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Exhaust systems (stationary) for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Description: Enamelled tankers/containers can be used for the storage of liquid materials and bulk goods. Tanks are also a fundamental component of environmental technologies such as sewage treatment plants and biogas plants. The enamel/enamel is a solid, smooth and shiny coating of borosilicate glass fused to metal. The enamel is two-layered and is fired in a continuous furnace at a temperature higher than 800 ° C. Nnzrp The shell of the cylindrical jacket of the tank consists of plates coated ...
Suction slide, ventilation duct slide, slide for filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings Tmfroqd0t -Length: 470 mm -Connection: O 500 mm -mechanical: flap -Material: sheet steel -Number: 1x slider available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 550/470 mm -Weight: 22 kg
filter ca. 40 m² filter area used Bn0kuacr8g manufactured by IPE type IPE UNI filter BG1 max. 4000 m³/h built in 1995 CE tested for type examination length 1,50 m width 0,80 m height 3,00 m fire extinguishing duct pneumatic shake-off filter category C located in  97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Extraction filter system with rotary valve Fan Air capacity 9000 m3/h Crq3gybd8
Nattheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6725 km
Lagerort: Nattheim Bdvezig7ca
Extraction and filtration unit JKF Industry BF - 8 - EC K Year of construction: 2017 High-temperature extraction and filtration plant for wood dust Type Blower Filter filter area - 7,7 m² Bpglt8dd8a negative and positive pressure - filter with cleaning system BF - 8 filters are supplied with EC cleaning Blower motor - 4 kW
Another 7 days
Schleiden Germany
6393 km
good (used)
Angle for filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings Infwykx -Connection: 550 x 450 mm -Connection: Ø 560 mm -Material: sheet steel -Dimensions: 1600/660/H800 mm -Weight: 38 kg
used manufactured by Nestro type 262300 built in 1992 length 1300 mm width 650 mm height 3000 mm blow in connecting piece D. 200 x 240 filter area 16,8 m² number of filter tubes 18 length 2000 mm diameter 160 mm filtercat. G/C polyester needled felt number of dust extraction bags 2 diameter 500 mm K7ppc7sv exhaust connection 160 mm located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
dust extraction 2 x 22 kW motors. no. ducting. and no. bag. filler Bm2ejfrp
Via Mitterling, 10, 39010 Gargazzone BZ, Italien Italy
6898 km
as good as new (ex-display)
SILO FOR 15000 m3/h 64 FILTER Ehehv7v 10 M3 SAW DUST
Another 40 days
Oberelsbach Germany
6629 km
unexamined (used)
Schuko company, galvanized: cyclone, funnel diameter approx. 3 m, total height approx. 6 m, rotary valve, 1 ventilator Fa. Schuko, diameter approx. 800 mm, approx. 25 running metres. pipe system, galvanized Og3nl
AL-KO clean air deduster, type APU 300 P, year 2017, 400V, NW 300, nominal volume flow 5.089 m³/h (according to GS-HO-07), max.volume flow 6.000m³/h, compressed air cleaning, pre-separator, 3 filling tanks each 165 litres (net)/250 L (gross), integrated automatic extinguishing system. Dimensions: l x w x h: 2950 x 1058 x 2351 mm, unit weight: 952 kg. Ytbnc0
Angle for filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings Tmfq2nysr -Connection: 565 x 310 mm -Connection: Ø 500 mm -Material: sheet steel -Dimensions: 870/650/H650 mm -Weight: 38 kg
bag filter used manufactured by  Polytechnik length 2500 mm width 600 mm height 2800 mm suction- /blow in connecting piece D 250 x 200 mm filter area 18,5 m² number of filter tubes 24 length 1450 mm diameter 170 mm filter category BIA-C number of dust extraction bags 4 diameter 480 mm length 1000 mm diameter D 250 mm exhaust connection 250 mm located in  97447 Gerolzhofen H2mi7ut sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Filterfläche : ~60 m² Filtermaterial : Polyesternadelfilz Anzahl Schläuche : 45 Stk Schlauchlänge : ~2500 mm Schlauchdurchmesser : 180 mm Abreinigung : motorisch Verkleidung : Ja Jhdad9if Einblaskasten : Ja Späneaustragung : Säcke Löschleitung : Ja Ventilator : mit dabei Ansteuerung : mit dabei Motorleistung : 5,5 kW Absaugdurchmesser : 250 mm Abmessung : 2100 x 1250 x 3120
Via Mitterling, 39010 Gargazzone BZ, Italien Italy
6898 km
as good as new (ex-display)
12000 m3/h of air capacity. Standard discharge in 3 bins. K79ru9w Reliable, silent and easy to use. With its compact design to suit any environment, even inside production facilities, its highly effective operation in just a small space, the FI series is ideal for extracting various types of shavings and dust. Built in painted metal panelling and equipped with: – settling chamber for the decanting of shreds into the filtering unit; – needled felt filtering sleeves – automatic programmable cou...
Abs. system Fabr. Schuko Type; Centro 3000 year 2004 Top filter type, 3000-20/169/BD u Filter area 169 m² Vacuum Motor 18 KW volume 13.000m³/h Control mechanism with chip container Grvktfx with discharge screw Briquetting press make Schuko type,Compacto 1100 S-20 year 2012 pressure 200 bar Motor 4 Kw Briquette diameter 80 mm Volume 60-70 kg/h + Reservoir
Moravské Lieskové, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
7201 km
excellent (used)
Angle for filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings -Connection: 550 x 450 mm -Connection: Ø 515 mm -Material: sheet steel -Number: 2x angles available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 900/600/H610 mm -Weight: 22 kg Vdmgw
filter intermediate filter/sparging filter vacuum unit suitable for container feeding used, good condition, manufactured by  ALKO length 1400 mm width 1400 mm height 3000 mm suction- /blow in connecting piece D 2 x 250 mm covering with discharge / fan ca. 2,0 KW D 160 mm 2sf7ha air recirculation possible with fans 2 piece 2 x 2,0 kW diameter D 250 mm located in  97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Filter house with moving floor discharge and rotary valve Filter area 150 m²; filter cleaning via shaking mechanism including 2 x ventilator 11 kW according to type plate Bpvc3g3l9j including switch cabinet
Nestro dust extractor type NE 300 with pneumatic shaker incl. suction nozzle d=300 mm, cable with plug and reversing switch electric motor 7,5 kW 400 V / 50 Hz, on / off switch, potential-free contact for machine monitoring, motor protection switch, pressure difference indicator, automatic extinguishing, housing made of galvanized sheet steel Nominal volume flow 5.999 m³/h, Associated negative pressure 2500 Pa suction side connection d = 300 mm, operating mode continuous operation Type of curren...
Bundesstraße 85, 8160, Österreich Austria
7159 km
We sell due to a new acquisition our old filter system including 1 pcs motor (Scheuch TYP VMK 56-0280-KA29 air volume 5000m³). The filter unit is suitable for 40 000m³ air volume. The filter unit is sold incl. steel construction. The dismantling must be taken over by the buyer. Bp3z2zk33b
Vacuum blower for wood shavings from Scheuch Bnovlhmazw capacity 12.000 m³/h
Distributor for filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings -Pipe connection: Ø 300 mm -Length: 495 mm -Cone piece: Ø 300/250 mm -Length: 155 mm -Distributor piece: Ø 250 to 4x Ø 140 mm -flexible tubes: Ø 140 mm -Length 2x: 1730 mm/2x 1930 mm -Material: sheet steel -Transport dimensions: 1930/500/H300 mm X79aqagnk -Weight: 30 kg
with 14 suction port pneum. slide control fan output vacuum unit in compact-construction Gfxvi89 with 12 in built slides used, good condition manufactured by     ALKO type FU-2-12-800-70-III-A No. 910225 length 1400 / 2000 mm width 1400 mm height 3000 mm 12 x suction port D 180 with slide 2 x suction port D 220 without slide covering shake-off with discharge about fan compl. control air recirculation-outgoing air D ca. 500 mm with fan 2 piece je 0.9 + 3.0 kW - pole switchable motor 1450 / 2800 ...
Moravské Lieskové Slovakia
7201 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Suction, Bosp7fpmm7 4 kW fan 3 bag bagging filter Year of manufacture 1999 Fan 250mm diameter Approx. 4000 m3/h Bia filter hoses Location: From warehouse 54634 Bitburg - free on truck -
Dimensions (L/W/H):1450x1350x4000 mm Nlqjqok Filter capacity:50 m² Number of filters:36 St.
SCHUKO briquetting press Compacto 1100 with filter and fan Workshop complete extraction and waste package The package contains the following components 1. briquetting press SCHUKO Compacto 1100 With max. 80-100kg / h chip flow rate 2. chips, storage and feeding container SCHUKO SPB With agitator and Auger discharge for feeding the briquetting press 3. filtration system SCHUKO SPA 57 m² filter surface dry erase Board, all-weather filter Panel motor cleaning 4. exhaust fan type SCHUKO L350...
Hall extraction system, chip filter system, filter system, chip extraction, wood chip extraction, radial fan, chip extraction fan, ventilator, extraction, chip fan -bagging system -Filter area: m² -for: 2x plastic bags 3qpmc0nu2 -Suction side inlet: Ø 180/2x Ø 120 mm -Chip extractor fan: 2.2 kW 2820 rpm -Impeller: Ø 320 mm -Dimensions: 1680/610/H2300 mm -Weight: 112 kg
used, good condition Made by Höcker Polytechnik Dimensions 2500 mm x 2600 mm x 7900 mm Transport dimensions 2.8 x 2.75 x 8.15 m Raw air with filter Filter area approx. 188 m² Filter hoses 64 pcs. Diameter x length 250 mm x 3750 mm Filtermat BIA polyester needle felt Motorized filter cleaning Injection nozzle diameter 550 mm Exhaust connection approx 900 x 400 mm, currently sealed Chip space approx 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m approx. 12 m³ chip volume 2 pieces explosion rupture discs 750 x 550 mm 3 pieces ...
Suction unit with Cellular wheel sluice discharge, incl. transport fan, various transport lines and disposal container (everything as good as new, since 6 years in operation) Suction unit EFA 300 PU ZRS: suction connection 300mm, 6000m3/h, L/W/H 2963/1006/3016mm, weight 820Kg Transport fan EF220 made of sheet steel with direct mounted electric motor Waste disposal container 40m3, L/W/H Cxmzrzoi 7000/2420/2350mm, dustproof door, Viewing window for level control.
Suction system dry via fabric filter . Installation built for corner. Side length approx. 2 m x 2 m N7x7l approx. 4 kw Motor
Saarland, Deutschland Germany
6480 km
good (used)
Chip extraction system with various pipe sections, largest pipe diameter 250 mm, fan S 250, 5.5 kW, 4367 cbm/h Bmfk3hh7yh
Bad Sooden-Allendorf Germany
6583 km
unexamined (used)
Motor 400 V / 5.5 kW Suction connection 250 mm filter area 25.23 m² Weight approx. 740 kg Chip container 3x190 l max. volume flow 5050 m³ Bj3ynsjmxl Nominal volume flow 3530 m³ Compressed air supply 6 bar Dimensions 3400x2290x1020 mm pneum. Cleaning Manual/automatic operation
Ventilation duct, ventilation flap, ventilation system, filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings, Venetian blind flap -Ventilation inlet with filter -outlet Ø 390 mm Dglhohh -Dimensions tot. 1340/1100 / H600 mm -Weight 114 kg
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6672 km
Bag filter with fan   second hand Hmptqhb Schuko make Length 3600 mm + fan Width 900 mm Height 3000 mm Intake / injection nozzle D 250 mm motorized shaking Filter area approx. 31 m² Number of filter bags 36 Length 1200 mm Diameter 230 mm Filter category BIA-C Snap ring mount Number of filling bags 6 Diameter 500 mm Length 1000 mm with fan 4 kW Diameter D 250 mm Required space approx. 4500 mm x 900 mm x 3000 mm Weight approx. 800 kg Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Hand...
I sell the complete aspiration system ELBH 5x Ventilator 7,5kW Year 2010 Possible to sell completely or separately. Ceg293u3
Fröndenberg/Ruhr, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6429 km
excellent (used)
Used extraction system Int. Art. No. m3103 Manufacturer Riedex Type MD-60 year of construction 2018 (commissioning 2019) Power 2,2 kW Name. Vol.flow 2.300 m³/h Weight 300 kg Height approx. 3 m With approx. 15-20 m pipes & hoses Item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr The machine can be visited with pleasure. We would be pleased to send you further photos by e-mail. A forklift/crane for loading is available. Bl98yyg7wx We reserve the right of prior sale. There is the possibility of expert e...
"Asztalosipari. Zsákok száma: 4 db Zsákok átmérője: 500 mm Szállított légmennyiség: 7500 m3/h Elszívó csonk átmérője: 315 mm Motor teljesítménye: 7,5 kw Szűrőfelület: 8,8 m2 Zajszint: 85 db" Bnx9xdj
Vacuum/ dust extraction SCHUKO Filter system of the type: 2 elements moving floor 2x2m with filter attachment of the type SCHUKO ECO VAR 97 SBG-160-2020-25/125/BK with 125 m² FFL per element, with catwalk and ladder 2rkjua Total filter area. 250 m² Year of construction: September 1996 Dry cleaning: Compressed air cleaning over time and via pressure can Return air: only exhaust air operation Filter material: for intermediate lacquer sanding, antistatic Hose diameter: 160mm with support baskets be...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6377 km
Ventilation duct, ventilation flap, ventilation system, filter system, chip extraction, dust extraction, extraction system, ventilation ducts and fittings, louvre flap, non-return flap -Manufacturer: Colt, ventilation and fire ventilation system -Type: Louvre fan AFC -Drive: electric, 24 VDC 48 W. -Opening 8 slats: 1955 x 1170 mm -Price per piece Ol9bn -Quantity: 9 pieces -Dimensions total. 2070/1230 / H340 mm -Weight: 50 kg/pc.
Extraction system with briquette press Suction - AL-KO Profi - Jet BG 2 + 2 - Year of construction 2001 - Capacity 20,000m³ / h - Filter surface 158.4 m² - Max negative pressure 3,000 Pa - Compressed air connection 6 bar - Automatic filter cleaning by means of compressed air - Engine power 11kW Briquette press - Weima TH 400 Obdhn - Year of construction 2001 - 7.5kW - 400V - Briquettes diameter 50mm - 60 / 80kg per hour Available from October price without dismantling!
Extraction, 4 kW fan 4 electric slide valves, control, 3 bag bagging filter 2sd2ai Year of manufacture 1998 Fan 200 mm diameter 3820m³/h Bia filter hoses
NESTRO type NAsf4/4 Bagging line Second-hand machine Bcvg02x7a7 Maschn.-Nr. 272764, 1997. Article number: KUW_G180701 Description Suction nozzle D = 300 mm min. volumetric flow 5500 m ^ 3 Vacuum approx. 2200 PA Filter area 46 m ^ 2 Filter cleaning the engine Filter class C Chip pan 4 x 65 L Power 400V / 50 Hz 5.5 kW Machine detection Yes Weight 1500 kg Dimensions (LWH) 3.85/1,15/3.70 m State / work carried out -Machine cleaned -Machine functionally tested -use-related and age-appropriate T...