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5 axis milling machine for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Machine No. 17 Control Heidenhain 530i TNC Table Load 30,000kg Portal clearance width 4140mm Portal clearance height 2400mm Vartical swing milling head C-axis +/- 275 degrees Horizontal swing milling head A-axis + 95 / - 125 degrees Longitudianal travel, X Axis 6000mm Cross Travel. Y Axis 3000mm Vertical Travel. Z Axis 1500mm Feed Rate 20,000mm/min Tool holding HSK ATC 29 Station Maximum tool lenght 300mm Maximum tool diameter 80mm Maximum tool weight 5 kg Input 400/3/50hz / 40kW N02vp Speeds... more
5-Axis CNC Gantry Type milling machine. DYE FP PM NC 5. Year of manufacture 1992. New Siemens 840D contzrol retrofit in 2011. 2 x Tables, each 6000 x 3000 mm (Pendulum machining possible). X 6500 mm. Y 3600 mm. Z 1400 mm. Bhfgos92bq Distance between columns 4500 mm. 2-Axis NC Swivelling milling head. C-Axis +/- 200°. A-Aaxis +/- 102°. Spindle taper ISO 40 with ISO 30 Adapter. Spindle speeds 22 - 24000 rpm. 12-station tool changer. Very good condition. Sensational price offer. Ideal for: Alumi... more
CNC Milling Machine 5-Face, 4 Axis Universal Table size Ø 630 x 510 mm. Movement x-Axis 6000 mm. y-Axis 450 mm. z-Axis 450 mm. Number of tools in magazine 30 pieces. Spindle speed 20 - 6300 R/min. NC Roundtable smallest increment 0,001 ° Tool taper ISO 40. CNC Control Deckel Maho CNC 532 If you have any questions concerning the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to view our other advertisements for a complete overview of our stock. Bmvft9bays more
Technical specifications: Control unit: Heidenhain TNC310 Table size: 700 x 500 mm X-Axis travel: 500 mm Y-Axis travel: 400 mm Z-Axis travel: 400 mm Table load: 200 Kg Swivel range: 95° - 10° Spindle motor: 15 kW Speed range: 20 - 8000 Rpm Feed: 4500 min-1 Dimensions: Length: 4000 mm Height: 3600 mm Width: 2500 mm Weight: 3000 Kg 0yyzljg2 More info: 5 axis machine. With turning range by handwheel on the side (B-axis), rotate by handwheel (C axis). Sk40 recording, the machine has been used v... more
DMG DMU 80 Hi dyn Duo block in excellent condition and overhauled by dmg early 2020 Ijap7pzx0 Table 630 With built-in zero point system Oil misting and cooling With fog catcher Taper SK40 Standard clamping tables are included Heathenhain 430 more
Machine no.AH / 116259 5-axis cardan head Drilling unit 18x tool changer Ofgh7 4x changer for large tools Programming Genesis Evolution 8.9 additional license office programming station Table size X5000 Y1600 Z portal passage about 450mm Weight 6300Kg more
Travel: 2300 x 800 x 600 mm. (X-Y-Z) Pendulum: 925 x 800 mm 5-Achses: 780 x 800 Tilting table: 800 x 630 Controller: Heidenhain iTNC530 Motorspindel: 18.000rpm / 35 kW / 142 Nm Toolchanger: 52 pockets / HSK63 Jvyhoa Internal high pressure coolant: 20 Bar Laserprobe for tool breakage control 3D Touch probe more
Machining center 5-axis universal Manufacturer: DMG MORI Type: DMU 50 eco Year of construction: 2013 Control: Siemens 840 D SL Axles: 5 travels: X: 500 Y: 450 Z: 400 Tools: 32-piece magazine SK40 Speed: 10.000 rpm Weight: approx. 4000 kg Direct measuring system and probes B axis: -5+110 degrees C-axis: Ø 630x500 Clamping surface 5-axis machining Chip conveyor ICZ Closed cabin Be0q0xkc Direct measuring system incl. sealing air Electric handwheel The machine is in a very good condition and can be ... more
The FFZ 30/60 CNC is a portal milling machine with a table width of 3000mm and an X-axis travel of +/- 6000mm Technical specifications: DIMENSIONS OF THE MACHINE Length [mm] 13 200 Width [mm] 6 000 Height [mm] 9 800 PORTAL PASSAGE Height [mm] x width [mm] 3 200 x 3 370 Distance between clamping surface and lower edge of the milling head min./max. mm] 0000 / 2500 WORKING SECTOR X-axis travel of machine table [mm] +/-6000 Y-axis travel milling unit [mm] 4 100 Z-axis plunger [mm] 1 500 Cross... more
Made in Schweiz Technical specifications: Control Unit: Heidenhain 430 X-Axis travel: 600 mm Y-Axis travel: 450 mm Z-Axis travel: 450 mm B- Axis swivelling range: -115/+30 ° C- Axis: 360 ° Rotary table: 400 x 400 x 300 mm Table load max: 400 Kg Tools position: 30 Main motor: 18 - 30 Kw Spindle motor: SK40 13 Kw Spindle speed: 12000 Rpm Feed range: 22 mm/min Voltage: 50 Hz - 400 V Dimensions: Length: 2500 mm Height: 1600 mm Width: 2550 mm Weight: 6500 Kg More info: Bmnyemb0lw 5 axis machine... more
5-Axis machining center VM 500 U (simultaneous) Travels: X/Y/Z: 500/450/450 mm Rapid traverse: 30 m/min Powerful CYTEC milling spindle: Tool taper: HSK-A63 Spindle speed: 18,000 rpm Power: 21/27 kW (S1/S6) Torque: 100 / 130 Nm (S1/S6) 2-axis swivel rotary table: Swivel range B-axis: -5 to 110° Swivel range C-axis: 360° Control: Siemens 840 D incl. ShopMill 5-Axis simultaneous machining electronic handwheel Tool Changer: 40 positions HSK A-63 Coolant: internal coolant supply: 50 bar Cool... more
CNC Milling Machine 5-axis Z axis - 1300mm X axis - 4000mm Y axis - 12500mm Tool holder type HSK-F63 12kW S6 electric spindle power 35 kW total power Bjfv9j2jbr The machine is in very good condition. Please contact for details. more
Machine type: 5-Axis milling machine Manufacturer: DMG MORI Model: ecoMill 70 Year of construction: 2016 Control System: Heidenhain TNC 620 Movement X/Y/Z [mm]: 750/600/520 Spindle speed: 12.000 rpm Spindle: Technology: Inline Spindle Speed: 12.000 rpm Power: ca 13 kW Torque: ca 83 Nm Taper: SK 40 NC swivel table: B-Axis: -10°/+95° C-Axis: 360° Clamping surface: 800 x 620 mm Load capacity: max. 350 kg Ba8ubt In General: Tool magazin: 32 stations Rapid travers in X/Y/Z-Axis: 24m/min Equipment... more
NC control: FIDIA M1 for 5 axes Measuring systems: Heidenhain Milling spindle: make Weiss, 25 kW, 195 Nm, 10000 1/min. Spare milling spindle with accessories: make Weiss, year 12/2008 workpiece clamping surface: 4000 x 2200 mm portal passage: horizontal 2700 mm, vertical: 1400 mm Displacements: x = 4800 mm, Y = 2700 mm, Z = 1250 mm Traversing speed: 10000 mm/min. Axis acceleration: approx. 0.5 m/sec² at KV = 1 Bheh0ddnsw max. table load: 20000 kg Weight: approx. 46000 kg Slide milling unit with ... more
Used 5-axis bed type milling machine from Anayak Anayak Performer Heidenhain iTNC 530 control Handwheel Heidenhain HR 410 Travels: X 2000 mm Y 1000 mm Z 1000 mm table 2200mm x 850 mm Table load 5000kg 2 axes in the milling head Spindle 20-4.000 rpm. Chip conveyor Dyhyf8t Preparation for infrared scanner more
• CNC-contouring-control by SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D Hardware: NCU 573 Pentium III in 5 axis/1 spindle – 3 MB user database, 192 KB PLC – system software memory card – NCU box for central processing unit CN – flat screen OP015 process INTEL CELERON 1.56 Hz, 512 MB ram, XP-floppy-disc 3.5” – 32 input/output 8 output 2 A – IM-R 361 – 8 analog input – 4 analog output – dynamic servo control standard machining cycles – 3 data base increments PLC – look ahead – programmable speed-up 5D-package,... more
MATEC 5-axis CNC VMC and Milling Machine Type:30HV 2000 Year:2006 Control:BOSCH TYP3 4 axis controlled simultaneously XYZ travel:2000x600x700mm NC table (Mountable rotating table) NC controlled milling head Table size:2500x635mm Spindle taper:SK40 Spindle speed:18000rpm Power:30kW Toolchanger:48atc New spindle in January 2013 Weight of the machine:6000-8000kg Ntwbl Please Note: The above information has been obtained to the best of our ability and belief, and from the manufacturers where poss... more
large 5-axis portal milling machine with working stroke 8000 x 3800 x 1300 mm G9wokx more
Machine type: 5-Axis milling machine Manufacturer: Matec Model: HV 930 Year of construction: 2018 Control System: Siemens 840 Dsl Movement X/Y/Z [mm]: 4.100/930/900 Spindle speed [rpm]: 30.000 Equipment: Swivel head: (B-Axis) 2x Swivel table: (A-Axis) Tool magazin : 60 stations Bjbbrdwato Coolant supply: Coolant through spindle Chip managment: Chip conveyor Find more info at "Documents". more
5-axis controlled milling centre Control: E 160 CNC Work piece clamping: 2 axis cradle type with tool-taper clamping Indexing of work piece cradle (A/B) full rotary and tilting controlled Traverses: X 1050 mm Y 420 mm Z 420 mm Spindle motor rating: 9 kW Spindle speeds to: 4000 rpm Gear steps 2 Torque: 450 Nm Pick up magazine tool positions: 15 with 2 places for extra large tools Tool taper: ISO 40 0ye3kmdw Equipped with: 2 Axis clamping system for parts, taper ISO 50; Vertical milling head ... more
CNC Milling Machine 5-axis SAHOS DYNAMIC FC3000CNC Ez7iqznoo oś Z - 700mm oś X - 3000mm oś Y - 1500mm Tool holder type HSK-F63 12kW S6 electric spindle power The machine is in very good condition. Please contact for details. more
Features Highly reliable wall type structure Highly accurate main spindles with ultra-precise angular contact bearings Built-in ultra high-speed (40,000rpm) main spindle for the highest quality of molds (Opt.) Built-in 5-axis table to satisfy various processing needs (Hi-MOLD560/5A) Hyundai WIA mold package delivers optimal processing of mold parts Latest SIEMENS 840D Controller for various software needs Specifications Description Unit Hi-MOLD560/5A Table Size mm Ø500×270 Max. Load Capacity ... more
Control system FANUC oi-mf The machine is in operation. Currently has a contract, sale is possible only after agreement about 1 month. Blgbzwt7rf Accurate, perfect condition X-axis travel: 846 mm Y-axis travel: 635 mm Z-axis travel: 438 mm Distance between table and spindle: 100-538 mm Table dimensions (LxH): 350 mm Max. workpiece weight: 120 kg Spindle max. speed: 10000 rpm Rapid feeds X / Y / Z m / min. : 36/36/36 feed range m / min .: 10 Machine height: 2819 mm Base dimensions: 3420x2200 Mach... more
Ref. -No.: 10042 Brand: CME Type of control: CNC Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-i530 Storage location: Mülheim an der Ruhr Country of origin: Spanien X-Travel: 5500 mm Y-Travel: 1500 mm Z-Travel: 2000 mm Table-Size (Lxw): 1500 x 1500 mm Direct drive: 4500 1 / min Number of round tables: 2 Pcs Og2df Tool changer: vorhanden Tool places: 60 more
4 axes CNC milling machine Make MIKRON / HAAS, type VCE 1250, year of construction 2000, Control HAAS, 4. axis DIVISION AUTOMATIC (C axis, controlled by the main controller), x/y/z 1250/ 508/ 635 mm, table 1321 x 457 mm, mounting SK 40, Dw0foi Rapid traverse 20 m/min, maximum table load 800 kg, Speed 20 - 7500 rpm, drive power - milling spindle 14 KW, 20-station tool changer, IKZ, chip conveyor, a total of 23,500 working hours, in 2015 SPINDLE RENEWED (since then 4600 spindle hours) more
Králova 279/9, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky, Tschechien Czech Republic
7105 km
good (used)
In good technical condition. FANUC control system X axis 500.0 mm Y axis 400.0 mm Z axis 400.0 mm Total power 10 kVA Table length 660.0 mm Blqd2uyvn0 Table width 360.0 mm Number of tools 20.0 Spindle taper BT40 Max. Spindle speed 8000 rpm Internal water cooling. Machine dimensions: 2700.0 mm × 2300.0 mm × 2400.0 mm Weight: 3200 kg more
4 axis milling machine iTNC 530 Heidenhain control main spindle 12.000 1/ min SK 40 Tool holder 4.axis incl. rocker + counter bearing with Zeroclamp zero point clamping system Pneumatically operated electr. manual operating module IKZ high pressure coolant supply IKZ compressed air supply Losma belt filter system Chip conveyor Chip swab gun Switch cabinet cooling unit Operating hours Status 10/2020 Machine on - 36.330 h spindle on - 18.430 h Ogbkf year of construction 2010 Accessories 30 pcs SK ... more
Machine type: 4-Axis milling machine Manufacturer: Pinnacle Model: LV 85 APC Year of construction: 2015 Control System: Heidenhain iTNC 530 Movement X/Y/Z [mm]: 850/560/560 Spindle speed: 10.000 rpm Bjic98xh29 Equipment: Taper: SK 40 NC-rotary table: 2x Lehmann EA-510 L-M1 Automation: Pallet changer Tool magazin: 80 stations Workpiece measurement: Touch probe Chip managment: Chip conveyor Coolant managment: Internal coolant, 20 bar more
drilling capacity in steel: 32 mm drilling capacity in cast iron: 40 mm Cutter head cutter max.: 80 mm Projection: 220 mm Spindle speed: (12) 75 - 3200 rpm spindle mount: MK 4 quill stroke: 120 mm Sleeve feed: (3) 0.10 / 0.18 / 0.26 mm/rev Table size: 800 x 240 mm Travel (x / y): 555 / 205 mm milling head swivels: -60° to +60 distance spindle / table: 60 - 485 mm height adjustment of milling head: 425 mm T-slot size: 14 mm Motor output power S1 100%: 1.1 / 1.5 kW (400 V) Motor input power S6 40%... more
Serial No. 29125 Control Heidenhain TNC 430 CA Reciprocating Table Size 4000mm x 1000mm Table Load 10,000 Kgs Longitudinal Travel X = 3713 mm Cross Travel Y = 1214 mm Vertical Travel Z = 1005 mm Longitudinal Travel & Vertical Rapid Feeds 15000mm/min Spindle Taper 40 INT Head Swivels 180 Degrees on 'A' Axis, 360 Degrees on 'B' Axis Input 415/3/50AC 50KVA. Main motor 8kW Max, Height Spindle Nose to Table 1090mm Bimkcrdrji Spindle Speeds 3000 - 15000 rpm Feed Rate 6 - 5000 mm/min Fitted with 30 T... more
Manufacturer: USA The machine has software tools Taper 40, Max Speed 8100 rpm 3 Axis, X=1016 mm, Y=508 mm, Z=635 mm Tool capacity 20 Max rating of spindle 22,4 kW Table L x W: 1219 mm x 457 mm the machine has no cooling through the spindle Gru2py9 The cutter is without 4 axis and without vices more
Leadwell V-40 5-axis milling center Control system FANUC oi-mf The machine is in operation. Gwkzco Currently has a contract, sale is possible only after agreement about 1 month. Accurate, perfect condition X-axis travel: 846 mm Y-axis travel: 635 mm Z-axis travel: 438 mm Distance between table and spindle: 100-538 mm Table dimensions (LxH): 350 mm Max. workpiece weight: 120 kg Spindle max. speed: 10000 rpm Rapid feeds X / Y / Z m / min. : 36/36/36 feed range m / min .: 10 Machine height: 2819 mm... more
x-travel: 3 500 mm y-travel: 2 200 mm z-travel: 1 200 mm c-axis: +/- 200° distance between columns: 2 500 mm distance spindle /table: vertical: 1230 mm control: Heidenhain TNC 426 clamping surface area: Tisch: 3000 x 2000 mm table load: 10 t tool taper: HSK A 63 feed:: X/Y/Z: max. 20 m/min. compressed air: 8 bar Bfqp2fwv8g total power requirement: ca. 100 kW weight of the machine ca.: 40 000 kg dimensions of machine: 18,0 x 6,0 x 5,8 m 5 axis Portal Milling Machine Milling spindle: make Hauser ... more
Emmegi 5 Axis Cutting machine for aluminium, pvc, wood profiles Bk7wwmzuq7 more
Manufacturer NICOLÁS CORREA Model FP 40/50 5 EJES Year 1997 CNC SIEMENS 840D /HEIDENHAIN TNC 530 Table Surface 5.000 x 2.000 mm Longitudinal Travel (X Axis) 5.000 mm Cross Travel (Y Axis) 3.250 mm Vertical Travel (Z axis) 1.050 mm Distance Between Columns 2.505 mm Rapid Feed (X Axis) 15.000 mm/min Rapid Feed (Y, Z Axis) 12.000 mm/min Max. Working Feed 5.000 mm/min Taper ISO-50 Auto Indexing Head 0,001º/0,001º (Continuous 5 Axis) INCLUDED Bmrkwcaj3c Head Speed 30-4.000 r.p.m. Main Engine Power 30... more
x-travel 500 mm y-travel 320 mm z-travel 370 mm control TNC 310 HEIDENHAIN spindle taper ISO ISO 40 DIN 2080 spindle turning speed range 63 - 3150 U/min table-size 800 x 320 mm table load 400 kg feeds -stepless- 10 - 1000 mm/min rapid traverse 2 m/min power capacity 3 kW quill stroke 60 mm coolant voltage 400 V total power requirement 5,87 kW weight of the machine ca. 2,2 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1,68 x 1,70 x 1,89 m 2rgpfi Milling Head pivotable +/- 90° electronic hand wheel more
Control: SIEMENS 810M Travels: X-axis: 2.400 mm Y axis: 1.800 mm Z axis: 600 mm Table clamping surface: 3.000 x 1.800 mm Max. Spindle speed: 3.000 U/min Max. Spindle torque: 900 Nm Tool holder: SK50 (DIN69871 / 72) Equipped with: - Electronic handwheel Bmrgdn7z3w - Internal coolant supply - Direct position measurement - 3D helix interpolation - Double door tool cabinet with pull-out drawers and tools, e.g. Milling cutters, drills, clamping devices, etc. - Tool holder with tools approx. 100 piece... more
Großhansdorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6490 km
x-travel 1000 mm y-travel 600 mm z-travel 500 mm table surface area 1120x580 mm turning speed range 20-4000 min/-1 Dw90m3 total power requirement 20,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 4,5 t dimensions of the machine ca. 3,9 x 3,8 x 2,4 m m more
Leasing offer: The price quoted refers to the monthly instalment and purchase through a leasing company. Leasing object: CNC 5-axis HSC machining centre EXERON Acquisition value: 159.000,00 Euro Duration: 48 months Leasing rate per month: 3.350,00 Euro Payment frequency: monthly Processing fee: one-time 80,00 Euro Imputed residual value: 18.000,00 Euro The prerequisite is a positive credit report. ---- CNC 5-axis HSC vertical machining center EXERON type HSC-MP 7/5 P Linear milling center with C... more
Table milling machine, table milling machine E83zqrv -Table milling machine: with rigid spindle -Speeds: 3000/6000 rpm -Drive: 2.2/3 kW -Tool: Ø max. 240 mm -Spindle: Ø 30 mm -Milling protection device: with positioning device -Dimensions: 1000/1000/H1100 mm -Weight: 640 kg more
x-travel: 500 mm y-travel: 380 mm z-travel: 330 mm control: Sinumerik 840D / 810 D spindle cone ISO: vertikal/horizontal: 40 table surface area: 400x800 fest mm spindle turning speed - stepless: verikal/horizontal: 35-1800 U/min spindle head swivable left - right: 90 ° rapid traverse X,Y: 3,15 mm/min. rapid traverse Z-axis: 1,6 m/min feed stepless: X/Y/Z: 6,3 - 1250 mm/min total power requirement: 7,4 kW weight of the machine ca.: 1,8 t dimension machine xH: 1,8 x 2,2 x 1,8 m dimensions electric... more
x-travel 710 mm y-travel 600 mm z-travel 500 mm NC-rotary table 630 mm spindle taper SK 40 spindle turning speed range 18 - 6300 U/min Beohpsu8ln control DIALOG 4 feed 2 - 3600 mm/min rapid traverse 6 m/min table load max. 485 kg quill stroke 80 mm spindle drive 9,5 kW total power requirement 20 kVA weight of the machine ca. 4,6 t dimensions 3,8 x 2,24 x 2,35 m Accessories: vertical head with hydr. tool clamping and quill retraction, electron. handwheel, coolant more
Control: SINUMERIK 840D Traverses: X-axis: 3.000mm 3g3ahrzr Y-axis: 550 mm Z-axis: 400 mm Main drive: 17 kW Speed range: 10- 8000 rpm Tool holder: SK40 Max. torque: 480 Nm Internal coolant supply: 20 bar Equipped with: 2 pieces C-axis with insertable swivel bridge 3000 x 400 mm Approx..: 100 tool holders with tools Angular milling head Chip conveyor Electronic Handwheel Cleaning spray guns connected to separate pump etc. more