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Folding machines (motor-driven) 2000-2999mm for sale

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Niederlangen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1033 km
sheet width 2020 mm plate thickness 1,5 mm distance between columns -- mm bending angle max. +/- 135 ° hollow max. 100 mm total power requirement 0,55 / 1,0 kW weight of the machine ca. 1,0 t dimensions of the machine ca. 2,68 x 0,64 x 1,1 m Bdh3ssqy Heavy version with motorized drive for the upper and bending beam and segmented upper beam. - Foot control enables the sheet metal to be positioned with both hands - The workpiece is clamped and bent using a motorized chain drive - Setting the b...
Bünde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1138 km
sheet width 2040 mm plate thickness 3 mm daylight upper clamping 350 mm bending angle max. 0-135 ° adjustment of lower and bend clamping 80 mm control Fastimatic M200 power requirement 2,2/1,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 2460 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 3,2 x 2,8 x 2,1 m Condition: ready for operation Condition: very good CE signed Electric 400 Volt CNC-control with screen Mot. back gauge 1000 mm Sdn73mai Foot switch Motorized machine with motorized bending beam adjustment ...
Dimensions LxWxH: 3.0x0.56x1.3 m Net weight: 1450 kg Bwgean9nmj Max. working width: 2020 mm max. sheet thickness: 2.5 mm TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS king width 2020 mm et thickness in steel at 400N / sqmm 2.5 mm Dimensions LxWxH approx. 3.0 x 0.56 x 1.3 m Weight 1450 kg A detailed description with technical data and a picture can be found in the attached PDF file
Ahaus, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1037 km
sheet width 2520 mm plate thickness 3,0 mm stroke of upper beam 250 mm Bxan7odubi adjustment UW 80,0 mm total power requirement 6,0 kW weight 3160 kg range L-W-H 3685 x 1220 x 1425 mm Furnishing: - electric folding machine - Bending angle preselection via electrical potentiometer - powerful drive motors - manual lower beam adjustment - Double foot switch - Operation manual
Swivel bending machine FASTI - Sheet metal capacity at max. 40 kp/mm^2 - Type: 2040 X 2 Good condition fully functional can be inspected and tried on site. R2bpgaed Shipping also abroad. Viewing : Basically, to avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to inform you that the item is welcome to be inspected and tested under power before purchase. Please ask questions before buying to avoid ambiguities. For general questions or to make an appointment for a viewing, I am, at the phone number below ...
Used bending machine from manufacturer HMT (Slovakia) Type: SFM 3S 20/15 Bv8rmkxfof capacity: 2020 x 1,5 mm Schneider touch CNC control Lenze drive CNC back rest
Max. Bending length: 2040 mm Max. Sheet thickness: 2.5 mm steel Manual and automatic bending mode possible Bending angle adjustment via potentiometer Bending rail ground Weight: approx. 1500 kg Bw0uhoqjkg
Used Schechtl motor bending machine MAX 250/ECT working length: 2540 mm bending capacity: - steel 400 N/mm² - 2,00mm - aluminium 250 N/mm² - 3,00mm - VA 600 N/mm² - 1,25mm Dimensions: Length: 3,647mm depth: 1.842 mm Total height: 1.745mm Working height: 949mm Bxc0gibqzg Weight: 2.800kg MACHINE AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021!!!
plate bending machine with working length 2550 mm, thickness 8 mm, thickness up to 10 mm for shorter working length controler PLC Psmvvm spezial machine - bending angel 90 °, back gauge on left and rigth separate adjustable
hydraulic CNC bending machine - order machine (delivery time approx. 10-14 weeks), incl. hydraulically dynamic camber, touchscreen, pressure regulation of the upper beam, backgauge (1000mm), goat feet with automatic tool clamping, electric/hydraulic adjustment of the bending beam Bryyba9q -images similar-
Pfungstadt Germany
1229 km
excellent (used)
Article number: MA1058 Manufacturer: Fasti Type: vertical bending machine Year of construction: 2001 Machine number: 00726004 Bending length [mm]: 3000 Control: Delem DZ-65 - VA3D Length [mm]: 5350 Width [mm]: 2300 Height [mm]: 2200 Weight [kg]: 6510 Power supply: 380V / 17 KW Usable height [mm]: 250 Maximum sheet thickness [mm]: 4 Bdknwcsacy Table size Lxw: Backgauge 1500 CNC controlled Accessories: manual / schematics
Dortmund-Wambel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1087 km
good (used)
bending length 2020 mm max. sheet thickness at 400 N/mm² 4 mm adjustment range of the upper beam 200 mm ditto of the bending beam 60 mm Rotation range of the bending beam 0 - 135 Speed of the bending beam 0,5 rad/s Speed of the upper beam 4,4 mm/s Time for a 90° bend 10 s Drive power, upper beam 1,5 kW ditto, bending beam 4 kW Dimensions L x W x H 3410 x 900 x 1400 mm Weight 3900 kg Accessories / Special features: - Manual back gauge min. / max. 350 - 1000 mm with rack and pinion drive - Manual ...
. Sale only in pair : 1.) Swivel bending machine SCHRÖDER , capacity 2000 x 2 mm , manual width stop 750 mm year of construction 1986 Gktvp002 and 2.) guillotine shear Huttenlocher + Schäfer, capacity 2000 x 3.5 mm , manual width stop 600 mm year of construction 1976 . .....
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1356 km
sheet width:2040 mm plate thickness:1,2 mm total power requirement:2,5 kW Y7k3nu8ny weight of the machine ca.:2,0 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,0 x 1,6 x 1,7 m
Hydraulic swivel bending machine make RAS type 71.20 Machine. # 119/4, year of construction 1962 technical data: Bvlts0eero working width 2540 mm max. sheet thickness 4,5 mm opening width of the upper beam 200 mm adjustability of the lower beam 90 mm Adjustability of the bending beam 90 mm angle degree adjustment 0 - 180 drive power 3 kW dimensions approx. 3850 x 1820 x 2060 mm weight approx. 4200 kg used, despite the year of construction in good condition
bending length: 2050bending angle (max.): 135stroke: 160weight approx.: 3500messurements (LxWxH): 3250/2500/2100Aluminium: 4Steel: 3Stainlesssteel: 2motor power: 3/1,5/0,4STANDARD ACCESSORIES  AC motorized drive of folding and clamping (Y,Z axis)  Servo motorized drive of back gauge (X axis) Ballscrew spindle system with dual motor drives on clamping and folding  15.6’’ touchscreen controller on swivel arm with ERFOLD BASIC cnc line by line software Clamping beam opening height 1...
bending length 2080 mm, bending capacity 4 mm, back gauge with hand wheel, foot pedal, dimensions 3100x1550x1500 mm, approx. 4000 kg Bcqaufji
A laser cutter with unprecedented cutting accuracy. The fiber laser is equipped with HIWIN linear guides and TBI ball screws mounted on both sides of the laser cutter. The use of these components ensures excellent quality even at high laser cutting speeds. The laser housing complies with all safety standards and provides effective protection during the operation of the laser cutter. Technical data: Ogedh - Working area - 1300x900 [mm] - Source power - 1000 [W] IPG (possibility of increasing the...
68 Glover St, Birmingham B9 4EL, UK United Kingdom
440 km
good (used)
Used 6metre Ras up and down bend cnc folding machine for sale Ras XXL Centre 75.06 Btk9dif93y System 9002 cnc control RAS TECHNICAL DATA: DIMENSION 75.06 Max. Sheet thickness (Steel 58000 PSI) gauge 16 Max. sheet thickness (Aluminium 29000 PSI) gauge >14 Max. sheet thickness (Stainless Steel 109000 PSI) gauge 18 Working length max. inch 251,97 / 6.4metre Grippers Travel Range inch 0,47 – 29,53 Grippers Positioning Accuracy inch ...
Oftersheim Germany
1248 km
ready for operation (used)
pan folder Schechtl type MA 200/1 Clsle7n with electronic angle quick setting year of construction 1987 working width 2040mm bending capacity steel up to 2mm a new top tool from Schechtl is ordered and will be delivered with the machine bending capacity aluminium up to 2,75mm with mechanical back gauge up to 500mm upper beam was welded years ago by the previous owner. Weight approx. 1480kg The offer is exclusively directed to tradesmen in the sense of § 14 BGB (German Civil Code). No ...
OMEC 3 rollers mechanical symmetrical double invitation rolling machine New "CE Made in Italy USEFUL IN WORK mm 2050 DIAMETER OF THE UPPER ROLLER mm 150 LOWER ROLLER DIAMETER mm 150 LATERAL ROLLER DIAMETER mm 150 MAX CALENDER THICKNESS 1,5 x D mm 4 MAX CALENDER THICKNESS 3 x D mm 4,5 MAX CALENDERING THICKNESS 5 x D mm 5 MACHINE DIMENSIONS : mm 920 x 3400 x 1100 TOTAL POWER INSTALLED : Kw 6,5 WEIGHT : KG 1700 The FX3-3 series distinguishes the mechanical asymmetrical 3 ROLLERS calenders with sim...
bending length: 2050bending angle (max.): 135stroke: 350weight approx.: 5950messurements (LxWxH): 3750/2300/2100Aluminium: 7Steel: 5Stainlesssteel: 3,5motor power: 2x3/2x3/0,75 STANDART ACCESSORIES Servo drive of clamping and back gauge ( Z and X axis)  AC high torque motorized drive of folding and beam rotation ( Y and C axis) Ballscrew spindle system with dual motor drives on clamping and folding 15.6’’ touchscreen controller on swivel arm with ERFOLD BASIC CNC Line by Line sof...
Wiesbaden Germany
1190 km
ready for operation (used)
max. working width: 2040 mm for metal sheets up to: 4,5 mm opening width top clamping bar: 320 mm adjustment bending cheek: 120 mm Bjr9dflpeu clamping bar drive: 2,2 kW below cheek drive: 2,2 kW electrical connection: 5 kW weight: 3700 kg space needed: 3250 x 1000 x 1900 mm
Semi-automatic press brake ZGH 2140/3.0mm → Semi-automatic bending angle, is set on the encoder and potentiometer. -ᐳ The machine works like a semi-automatic machine. After bending, the beam returns to the home position and the pressure beam returns to the set height. It is set to 10 mm. → -ᐳ This machine is suitable for series production The maximum working length: 2140 mm. bending capacity: 3.0 mm (steel) bending beam thickness: 30 mm bending angle: max. 145 degrees upper beam opening: 80 mm ...
68 Glover St, Birmingham B9 4EL, UK United Kingdom
440 km
good (used)
RAS Turbo bend plus 62.25 Bending length 2540mm / 2.5 metre Material thickness max 2.5mm Four extremely dynamic and fast ramp-driven movements under CNC System 6000 CNC touch screen – New control fitted in 2016 Extended back supports Light guards Portable tooling rack New / Year of manufacture 2007 Complete with: J shape back gauge Complete with segmented and straight tools and tooling rack Tooling (supplied with the machine): Bqzmtulejn Standard ‘sharp’ upper tooling – 3x lengths 845mm B...
Schechtl swivel bending machine Mabo 250 Working width 2500 mm at 1,0 mm Be7ejy3fdl Year of manufacture 1979 Serial number: 612 Foot switch defective Dimensions LxWxH 3270x650x1050 mm
Burnet 2020x1.5 Electric volding Electric clamping Hand back gauge Iwf3v7v
bending length: 2050bending angle (max.): 135stroke: 160weight approx.: 3500messurements (LxWxH): 3250/2500/2100Aluminium: 4Steel: 3Stainlesssteel: 2motor power: 3/1,5/0,4STANDARD ACCESSORIES  AC motorized drive of folding and clamping (Y,Z axis)  Servo motorized drive of back gauge (X axis) Ballscrew spindle system with dual motor drives on clamping and folding  15.6’’ touchscreen controller on swivel arm with ERFOLD BASIC cnc line by line software Clamping beam opening height 1...
Press brake - Swivel bending machine G7tem8h Schröder - 2m - 3,5mm can be tested and loaded in 97249 Eisingen Was in an institute and was sold there privately If interest exists it could be acquired also segments optionally
Prod-Masz is your competent and professional partner in the manufacture of sheet metal processing machines. Trust, honesty and reliability are not empty words for us! Bbydw7xi Small compact folding edge 1250cmm to steel sheet 0.8mm, aluminum sheets 1mm with beading machine - Possibility of cheek adjustment - Weight: 49 kg - Bending beam: 15mm - Working length: 1.25 m - built-in beading machine -ᐳ tube diameter 14mm - 60mm opening - Bending radius: 145 degrees Price: 800 euros Roller shear op...
max. working width: 2040 mm for metal sheets up to: 3 mm opening width top clamping bar: 90 mm adjustment bending cheek: 90 mm clamping bar drive: 1,5 kW below cheek drive: 4 kW electrical connection: 380 V kW Be9b3ajon8 weight: 2600 kg space needed: 3050 x 800 x 1350 mm
Germany Germany
1293 km
good condition (used)
Working length: 2600 mm Folding capacity (steel): 8,0 mm Folding capacity (stainless steel): 5,1 mm Folding capacity (aluminum): 10,0 mm Jw0wivl9 Opening height: 350 mm Control system: ProLink Touch Control Back gauge: SBG 1650 mm adjustable high Other configuration: - Pneumatic clamp for upper tools - CNC Crowing - CNC Bending Centre adjustable - Divided tools lower and bending beam - High divided tools 102 and 152 mm - Straight rail 35°
Make: OZAMECH / QUINTO, Origin Poland Model: KM 4/2000 Built: 1999 / first commissioning 2001! Bend length 2000 mm max. sheet thickness at 400 N/mm2 4 mm Adjustment range of the upper cheek 200 mm dito of the bending cheek 60 mm Rotation alder of bending beam 0 - 135° Speed of bending beam 0.5 wheel/s Speed of the superbeam 4.4 mm/s Time for a 90° cantilever 10 s Drive power, upper beam 1.5 kW dito, bending beams 4 kW Nm98d Dimensions L x W x H 3410 x 900 x 1400 mm Weight 3900 kg Accessories /...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1232 km
ready for operation (used)
Motor-driven folding machines Fabr. KRAMER type AMaut II. Masch.#. 45858, built 1985 Technical data: Atbeitslaenge 2025 mm maximum sheet thickness 2.25 mm KL. The bug width 5 x s KL. Inner radius 1.5 - 2 x s Adjustment of sub - and bending flange 90 mm for round bending 90 mm highest working position of the upper beam 190 mm Djjk2pb Gr. Opening of the upper beam 290 mm Power 3,0 / 1,1 kW Duration of a workflow 7.0 seconds. Weight approx. 2450 kg External dimensions approx. 3000 x 1000 x 1650 mm...
Hövelhof, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1156 km
General information / technical data: heavy mechanical bending machines from sturdy welding construction in very good condition Working width: 2000 mm Steel ST 50 maximum material thickness: 20 mm Opening the top clamping (clamping cheek): 475 mm Adjustment of the beam: 200 mm motorized height adjustment Bending angle: 130° via electrical rotation angle input can be set Upper cheek speed: 6 mm / sec Bending beam speed: 1.25 RPM (approx. 90 sec for 90 ° bend) Backgauge: from 50 to 999 mm electric...
The company "Prod-Masz" is an innovative medium-sized company that manufactures and sells sheet metal processing machines. A professionally designed folding machine is the basis for years of use of the machine. It is therefore important to have a trustworthy company at your side. Small, compact folding edge 1250 cm to steel sheet 0.8 mm, aluminum sheet 1 mm with built-in curl forming machine and roller shears. Usm0z092j - Possibility of cheek adjustment - Weight: 49 kg - Bending beam: 15mm - W...
Hydraulic bending machines from one of the best manufacturers of Dr. Hochstrade engineering machine is very well built and equipped with a segmented Geisfusschine. Beam can be adapted for good bending results even sheet thickness can be adjusted, etc power about 2 m - 2 mm steel tour before place possible weight approx. 3700 kg forklift to the loaded available Bbrysketw8
Motorised DNC swivel bending Hezinger-FoldingLine Model HF-MFB2030 Bending length 2,050 mm Sheet thickness ST / VA / aluminium 3.0 / 2.0 / 4.0 mm Drive of the axes Y / Z / X 3.0 / 1.5 / 0.4 kW Machine dimensions W x L x H 2,500 x 3,250 x 2,100 mm Machines Weight approx. 3.500 kg Basic equipment: - 3 controlled motor axes: X Y Z - Basic control ErFold BASIC with 15.6" touch screen - Opening width of the upper beam 160 mm - 45° upper cheek with tool 30° pointed rail - Bending beam tool 2-fold with...
Hohenbrunn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1522 km
2000 x 2, 0 mm, with accessories, foot switch, simply angle rotation wheel, with RADIUS track and new hot rail (in order), machine was by an expert repair, check, clean and fully functional. 7xonm2t7h Test run was carried out. Color: Green
Hydraulic bending machines Fabr. STROJÁRNE - PIESOK type XONM 2000/2A - 2 Masch.# 237-516-1978, built in 1978 Technical data: Working length 2050 mm maximum sheet thickness 2.0 mm turn to 135° Bending time 3.5 sec. Stroke 250 mm of the upper cheek Stroke 100 mm the lower beam Stroke 100 mm of the beam Transmission-2,2 kW Weight 2800 kg External dimensions approx. 3000 x 800 x 1600 mm with -separately standing hydraulic -adjustable bending angle used, in good condition Bdu8cmhexp
Mindelheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1445 km
Bending capacity: 3.5 mm Bending capacity (VA): 2.5 mm Bending length: 2030 mm Motor: 3,7 kW Basic equipment and features: Clamp beam and the bending flange on both sides about hydraulic driven Angle the top clamping 45° Positioning control Manual bending beam adjustment Clamping pressure of the upper cheek hydraulic, centrally adjustable for both sides Manual under cheek crowning Standard tool set (engine included) including: Ms8czc -Divided upper cheek tool -portable 3 foot switch with a sepa...
Article number: MA1041 the machine is in a mint condition Manufacturer: Dr. Hanlon Type: SBM 200015 Year: 2010 Machine number: 1291210211 Folding length [mm]: 2000 /-driven Backgauge Control: Tochscrenn PLC Length [mm]: 2000/3400 Width [mm]: 3900 Height [mm]: 2550 Weight (kg]: 7000) Rated power: 380V / 7,5KW Stroke [mm]: 250 M8oct Maximum sheet thickness [mm]: 15 Accessories: tool frame / second set tools / operating instructions
Üçevler, Bursa Küçük Sanayi Sitesi No:33 D:Blok 65, 16120 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye Turkey
3144 km
good (used)
4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine Bre3mi0ypo
Hohenbrunn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1522 km
good (used)
2040 x 3 mm, with hand stop and numerous RADIUS Rails, machine repaired by a qualified technician, tested, clean and is fully functional. Test run is performed. Manual back gauge 650 mm Color green Machine weight 2600 kg Space 3300 x 1150 x 1930 mm Wjz3w Motor output 64 kW Opening width 300 mm Bending angle 130 degrees
Motorized swivel bending machine make LOTZE type HZK 25 2500/3Masch.# 1827 year of construction 1956 technical data:max. working length2540 mmmax. sheet thickness3,0 mmkl. inner bending radius4,0 mmgr. Upper beam opening width300 mmBending beam opening width40 mmWorking height800 mmDrive power 3.5 / 2.2 kWDimensions4200 x 1400 x 1600 mmWeight approx.3.75 twith manual lever gearbox for opening and closing, bending and return movement Used, in good condition Cuknt0zo
2020 x 2, 0 mm, 3.0 mm ALU, 1.25 mm VA, solid and stable design, with standard accessories, manual bending cheek reduction, with easy control,. Machine repaired by a qualified technician, tested, clean and is fully functional. Test run is performed. Note: Machine is located currently in the revision, the pictures originated before the revision. The engine was disassembled for repair work. without rear gauge 0chrsloh Colour: light grey Total power consumption: 400 V Space required: 3400 x 700 m...