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Crank shaft replaced in 2018. Complete with electrical system and hydraulic power unit. TYPE CADDY 80 Y.O.M. 2005 SERIAL NUMBER 28336 RPM CRANK SHAFT 63n/min RPM FLYWHEEL 495 n/min STROKE 70 mm Brf9zcaa0h CUTTING CAPACITY 80 MM ENGINE POWER 45Kw 400Volts
Verenigd Koninkrijk United Kingdom
381 km
excellent (used)
Machine: Guillotine shear Brand: Morgan Rushworth Model: HSGS 4100/6 NC Year: 07/2020! Working hours: 243h! Cutting length: 4060mm Cutting capacity (45kg/mm²): 6 Cutting capacity (70kg/mm²): 4 Cutting angle: 1.2 Hynri8b Stroke per minute: 12 No of hold downs: 23 Main motor: 11KW Backgauge motor: 0,37KW Backgauge travel: 750mm Oil capacity: 160 Table length: 4305mm Table height: 900mm weight: 9500kg Available: immediately
Profile steel shears, profile shears, hand lever shears, hand sheet metal shears, sheet metal shears, sheet metal shears -Sheet metal shears: 8 mm -Round steel scissors: 20 mm -Square steel scissors: 18 mm B3a2lynn -Dimensions: 530/1410/H2450 mm -Weight: 95 kg
Netherlands Netherlands
921 km
good condition (used)
Made in France Technical specifications: Sheet width: 3000 mm Sheet thickness: 6 mm Capacity: 3000 x 6 mm Distance between columns: 3050 mm Setting of cutting angle: 0.5-3° Total power: 7.5 kW Bttdtr9zw3 Voltage: 380 Vtl Dimensions: Length: 3750 mm Width: 2000 mm Height: 1750 mm Weight: 4500 Kg Notes: Availability immediately
Paris France
898 km
good condition (used)
hydraulic shear Brand Colly Model CG 635 Year 1989 Cutting length 3500 mm Cutting capacity 6 mm Stroke 145 mm D2idoa7 Force 200 kn We had a system installed for the "élgo" stopper in 2012 Presentation of the latest maintenance invoices or intervention vouchers. Machine in good condition Video available on request Price upon request
you will find further interesting offers on our site max. cutting length 2050 mm Bltnutdriy max. cutting capacity at 400 N/qmm 4.0 mm Backgauge adjustment range max. 750 mm Dimensions LxWxH 2.73 x 2.16 x 1.28 m Weight 2600 kg a detailed technical description and the technical data can be found in the attached file
Plate shears Make Fasti cutting capacity 1030x 2,5 mm space requirement : height 1160 mm Bttmoc0peq width 1530 mm Depth with stops 1720 mm Depth without front stops 1100 mm
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1242 km
Hydraulic guillotine shears STEINER type HTS 30/20 R machine No. 315 Year of construction 1982 cutting length 3050 mm Cutting thickness 20 mm Backgauge 800 mm controlled Engine power approx. 30 kW Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz - Backgauge with positioning control ELGO - Backgauge adjustment via ball screw spindles - SICK front photoelectric safety switch as protection against intrusion - 3 pieces Material support arms with ball rollers - electric foot switch - Replacement blades Space requirement...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1086 km
Mubea 4/7R -Square steel: up to a maximum of 18 mm -Round steel: up to a maximum of 20 mm -Flat steel: up to 8 mm thick -Cutting length: - Yrlmf0 -Performance information for material with a strength of: 450 N/mm² -Dimensions: 360/810/H2140 mm -Weight: 96 kg
Belgium Belgium
929 km
good condition (used)
Made in Italy Technical specifications: Work table dimensions: 1000 x 800 mm Blades length: 205 mm Btgh2u99vj Sheet thickness: 4 mm Variable angles: 30º to 140º Strokes per minute: 60 Engine: 4 kW Voltage: 220/380 Volt 50HZ Weight machine: 970 Kg Notes: Availability immediately
Used bending machine Kader ZB-1250. Very suitable for plates of 1.25 meters, zinc gutters etc. Frame ZB-1250 Capacity: 1250 x 1,1 mm at 400N/mm2 Dw3yii Hydraulic clamping and hydraulic setting Sheet thickness and radius adjustable
Motorized plate shear make FASTI type 506 Machine # 7756081 Year of construction 1981 technical data: cutting length 2030 mm max. sheet thickness 2 mm lateral overhang 80 mm adjustability of the backgauge 530 mm number of strokes of the cutter bar 70 mm drive power 3,8 kW outer dimensions 2400 x 1400 x 1400 mm weight approx. 1000 kg with - shearing angle 1,5 - front angle stop - table extension - manual rear stop - brake motor Bttjxluj9n - foot switch used, in good condition
Gronau (Westfalen) Germany
1038 km
excellent (used)
Veneer scissors Make Josting type PFS 2100 year 1968 Engine 3,2 Kw Vtyxci
Hand lever shears, long knife, sheet metal and round steel shears -Peddinghaus 2R-3/300, long knife, sheet metal and round steel shears -Particularly stable scissor body made of: tempered steel -Lever arm with: safety spring -Infinitely adjustable: hold-down device Ize07sh -Steel sheet up to: 3 mm -Round steel up to: 13 mm -Cutting length up to: 255 mm -Performance specification for: material with a strength of 450 N/mm² -Dimensions: 1300/400/885 mm -Weight: 76 kg
PRAMAC LIFTER type HL 10 M hand operated hydraulic scissors pallet truck Cgudgxlxu Fabr. No. 118004 Year of construction 2002 Load capacity 1000 kg Lifting height max. 810 mm Overall height lowered 85 mm fork length 1160 mm - Made in Italy - Telescopic hydraulic cylinder - with single roller Own weight 125 kg good condition
Schwabach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1411 km
good (used)
. cutting length 1000 mm Cutting thickness 1-6 mm without problems and without adjustment of the cutting gap ! Throat 130 mm . Stroke rate 50/min Drive power 4 kW Weight estimated 3 to . Width approx. 2.3 m Bd9xmvuy Depth without arms approx. 1.7 m depth with arms approx. 2,4 m . Hold-down device with rubber pressure pieces Backgauge manual 500 mm side stop 1200 mm . .....
Motorized guillotine shears Btpf87y7vj Fab. SCHRÖDER Typ. PDC 3200/3,0 Very good condition, year 2004 Very few operating hours Technical Data Make: Schröder Type: PDC 3200/3,0 useful length: 3200 mm sheet thickness: 3 mm cutting angle: 1,6 drive power: 2 x 4,0 kW nominal power: 9,0 kVA dimensions: approx. L 4,50 x W 2,00 x H 1,50 m Weight: 3600 kg Equipment - NC positioning stop POS 100 with 9-fold program - Sheet metal holding device to the front, pneumatic - Angle stop, right with digital stop...
5-fold comb. sectional steel shear make PEDDINGHAUS type 210 Super 11 (40 t) make # 4400650177163 year of construction 1978 technical data: FLAT STEEL SHEARS cutting capacity flat steel (low deformed) 100 x 14 / 160 x 11 mm and sheet metal 11 mm blade length 175 mm blade cutting length 165 mm PROFILE STEEL SHEARS L-steel 90° (normal blades) 90 x 11 mm L-steel 45° 65 x 7 mm T-steel 90° 90 x 9 mm U + I - steel 90° (with special blades) 120 mm Uji2otwt STEEL BAR SHEARS round 34 mm square 30 x 30 mm...
Mühlheim am Main Germany
1229 km
excellent (used)
Power in mm: 3040 x 1.5 mm drive type: el./mech. drive: 2,8 kW Remark: Rip fence, spare blade, mobile sheet collecting table, foot release, Jwsgs3 scrap trolley Weight: 1600 kg
Hand lever shears, long knife, sheet metal and round steel shears -Peddinghau: s 4R/7, long knife, sheet metal and round steel shears -Particularly stable scissor body made of: tempered steel -Lever arm with: safety spring -Infinitely adjustable: hold-down device -Steel sheet up to: 7 mm -Round steel up to: 20 mm D9xgbv -Square: 18 mm -Cutting length up to: 170 mm -Performance specification for: material with a strength of 450 N/mm² -Dimensions: 770/650/H2250 mm -Weight: 91 kg
cutter length 180 mm metal sheet up to 10 mm flat steel 50 x 15 mm square-bar steel up to 22 mm round up to 24 mm angle 40 x 7 mm Fi9wzqcb t-profile 60 x 7 mm weight approx. 100 kg  
Hand lever shears DURMA Model: KGM 1020 Year of manufacture: approx. 2005 technical data: Ec80odnqc max. cutting length 1020 mm max. sheet thickness St 37 2 mm max. sheet thickness VA 1 mm table size 600 x 1300 mm adjustable stop 0 - 600 mm dimensions L x W x H 2000 x 850 x 1500 mm Weight 460 kg Condition Very good Freely loaded on truck It is a used machine, therefore we sell under exclusion of any warranty.
Max. Punching force: 400 kN Max. Shear force: 600 kN FLAT STEEL SHEARS Flat steel with little deformation up to: 380 x 10 mm or: 300 x 12 mm or: 200 x 14 mm or: 150 x 14 mm or: 80 x 19 mm Knife cutting length: 380 mm PROFILE STEEL SHEARS Shear cross section max .: 2000 mm² Infinitely adjustable stroke: 15 - 30 mm shears with 90/45 ° angle steel knife L-steel 90 ° cut up to: 100 x 10 mm L-steel 45 ° cut up to: 65 x 8 mm L-steel with unequal legs up to: 100 x 75 x 10 mm NOTCHER Square notcher she...
Shear blade, guillotine shear blade suitable for guillotine shear MHSU 1000 / 4 (series approx. year 1991) Type: MHSU 1000 Quality VA part-no.: 121 193 02 The knives are new and unused length: 1050 mm upper knife height: 58 mm Upper knife thickness: 12.0 mm Bottom knife height: 58.0 mm Bottom knife thickness: 12.0 mm Hole spacing 115 mm Knife with internal thread: M12 one-piece lower knife with slanted cutting edges one-piece upper knife with slanted cutting edges of a plate shear MHSU 1000 / 4 ...
Sheet thickness 3 mm cutting length 1350 mm cutting angle: 2°30' stroke rate: 35 1/min motor power: 3 kW table height: 850 mm table weight: 400 mm Buazua8 weight: 950 kg Few operating hours --> use in training workshop Delivery time prompt, subject to prior sale
Hand guillotine shears, guillotine shears, sheet metal shears, sheet metal shears, folding machine, edging bench -Hand guillotine shears combined with: folding machine -Cutting width: 610 mm -Max. Section thickness: 1.0 mm -Swivel bending machine -Max. Working width: 610 mm -Max. Sheet thickness: 1.0 mm -Transport dimensions: 845/910/H1230 mm -Weight: 240 kg Bebaxwyqa7
Hole punching profile steel cutter Manufacturer: DURMA Type: HPS 80-150 L / IW 80 BTD Year of manufacture: 2014 Punching pressure: 80 to Punching capacity Ø- thickness: 40x14 mm stroke: 70 mm Stroke rate: 38 1/min throat: 510 mm Max. working pressure working pressure: 240 bar Motor: 11 kW W/L/H: 700 x 1950 x 2025 mm Weight: 2850 kg Bi8xtnantm ...
Hydraulic guillotine shear Fab. LVD/EHT Typ. HST 4050/6,35 very good condition, year 1999 Technical data Make: LVD/EHT Type: HST 40/6 year of construction: 1999 Btexttedpm Sheet width: 4050 mm Sheet thickness: 6,35 mm Dimensions: approx. L 5,20 x W 2,40 x H 2,10 Weight: approx. 9,5 t Equipment - Automatic cutting length limitation - Automatic cutting angle adjustment - Manual centrally adjustable cutting gap adjustment - Motorized backgauge with digital display - Angle stop - Support arms All ...
Willich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1027 km
pressure 300 t square measurement . mm diameter . mm total power requirement 15 kW weight of the machine ca. t Bkobmdm20y dimensions of the machine ca. m
5-fold combined sectional steel shears and hole punching machine PEDDINGHAUS type 210 / 11 machine. No. FD 1830 Year of construction approx. 1970 Hole punching capacity approx. 40 ton. Punching capacity Ø 25 mm in 11 mm sheet metal Ø 20 mm in 13 mm sheet metal throat 300 mm Steel bar shear: Cutting capacity round Ø 32 mm Ospkd Square 30 x 30 mm Flat steel shears: Cutting capacity flat 120 x 13 mm sheet metal up to 11 mm blade length 220 mm - shearing angle approx. 2 Sectional steel shea...
Hydr. plate shears make VOEST type BTHS 6 x 4100 Make # MBO-570/22 Technical data: cutting length max. 4100 mm max. sheet thickness ST 37 6,0 mm lateral throat 200 mm operating pressure 250 bar Fflshn82 stop depth 0 - 1000 mm cutting angle 1° - 30' dimensions approx. 4500 x 2400 x 2200 mm weight approx. 11 t with - motorized backgauge used, in very good condition
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1086 km
Hand lever shears, tin snips, hand shears, hand tin snips Bvj8a9em -Sheet metal shears: stable -Material: flat steel -Cutting width: 300 mm
performance at 450 N / mm² - sheet metal - 4 mm - flat material 70 x 5 mm - round material 10 mm knife length 70 mm Ciqavnd with sheet holding-down device space requirements width - 260 x depth - 100 x height - 1,060 mm weight approx. 8 kg
Hydraulic guillotine shear Fab. Fasti Typ. 528 - 3000 x 6mm Very good condition, year 2000 Technical data Make FASTI type 528 - 30/6 year of manufacture 2000 sheet width 3040 mm sheet thickness 6,00 mm cutting gap adjustment 0,5 - 2,2 mm hold down 17 back gauge - adjustable 10 - 1000 mm Stroke rate 12 strokes/min Djl0mmr hydraulic drive 400 V / 7,5 kW table height 1030 mm space requirement: approx. 3,8 x 2,4 x 1,96 m Weight: approx. 6,1 t Equipment: - Controlled back gauge 10 - 1000 mm - Cutting...
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Beckum Germany
1114 km
good (used)
hydraulic guillotine shear Atlantic ATS 3012, year 2008, S/N: 21633, working width: 3.000 mm, max. sheet thickness: 12 mm Bswtnrmu
Hvidovre, Denmark Denmark
(dealership location)
1355 km
Cutting length 1050 mm Max. thickness 2 mm Mechanical B3usmul Equipped with: Manual back gauge 2 pcs. table extension arms Angel arm
Table shear cutting knife, replacement knife for table shear, replacement cutting, cutting knife, shear knife Gvu00s -for: guillotine shears -Number: 2 pieces available -Hole spacing: 25/52/136 mm, 45/100/136 mm -Price: complete -Dimensions: 1650/49/12 mm -Weight: 144 kg
Motorized guillotine shears Make H.M. Type. SBS 2100/4 very good condition, year 2008 technical data Make: HM Type: SBS 2100/4 Year of manufacture: 2008 useful length: 2100 x 4mm sheet thickness: 4 mm cutting angle: 1,3 power: 7,5 kW Ctsucuio number of cuts/min 31 dimensions: approx. L 2,80 x W 2,20 x H 1,40 m Weight: approx. 2.800 kg Equipment: - manual backgauge, centrally adjustable - angle stop - Extendable sheet support All information without guarantee. The machine is in a very good condit...
Colour: White Fcw9yihzy CE mark: yes Serial number: H201223 Equipment weight kg: 2050 Amm:2225 Bmm:786 Cmm:840 Steel blade lenghtmm:200 F1t:234 F2t:135 F3t:80 360 rotationdegree:360 Rotation oil flow capacityl/min:20/30 Rotation pressurebar:120 Excavator oil flow capacityl/min:180/230 Excavator working pressurebar:350 Excavator weightt:18/26 Diameter maxmm:35
Willich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1027 km
pressure . t square measurement 55 mm diameter 63 mm Bkocx7jw2l flat material 170x20 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m
31 days left
Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
combined sectional steel shear, manufacturer: MUBEA, type: KBLH700, serial no.: 0158486970881, with various accessories, storage stand, foot switch Wa90x07
Hand lever shears, hand tin snips, tin snips, sheet metal snips 2ri2hu -Scissors: 200 mm -Dimensions: 350/100/H710 mm -Weight: 17.6 kg