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HVAC Airbox Radial Fan, Rugged Modularized Construction Manufacturer: Rosenberg Models: e.g. Airbox S40-10Q TRZ03-355 Condition: Good Used condition! Example Technical Data • Model: S40-10Q TRZ03-355 • Air Flow: 0-10.000 m³/h • Heat Exchanger Duty: 70 KW • Motor Power: 5,5 kW • Voltage: 400 Volt 50 Hz • Air Pressure 1000 Pa • Main Switch integrated in Cabinet • Galvanized Steel Frame Bwme9y2nh0 • Air Entry and Exit from Side • Flange connection 1.000 x 1.000 mm • Dimensions L x B x H:...
Dorsten, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1046 km
temperature max. . ° Bdwznvs0 length 15000 mm width 6000 mm height 5500 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Air-conditioned room air-conditioning technology: Klimatec-to be loaded with a crane through 2 openings in the ceiling. -Or can be walked and driven on through doors
184/194 kW, MTA heat pump / air-cooled water chiller, type: Aries HAST 080 HE M.T.A. Spa. The Aries HAST 080 HE are air-cooled heat pumps, switchable from heating to cooling mode, which are suitable for outdoor installation (from -5 ° C to + 48 ° C cooling mode, from -10 ° C to + 25 ° C heating mode); with plate evaporator, four scroll compressors, crankcase heater, condenser filter and control and switch cabinet. Cooling capacity (kW): 184 (52 Tonnen) Cold water temp. exit / entry (° C): 7/...
For sale is a cooling unit of the company Remko. Bwqepnldht The aggregate was never installed. There may be slight signs of use due to storage. There are 2 cooling units in stock.
SANYO ECO G Gas heat pump air conditioner Model: SGP-E190J2GU2W Power source: 230 V AC, 1 Phase, 50 HZ Max electrical input: 1,16 kW, 5,4 A (Continuous) Unit protection: IP24 Cooling capacity: 56 kW Heating capacity: 67 kW Heat input (HS)(Cooling): 43,5 kW Heat input (HS)(Heating): 46 kW Vss3qy Refrigerant: R407C, 17 kg Design pressure high side: 30 bar Design pressure low side: 16 bar OUTDOOR USE ONLY! We have 4 pieces on Stock!
JETSTREAM 230 Wassertank: 114 l Max. Luftdurchsatz: 6.116 m³/h Kühlleistung ca.: 84 m² Preis: 2.310,00 € JETSTREAM 240 Wassertank: 189 l Max. Luftdurchsatz: 7.646 m³/h Kühlleistung ca.: 105 m² Preis: 2.640,00 € JETSTREAM 250 Wassertank: 208 l Max. Luftdurchsatz: 14.441 m³/h Kühlleistung ca.: 197 m² Preis: 2.970,00 € JETSTREAM 260 Wassertank: 227 l Max. Luftdurchsatz: 21.238 m³/h Kühlleistung ca.: 290 m² Preis: 3.630,00 € JETSTREAM 270 Wassertank: 246 l Bhzljg7 Max. Luftdurchsatz: 38.228 m³/h...
Activated Coal Filter Condition: Good Used condition! Example Technical Data • Galvanized Steel Frame • modularized Construction • Air Entry and Exit from Side • Flange connection approx. 600 x 600 mm • Dimensions approx. L x B x H: 1.500 x 600 x 600 mm • Proven industrial components • High quality workmanship • Housing with detachable maintenance panels • Well engineered construction enables easy service Application The offered Filter enables to ship, transport and install a Air Co...
Inverter heat pumps / chillers air-cooled reversible, Type: iHCY 101 PT1 M.T.A. Spa. HCYGNUS TECH Inverter iHCY 101 PT1 are compact heat pumps reversible (heating / cooling) that are suitable for outdoor installation down to -15 / -10 ° C intake temperature. Including crankcase heating, buffer storage, built-in P1 circulation pump, electrical frost protection heating (evaporator, storage tank and pump), condenser filter, vibration damper kit and inverter scroll compressors Thermal output kW 25...
Water cooling unit -WKS 30.0012-MA 2rsuqu Make No 810133 Refrigerant refrigerant : R1349 filling weight :1,6kg Max,Working Presure : HD 21,7 bar ND:10.6 bar
Professional air conditioning Split device Daikin compressor RZQ71C7V1B, 67 Kg with wall bracket Ceiling fan/ cooling, heating FHQ71BVV1B J9g0bz Wall panel remote control Instructions Coolant R410A, 2,75 Kg Condition: Used. Shipping with special/forwarding shipping.
The water-cooled mobile split air conditioner consists of an outdoor and an indoor unit. A set of water hoses with quick connectors (pre-filled), condensate hose and electrical connection ensures their connection. Connection lengths of up to 30 m can be realised - particularly interesting for rooms without windows and direct wall openings, where the heat energy cannot be dissipated via an air hose. Thanks to its castors on the underside of the indoor unit, the AC 6.7 can be used very flexibly an...
HVAC Airbox Radial Fan, Rugged Modularized Construction Manufacturer: RLK Models: e.g. Airbox A12L NRA 400, A12VKR280, S40-13Q, and others Condition: Good Used condition! Example Technical Data • Model: A12L NRA400 • Air Flow: 0-10.000 m³/h • Motor Power: 5,5 kW • Voltage: 400 Volt 50 Hz • Air Pressure 1000 Pa • Main Switch integrated in Cabinet • Galvanized Steel Frame • Air Entry and Exit from Side • Flange connection 1.000 x 1.000 mm • Dimensions L x B x H: 1.500 x 1.000 x 1.000 mm •...
Borken, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1034 km
good (used)
Here we offer a used air conditioning by white. This Cabinet has fully up to the expansion works. Depth 0, 85m height 1, 95 m, width 1, 05 m 32mtvggew Type: White data 60WD Scope of delivery: (See image) The unit comes from a Commons resolution. We provide also with express shipping / express shipping (DHL, UPS, TNT) We can answer questions on the phone for you. Written order possible by email or fax
FC PN 06D P08 A4-1C-56V Air-cooled axial condenser / dry cooler for outdoor installation Housing Inclusive: Fheat exchangers, repair switches, fans . The dry recooler can be used as a free cooler or as a condenser for a water-cooled system. Technical specifications Recooling capacity kW: approx. : 218,45 (62 Tonnen) Coldwater temperature outlet/ Inlet °C 40 / 46,5 Volume flow m3/h: 31,6 Ambient temperature °C: 37 Coolant Water-glycocoal mixture: 35% Ethylene Data according to the nam...
Supplied by Teko GmbH, Altenstadt Hessen 2 identical semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors Punaou Built in 2006 And 1 Carrier composite cooling system, with 3 composite refrigeration compressors, mounted on frame together with the control cabinet Manufacturer: Linde Refrigeration Technology High pressure side with air-cooled flare max. 55°C High pressure side with water cooled bottler max. 43°C Filling volume R 4041 approx. 240 kg Manufacture No. 108226/134/3526 Built in 2006
White Air conditioning Ultraclean ULTRA 55.2 Rbzzo72n Air conditioning cabinet ULTRA 55.2 DXU Manufacturer: Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Device type: Ultraclean, ULTRA 55.2 DXU Year of construction: 2007 Nachheitzer 10,5 kW Cooler: 12,7 kW Humidifier: 3 kg/h Filter class: F7 Supply air volume 2500 m{h ext. ext. compression 200
The Breezer MACH4 is the new version of the original Breezer. The new Breezers MACH 4 has been equipped with a larger water tank of 341 liters. Optimally suited for air conditioning in warehouses and production or for cooling large rooms with strong radiant heat (e.g. from ovens) or workshops. With a maximum air flow rate of almost 24,000 m3/h, it is one of the extremely powerful units. Thanks to its internal water tank of approx. 341 litres, the air conditioner can be operated for 4 to 5 days (...
For sale is an air conditioner / cooling tower of the brand BCT. Busqpvtrkw Type designation: BCTDH70(32)-75/82 Broad Villa Hot Water Air Conditioner
Here we offer a MTA 0802/D refrigeration machine RAM. MTA chiller RAM 0802/D Cooling unit TW HL4006D specification Plate heat exchanger station with integrated Laser and control cabinet cooling system for laser HL4006D Versions of the cooling unit TW HL 4006 D (1) voltage 380V/3/50 Hz (340V-440V) = 50 Hz version (2) special voltage, 460V/3/60 Hz (414V-506V) = 60 Hz version (A) basic option PWT station HL4006 D / 50 Hz 1 x housing PWT station complete Colour RAL 5010 1840 mm 2215 mm width 850 mm ...
Air-conditioning chiller / chiller air-cooled, Type: CYGNUS TECH CYT 171 PT1 M.T.A. Spa. CYGNUS TECH CYT 171 PT1 are compact water chillers for outdoor installation up to -10 ° C suction temperature are suitable. Including crankcase heating, buffer storage and built-in P1 circulation pump Cooling capacity kW 38.1 Cold water temp. Exit / entry: 7/12 ° C Volume flow m³ / h 6.48 Available pump pressure bar: 1.81 Ambient temperature ° C 32 Refrigerant R 410A Electrical data: Voltage V 400, freque...
Zona Industriale Italy
1552 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Model number: EIH 040 Unit model: Reversible Heat pump Flow configuration: Horizontal Supply & Down Return Performance Data Heating Cooling Eurovent energy class A A Gross capacity 28.33 kW 40.88 kW Net capacity 30.31 kW 38.61 kW Total Absorbed Power 11.28 kW 14.61 kW Net COP / EER 2.69 2.64 Gross COP / EER 2.51 2.80 SEER / SCOP 2.900 kW/kW 4.450 kW/kW Seasonal space energy efficiency (Ns) 113.00 % 175.00 % Entering air temperature and humidity r...
Rittal SK 3392. 540 switch cabinet 400V, 73 kg, Walls cooling unit air conditioning Useful cooling capacity 2580W R134a Technically flawless Housing see pictures Bes9dwmk3g More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request!
Airklima AAM13000 Mobile air conditioner Air cooler Without exhaust air hose, without outdoor unit, environmentally friendly Power consumption cooling 480 W Suitable for room size: approx. 70m2/170m3 N3fqr Technical data Room size: 70/170 m2/m3 Power consumption cooling: 480 W Air volume flow: 13000 m3/h Sound pressure level: 54 dB(A) Power supply (V/Phase/Hz): 230/1/50 Water tank: 100 l Dimensions (LxDxH): 870x570x1400 mm Weight: 40 kg condition: used good condition, everything works / with rem...
RENA Technologies GmbH, Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau GmbH Unichiller in tower houseing with CC-pilot, UC320Tw H Rena Edition IV.I, 2246745, 3029.0016.04 Model: UC320TwHRenaEditionIVI Technical Data: 400/460V 50/60Hz Btz8xe9ecd 26/30A +4…+40°C Operating temperature range: 4...40 °C Temperature indication: digital Temperature adjustment: digital Internal temperature sensor: Pt100 Safety classification: Class III / FL Heating power: 4 kW Cooling power Refrigeration machine: water-cooled, CFC- ...
2 machines available Can cool and heat. A proportion of circulating air is essential in heating mode. Nelodb3p Both machines come with an additional weather protection grille and Provide a filter in the suction area. The air outlet can be implemented over 1 x or 2 x 500 mm.
Cooling power: 10 kW Bmcyiozjxa Heating power: 11 kW Refigerant: R407C Refrigerant diagram, operational limits see at the photos! We have15 unit in stock!
Weiss Ultra 60 VU Air conditioner Manufacturer: Weiss Type: Ultra 60 VU Date of manufacture: 1999 Description of the Serial number. 394/54166 Air flow rate 4000 m³ / h external compression system: 600 Pa Engine power 5,4 kW Filter quality F7 Cooler 7,3 kW Coolant R407C electric heating system 10,0 kW Humidification max. 7.5 kg / h Compressor power 4.01 kW max. operating pressure 25 bar Bfv7t90fbj Maintenance 01/2019 Leak test: 01/2019 More articles - new and used - can be found in our ...
Pearl stationary air conditioner for connection to a chiller or refrigeration network. You can also simply integrate this floor standing unit into your existing refrigeration network. The unit has an output of 17.5 Kw and an air volume of 1000m3/h. It is easy to operate via the digital display and the enclosed remote control . and requires only 2 x 3/4 inch water connections. For technical data please see the pictures. The units are available from stock. And can be shipped immediately. Hp8wqd0f
Sanyo SPW-XDR94GXH56(B) Variable Refrigerant Flow Semi Concealed 4-way air discharge Capacity : Cooling :2.80kw Heating 3,20kw Air-circulation (High) 900 phase 1. 50Hz Voltage rating (AVR) V 230 Running amperes 0.21 0.18 A Power input 0.032 0.022 watt Bfxjaf9c02 Power sound level (H/M/L) dB-A Ref.dia. Narrow/Wide Pipe 6.35 (1/4) / 12.7 (1/2) Weight 21+4,5 kg Indoor Unit H/W/D mm 265 x 840 x 840 Panel H/W/D mm 291 x 950 x 950 • Sirocco fans and heat exchanger fins with new shapes are adop...
Toshiba cassette air conditioner RAV-SM804UT-E incl. outdoor unit RAV-SM803AT-E; Consisting of: 1 x Toshiba 4-way cassette air conditioning unit RAV-SM804UT-E 1 x outdoor unit RAV-SM803AT-E 1 x standard remote Toshiba RBC AMT32E Inverter compressor Heating function Size of the room greater than 50 m² max 115 m³ The new 4-way cassette fits unobtrusively into any ceiling. A newly developed axial fan Turbo allows the devices to operate very quietly, While the design of the ceiling panels improve...
SANYO SPW-SR124GXH56 Air Conditioner-indoor unit Year of construction: 2004 Cooling-heating unit Semi-concealed two-way air outlet Power kW Cooling: 3,60 Heating 4,20 Air volume (high) 576 m3 / h Phase 1 50Hz Voltage (AVR) V 230 Bfxi7gtksr Running amp. 0.45 / 0.29 A. Power 93/61 W Power sound level (H / M / L) dB-A Ref.dia. Narrow / wide tube 350 x 840 x 600 mm Weight 23+ 7 kg Indoor unit H / W / D mm 350 x 840 x 600 Panel height / width 358 x 1060 x 680 mm • Thin, compact and lightweight uni...
Toshiba air conditioning RAV-SM1102AT-E air conditioner outdoor unit; • Casing: galvanised, lacquered steel sheet "Pearl White" • prefilled condenser unit with DC-twin rolling piston compressor • Speed controlled compressor • Axial fan • Cooling up to-15 ° C ambient temperature Technical data Cooling capacity heating capacity 2200-12500 W 2200-12500 W voltage 230 Vac power 16.5A power 3560W protection 16A/T Sound pressure level 53 - 54dB(A) refrigerant R410A depth 320 mm Width 900 mm Height 79...
Heat exchanger module, fan channel, filter module, mixed air module, elastic connector Technical data: Mtlbv 3-speed, 3x400V Size 4 Technical specifications Ext. Pressure loss speed level 3 / 2 / 1 speed 900/ 690 / 450 air flow m³/h 6250/4950/3150 ventilator(en): power consumption W 610/ 480 / 140 power consumption A 1.10/0.80/0.40 voltage/frequency V/Hz 400/50 heating of the air: air temp. Admission ° C 20.0 temp. Leaking ° C 50.0/51.6/55.5 mixing room air °C/% 20/50 outdoor air °C/% 10 / 9...
Heat exchanger Chiller evaporator Brand unknown Control CVM3000 very large heat exchanger approximately 9.0 m long. 2 to 2.20 wide 2.0 m high I3eeltr Wiring diagram available Dismantling and transport possible
Bader HX 1500 switch cabinet cooling unit Manufacturer: Bader Type: HX 1500 Cooling capacity: 1,50 kW Power consumption: 0.60 kW Starting current: 14 A Voltage: 230 V Bhp8usrje Refrigerant: 134a More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request!
Rittal SK 3304540 Switch cabinet cooling unit TopTherm air conditioning units for IT and electrical switch cabinets Series of Top Therm air conditioning units 300 → 1500 W. Air conditioning units are installed in cabinets with at least IP54 sealing. They allow heat to be dissipated from electrical enclosures but maintain IP54 status. Available with optional roof or side mounting. The condenser has a nanoceramic coating and can be used in dry, dusty environments without a filter, significantly e...
Toshiba cassette air conditioner RAV-SM804UT-E incl. outdoor unit RAV-SM1102AT-E; Consisting of: 1 x Toshiba 4-way cassette air conditioner SM804UT-E 1 x outdoor unit RAV-SM1102AT-E 1 x standard remote Toshiba RBC AMT32E Inverter compressor Heating function Size of the room greater than 50 m² max 115 m³ The new 4-way cassette fits unobtrusively into any ceiling. A newly developed axial fan Turbo allows the devices to operate very quietly, While the design of the ceiling panels improved guaran...

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