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Wide belt sanders 0-999mm working width for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
CATALOG NUMBER H0325 new machine, CE certificate TECHNICAL DATA - max grinding width 970mm - max height of workpiece 304mm - min. height of workpiece 7mm - rotational speed of the grinding roller 1600U / min - feed speed 1.8 - 9.1m / min - sanding cylinder motor power 3.7kW (S1) / 5.2kW (S6) - feed motor power 130W - 230V or 400V voltage - sanding roller diameter 155mm - weight (net / gross) 355kg / 390kg - machine dimensions 1143x711x1321mm Net price: PLN 14 600 Net price: EUR 3356 Bgy2tady3... more
working width: 950 mm Izy0yvnp working height: 140 mm min. Workpiece length: height adjustment: elektrisch read out Workpiece thickness: digital aggregate: 1 1. unit: Kombi Aggregat (Walze - Schuh) mit einsatzgesteuertem Schleifschuh dedusting brush: nein motor power: 7,5kW suction connection: 160mm machine length: 1800mm machine width: 1800mm weight: 1000kg more
VibrationsschleifmaschineFabrikat: TILLEKE mit 3 Schleifaggregaten Bei Werkstücken mit Hochglanzfolie wurde die MDF-Trägerplatte noch einmal geschliffen. Hierkam auf den 3 Schleifeinheiten jeweils Schleifpapier mit der Körnung 300 - 600 EK zum ite: 650 mm Maschine auf Rollen fahrbar Yqslwg more
Dear customers currently we offer a Vertical belt sanding machine for model an mold making of the brand Zimmermann. Here are some technical datas: Belt width: 250 mm Sanding height: 400 mm Belt length: 2.400 mm Sanding Speed: 18 m/s Working table: 750 x 350 mm Schwenkung: 30/45° Power: 4,0 kW Speed: 1.400 U/min Intake diameter: 120 mm Dimensions: 990 x 850 x 1.740 mm Weight: 470 kg - Emergency swich-off - Exhauster - Protractor Qwlhiv39 We are looking forward to your questions and inquiries. more
Stahle Saturn through grinder Working width 200 mm electrical height adjustment H0d2c7yio infinitely variable feed rate brushes on top and bottom unit optical oscillation 2 x 4 kw motors developed more
CALIBRATING SANDING machine type LEVIGALTECNICA SRNC 900 second hand carpet in rubber max. working width mm.900 1 belt in rubber diam.mm.300 belt dimension mm. 1900 x 930 motor power Hp 15 volt. 380/50 E3ac90t weigth kgs. 1400 more
offer Löwer wide belt sanders 300 mm grinding width 8,5 kw Bmmqw2attn several grinding belts more
working wide: 1100 mm working height: 140 mm min. Workpiece length: height adjustment: elektrisch read out Workpiece thickness: digital Grinding Units: 3 1. Unit: Kontaktwalzenaggregat 2.Unit: Kombi-Aggregat (Walze / Schuh) 3.Unit: Schuhaggregat Dedusting Brush: ja motor power: 3 x 15kW electricity: 80A Bfmcu2egqn suction connection: 4 x 200mm machine length: machine width: weight: 4000kg more
Sanding machine top and bottom Maximum width 150 mm. 2 sanding units top Bmex88d2my 2 sanding units bottom more
Code: 0648 Brand: NATRIBOM - ITALY Model: LEAS 300 Automatic wide belt sander with 1 belt for curved pieces, chairs, tables legs , straight pieces, wooden panels and various materials Working width mm 300 Working height mm 150 Abrasive belt size mm 2500 x 340 Roller diameter mm 210 For machining curved workpieces, feed by means of a lower motorised roller with 2 speeds For machining straight workpieces, feed by means of a lower motorised roller with 2 speeds and workpiece support rollers ... more
Wide-belt sander STETON CL 970 Dyh8eml Working width 950 mm Working height 160 mm combo-unit with boots 11 kw propulsion engine two feed rates digital height display belt cleaning system pneumatic oscillation machine weight: 930 kg more
Wide beltsander SICAR Modell Meta 950 2R Sanding width 950mm First roller in steel Second roller in rubber Prolonged in and outfeeding table Obmgj Main engine for both rollers 11Kw 400V 2-feeding speeds on the carpet Elektrical height adjustment with digital reader for height Sanding papers in diffrent grain is included Stock No: 2000001 more
Clearance width 900mm Passage height 150mm EC standards OK Forward speed Drive Motor 33kw Electrically powered lift and lower Voltage 380V Patain Yes Power 1st band 18KW Power 2nd band 15KW Obhbj Digital display Yes Lower sanding Yes Veneer calibration Yes more
Double-aggregate grinder, two lower aggregates 2 x7.5 kW main power, 4 kW feed, lifting and lowering 2 kW, the machine after renovation, conveyor belt in very good condition. New graphite shoe. The machine has two aggregates from the bottom, contact rollers rubber first shaft second Combi system with graphite runner. Working width 630 mm. Two feed speeds slower faster. Length of grinding belt 1900 mm. Pneumatic oscillation. Tensioning the belts pneumatically. Speed of grinding belt 18 m / s. gri... more
table size 2500x850mm, with pressure beam, 380V, incl. suction unit, incl. sanding belts Huvzbf0ym more
 Nr.01 “COSTA LEVIGATRICI” – CALIBRATING / SANDING LINE with 3 UNITS BOTTOM + 3 UNITS UPPER MACHINE mod.. KKP CCC-CCC-650 composed of: 1st Bottom machine : 1. 1° bottom calibrating sanding unit: Pressure units with rubber covered rollers; positioned in front/rear of the working unit; rigid or floating to compensate panel thickness differences. ROLLER C25 - Cylinder with rubber surface and helicoidal grooves for cooling, hardness Sh 90 Pneumatic Grit-set - for setting the working... more
Wide-belt sander SCM Sandya 3 CS 95 maximum working width 950 mm Working height min/max: 3/170 mm belt dimension 970×1900 mm combo-unit with boots oscillation. Optical two feed rates 11 kw main engine table extensions CE marking Cso08uxg machine weight: 850 kg more
Code: 0179 Brand: SAC - ITALIA Model: K - EVOLUTION - CE Standard Automatic upper/lower (line) compact wide belt sander with 2 upper and 2 lower groups for wood, veneer, window and door frames, wood profiles, parquet, wooden beams and elements, plastics and various materials - CE standard Technical data: Working width mm 320 Bly0dwcmxp Working height min/max mm 3/170 Belt size mm 2000 Belt feed at variable speed from 4 to 24 mt/min Composition of upper groups: 1° Calibrating group : ru... more
Perfect narrow belt sander for wood, metal, compsite ... - working widht 450 mm, belt size 455 x 1900 mm - 1. unit with rubber roller, 85 Shore - 2. unit with sanding finishing pad unit - motor power 7,5 kW, 2-feed speeds Dxbejq - have been in solid wood sanding vgbelgium com more
with feeding unit oscillation Bll98x2uxh more
Wide belt sander Sandingmaster type CSB 3 900 sanding width 900 mm throughfeed height 160 mm 1 calibrating roll 15 kW and 1 sanding pad 11 kW With cleaning brush Hsngxtn more
Vangroenweghe belt grinder F-650 -sanding width 63cm -electric table lifting + manual -1 aggregate (calibration + footer) - 11KW motor - 2,2KW feed motor; 2 speeds -ekeltronic height display Pubhwm -max sanding height 20cm -Air-scillation -2 feed rates - paper dimensions 650 x 1900mm - a conveyor belt in very good condition more
Through grinder Top down Levigaltecnica 250 mm working width sanding height min/max: 3/120 mm number of aggregates 2+2 Calibrating roller + boots belt dimension 280 x 1900 mm optical oscillation total power 21 kw 2 x 5.5 kw and 2 x 4 kw motors top skids Bmf83hly Machine weight 3000kg more
Working width: 940 mm 1 Calibration aggregate Shaft with a diameter of 140 mm 2 Calibration aggregate Bi8waxyrgc Shaft with a diameter of 140 mm Workpiece height: 180 mm Air working pressure: 5.5 atm Extraction port diameter: 150 mm Electric lifting Safety switch Main engine power: 11 kW Voltage: 400 V Producer: Sicar Overall dimensions: Length: 1500 mm Width: 1550 mm Height: 1770 mm more
1 combined sanding unit from above 300 mm working width Bgkgtz0c In- and Suspension roller conveyor more
E.Gibas Vertical Belt Grinding Machine belt width 25 cm measurements: HxDxW= 200x70x64 cm Bkktdg0cux More articles - new and used - you will find in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more
Working width 950mm Min / max working thickness 0.5 - 170mm Feed speeds 0.5-10m/min Sanding belt 2620mm long Bhfxay2tvd Equipped with Unit 1 220mm dia Rubber roller x 90 shore hardness x 15hp Inverter for 15 hp Oscillating belt cleaning blower Pneumatic on / off for roller working position Unit 2 220mm dia Rubber roller x 65 shore hardness x 15hp Inverter for 15 hp Oscillating belt cleaning blower Pneumatic on / off for roller working position 65 shore hardness flat profile feed belt x 2... more
SCM SANDYA WIN wide belt sander - very good condition - DTR in Polish - CE Bkxfkhxbkl TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: grinding width 610 mm grinding height 3 - 140 mm metal shaft + shoe electric height adjustment pneumatic oscillation two kinds of feed speed 7.5 kW main engine 0.3 kW feed motor height adjustment motor 0.25 kW dimensions (length / width / height) 100 x 105 x 200 cm weight 489 kg more
Technical data: Working width: 970 mm 1 Calibration aggregate Shaft diameter: 150 mm 2 Calibration aggregate Guneg90pm Shaft diameter: 200 mm Height of the processed material: 160 mm Air working pressure: 6atm Electric lifting Digital display Safety switch Main engine power: 16.1 kW Voltage: 400V Overall dimensions: Length: 2200 mm Width: 1600 mm Height: 2000 mm more
Dear customers currently we offer a Profile belt sanding machine for model an mold making of the brand Zimmermann. Here are some technical datas: Table length: 650 mm Table width: 600 mm Bar widths: 15/30/40/50 mm Belt length: 2700 mm Sanding height: 350 mm Table tilting up/down: 45/20 ° Belt speed: 12 / 25 m/s Voltage: 400V Power: 1.4 / 1.85 kW Speed: 1,500 / 3,000 rpm Dimensions: 1.200 x 1.200 x 1.500 mm Weight: 320 kg 82jq7uloj We are looking forward to your questions and inquiries. more
Wide belt sander BS 950 Rojek - after technical inspection, ready to work - very good condition - year of production 2001 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: max width of the workpiece 950 mm max height of the workpiece 160 mm 2 pressure rollers, skidding from above grooved rubber roller shoe with a pneumatic clamp Bjvtfeiocc metal roller, sliding, smooth pressure roller 3 rubber rollers, sliding, introducing from the bottom ELECTRONIC ANKLE TOUCH 2 output skid rollers grinding thickness setting positio... more
combi version Bdgneo3ixn Ce version electronic table positioner automatic center system for transport beld sanding 950 mm more
CATALOG NUMBER 5547 TECHNICAL DATA - horizontal and vertical working system - 3kW engine - smooth spindle speed regulation on the inverter - adjustable vertical and horizontal position of the table top - smooth conveyor operation in the range of 1.5-7.5m / min - on the inverter - transporter engine 0.25kW - max width of workpiece 230mm - max workpiece height 75mm - grinder head diameter 250mm - equipped with a pressure and slip roller at the front and rear - 120mm extraction nozzle diameter - ... more
Bredbandputs Modell:Casadei Typ:LIBRA 10/1 TC95 Flexibility: The small size of the machine and the wide range of options available make the Libra 10 a very flexible machine suitable for growing companies. Reliability: Machining speed and consistency are the main features of this product. Sturdiness: Very rigid machine frame with tubular structure made using a robotic welding system. STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Sturdy machine frame in tubular steel with monolithic structure and working units mounte... more
Double-sided Grinding machine Hildebrand Brand Huldebrand/Stelle/Maweg Type: SATURN QUATTRO FINISCH SCHLEIFMASCHINE Sanding width 200 mm Maximum sanding height 140 mm Year of Build 1991 Number of aggregates 4 System and Power: 1. Upper calibrating unit, 6.6 kw motor 2. Lower calibrating unit, 6.6 kw motor 3. Bottom-up unit, 5.5 kw motor 4. Bottom-up unit, 5.5 kw motor Sanding Belt Dimension 1800 x 200 mm Electric height adjustment of the aggregates Infinitely variable feed speed Pneumatic belt ... more
SANDING LINE 4 SIDES STRAIGHT ELEMENTS BRAND FMB MOD LV4L year 2002 conveyor belt for line connection with moulder with double upper-lower track. track speeds adjustable with inverter 1st upper longitudinal sanding unit with pad 2nd lower longitudinal sanding unit with pad 3rd right longitudinal sanding unit with pad 4rd left longitudinal levers group with pad optional possible orbital sander application pneumatic ejector with support surface return belts loading position Bgxwkttllr feed speed a... more
Technical features Working width mm 950 Min/max machining thickness mm 4-170 Sanding belt width mm 970 Abrasive belts length mm 1525 Standard main motor power kw (HP) 7,5 (10) Standard feed belt speed m/min 4,5/9 Compressed air consumption (at 6 bar) Nl/min 20(*) Bdv39qvvlg Inlet air consumption (at 22 m/sec) m3/h 1220 more
Type RP630 Working width 630 mm Nxrh2 Min. working length 500 mm Working thickness 3-110 mm Feeding speed 6-30/min Total motor power 9,25 kW Motor of agregate 7,5 kW Feeding motor 1,5 kW Lifting motor 0,25 kW Diameter of roller 190 mm Abrasive belt size 650x1920 mm Working air pressure 0,6mpa Volume of dust collection device 4000 m3/h Transport dimensions 1200x1750x2400 mm Weight 1100kg more
Wide-belt sander Levigaltecnica Machine type: SR-RTC 1000 1000 mm sanding width Cupaxzd max 160 mm sanding height two units: 1. 90 sh rubber calibration shaft. 2. combo unit with boots boots main engine 9 kw two feed rates electronic material thickness display optical oscillation Sanding belt dimension 2150 x 1030 mm the dimensions of the machine: 1800x1600x2200h mm the weight of the machine: 1750 kg more