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Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6672 km
type planer head used HM / HSS turn plates flight circle diameter 125 mm internal diameter  40 mm cutting width 120 mm Bn0eyh7zsq numbers of cutters  2 piece located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
- Hobelbreite 22 - 160 mm - Hobelhöhe 10 - 100 mm - min. Werkstücklänge 100 mm - 4 Spindeln - Spindel FI 40 mm - Drehzahl 7500 U/min - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit stufenlos 6 - 36 m/min - Kettenbreite Vorschub 20 mm - max. Spanabnahme untere Welle 10 mm - Aufgabetischlänge 1200 mm - 1. Welle unten 5,5 kW ,Werkzeug FI 125 - 160 mm - 2. Welle rechte 5,5 kW ,Werkzeug FI 125 - 160 mm - 3. Welle linke 5,5 kW ,Werkzeug FI 125 - 160 mm - 4. Welle oben 7,5 kW ,Werkzeug FI 125 - 160 mm - Motor ...
Year of production: 2009 Type: LMC-723U Power: 63 kW Weight: 5800 kg Number of heads: 7 Machine length: 6.5 m Planing width: 240 mm Planing height: 160 mm Ok3vx
CATALOG NUMBER 5917 TECHNICAL DATA - range of machined diameters 40-140mm - max diameter of input material 190mm - minimum length of the input material 900mm Bml3uaimma - max machining allowance per side 30mm - knife head drive motor about 15kW - forward / backward feed - 1.5kW feed motor Sequentially: - introductory trough - 4 toothed pulling rollers - 1st and 2nd pneumatically pressed roller - 3-knife head - 3 smooth pulling rollers - the set includes sleeves with dimensions: 50, 60, 70, 80, ...
Engine power: 5,5 PS/HP (4,0 kW), Year of construction: 2018, Planing width: 410 mm, Current machine location: DE/Warendorf Isznqdcr0
5 heads G1. 4 kW G2. 4 kW G3. 5.5 kW G4. 5.5 kW G5. 4 kW Xj8kjhm9 4 kW Feed motor In very good condition.
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6672 km
type planer head used HM / HSS turnplates flight circle diameter 125 mm internal diameter  35 mm Nut for fitting key 4 x 10 cutting width 80 mm numbers of cutters 2 piece located in 97447 Gerolzhofen K8thqawn sale in current condition
Four-sided profile planing machine Manufacturer: Weinig Type: U 17/ 7 Year of construction: 1980 Machine no.: 588-2988 Plane width: 170 mm Bg3vj20oy9 Plane height: 125 mm 8 spindles (6+2 Uni) Shafts Ø: 35 mm U-R-L-R-O-U 2x Uni Engine power: 33 kW support table: 1.750 x 220 mm Chain- cardan drive Pneumatic low pressure Stepless feed Table lubrication with hand pump Dimensions: 6.500 x 1.350 x H 1.450 mm Incl. planing heads and tools condition: used
Type: PLANOMAT 22E Year of production: 2001 Weight: 1400 kg Power: 20 kW Planing height: 120 mm Planing width: 220 mm Machine dimensions: - machine length 3850 mm - machine width 1600 mm B9i7nvhk - machine height 1850 mm
Quality sorting of construction timber and boards consisting of: 4-strand feed conveyor destacking with discharge of the stacking lath Transfer of layers with board turner, Manipulation conveyor with separation rip saw zero-, middle- and end cut Bn0cfdfx7z feed station for the planer (without planer) Conveyor belt, moisture meters (manufactor Dynalyse) cross handover and sorting line with board turner feedstation for 5 etage including electronics- and power unit Wood cross-sections: Wood thic...
motor power: 5,5 PS/HP (4,0 kW), planer shaft: 2 planing knives, year of construction: 2008, planing width: 300 mm, thickness height: 165 mm, dressing table length: 1200 mm, feed gear: 5 m/min, chip removal max.: 3 mm Ojncj
pressure bar planer head Z4 with strip planer knives used Gxt20q2 dimension 130 x 125 x 35 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
Automatic Stacker for boards from 1.8m to 6.0 m Machine is under power and tested. Bocwjgdmqk Incl Stacking unit and lifting table with chain conveyer on top.
CATALOG NUMBER 5941 Bncp9pfv9g TECHNICAL DATA - range of machined diameters 40-140mm - minimum length of input material 750mm - machining allowance (diameter) max 50mm - 22kW knife head drive motor - smooth speed control feed + front / back 3-16m / min - 2.2kW feed motor - pneumatic actuators 6 pcs Sequentially: - introducing roller - 3 toothed pulling rollers - 3-knife head - 3 smooth pulling rollers - discharge roller - dimensions length / width / height 3300x1100x1620mm - weight 2120 kg Ne...
Mechanization for planer consisting of: destacking and stick scraper, separation and feeding of the planing machine, takeover after the planing machine and elevator-lowering conveyor, including electronics and power section package length: 2 - 18 m cross-section: 1.2 m wide - 1.40 m high with stacking slats (24 mm) timber thickness: 20 - 300 mm timber width: 100 mm to 450 mm Biudxutq09 timber lengths: 2 to 18 m
planing width: 300 mm, thicknessing height: 3 200 mm, dressing table length: 1500 mm, accessories: with moving device, strip cutter planing shaft 2sg8km
Type: Compact LMC-823 Year of production: 2010 Weight: 4800 kg Power: 59 kW Planing width: 230 mm Planing height: 150 mm Bml3ceb00e
pressure bar planer head Z4 with strip planer knives used dimension 170 x 125 x 35 Ok7ip located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
Travnik 18, 1318 Loški Potok, Slowenien Slovenia
7175 km
good (used)
CATALOG NUMBER 5245 TECHNICAL DATA - processing width 30-300mm - machining height 5-300mm - machining height on 4 sides 300mm - number of spindles 4 - 4x4 kW engine power - 4x0.25kW feed motor - bottom transport rollers, sliding 14 - upper, pulling transport rollers 4 - 4x1.1kW edge chamfering aggregates - feeding belt 6700mm - receiving tape 6400mm - self-discharge receiver - diameter of the extraction connector 4x120mm - overall dimensions length / width / height 16600x2500x2400mm - dimensio...
motor power: 7,5 PS/HP (5,5 kW), planing shaft: 4 planing knives TERSA, year of construction: 2008, motor voltage: 3x 400 V, planing width: 630 mm, type: D 632, feed gear: 7 + 14 m/min, accessories: with table extension Qk3hsj0
Continuous feeding end matcher suitable for both fixed lengths or random length work-pieces and the processing of any kind of profile. Bvkbapy3 A versatile solution for the end matching of floor boards, parquet elements and cabinet door components. Minimum length 160mm Width min-max 57-210mm Thickness min-max 8-30mm Profile unit type G 7200 rpm Scoring unit B3 12000 rpm Belt conveyors 5m x280mm 3m x 280mm 2m x 280mm Total installed capacity 29kW
pressure bar planer head Z4 Bn0fd22u9x with strip planer knifes used dimension 180 x 125 x 35 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
A- Feldbach, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
7192 km
ready for operation (used)
planing width 50cm, planing height 16cm G0tefnf
Juszczyn, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
7270 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Four-sided plank Reignmac RMM 523 Number of spindles 5 Working width min/max – 20-230 mm Working Height min/max – 8-160 mm P9lcyapz Spindle diameter 40 mm Maximum tool diameter 200 mm Spindle Speed 6000 rpm All spindles fully adjustable Pulling rolls from above 8 rows Pulling rolls in table 2 pcs. Top and side pneumatic clamps Illuminated Cabin Pre-table with a length of 2000 mm 1. Lower power 5.5 kw 2. Right, power 5.5 kw 3. Left, power 5.5 kw 4. Upper, Power 7.5 kw 5. Lower, power 7.5 kw Feed...
1 gebr. Ledinek Superles 400 6V+4F-S80 with Kallfass Mechanization for the production of glue binder Working width: 70-400 mm Working height: 19-300 mm Working height with chamfers: min. 35 mm Working length: min. 2000 mm Table height constant: 1000 mm Feed speed: 20-80 m/min. Dressing shaft: 37 kW Thickness shaft: 45 kW Vertical shaft right: 37 kW Vertical shaft left: 30 kW Bevels 4x3 kW 12 kW Profiling shaft 2x30 kW 60 kW Lifting gear motor 2.2 kW Side pressure roller drive 2x3kW 6 kW Ho...
Technical data: - Planing width - 500 mm - planing height - 180 mm - Back distance - 440 mm - blade shank diameter - 125 mm - electrically lifted table - feed speed - 3-20 m / min - lower shaft power - 5.5 HP - power of the upper shaft - 7,5 HP Hvyexystw - the power of the right head - 5.5 HP - Power of the left head - 5.5 HP
Hobelbreite 630 mm Hobelhöhe max. 180 mm Durchlasshöhe 200 mm Spanabnahme unten max. 10 mm Spanabnahme oben max. 10 mm Spanabnahme vertikal max. 17 mm Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 3-20 m/min Tourenzahl der horizontalen Wellen 5'300 rpm Tourenzahl der vertikalen Wellen 4'800 rpm Durchmesser der Hobelwellen 125 mm Durchmesser max. der vertikalen Hobelköpfe 180 mm Durchmesser der vertikalen Wellen 40 mm Durchmesser der Einzugrollen 160 mm Länge des Einzugtisches 950 mm Motorenstärke untere Hobelwelle...
pressure bar planer head Z4 with strip planer knives used dimension 170 x 125 x 35 X3c3g located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
Control panel Weinig for mechanization or similar Bjxxyvouuj
Achern Germany
6581 km
good (used)
Electric cabinets in different sizes Bhyfdrf planing machines REX and KUPFERMÜHLE
Weinig 6-spindle moulder in good working condition. including 4 x cutterblocks´ . Nix0p
UNIHOLZ modular hinge drilling unit ECO STAR model production year 2006 Fzzxdrx 0.75 kw engine, 2800 RPM maximum drill bit diameter 40 mm 3 spindles CE marking 400V power supply base - table on wheels
Planing machine BMH ACS Colombo Angelo & Figili srl A machine for, for example, windows and doors, but also for CNC machining of other wooden elements Jxvypzf0 Type AP 35 The diameter of the spindles fi 40 mm Two vertical spindles, right and left numerically adjustable up / down, front / back together with numerical feed height adjustment, all adjustable from the operator panel. Italian production machine, imported from the Netherlands, very good, efficient and complete condition.
pressure bar planer head Z4 with strip planer knifes used dimension 180 x 125 x 35 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen Bn0feypf20 sale in current condition
900370 loading magazine HOWIAL type MGZ 38 Working width: 200 mm, Cclho3qu Max workpiece length: unlimited Carriage stroke: 450 mm
-BRI 102- Bfi8ioseds A four-sided planer from Guilliet is offered here. Data: Type: KXY 180 380 V 3.8A Built: 1990 Weight: 1100kg Max wood cross-section 180x120mm Speed: 6000 rpm Feed speed: 6 and 12 m/min Feed rollers: 120mm Length of feed table: 2100mm All further information as well as the condition can be found in the pictures.
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6731 km
9-axis, board length: 5m. Accessories: inlet, denester, planing machine: YOM: 1999, general overhauled in 2009, cross-cut station with 7 saws general overhauled in 2014, automatic stacking, binding machine (defect), filter system: throughput: 60000m³/h. 7egloy2gc
Four-sided planer Hundegger HM-C year of manufacture 1993 Bg9ymhwx7n width of horizontal spindles 400 mm height of vertical spindles 300 mm 4 x 5.5 kw motors centering table 4 wood edge bevels 4 x 0.55 kw motors spindles coming in pneumatically from 4 sides the dimensions of the machine: 11000 x 1700 x 2400h mm weight 3000kg
pressure bar planer head Z4 with strip planer knifes K83ftjpl used dimension 180 x 125 x 35 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6731 km
Planing width: 860mm, planing height with present vertical unit: 100mm, max. planing heigth: 260mm, horizontal shaft: Z8, cutting circle diameter: 190mm, feed: up to 130m/min, saw blade diameter: 280mm, cutting height: max. 70mm, lower horizontal planer: 15kW, upper horizontal planer: 22kW, vertical planers left/right: 11kW, cut off saw (Ritz): 11kW, table adjustment: electro motorically. Machine was completly overhauled in 1997. Vrwk8m
Juszczyn Poland
7271 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Strugarka czterostronna Wadkin GD 220 5 + U szerokość robocza 220 mm wysokość strugania 130 mm ilość wrzecion 6, każde wrzeciono posiada oddzielny silnik układ oraz moc silników: wrzeciono poziome dolne 220 mm, silnik 5,5 kw wrzeciono pionowe prawe 130 mm , silnik 5,5 kw wrzeciono pionowe lewe 130 mm, silnik 5,5 kw wrzeciono poziome górne 220 mm, silnik 7,5 kw wrzeciono poziome dolne 220 mm, silnik 5,5 kw wrzeciono uniwersalne 360 stopni, silnik 5,5 kw Prędkości obrotowe wrzecion: 6000 obr/...
Planing width 230 mm M0utd -Planing height 140 mm -adjustable feed
used type pressure bar planer head Tragkörper aus aluminium mech. feeder flight circle diameter 127 mm internal diameter 35 mm Schneidenbreite 240 mm Schneidenanzahl 4 pc. Ok7c2 original price 624,- ? located in 97447 Gerolzhofen
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Table dimensions: 2000x420mm, max. planing width: 410mm, working height: 900mm, rotational speed: 6000/min. Bhsp3tadjb
3 kW Motor Table width 74 cm length 300 cm Knives: 4 Bhu2v7a2pl