm Mobile beam unit (soda blasting) Consisting of: Nozzle set and moisture separator Boiler 2 x 37 liters Blasting gun with 2.5m supply hose Soda blasting can also be used to clean engine parts, degrease parts, remove graffiti, remove mold, and repair damage caused by fire. more
Blasting frame for overhead conveyor - blasting machine Fwuvmfr2o Core, suspension, outer rings and support arms made of manganese high-manganese steel Mesh wire support made of spring steel 2-point suspension (can be changed) Total length UK Inner suspension eye to UK guide rod 1450mm diameter 1000mm Other sizes on request! more