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Washers for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. total power consumption 34 kW .. mains voltage 400 V .. mains frequency 50 Hz DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right- 2760 mm .. space requirements -front/back- 1200 mm .. total height 2200 mm .. total weight approx. 1800 kg 2 tank cleaning system, cleaning, rinsing, blowing drywith water-soluble cleaning agentSuitable Bgnudaiisj Cleaning of emulsion, chips, fine dust from grinding Basket dimensions 500x405x200mm Loading weight max. 75 / 100kg Top... more
passage width 500 mm working heigth 300 mm charge size 670 x 480 x 200 mm control Siemens S7 (SPS) max. charge weight 100 kg flow-rate 6 charges / h throughfeed time ca. +/- 420 sec. wastage of air pressure 100 l/h Required air-pressure min. 6 bar wastage of fresh water 5 l/h connected load frequency 3 x 400 V engine output 9 kW filling amount 1: 490 l filling amount 2: 570 l cleansing medium Aquaclean (200 l) heating capacity 7 kW heating capacity 7 kW heating capacity 14 kW heating capacity... more
Function unknown, stored for a long time and no longer in operation technical data as far as known: Aqua Clean Factory No.: 1632401 Type: AC - 2.5 LD-SPEC Year of construction: 2001 V/Hz: 3x400 / 50 A: 3x125 The washing machine has the following approximate dimensions: width: 3200 mm Length: 2850 mm Bfrmk0tpzz height: 2650 mm The drip tray has the dimensions: width: 2800 mm length: 3700 mm height: 250 mm more
voltage: 380 V number of stations: 1 Stück total power requirement: ca. 2,0 kW weight of the machine approx.: 160 kg dimensions of machine: 0,85x0,85x1,0 m Washing unit (vibration technique) with heating: Mt3it - applicable for cleaning of small parts - drum size 300mm, height 150mm - ejection automatically via screw guide - tank:560x460x280mm, filling approx. 60 liter, with filling display - equipped with rotary waste separator - table: 800x600mm, table height 640mm, catching basin 750x550mm more
Großhansdorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6490 km
Control Siemens Simatic Multi Panel connected load frequency 400 V frequency 50 Hz total power requirement inst. Leist. 225 kW current -art: 3 AC/PEN voltage Fremd: 24 V voltage Steuer: 24 V Continuous cleaning plant with automation Kuka is in good condition fgrom year of construction 2011. *** Changes and errors in the technical data and information as well Subject to prior sale!*** Bfxlosekpc more
Loading 40 kg basket dimensions 800x640x540 mm total power requirement 28,7 kVA weight of the machine ca. t 8s0sf2e dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6717 km
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. mains voltage 400 V .. mains frequency 50 Hz Bgnu0id9mx DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right- 5300 mm .. space requirements -front/back- 1800 mm .. total height 2850 mm .. total weight approx. 4500 kg more
Working widths 3200 mm Roller width 3400 mm speed 50 m/min Drive side rechts Operting side rechts voltage 3 x 400 V Electric capacity 116 kw weight 10.000 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 7,0 x 5,5 x 3,5 m Open-Width Washing Range for treatment of woven fabrics, e. g. Polyester up to 250r/m2, Range consisting of: 1) Feeding device, type WET-TRAC, with pull roller and jockey roller; 2) Open-Width washing machine, type WET-WASH 2/200, fabrics content: 15,5 metres with suction; 3) 2-Bowl-squ... more
tank cross section: 550x650x520 mm weight of the machine approx.: 80 kg Bjpscujss dimension machine [...]: 1,15x0,65x1,5 m Foil packing machine (stretch foil) more

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Basket diameter: 1000mm max work piece size: 600 mm Pump: 7.5 kW Heating: electric Bd2skkt3xv more
Operating voltage: 400 V 3Ph + N -50Hz Comade voltage: 24V ac Bfvw0xq9wq Absorbed power: 17 kW Encumbrance for transport: 1300 x 2800 x h 2100 Machine weight: 900 kg Working dimensions: conveyor belt width 290 mm Height 300 mm Load height 800 mm Max. loading surface 290x270 mm Capacity: 50 kg/m Tank capacity: 150 lt Conveyor belt speed: 0.2 – 1 m/min, regulated by inverter more
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. total power consumption 92 kW DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. total weight approx. 5800 kg Through-Feed-Washing Machine - Conveyor Belt Stainless Steel 600 mm - Fine Filter with Monitoring - Gravity Seperator - Droplet Seperator - Vapour Condenser - ´ÖKOMAT´- Evaporator (no waste water!) - max. height 400 mm Bgntum8u3y more
- Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany- Visit by appointment possible- Control software and technology in 2016 extensively renewed- Space requirements Length: approx. 17mShort facts:- Heating: Electrical- Low pressure system with approx. 5 bar pressure at the nozzles Capacity: 250 to 500 pcs/h depending on the type of material to be cleaned Plant design: inlet module, pre-rinsing module, main rinsing module, intermediate blow-off module, rinsing module, intermediate section, drying module, ou... more
We sell our PERO parts cleaning system ROBOMAT 2U for quick and easy cleaning of workpieces and parts in the workshop. Very robust and simple washing system with washing and rinsing chamber. new price: 49.395,-€Useful dimensions: 1500 x 850 x 730 mmUtility load: 1000 KGHeating: 2 x 18 KWWashing tank: 500 litresCleaning tank: 500 litresDimensions and weight:Length: 3,5m,Width: 1,60mHeight: 2,35mEmpty weight: 1500 KGAccessories:automatic water filling (both tanks)digital weekly time switch clock a... more
pass through width: mm pass through height: 1135 mm tank capacity: 1500 l cycle time: 30 sec Heating capacity: 36 kW electrics - voltage/frequency: 3/PEN/AC; 400V-50Hz V/Hz temperature range: Badtemp. 50-60 °C total power requirement: 100 kVA weight of the machine ca.: 12,0 t space requirements of the machine approx.: 5,8x2,9x2,8 m Mt3gd application area: industry washing unit / throughput process / partial cleaning of cylinder heads with manual and automatic operation further details: - operat... more
tank volume 40x45x50 mm number 3 Becken heating capacity 10,2 kW total power requirement 6 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. 2,4x1,0x2,1 m 3 pools LxWxH: 40x45x50 mm with versatile accessories Casing inclusive Heated pool 3x Basin 1 automatic vertical and rotating movement Nlnx2 Basin 2 and 3 automatic vertical movement continuous water flow switchable Ultrasound on the left pelvis Tank drainage possible individually - manually corner lid hinged Temperature readin... more
- batch size: 650 x 650 mm (L x W) - 2 places in the machine - Functions: Dipping and spraying function - Equipment: Siemens Simatic S7 Bfo3zw0b87 The washing machine can also be bought with our other offers as a line in the package. more
Fully Stainless Steel Industrial Washer Ekectric heating elements, wash and rinse heaters Rotary wash arms on twin level Powerful wash pump Bins, Knifes, Utensils, Cages, Excellant condition Cjengiv Working perfectly more
1 cleaning and degreasing machine (full vacuum) Fabr. MEK Type FC 1500/2 Dpi0xjf 1995. incl. 13 cleaning baskets Basket size 450 x 300 x 200 mm maximum basket weight 50 kg How it works:-closed system, free of waste and emissions -Solvent = ISO paraffinic hydrocarbons and modified alcohols -Cleaning goods = metal and plastic parts that are resistant to solvents more
We sell our ultrasonic demonstration tub LCT H 60 with shopping cart. Please see the attached pdf for details. The tank is a 27/80 Dual Frequency ultrasonic unit, where both frequencies can be controlled in different cleaning cycles on the workpiece via the automatic program preselection. tank inside from V4A and outside from V2A. the ultrasonic tank can be used for all acids and alkalis, since in the interior of the tank no other components (heaters, level floats, temperature sensors) are insta... more
Chlorinated solvent system under full vacuum basket 2000 x 700 x 600 Bejuhrggbk more
Nominal rating up to 1000 kg/h Motor rating 0,37 (0,5) kW (PS) Connected load 230V 50Hz (single-phase) Electrical protection 16 A Length 2500 mm Width 700 mm Height 2100 mm Discharge height 800 mm Weight 150 kg Material 1.4301 / AISI 304 Rr89zbqy7 Connection for cleaning ½" inside Connection for washing vessel 1½" outside Height fruit outlet 1750 mm more
SOLWASH is a hermetic, closed loop washing machine for mass production. utilizes only chlorinated solvents or modified alcohol. Working principle: Bes3hj900q Parts are loaded in to the basket sitting in front of the machine roller conveyor. The basket is transferred manually or automatically inside the washing chamber. Washing process is started by selecting the required program from the PLC menu. Basic process flow: spray washing - ultrasonic washing - flushing - rinsing and drying The solvent ... more
ITEC Boot / Sloe Washer Station complete with detergent dosing facility Enczqzz Excellent condition more
We sell our LCT C 500 washbasin in complete equipment with trolley. 100 litres of LCT Bio Liquid are included free of charge. All further information can be found in the data sheet in the appendix and in the video. 2to2ete more
DÜRR CKW plant in good condition with internal distillery and Vf0nczc all baskets as shown in the photos more
Belt width 400 mm Capacity 3 000 up to 8 000 kg/h Drive power: Elevator 0,55 kW Mill 7,5 kW Side channel compressor 0,85 kW Circulation pump 2,2 kW Total Drive power: 11,1 kW Power supply 3 x 400V 50Hz (3 phases) Fuse necessary 32 A Dimensions: Rti3s2qbq Length 3 645 mm Width 975 mm Height 2 570 mm Fruit feeding height 720 mm weight 510 kg Made of INOX steel. Norms 1.4301 / AISI 304 Connections: Water connection for cleaning HD M22 x 1,5 or G1/2“ AG Fresh water connection ½ “ outside Mash delive... more
INTERSONIK ROTAWASH is a cabin type multi-purpose washing machine which provides precise cleaning and perfect drying. Operation Principles: Besi00pzro Effective washing of whole surfaces of the work piece with high volume spraying and rapid liquid feeding to cabin. With rotational motion, whole complicated surfaces, oil channels, blind holes, water jackets of work piece is provided completely clean and dry. Hermetic operation system prevents the diffusion of water vapour formed during whole ope... more
High-pressure washing system/washing hall with circulation system; Water treatment and water reservoir. Rqkwazef L = 15000 mm B = 7000 mm H = 7750 mm The system is ready for operation and still in use. It is used for washing large cylinder crankcases (ship engines). A visit can be arranged at any time. The site of the plant is 86153 Augsburg. more
Basket dimensions: 660 x 480 x 300 mm Basket bottom dimension: 635 x 455 mm Washing bath content: 450 l I3em2db Bath temperature: 60 - 70 ° C Heating power: 27 kW Washing pump, drive motor: 27 kW elec. Connection: 380 V Space required: 3000 x 2000 x 1900 mm Weight approx .: 1000 kg more
Lommiswil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6613 km
excellent (used)
Technical data see pdf Only 4920 operating hours Control Siemens Kühlagregat model M-031 Distillation units integrated 80 liters per hour Junfaaz2 more
capacity up to 2 000 kg/h power 1,5 (2,0) kW (PS) electric outlet 400V 50Hz (3 phases) fuse 16 A dimensions: Rsmjvbyjs length 1 600 mm width 700 mm height 2 100 / 2 350 mm insertion resp. discharge height 800 mm weight 200 kg material 1.4301 / AISI 304 connections: connection for cleaning ½ “ inside connection for washing bath 2 “ outside fruit discharge height 1 545 mm suitable for pomaceous fruit more
Plc controlled washing and drying tunnel for parts cleaning. Operating Principle : This is a worldwide patented machine which has a special procedure for washing and drying. (Patent number : 2016 / 02545) After the basket (or part like KLT, box etc.) is placed over the loading conveyor, a special unit locks and draws the basket inside the washing tunnel (auto loading) and once the basket is inside the machine spray washing begins. Basket is rotated 360 degre on its own axis while washing and dr... more
we sell because of new acquisition, our previous cleaning system Parts cleaning system Manufacturer Dürr Ecoclean GmbH Type Ecoclean Special 39 S Built in 1999 Solvents : Per Space requirement Dimensions approx. L/W/H 8,500 / 7,200 / 3,500 mm Basket dimension Euro lattice boxes Connection value 122 KW The steam generator has been renewed by us. Plant is still under power and can be visited by arrangement The system must be dismantled and loaded by the buyer himself. Be7eeng90z more
Flexible high-pressure cleaning system Nnmhh with Kuka loading and unloading robot. Extensive equipment on request. more
capacity up to 6 000 kg/h power: elevator 2,2 (3,0) kW (PS) mill 5,5 (7,5) kW (PS) electric outlet 400V 50Hz (3 phases) fuse 16 A dimensions: length 1 800 mm width 900 mm height 2 450 / 2 700 mm insertion resp. discharge height 800 mm Rtlquhcsk weight 420 / 450 kg material 1.4301 / AISI 304 connections: connection for cleaning ½ “ inside connection for washing bath 2 “ outside mash discharge height 1 380 mm suitable for pomaceous fruit scope of delivery 12 mm cutting screen more
INTERSONIK BOGIE WASHERS are designed for washing huge parts like train bogie. Operating Principle: Parts are loaded to conveyor with a crane or forklift, once the parts are inside the washing cabin spray wash begins. There are multiple stations inside the cabin generally speaking pre-washing, washing, rinsing or pasivation, drying. Washing maching can be designed as continue system or step by step procedure according to your demand. Bes3vtyi3a Washing pumps, nozzles and other elements ar... more
Schwäbisch Gmünd , Germany Germany
6690 km
good (used)
Wash Pero U2 Year: 2003 Type: ROBOMAT 2/U Workspace Payload: 1 1500 w 850 h 700 Load capacity: 1000 kg max. Cycle time: / sec. Conveyor speed: m/min (feed) Heating Power type: DS voltage... 400V 50 Hz Power requirements: 36 kW 52.0 A Oil heating value: J / kg consumption... kg / h Hot water: (Control site) consumption... m ³ / h Accessories: 1. dig. Weekly timer with auto. Fresh water supply 2. extraction, autom. Pneum. opening lid. 3. fine filter wash + rinse 4. preliminary filter wash + rinse ... more
Heating / power: gas / 75 kW Working temperature: min. 60 ° C; Max. 80 ° C Gas pressure: min. 10 mbar; max. 50 mbar Bdoh8hm3i9 Electric power: 11.3 kVA Other: including control more
Hobart Insurance I9dxcq2 Type UCX 380 V Dimensions: total length 3mtr. a total of 2.15 m width, height 63 cm Comes like this use Manuals and schemes are included with the machine. more
capacity up to 6 000 kg/h power: elevator 2,2 (3,0) kW (PS) mill 5,5 (7,5) kW (PS) electric outlet 400V 50Hz (3 phases) fuse 16 A dimensions: Rtl2vcsxp length 1 800 mm width 900 mm height 2 450 / 2 700 mm insertion resp. discharge height 800 mm weight 420 / 450 kg material 1.4301 / AISI 304 connections: connection for cleaning ½ “ inside connection for washing bath 2 “ outside mash discharge height 1 480 mm suitable for pomaceous fruit scope of delivery 7, 9 and 12 mm cutting screen more
Industrial parts washer for mass production, ideal solution for chip and oil removal. Perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning. Operation Principles: Work pieces are washed rinsed and dried with detergent and pressurized hot water spray in helical conveyor tunnel. Application Areas: -Machined parts like rivets, nuts, bolts, screw etc. -Textile accessories as zip, button, snap, fastener etc. -Fittings and equipments for gas regulators, hot water pipes lines, natural gasl... more
Single-chamber cleaning system Length: 5320 mm Width: 4960 mm Frame height: 3200 mm without casing Gu87nhdrc Max washing goods dimensions: approx. 1060 x 258 x 3800 mm L x W x H Max Waschgutmasse: 220 kg Transfer height for on-site transportation: 1100 mm Max. Cleaning agents: Neutral to slightly alkaline aqueous cleaner (without amines) Capacity (standard): alkali storage tank: 2500 l Rinse reservoir: 1.500 l more

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