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Sell top maintained gas thermal oil heater of the well-known manufacturer Thyssen-Henschel from 1992 850 KW with ELCO burner, free modulating, including thermal oil pump and exhaust gas stack as well as complete regulation and control technology. Inspection book from RWTÜV is available. Buajjyhmj2 Technical data: Medium: gas Nominal power: 850 KW Permissible operating overpressure: 10 bar Perm. flow temperature: 300°C Minimum volume flow: 21,63 m³/h Pressure chamber capacity: 504 litres Heating ...
Thermal oil boiler HTT WTO 160 D Daub Heuft used thermal oil boiler HTT suitable for Daub Heuft thermal oil trolleys and deck ovens. -power 186 kW -permissible operating pressure 4 bar -permissible operating temperature 300 C Bre3vg8bim -content 115,5 litres -min. vol. str. 10m3h
HEIZA boiler plant for thermal oil heating with a Weishaupt burner Boiler: capacity 4.000 KW / capacity 3.425 L Burner: capacity 800 - 6.100 KW incl. a safety device for the gas line Gas consumption 500 m³/h Oil consumption 380 kg/h Bflpxio8q7
Konutherm thermal oil boiler Sx7jyjo9 Capacity: 1.000 kW Volume: 748 Ltr Min. volume flow: 40m3/h Design pressure: 10 bar Design temperature: 350 C Year: 2006
-Thermal oil boilers suitable for thermal oil ovens -with magnetic pump -with gas burner -heating capacity 500 kW -Permissible operating overpressure 4 -Permissible operating temperature 300 degrees Celsius -content volume 405 litres Bgzqz30i2y -operating voltage 400 Volt -connected power 15.6 kW -rated current 22.5 A -minimum volume flow 26 m3/h -built in 1999
deck baking oven Heuft Vulkan 18qm baking surface -Thermo oil deck baking oven -Heuft Vulkan Bq0jdszdzb -without boiler only oven -Oven is immediately available in stock -6 shelves -2 AZU -1 floor 180x160cm
Material: body material nodular cast iron Driving force: 75 kW Max. operating temperature: 350 °C Dimensions: L 1750 x W 720 x H 900 mm Empty weight: approx. 700 kg Speed: 2975 1/min Flow rate: 240 m3/h Operating pressure: delivery head: 85m, discharge pressure: 16 bar Operating voltage: 400 V / 460 V, frequency range 50 Hz. Type of protection: IP 55 Brwxsunu3c Technical documentation: yes, in German language Message: this Etanorm SYT is unused. Volute casing pumps are used in heat transfer syst...
Nieuwkoop Netherlands
887 km
good condition (used)
Vertical hot oil boiler Ferroli Bssouowgir Type Elicoil 400 Year 2011 Nominal power: 465 kW Designpressure: 10 bar Max. designtemperature: 350 Celsius CE Complete with natural gasburner, Unigas type LX60, controlpanel with temp. controllers Top condition
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Heating output: 20-25kW, max. operational overpressure: 3bar, water capacity: 51l. Yccg7087
We offer a used HEUFT multi deck conveyor oven with used loading and unloading equipment, with 189 M² capacity. Several buying and financing options available on request. Short product description: Highly flexible oven with 28 secondary circuits, 2 temperature zones per deck and separate top/bottom heating for each temperature zone. The oven is designed as a batch oven and/or Conti-tread oven and can be manually fed with tin bread, baking trays or free standing products, while a different bak...
Deck ovens Thermoöl Daub 3 pieces approx. 60 sqm Bsbccs2v7b -3 deck baking ovens Daub Backmeister -All ovens are with exhaust hood -2 ovens each 22qm baking surface -each oven is with 6 shelves and 185x200cm each -1 oven 14,4qm baking surface -6 shelves each 125x200cm
- 4 trolley ovens for 2 baking trolleys each with 10 supports. ( 60cm x 100cm ) - The total baking area is 48qm - Central thermal oil heating system 350 KW ( GAS ) - incl. 16 trolleys Original documentation Beduyfxp80 Cleaned and tested, loaded Option on-site assembly
Oil tank 1000 l with nozzle Content: Thermal oil Mobiltherm 605 (approximately 540 l) Hp8uc23tg You can like to come for a visit. You will receive a regular invoice. Also a net invoice can be created for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Subject to prior sale. Specified trade names, and trademarks are property of their owners and are used only for identification and description of products. The structure and the electrical connection of the machine / unit, must be ...
DIMENSION OF THE PLATENS 3500 X 1300 MM 160 TON MAX TOTAL THRUST The new GS range designed to meet all customers needs: the best choice for panels and doors pressing. The wide range of models and configurations suits every production requirement. Structure quality The sturdy structure has been engineered with a high safety coefficient to guarantee the highest level of resistance and rigidity in each processing phase. Hydraulic cylinders The steel rod is chromed with a thick layer and rect...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 32kW, max. working pressure: 3bar. Bhweygcgbf
Collection vessel for medium WTÖ Hrv8mcxo0 permissible operating pressure 0.5; permissible operating temperature 300°C; capacity 8000 litres
for Daub / Heuft stoves and others Fbfncodz 2900 1/min
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Nominal heating output oil/ gas: 225kW, firing nominal heating output: 244kW, boiler water capacity: 399l. Bm7tndn8b0
In total there are 10 pumps at the former thermal oil plant 1 piece P029586 495009 Year 09/2004 Eqc2ket 1 piece R011886 495009 year 02/2005 1 piece P035809 495010 Year of manufacture 11/2004 1 piece P032128 495009 Year 10/2004 1 piece R014638 495010 year of construction 03/2004 1 piece T308837 495052 year 02/2007 2 pieces DM1 160MX2 489065 year 2009 2 pieces DM1 200LX2 489069 year 2009
For thermal oil boilers or ovens unused Bcqbkmxmfr
For thermal oil boilers or ovens unused Ewatf89 Year of construction 2013
4 x VTR thermal oil furnace Juzzd3 with 10 editions digital control
Model sixen is a steam generator with reverse flame it produces steam athigh pressure 12-15Kgf/cm.sq. The boiler tank has acapacity of 1000 liters Hdn3gvx8q
Walkeringham United Kingdom
491 km
good (used)
Fulton Steam boiler Clsiv0f Model: Mini 18 Serial: EB3565 2009, steam boiler with blowdown vessel, 18Kw max rating, design temp 200'C, 3Ph
1 used steam boiler ----- - mounted on a frame - manufacturer : LOOS, Offenbach type : FH 2000 heating surface approx. : 36 qm capacity : 2.000 kg/h allowable working pressure : 10 bar Ysuo0 increased test pressure : 18 bar water contents low level approx. : 2.370 l water contents full approx. : 3.200 l year of construction : 1999 equipped with Weishaupt oil burner L8Z version D, 50-230 kg/h, 593-2.728 kW, switch cabinet, feed water pump and the existing small and large-scale...
1 used superheated water boiler Fabricate: BOSCH/ BUDERUS Type: Logano S825M LN3000 Year: 2013 Capacity: 2.700 kW Max. pressure: 10 bar Burcqbfmim Max. temperature: 170°C CE 0408 Complete with appendages, Weishaupt Low NOx gasburner WM-G30/3-A ZM-LN, Weishaupt controlpanel. Top condition
For sale is a complete Kaeser compressed air station in very good used condition, consisting of: Screw compressor Kaeser ASD 32 with 22273 BH Refrigeration dryer as good as new TC 31 Jwwxay Compressed air tank 1000 litre year 1991 galvanized TÜV until 2022 Oil/water separator The unit is still installed and can be tested. The compressed air station was maintained regularly by a specialized company.
Steam boiler Jumey conditioner 16 bar, TÜV 2023, high pressure steam boiler 7t /h Steam Steam boiler 16 bar, TÜV outside 2021 inside 2023, High pressure steam boiler Unit runs smoothly Ytpqik 7,0t / h Burner Ray UEN 3 SP-SL Burner capacity min 1100 kW - max 4750 kW Natural gas with control cabinet Unit currently serviced. Documents and inspection book available Steam conditioner, boiler Steam generator Chimney can be purchased separately Price is only valid for self-collection and dismantli...
Biofire biomass combustion grate. Rated Output 500kw Year of Manufacture 2011 Complete with control panel and documentation for plant automation and various spar parts. Gxtly2l
1 used steam boiler ----- manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : U-HD heating surface approx. : 53 qm capacity : 3.200 kg/h working pressure : 16,0 bar increased test pressure : 29,6 bar water contents low level approx. : 2.650 l water contents full approx. : 3.770 l Wjfjtxr9 year of construction : 1992 equipped with Weishaupt gas burner yoc 2011, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, built on boiler body, feedwater pump and the existing fine and coarse fittings.
1 used steam boiler installation Fabricate: VKK StandardKessel Type: Condorkessel 12 t/h Year: 2006 Steamcapacity: 12.000 kg/h Rmwqkde9 Max. pressure: 18 bar CE 0045 Complete with appendages, SAACKE Low NOx dual fuel burner GLS95, controlpanel, VKK economiser, VKK condenser, automatic blowdown valve. Top condition
Only 18 months in use, this steam generator has been wrongly sized and hence needs replacement. Instantaneous generation type without accumulation and therefore explosion proof. Steam output 2000 Kg/h. Rated pressure 11.76 bar. Three pass type efficiency 94%. 380 volts. Can be seen working in Cork, Ireland. Manufactured in Italy by LPV Caldaie. Br0yixfat3 Can be sold with or without natural gas burner
boiler tank lbh 1150x260x1200 Btxpyqotbf with screw conveyor 2500
Steam boiler Jumey conditioner 16 bar, TÜV, high pressure steam boiler 7t/h Steam Bj. 99 Steam boiler 16 bar, TÜV outside 2021 inside 2023 High pressure steam boiler 7,0t / h Burner Weishaupt year of construction 2014 Burner type G70/1-B Design ZM-NR Burner capacity min 800 kW - max 7400 kW Electric 22,47 kW Buf0lpixx8 Natural gas with control cabinet Unit currently serviced. Documents and inspection book available Steam conditioner, boiler Steam generator Chimney can be purchased separately...
1 Hot Water Boiler 1000 kw - Data according to enclosed data sheet G0m9q3cfe 1 Justsen Silo-outfeeder with rotating snail in bottom of silo 1 Pipe 1 control box Accessories
1 used steam boiler ----- X89yc manufacturer : LOOS; Gunzenhausen type : U-HD heating surface approx. : 70 qm capacity max : 4.500 kg/h max. allow. working pressure : 13 bar test pressure : 23,4 bar water contents low level approx. : 4.900 l water contents full approx. : 6.800 l year of construction : 1999 equiped with Weishaupt gas burner G10/1-D, version ZMD, 500-4.100 kW, 100-4.000 mbar, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, feed water pump, water level gauge glass,...
- First commissioning: 2008 - Heating with fuel oil - Capacity: 400 kg/h steam - Operating pressure: up to 10 bar - Complete plant - In good condition - Was taken out of service because the output was too low for the new production line. Tm822gmt
Babenhausen Germany
1244 km
excellent (used)
Boiler lifting tipper Diosna model: HK 115 For planetary kettle stainless steel 2 dumping heights DGUV V3 tested Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Bfekrgxm23 Used machine cleaned and tested with 6 months warranty
Steam boiler system with feed water treatment and gas burner Manufacturer of steam boilers and feed water boilers: MNK Enerji Turkey Manufacturer of the gas burner: Weishaupt Busuhpmg9i Year of construction 2015 very good condition Plant is in use and can be viewed in use maximum heat output power 1,820 kilowatts (KW) Working pressure 10 bar Test pressure 17.4 bar maximum permissible boiler temperature 0 ° C to 188 degrees Celsius Boiler volume 5,671 liters Empty weight 7,200 kg Weight filled w...
Wood gasification boiler, 38 kW with flue gas fan. The boiler was little in use. Bt88ggurvg
1 Hot Water Boiler 725 KW - data on attached document accessories Eqnisgu
1 used steam boiler ----- - with integrated Eco - manufacturer : LOOS Gunzenhausen type : UL-S heating surface approx. : 330 qm boiler capacity max. : 15.000 kg/h working pressure max. : 10 bar increased test pressure : 19 bar water contents low level approx. : 17.300 ltr Buosmxuhht water contents full approx. : 24.100 ltr year of construction : 2009 equipped with Saacke gas burner, type Teminox 125, fittings for gas supply, separate switch cabinet, feed water pump, and the e...
Gilles 145kw wood pellet boiler. Bjbcyfabtr This boiler has only consumed 2 tonnes of fuel during it life and was removed to allow for extention to Factory. Comes with auger feed system and control system
1 used steam boiler installation Fabricate: LOOS Btlezuvs93 Type: UL-S7000 Year: 2008 Steamcapacity: 8.000 kg/h Max. pressure: 16 bar Complete with appendages, Dreizler Low NOx gasburner M5001.4 ARZ, LOOS controlpanel with Siemens PLC, LOOS economiser type ECO1, automatic blowdown valve. Top condition