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A robustly upstroke crosscut designed for programmable and repetitive cutting from lengths of standard or random length long timber. The saw unit has a pneumatic upstroke action and is fitted with a Matrix type pusher unit for automatic feeding Specification Self braking motor 10hp Saw blade diameter 500mm Max cutting width (refer to chart) 360mm Max cutting height (refer to chart) 135mm Dust hoods 3 off dia 100mm Air consumption per cycle 8 nl Nett weight 400kg Specification Pushe...
used, top condition, top equipment manufactured by EiMa type 122 Masch.-No. 11122 saw aggregates 2 pc with autom. unblocking unit motors a 4,4 kW extension arm length 3800 mm cut width ca. 3000 mm cutting depth ca. 2500 mm cut height ca. 100 mm max. blade diameter 400 mm tiltable double 45° + 90° stehende Welle 90° scoring units motors a 0,75 kW autom. lowering device im Rücklon Ok8jj electrical width adjustment autom. clamping width adjustment unblocking unit vacuum clamping unit 0,58 kW with v...
Gronau (Westfalen) Germany
6358 km
good (used)
DGS-double miter saw Fabr. Rapid Type DGS BJ. 1979 Working length 3 m Work height 120 mm Begx8xeh2w Working width 110 mm with pneumatic pressure bar Swiveling
Nattheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6725 km
Schnittlänge max. 2200 mm min. 240 mm Vorschub pneumatisch Schnittwinkel 90 ° und 45° Wnfmtlin pneumatische Spannvorrichtung sicherheits Zweihandbedienung Maße : 2940 x 1100 x 1220 mm Gewicht : 360 kg Lagerort: Nattheim
Double mitre sawBrand: EiseleType: LMS-D/76Year: 1976 Two 3 kW three-phase motors 2800 m/-1 drive shaft motor Individual switching of both motors protected by motor protection switch. Saw blade Ø: max. 400 mm Infinitely variable 6 - 7 bar Air consumption: approx. 12 Nl per drive stroke (One working stroke: forward/backward and tension) Workpiece clamping: Two clamping cylinders horizontal, one clamping cylinder vertical, plastic pressure pads Length adjustment: Second saw unit by hand with quic...
Code: 0189 Brand: OMGA Model: TR 35 VIS - CE Standard Automatic double crosscutting machine for wood, wood frames, aluminium, Pvc - aluminium, Pvc cutting , plastic materials - CE Standard Technical data: Manual translation by handwheel Digital positioning display Dyh8bot Blade diameter mm 350 F 30 Blade motor power Hp 3 each - Speed 3000 rpm Worktable height mm 950 Suction ports n°2 diameter 80 mm Control panel Pneumatic vertical and horizontal pressors Cutting length mm 3500 Max. cutti...
Liverpool L33 7XW, UK United Kingdom
5680 km
as good as new (ex-display)
An automatic push-feed crosscut saw, with CNC programmable sequential cutting of boards, ideally suited for cutting to length components for furniture, joinery, timber frame and flooring or anywhere where speed and accuracy are required. The structure of the machine is of a one piece frame designed to ensure long lasting strength and rigidity and is prepared for the installation of various optional equipment such as infeed chains with separating system, vacuum loading and outfeed sorting belt. ...
Ljubljanska cesta 45, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenija Slovenia
7146 km
excellent (used)
Useful cutting length mm 3.35 m Hasb2gj Manual rotation of blades from 45 ° - 0 ° - 45 Manual inclination 0 ° to 45 ° external Blades Blades 330, Kw 2.2 three-phase motors 400V Mechanically controlled local cutting area protection horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps with low pressure device Possibility to work with one or two heads Execution of cuts out of square (intermediate angles) MACHINE DIMENSIONS (L x H x D) 4200x1540x1160 Weight kg 350
Catalog number: 5914 TECHNICAL DATA - min. length of the board after formatting 750mm - max length of the board after formatting 1300mm - max board width 190mm - max board height 80mm - max diameter of the disc 300mm - shield on the discs (serves as a pressure) - diameter of the spindles 40mm - length of spindles working part 240mm - 5.5kW main engine power - 0.75kW feed motor power - 2 speed belt feed - cutting width adjustment - dimensions of the top 1580x1580mm Gcydwf7 - overall dimensions: l...
Ehingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6720 km
ready for operation (used)
two sawing aggregates without scoring and without disengaging cutting width approx. 3000 mm Cutting length approx. 2500 (between the saw blades) Saw blade: min 350 mm / max 450 mm motor-driven width adjustment Bocoo2hwwc All information without guarantee further technical data on request
Kłodawa, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
6827 km
excellent (used)
Miter saw OMGA V235 NC Double miter saw, V-Cutting OMGA V 235 NC Type / Model: V235 NC Production Year: 2005 Technical condition: Perfect, like new! Technical description: The V235 NC is a high speed precision saw for picture frame, carpentry and furniture industries. It is equipped with an on-board computer that allows it to operate in various cutting modes. The machine is able to cut out of random material lengths and can also optimize sequence cuts in list mode. The computer has an 8-inch s...
Saw blade diameter 400 mm. X2vwk Swivel range 45°. Cutting length max. 2500 mm Machine weight ca.1100 kg
Mojusz Poland
6905 km
good (used)
Two-saw Omga TR2-A miter - after the technical review - very good condition - Italian production 2sexei TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: engine power 2 x 1.6 kW blade diameter 300 mm cutting height 80 mm cutting length 100 mm cutting width min / max 250 mm / 2800 mm angle adjustment +/- 450 pneumatic pressure two supports stub diameter 2 x 80 mm three working modes dimensions (length / width / height) 365 x 90 x 130 cm weight ~ 500 kg
Double mitre saw - HAFFNER DGS 184 Bcy8xocg - 3000mm - Distance between saws at 90 °, max 3000mm - Height at 90 °, max 150mm - Width mm 140 - Tiltable saw units - Saw blades tiltable - Pneumatic clamping - Total connection kW 4.5 - Weight kg 500
Klövervägen 26, 283 50 Osby, Sweden Sweden
6577 km
good condition (used)
Duble cross cut saw in good condition 3e7nquk9 Possible to both turn and tilt sawblades up to 45 degrees
The TAC CNX is a fully automatic machine that can cross cut straight or angled, coupled with a CNC vertical drilling unit and vertical hopper feed loading leading device. This means a combined operating cycle of feeding, drilling and cutting with no manual operator intervention. The TAC can also just be used for crosscutting if so required. The saw unit cutting angle automatically adjusts to the required angle from the program, while the drilling group is controlled in 3 axis with a 5 spindle po...
Double cross cut saw Hüllhorst type: DH54S Clvi2or3 year of manufacture: 1992 cutting width 3500 mm (max. distance between the sawblades) cutting length approx. 2,50 m (length of the transport rails approx. 3,50 m) main sawblades tiltable and pneumatic moving to side when the workpiece drives back with scroing saws automatic width adjustment and automatic forward and backward movement of the transport rails digital display of the cutting width pneumatic clamping of the workpiece with safety sw...
Åkervägen 18, 696 32 Askersund, Sverige Sweden
6510 km
good condition (used)
Dubbel justersåg Märke:Omga Typ:TI 2500 Super Nr:01 284954 År:2002 The double squaring machine TI 2500 / 3000 SUPER has been conceived to cut particle boards, laminated panels, plywood, multi-layered materials and plastic laminates. The left hand side cutting unit is fixed whereas the right hand side one can be adjusted by means of a hand wheel and slides on grinded steel tracks. The distance between the saw blades is read on a scale, if the machine is equipped whit motorized traverse the dis...
Michalská 20, 060 01 Kežmarok, Slowakei Slovakia
7347 km
refurbished (used)
I sell the double mitre saw with material pressures and angle adjustment OMS. Bmtkaazpiq Available immediately.
OMS double delivery saw Nmsfp Cut length 2800mm Cut width 140mm Cut height 60mm Aggregate swing 45-90-45 ° Aggregate adjustment over hand wheel with crank Cut resolution over foot pedal
Double slash Alfamacchine T 350 Bkxgcmgja3 Saws at a 45 degree angle Saw diameter 350 mm, axis 30 mm 2 x 1.5 kw motors Cutting disc speed 3000 RPM maximum cutting section 80 x 80 mm two-handed control or pedal table extensions the weight of the machine: 400 kg
Double mitre saw Pertici Univer 400 IP Sawblade 400mm Tiltable Max saw length 6100mm Year of construction 2006 Bgycqnvken Own weight 600kg 400V
2 Blades ø 400 - tiltable - 3000 rpm Bksbk8iqye cuttings min/max 210/2500 mm 11 KW TOTAL
- 2250 mm cutting length - 80 mm cutting height - 2 x 3,7 KW sawing Motor Vtdaoe
Drilling machines Eugen Mayer 715 Second hand 1998 Make: Eugen Model: Mayer 715 Description: Jfdds7p dauble saw with boring system eugen mayer Year: 1998
CATALOG NUMBER 5762 TECHNICAL DATA - min board length after formatting 800mm - max board length after formatting 1300mm - max board width 200mm - max board height 70mm - max diameter of 300mm disc - shield for shields (serves as pressure) - 40mm spindle diameter - spindle length working part 260mm - main engine power 4kW - feed motor power 0.75kW - 2 feed speeds on the belt - cutting width adjustment - worktop dimensions 1515x1540mm - overall dimensions length / width / height 1540x1700x1300mm ...
Double cross cut saw Hüllhorst cutting width 2500 mm including scoring saw length of the cross beams approx. 3300 mm elektric width adjustment Nmvnh 3rd circular sawblade in the table good condition
Double head Wegoma MECAL SW452 saw designed for cutting aluminum and pvmmaximum cutting length 5000 mm cutting width 140 mm cutting height 200 mm material clamps on both sides humidifying system saw diameter 500mm saw set 500 x 4.4 x 120 saw angle adjustment 90 - 45 degrees programmable cutting length production 1995, machine standard CE Dimensions: 6000 x 1500 x 1500 x 1800h mm machine weight 2500 kg 2rkhvq
Marano Vicentino Italy
6961 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Carbide saw blade 500/520 mm ■ 1 controlled axis (linear positioning of moveable head) ■ Pneumatic tilting heads from 45° ext to 90° ■ Integral pneumatic protection of cutting area ■ Blades lubrication system ■ Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps with low pressure device ■ Pair of vertical pneumatic clamps with low pressure device ■ Side support with roller 3000 mm ■ X axis standard positioning speed: 20 m/min ■ Blade motor power: 2,2 kW ■ Blades speed: 2800 rpm ■ Maximum cutting leng...
A.COSTA MAXI-CUT - Jxivpsu Automatic double cross-cutting machine equipped with a hydraulic centering system through two pairs of cylinders and a quick reading system of width of the prisms. MAX DEPTH OF CUTTING 160 MM MAX CUTTING LENGHT 4500 MM MAX WIDTH CUTTTING 600 MM
Kłodawa Poland
6832 km
repair required (used)
Maximum cutting length: 3000 mm Minimum cutting length: 300mm Oaqjz has scoring saws, exposing and hiding scoring saws on pneumatics, in addition, the saw has pneumatic saw access, after renovation
Double Mitre Saw OMGA TR 2 Cpdriwt8 Works in two modes: manual and automatic Digital messuring system Diamater of saws: 300m Work lenght of machine: 3m Lenght of the machine: 3,5m Video (Copy and paste in browser): youtube.com/watch?v=2NXbF7c60PU
Doppelablängsäge Hüllhorst max. Schnittlänge (max. Distanz zwischen den Sägeblättern) 3200 mm Bxuqnnpw Schnittbreite (Länge der Auflageholme) 4000 mm Schnittlänge elektrisch verstellbar Auflageholme fahren elektrisch von vorn nach hinten durch 2 schwenkbare Sägeblätter Vorritzer Drittes Sägeblatt im Tisch auf der linken Seite der Maschine, mit Schiebeschlitten 2,4 m und verstellbarem Breitenanschlag
I sell the double mitre saw with throughfeed Bauerle. Nolgz Available immediately. Fix price.
double saw motor 22 kW cutting height 330 mm cutting length of 2.6 m at the dogs feeder saw blade diameter 700 mm shaft with spacers and the pressure plates feeder machine perfectly suitable for pulpwood, new tensioners, new chain new bearings, new electrical, new feeder machine safe with all the security machine with a simple-to-use design and service firm in addition to the price of two new slitting saws to 700 mm Cutting Length mm 2600 mm Length Machines mm 6100 mm Table length 2000 mm Spind...
- model : V2013 NC - year of production : 1990 - serial number : 438 - max working width : 60 mm Bbvwa9t9h7 - max working heigh : 60 mm - motors : 2 x 2.2 kW - saw : 300 x 3.2 d=30 z=96 - 2000 cut / hour - vertical loader with 7 arms - change of cutting angle - overall dimesnions (without loader) : 3450 mm x 1200 mm x 1800 mm - loader dimensions : 6000 mm x 650 mm x 1700 mm - weight : 2000 kg
Double cross cut saw Rapid for aluminum and plastic profiles Rod material or timber working length 3000 mm, min. 220 mm 2 tiltable sawblades each approx. 3,5 kW Workpiece width 130 mm Maximum cutting height 300 mm sawblade diameter max. 420 mm with pneumatic pressure cylinder Working length is adjustable manually via the hand wheel weight approx. 1400 kg price on request ***** Formatowka dwustronna Rapid do aluminium i tworzywa sztucznego oraz do drzewa dwupila 2 pily wychylne 45º i...
Kezmarok Slovakia
7348 km
refurbished (used)
I sell the double mitre saw Haffner DGS 182, year 2000. Tilting heads, very good condition. 7tp0aoti Available immediately.
DOUBLE CROSS CUTTING MACHINE ANGOMAC double cross-cutting machine, ideal as line machine, for pallet elements production. max cutting lenght from 1600 to 4500 mm Cx8vcl3e max thickenss 200 mm
Kezmarok Slovakia
7348 km
refurbished (used)
I sell the double mitre saw Rapid DGS, year 1977. Tilting heads, very good condition. Available immediately. Nnbvx
I sell the double mitre saw Ciemme Grafite Plus 5MT, year 1995. 2 motors 2,2kW with tilting heads Working length 5100mm. Weight 1410kg. Beh7d0xxqm Good condtion. Sellable immediately.

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