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Used Polishing Buck Monarch Bergers Mechanical Engineering Details see photos ! External control box is available and must be connected ! 2 protective covers are still available ! Nnnnb more
Hammer drill, rotary hammer, combination hammer, Bosch hammer Nominal consumption 600 W Mains connection 230 V Js3qf3 Drilling Transport case Weight 11 kg more
Sanding belt 2000 x 50 mm Polishing wheel 250 x 50 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Special price € 1.760,-(instead of € 2.200) Belt: 2,000 x 50 mm Polishing disk: 250 x 50 mm Bore: 35 mm Infinitely variable speed: 400 – 2800 RPM Engine power: 2,2 kW Width: 1,160 mm Depth: 700 mm Nirod Height: 1.850 mm Weight: 150 kg Belt sander and polisher at a device level Los variable speed via Frequenzumformer2 KlemmdorneSchnellspannfut terinkl.UntergestellBetri ebsanleitung in Englis... more
Welding machine Cemot TX160 DC, approx. 5 years old, very good condition, including argon bottle 1/2, 220 V - 160 A P7ppgx9r more
Industrial vacuum cleaner IS-40 Basic for iron shavings Good condition, see pictures Be8ml28qbz Length 100 cm Width 45 cm Height 140 cm Container Diameter 45 cm Height 70 cm Manufacturer Wieland 4 kW Rpm 2880 Negotiation price: € 1,900.00 net from stock Goods are in stock. Transport and assembly possible on request. Visit possible at any time by appointment. More information on request. Constantly over 3000 lfm pallet racks ... more
Fein Stichsaege fuer Rohre bis Durchm. 440 mm mit ASTXE 649 Fein electronic B0imdac Bestellnr. 723408 ( bei Neukauf l. Katalog) Nennaufnahme: 750 Watt 240 Volt 50 Hz Leistungsabgabe: 480 Watt Hubzahl: 100-350 /min stufenlose elektronische Hubzahl einstellung fuer opitmale Schnittgesch. Hublaenge: 60 mm Gewicht: 6.2 kg max. Werkstoffdicke: Rohre bis 440 mm Profile bis B x H : 290 x550 mm Zubehoer: Spannvorrichtung fuer Rohre bis 440 mm Werkzeugkoffer, diverse Saegeblaetter ... more
Hammer drill, rotary hammer, combination hammer, Bosch hammer Rated power 650 W Mains connection 230 V Drilling 3uaec2ct Weight 17.5 kg more
rated capacity 380 Volt Be7xv82aym weight of the machine ca. 69 kg more
1087/5000 Complete Desoutter screwdriver system consisting of: 2 x Transducer controlled angle screw spindles Desoutter EML51-20J Art.Nr .: 6151650640 Torque range: 30 to 135 Nm Output: 1/2 " Number of revolutions. 403 min-1 Length: 166 mm Diameter: 51.2 mm 1 x screw control Desoutter MODCVI-2 (= rack version of TWINCVI-2) with transformer. Art.Nr .: 6159325210 Screw - on cable: 2 Number of screw cycles per channel: 250 Number of phases in a screw cycle: 20 IO Sum counter: 99 ... more
Hammer drill, rotary hammer, combination hammer, Bosch hammer Rated power 650 W Mains connection 230 V Qlmty9n2b Drilling Weight 9 kg more
transformateur puissance : 250 Kva 400-15400 volts Bev7h0iiub pre-equipped with TI protections available from 1th june 2019 ( see pictures) for more informations more
Beckum welding device 200A, type 170/30 TL CombiPreisänderungen reserved, errors, printing, and typographical errors reserved Bdf83pvi9t more
FEIN DSk-1 hand drill We offer a used but rarely used hand drill from the brand FEIN DSK 658-1. A 2-speed drill for use in industry and crafts, for drilling, rubbing and lowering metal, wood, plastic and ceramics, as well as use of a stirrer. Technical data: -Speed code with electronic speed manufacturer -Par values 720 W, power issue 480 W -Load speed 1st gear 200/min.; 2nd Gang 420/min. -Idle speed 1st gear 360/min; 2nd gear 770/min. -Weight: 6.1 kg -Drill diameter steel 23/13 mm, ... more

Mobile suction unit MAFELL S 25 L

Neukirch / Lausitz, GermanyGermany
6862 km
good condition (used)
Container volume 25 l Container volume at water 20 l Suction trimmings-66/58 mm Under-pressure 248 mbar Dimensions (B x L x H) 425 x 380 x 570 mm Volume flow 220 m3/h Face image 1200 W Bewbi2vmvs Weight 13.2 kg Universal engine 230 V/50 Hz Wet and dry sucking Suction of work waste Material use e.g.: Particulate matter, dust, chips, liquids Easily accessible on the front is the on and off with a switch for Rüttler automatic and impulse filter cleaning/Rüttler as well as the speed co... more
Universalschrauber, Bauschrauber, screwdrivers, Elektronikschrauber, hand drill Rated power 650 Watt Lfmwr2uh -Max Bohrer 6 mm Connection 230 Volt Weight 2 kg more
Modular inverter TIG AC / DC welding machine, cooled with gas or water. Technical data: Manufacturer: EWM Mains fuse (delayed) [A]: 3 x 16 A Machine weight [kg]: 36.5 kg Working time at an ambient temperature of 40 ° C: 300 A / 40% 270 A / 60% 210 A / 100% 2rhlsu Mains voltage (tolerances) [V]: 3 x 400 V (-25% - +20%) Current adjustment: 5 A - 300 A Dimensions of the device length x width x height in mm: 570 x 240 x 550 + Cooling module COOL41 U31 + Trolley Condit... more
-Siecor Fuselite splicer splice unit -FA. RXS -Type S46999-M26-A1 -incl. accessories see photos: -including cutting device S46999-M9-A8 -Siecor 2812003-01 crimping pliers -Manual u.v.m. -Good condition - other than the broken plastic cover, but is not a problem (see photos) -used -functional -optical condition according to photos Nlznj Shipping on request. We ship with DHL, general cargo (with tail lifts) and shipping every day. Your purchase you can ask all the information Thur... more
Protection gas welder Fronius compact 450, 450 A 60% very good condition, water cooled, IDPreisänderungen reserved, subject to mistakes, printing, and typographical errors Nk3sz more
1 crimp tool AMPHENOL FA 0000 with reopen FA 0004-31 for BNC for coaxial cable RG59, RG62, RG140, RG210 (6.5 mm outer conductor) handmade quality tool Qzidlgnhe more
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