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Hand refactometer, refactometer -Dimensions: 165/55/H40 mm Ubzkt2nl2 -Weight: 0.3 kg
Shimadzu IR Prestige-21 infrared spectrophotometer and Infrared Microscope AIM-8800 Here we offer a Shimadzu IR Prestige-21 infrared spectrophotometer. Shimadzu IR Prestige-21 infrared spectrophotometer with Shimadzu infrared microscope AIM-8800 The IRPrestige-21 is designed for both high sensitivity and wide range applications in research and development. Bod9rxnngz It is an excellent addition to the existing FTIR series, which covers the standard laboratory range. Infrared Microscope AIM-8800 ...
Laminar flowbench from Holten, model S-2010 0.9 Fully functional and in good condition. The device is ready for loading, but can be switched on during the tour. - Thermo Scientific Holten Safe 2010 - Safe Model 0.9 - Sloping front / automatic front door - Class II Cabinet - Silent running Ofeif - Microprocessor control - Gas connection installed The filter was removed according to the manufacturer's instructions and would have to be reordered once for commissioning. Price of a brand new filte...
Stirred Water Bath and Circulator with refrigerated immersion cooler. Timer function. Stainless steel tank. Temperature alarm. Integral pump - max. flow rate 17L/min Maximum cooling/heating range: -15 to 120 degC Stability +/- 0.02 degC Crocbssy For any question please contact us.
Here, we offer laboratory work. Used lab work for the cell production of lithium-ion batteries 3-axis robot in glovebox to the construction of Conizellen or mixture of fluids with precise dosing Manufacturer: KMS automation Construction year: 2013 Documents are available Dimensions: (Lxwxh) 4.7 x 1.8 x 2.2 m Weight 1600 kg Accessories: Yglig0yj -Glovebox (MBraun) with 2 vacuum locks, 1 x Heatable Gas cleaning plant Dosing unit for µl volumes with rinsing unit -Conizellbauteilracks Camera system ...
Manufacturer: Balzers Type: SCD 050 Title: Sputter Coater Coating method: Sputtering/Etching Iwjxvhl0w suitable for the following metals: gold, chrome, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten Silver, platinum, copper, gold Palladium, cobalt, iron
Shimadzu gas chromatograph Here we offer a Shimadzu gas chromatograph. Versatile gas chromatograph for packed and capillary columns The GC-2014 gas chromatograph provides the best results for routine analysis at an excellent price-performance ratio. Whether with packed or capillary columns, it offers excellent performance. features: Type: Gas Laboratory application area Detector type Multidetector Further properties Capillary Description: Highest performance The GC-2014 series is equipped with a...
BIOSTAR VII, Ser.No. 71187, year 2019, power: 230/115/100 V, 750 W, working pressure: 0.5 - 6.0 bar, dimensions (W × H × D): 520 × 240 × 440 mm, weight: 14 kg, with laboratory compressor PLANET-AIR L-S 20-4, year 2017, max. pressure 8 bar, delivery rate 11.5 l/min, tank volume 3.5 l, sound level 38 dB(A) - No. 2015, Item 3 On behalf of the entitled persons we sell a thermoforming machine BIOSTAR VII. The general terms and conditions of Lüders & Partner GmbH apply Bly0esv7ts
Used Mettler Toledo In-Line Granual Size Analyzer, Model FBRM C35 EX, for in-line analysis of particle count and size, serial# 2369. Ogetf
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7997 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine was scarcely used, was maintained. Hn22jl07e
- Our offer number: 27/99 Bfhuzu9nio - Laboratory rapid stirrer, stirring unit consisting of: - Manufacturer: Janke + Kunkel / IKA - Type: RE162 E Regulator/Controller - with 2 speed controllers from 10-1600 rpm - Serial number: 609828 - 230 Watt, 190-250 Volt - The glass of the display is broken (see photo) - Manufacturer: Janke + Kunkel IKA - Type: RE162A Agitator - from 10-1600 1/min - 5-190 V - Serial number: 612678 - upright/tripod max. height to drill chuck approx. 570 mm - tripod feet adj...
Metrohm 881 Compact IC pro - Cation Ion Chromatograph Here we offer a Metrohm 881 Compact IC pro - Cation ion chromatograph. Metrohm 881 Compact IC pro - Cation The 881 Compact IC pro - Cation is an intelligent ion chromatograph in compact design with column heating for the determination of anions, cations or polar substances without suppression. It can be operated with different detection modes. Technical data: Epjhjjpz Reference conditions: The technical data listed in this chapter refer to th...
BIOSTAR VII, ser. no. 71355, year of manufacture 2019, power: 230/115/100 V, 750 W, working pressure: 0.5 - 6.0 bar, dimensions (W × H × D): 520 × 240 × 440 mm, weight: 14 kg, with laboratory compressor PLANET-AIR L-S 20-4, max. pressure 8 bar, delivery rate 11.5 l/min, container volume 3.5 l, noise level 38 dB(A) - No. 2015, Item 4 Hmvjph9ly On behalf of the entitled persons we sell a thermoforming machine BIOSTAR VII. The general terms and conditions of Lüders & Partner GmbH apply.
Wehr Germany
7798 km
ready for operation (used)
Labor mixer IKA RET S 8 Power input: 620 W Supply: 220 V, 50/60 Hz Motor: type RW 18, 220V, 50 Hz, 25-2000 UpM Bcweljwbx8
HPLC + MASS ESPECTROMETER (TOF) for screening and discovery applications in chemical and pharma industry. Equipment with all manteniances done and checked regularly by manufacturer AB SCIEX and PEAK. -The equipment consists of: -HPLC Ekspert 425, ready to work with 2 flow systems: nanoLC and microLC -Mass spectrometers AB SCIEX TRIPLE TOF 5600, with two ionization fonts, one for nanLC and turbo for microLC. -PEAK Nitrogen generator, ABN2ZA model. Maintenance done by PEAK yearly. Ghilq3u2q E...
Hamo T420 cleaning and sterilizing machine APPLICATION For efficient cleaning of various materials and components such as glassware, vessels, filling equipment components and and other parts in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. DESCRIPTION - The l-lamo T-420 Pharmaceutical Washing Machine is equipped with a programmable PC controller control system. - Hamo Pharmaceutical Grade washing machines are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented to the latest GMP ...
Here we offer you a spectrophotometer. From the QC laboratory to the research laboratory, the SpectronicTM HeliosTM series offers you more versatility and productivity, to meet your analytical requirements. Scanning single beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer Wavelength range 190-1100 nm, fixed bandwidth of 2 nm Local control or MS Windows VISION PC software Type: Helios Gamma condition: used / used Scope of delivery: (See pictures, including accessories as shown) (Changes and errors in the technical d...
Laboratory Coater for coating laboratory sheets (metall or plastic) Bflii2cjx7
Brieselang, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7969 km
Incubator with control up to approx 80 ° with about the internal dimensions 400 x 500 x 350 Fqy7rbz
Wehr, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8022 km
good (used)
Plate diameter: 145 mm Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 30 W Teubdu9ah Max.speed: 1250 rpm
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7997 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. frame stencil dimensions: 820x736mm, connected load: 4.2-9kW, weight: 570kg. Benlcaql3b
Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC 500 The Cytomics FC 500 is a sophisticated benchtop flow cytometer equipped with Beckman Coulter's most advanced technologies. Laser - Air-cooled argon ion laser, 488 nm (20 mW power) - Air-cooled helium-neon ion laser, 633 nm (20 mW power) - Argon laser beam spot size: 10 microns high and 80 microns wide (elliptical) - Helium - neon laser beam spot size: 9.5 microns high and 85 microns wide (elliptical) Detectors - Forward scatter side scatter detectors are photod...
1 piece of precision SMC HEC Thermo-Con XT244-710A (HEC-A) tempering, temperature control module for sale. Manufacturer: SMC japan Btwgoqn Type: Thermo-Con XT244-710A (production time: 2012) Condition: NEW, boxed Data: Our Thermo-con temperature controllers use Peltier elements without refrigerants and are the perfect solution to achieve high-precision temperature stability of the circulating medium between ± 0.01 and ± 0.03 ° C. Accuracy: ± 0.03 ° C (Compared to the set temperature) Power suppl...
The disposable isolator HECHT EWI can be used for safe and contamination-free dosing, sampling, decanting and weighing in of small quantities of highly active or highly dangerous substances. It is a closed foil system. The different types of manipulation can be carried out with the help of gloves. There is also a connection adapter with a customized uploading container (barrel, box or bag). There is a weighing system which is located outside the isolator (only the weighing plate is in the isolat...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7997 km
ready for operation (used)
Temperature range: -40 to 180°C, ambient temperature: 5-35°C, connected load: 6.5kW, weight: 340kg. Bh09ukd8a2
Type: easy load 7518-10 I9b3qqd Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz Rotation speed: 600 rpm
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7997 km
Reagent Carousel: 35 positions, slide tray: 30 positions, slide size: 25x75mm, 1x3Zoll, 26x76mm, water quality: NCCLS Typ II, bulk reagents: 7 bulk reagents in 3-6l containers, operating temperature: 20-32°C, humidity: 10-90%, length: 660mm, width: 889mm, height: 1530mm, weight: 175kg. 88lhgct8d
Stirring quantity max. (H2O): 20 L Speed range: 60 - 2000 rpm Motor rating input: 70 W Max. viscosity: 10000 mPas Dimensions (W x H x D): 88 x 294 x 212 mm Voltage: 220 - 240 / 100 - 115 V Weight: 3 kg Bjatorqe
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7997 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 80W, length: 1850mm, width: 950mm, height: 2600mm. Bibno7wrxq

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