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evaporator HC Coils CCZ 206

Stockton-on-Tees, United KingdomUnited Kingdom
5744 km
unexamined (used)
single fan evaporator in stainless steel housing Jvcmay more
Recooling system Manufacturer: RITTAL Type: Top Therm SK 3360250 Condition: used / unchecked Gvwoms For more details, please refer to the picture material / type plate. This offer is aimed at professionals. Prices quoted are net. We are happy to prepare a personal offer for you. To do so, please send us your full contact details. Offer subject to change, intermediate sale reserved. Internal No.: 1284 more

ONI - Refrigeration /Heat Recovery System ONI

Ruppichteroth, GermanyGermany
6444 km
ready for operation (used)
ONI complete heat/cold recovery system due to company relocation for sale. Is still fully assembled and fully functional ! Here are some key data if you are interested in more information ! Factory No. 1055 - Refrigeration reading 105/3KW refrigerant R107C permissible operating pressure ND/HD 32 bar Pictures of the complete system are attached to the system ! We would like to expect your offer if you are interested ! Sale without guarantee - return to self-collector The dismantling and l... more
Grasso 300kW NH3 refrigeration plant 2*Grasso screw compressor type H 110kW electric motors 1*Grasso screw compressor type C6 1 separator tank with two pumps 1 -15 tank with two pumps Condensator sound suppressed Complete including heat exchanger for oil cooling Munc9o See pictures more
Air-cooled liquid cooling kit in closed compact design for outdoor installation, ready for connection, functional and performance tested. The device design complies with national and international standards and guidelines in accordance with the CE declaration of conformity. Operating temperatures/cooling capacity 7/12°C: 22.86 kW/19.669 kCal/h 10/15°C: 25.86 kW/22,250 kCal/h Zsj70yvz 15/20°C: 31.76 kW/27.327 kCal/h Ambient temperature: 35 °C Technical data Operating voltage: 400V/3Ph... more
Cold system, chiller, process cooling i-Chiller iC410: Screece-run system, immediately available! -Cooling power: 27.7 kW for 7°C/12°C and an ambient temperature of 35°C -integrated P3 pump -Voltage: 400/3-PE/50 V/Ph/Hz -Measures in mm: 1,862/761/1,437 -Weight in kg: 642 Mud0ak We are happy to provide free advice and offers. more
The chests are in order in terms of the engine. Complete with lid. Coolant needs to be replenished Zlztu3d8 more

Air conditioning Stulz CCU 121 A

Eningen u.A., GermanyGermany
6670 km
unexamined (used)
Brand: Stulz 0gnvgqzj Type: CCU 121 A was last used a year ago and is now for sale more
Euro cooler TAEevo 031 / R407C - Special Pump CA 70/45; 1.1 kW SNr .: 2200 190 983 in addition to the already existing one high quality and extensive We have standard delivery considered: ***** Cooler has the power - Coloring:   Housing RAL 7035 "light gray"   Basic frame RAL 5013 "cobalt blue" - Refrigerant R 407 c - Special pump P5 - Reciprocating compressor - Atmospherically closed   Filling system attached Certification according to Eurovent *... more
temperature max.: Ein-Austritt: 12 / 7 ° length: 1105 mm width: 675 mm height: 1385 mm control voltage: 230-24V /50Hz weight of the machine ca.: 318 auf Anfrage! kg air conditioning system consisting of 8 ceiling devices and 4 wall devices with insulated storage tank and circulating pump, nominal cooling capacity 23.7 kW, outside temperature 35 ° C, with cold water inlet and outlet 12 ° C resp. 7 ° C, 2 circuits, coolant medium R410A Pressure vessel Manufacturer Johann Zimmer, YOM 2012 - circula... more
Chiller chiller Absorption chiller Unit Model HW-5C2-50-S Serial Number: UGFMA00687 millennium Manufacturer York Weight 26,000 LBS approx. 12t Single Stage Bcrq7jpy7h Absorption Chiller ISN Isoflow control center Climate device Purge Pump: EDWARDS R Isoflow Power Panel: Part No. 371-01798D110-A Serial No: 00179T0797 Pumps and heat exchangers can also be purchased on request. Of course, we can also take over the disassembly for you for an extra charge. You can benefit f... more
Screading machine, immediately available! Ms9vfs i-Chiller iC220: Selling power 6.6 kW for 7/12°C and 32°C ambient temperature Internal 60 liter tank, 3 bar overwait pump more
A three banks cooling installation (cooler bank, cooler tower) built by Polaris/GEA in 2011. More information in the foto's or by phone. Bfevopzoqq more

10,77 kW Chiller Water Cooler BERGCOLD PT1000

Duisburg, GermanyGermany
6371 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Air cooled liquid cooling set closed compact design for indoor installation, ready for connection, functional and leistungsgeprüft. The design complies with the national and international standards and guidelines according to EC declaration of conformity. Temperatures/cooling capacity 7 / 12 ° C: 10.77 kW/9.267 kCal / h 10 / 15 ° C: 12,19 kW/10.489 kCal / h 15 / 20 ° C: 14.98 kW/12.889 kCal / h Ambient temperature: 35 ° C Technical data Operating voltage: 400V/3Ph/50 Hz Mtztus Power... more
As new cooling system for cold store 0 ° C and 1,000 m² for sale. Rare opportunity, plant is only five years old. Is offered as new because of expansion by ammonia plant. Cooling capacity: approx. 120 kW at -10 ° C Refrigerant: R507 A complete cooling system is offered consisting of: 1 piece compound system by Fischer Kältetechnik with two separate refrigeration circuits, each with 2 Bock compressors 1 Bitzer refrigerant collector each Bfe9tk2c0s 1 oil regulation system each 1... more
Technical Details of AHT Miami 250 (U) VS AD ECO LED: Manufacturer: AHT Model: Miami 250 (U) VS AD ECO LED Gross content: 1025 liters Net content (net capacity): Cooling: 465 liters / deep freezing: 709 liters Product presentation area: 1.51 m² Ambient temperature: +16 to +25 ° C Temperature range (standard setting for freezing - change of temperature setting only by service technicians): Cooling: 0 to +2 ° C / freezing: -18 to -23 ° C Rated voltage / rated frequency: 220 - 240 V / 50 ... more

Coolant system KNOLL HL 250/2000

Landshuter Straße 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim
3.500 €
Offernot incl. VAT
Another 3 days
KNOLL Hydrostatfilter HL 250/2000, magnetic roller type SAM 6, filter performance for oil max. 100 L/min, filter unit type HL 250 ( inclined strip filter ) for grinding oils, filter performance for oil max. 120 L/min, 250 L/min for emulsion, filter medium filter fleece PV 50/70, Special coolant tank type FKA/950, capacity 950 liters, centrifugal pump type MTR 5- 18/10, volume flow 60 l/min at 6 bar, plate heat exchanger type NT 50 T Power 6 kW, reference temperature (secondary circuit ) water vo... more
IC412 35,9KW at 7 / 12 ° C and 35 ° C ambient temperature Bk9ewy0g Demonstration machine available now! Standard limits for IC 412 ambient temp. -5 ° C (optional-20 ° C) up to + 46 ° C, Kaltwassereintrittstemp. on the evaporator of min/max: 5 / + 35 ° C Kaltwasseraustrittstemp. on the evaporator of min/max: 10 / + 30 ° C volume flow min / max: 2.6 / 18 m3/h, temperature spread: 4 to 10 K, maximum operating pressure: 6 bar from Kuehlwassertemp. < + 5 ° C and ambient temperature. < + ... more
We offer: Chiller of air cooled chillers Climaserv GFC F 260 ST 260 kW cooling capacity in the container in the free standing The machine was the cooling of the liquid cycle of falling in the wallpaper manufacturing plant waste heat in the printing process. The system is mounted on the roof. The plant originates from the assets of the paver in a wallpaper for Vinylstruckturtapeten or flat vinyl wallpaper. It is part of a complete wallpaper manufacturing line up 2011 has produced. The... more
D3DS5-150X - AW 2015 1 St 7amrsrzf D3D5S-150X- AMW/D 2010 2 St kW -10C / + 40C 29,8 kW kW -30C/ +40C 12,5 kW Bdmopxhjug I have 3 Stk more
Technical details of the AHT Miami 250 (-) VS AD ECO LED: Manufacturer: AHT Gross content: 1125 liters Net content (net capacity): 749 liters Product presentation area: 1.51 m² Ambient temperature: +16 to +25 ° C Temperature range: -18 ° C to -23 ° C Rated voltage / rated frequency: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz Rated power consumption device: 490 W Rated power consumption light: 62 W Rated current: 2.8 A. Hedging: 16 A Energy consumption (at 25 ° C): 5.3 kWh / 24h Length of connecting cabl... more
-Heating capacity: 2 x 3 kW -Cooling capacity: 5.8 kW -Nominal voltage 380 V Zr3roiy Please note also our other offers to temperature control units! more
Chiller for coolin water Power:8,9KW 230-400V , 3N, 50Hz Nn32d refrigerant:R407C more
Compressor block Manufacturer: Sabroe / York refrigeration Nnygv Type: SMC 106 E Coolant: R 717 Built: 2000 Speed: 1,500 rpm Cylinder: 6 Displacement: 503 m3/h Working pressure: 22 bar Sabroe SMC compressors are ideal for use in medium-sized cooling systems where reliable performance is a top priority. Compressor is unused, therefore as good as new and in very good condition! New price: 25,000 € more
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