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Pallet production for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Manufacturer: STORTI Np0qr Production year: 2008 Siemens control cabinet Capacity up to 550 / 8h Weight: 3650 kg more
2/4 way XL pallet production line Nptot SMA-REF-6626 Type: pallet production lines Manufacturer: IM Hart Model: 2/4 X-Large Size Year: 2010 Components of the line: 1) Deck nailing machine IM HART 5 board channels 2 deck board cassettes 9 hydr. hammers Stacker 2) Leg machine TR Andersson Feeder for blocks Leg board cassette 3 hydr. hammers 3) Assembly machine IM HART 3 leg channels 9 hydr. nailing units 4) Branding IM HART 6 branding units 5) Pallet stacker IM HART 6 m outfeed conveyor Working ra... more
Code: 0378 Brand: FERRERA Model: SMP/F - CE Standard Bevelling for pallet for edge bevelling of wooden pallets of non-unified measurements - CE Standard - Year 2004 Workpiece dimension max mm 1000 x 2000 side - min 600 x 600 side V0vxyoy N° 4 blades 300 mm N° 4 brakemotors 2 Hp each Pneumatic movements N° 4 swivel wheels with brake Overall dimensions : mm 3000 x 1400 x 1700 h Weight Kg 1200 more
the machine is perfect for repairing pallets on balik, the machine with CE certificate is used sporadically after replacement of cutting discs Bgnrgaznir more
Pallet line that join upper pallet boards and blocks by loose nails. at the end 1 or 2 people by hand join last 3 ground bords. In one shift about 1000/1200 pallets. 78ynpgbc Dipends from people. Minimum 600x800 pallet size. maximum 1200x1500 pallet size. more
Complete producing line, in working condition. Size: Epal and one way. Visit: anytime ijn work possible in Hungary.Employee: 4 Pers. More pictures: for request. 7poaqyle3 more
Machine for the production of pallets Kombiflex R-1000 Im Hart. Automatic machine for pallets at a speed of 1 pc per minute. Year: 2005 Current device dimensions: 2.4 m wide Bkzdknor8 Length: 4 m Height: 3.8m more
Pallet production line to fabricate 4-way bridge. The pallet can be branded and corner-cutted. F3ywthr The machine is coupled to a pallet deck producing machine. The decks are stacked, and can be buffered, or can be fed into the production line. more
Pallet size 800x1200 mm Capacity ( In 8 hours) 500-600 pieces Maintaned Eur Pallet can be produced Yr9byw more

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EPAL / CP pallet production line SMA-REF-6581 In Action: Type: pallet production lines Manufacturer: Omev Model: 2/4/EPAL Year: 2008 Components of the line: 1) Nailing machine 2) Board input 3) Router (6 heads) 4) Slide f. EPAL clamping unit 5) Branding unit (6 stamps) F2e3zb39 6) corner cutting (12 saws) 7) horiz. turner 8) edging saw 9) stacker/turner 10) outfeed Working range: Pallet sizes: min. 800 x 900 mm max. 1.200 x 1.300 mm Pallet types: 2/4-way-pallets EPAL Capacity: about 380 pall... more
Complete pallet production line for EURO chemical and disposable palletsConsisting of: block and board inserter, two nailing machines for deck and runners, skid milling machine, firing station, corner cross-cut saw, stapler for EURO pallets, pallet stacker (single or interleaved changeable) The capacity is approx. 1200 to 1400 pallets with 3 to 4 men in 8 hours.The plant can be inspected in operation and is immediately available. Jpvfoo27 more
I'm gonna sell a pallet block saw. A used, fully operational locker. Efficiency approx. 4-6 m3/shiftMax block width 100 mmDiameter of circular saw 500 mmThe scantlings are placed in an oblique gutter, where they fall to the bumper, which adjusts the length of the cut element, then the gutter makes a pendulum motion and the cut elements fall to the circular saw blades, and the gutter returns to the initial position, and the cut element slides back to the bumper. Noypp more
Cutting width: max. 1.350 mm Cutting height: max. 70 mm W0mszaez incl. 150 new saw bands more
Pallet production line to fabricate 4-way bridge and round-trip 4-way pallets. The pallet can be branded and corner-cutted. A double brush unit is installed to remove the wood dust before stacking. The machine is coupled to a pallet deck producing machine. The decks are stacked, and can be buffered, or can be fed into the production line. The machines are flexible in changing-over. Cxywg3na more
Skids nailling line. In 8h shift about 5000 pcs. Jumbo nails bag Yr8ltk possibilities to cut 78x78x1200 to blocks 78x78x78 or similar. more
Pallet deck nailing machines SMA-REF-6534 Type: pallet nailing machines Manufacturer: IMX System Model: IMX DECK Year: 2019 Features: IMX Systems deck machines are developed for high capacity and short set times. With deck machines from IMX System you get a reliable production. Fast stackers and chain conveyors are connected. Capacity: Deck sizes: max. 1.600 x 1.600 mm 4 freely programmable nail-pos. per hammer max. 50 boards per minute Bfogrn923h Features: We configure to your needs! more
Stitching machine for pallets with 3 fixed heads no zig-zag Width max / min mm 1400 / 700 Length max /min mm 1100 / 700 Max heigth mm 180 Minimun pitch of stitching mm 30 Machine length 6200 mm Vlcug72b Machine width mm 2900 more
Pallet cover production machine Fere Pallets production machine Behqts3t0n more
Storti Flex 60 Deck nailing machine. Manufactured in 2004. Comes with stacker and out-feed. Can be seen working until end of July 2019. Due to a timewaster we have reduced the price to sell! Nlysx more
Make : EPM TYPE: 2000 Built in 1996 Full autom. Nail system with 4 pcs. Nagler Fabr. BOSITICH Max working range width 2000 mm , length 7500 mm Bfa8g32ren Control SIEMENS more
Pallet nailing machines SMA-REF-6535 Type: pallet nailing machines Manufacturer: IMX System Model: IMX Pal Year: 2019 Features: IMX Systems pallet nailing machines do "standard" and also "special". With nailing machines from IMX System you get a reliable production. Fast stackers and chain conveyors are connected. Capacity: Pallet types: EPAL, CP, 1-way, stringer, 2-/4-fold retractable max. 40 programmable nail-positions max. 48 nails per pallet E8ja3bmd max. pallets per minute Features: We ... more
Minimum mass of the pallet 600 x 300 mm Maximum mass of the pallet 1600 x 1400 mm Maximum mass of the stencil 1700 x 1600 mm Maximum nailing cap 1600 x 1400 mm Maximum height of the pallet 190 mm Minimum height of the pallet 110 mm Machine performance 60 - 200 pallets / hour Mx2sv With stack attachment more
Stapler CoraliYear of construction: 1991Type: M166AMaschine number: 2798 E29sivt more
Machine dimensions: Length 5.0 m. Sz. 1.0 m. W. 2.0 m. Power requirement: 7 Kw. 20 A. 3 x 400 Volt + N Air demand: 7 Bar dry compressed air / 450 L / min. Nn3gf Length of cutting material: Max .: 3,000 mm Min .: 400 mm Block length: Select a program. Capacity: Max .: Min .: Dimensions: Length 150mm mm 150mm width 70mm Height 150mm 70mm Capacity: 36 blocks / min. more
Pallet Nailing Machine - Make Lompas - Type DN 250 - Year 2006 - Dual Nailing DN 250 is a nailing machine which performs single upper nailing of the upper and lower sides of wooden pallets - Double top-bottom nailing is based on the principle of opposite pushing forces as a guarantee that the two pallet components are perfectly symmetrical.- It works both automatically and manually - equipped with rotary support devices, it is able to design the closed bottom edge pallet with a single movement, ... more
Pallet stacking systems SMA-REF-6536 Type: pallet stackers Manufacturer: IMX System Model: IMX Stack No0d9 Year: 2019 Features: IMX Systems pallet stackers have 2-axis-robots, equipped with grippers or vacuum-devices All sorts of stacking or nesting can be realised. Capacity: Pallet types: EPAL, CP, 1-way, stringer, 2-/4-fold retractable pallet weight: max. 200 kg Features: We configure to your needs! more
Hydraulic pallet nailing machine Kombi Flex R-1000; Chamfering machine MFRA-1000; Corner cutter HKR-1000; Branding machine BMRA-1000; Dust exhausting system (2 pcs.); Compressor Capacity: Pallet dimensions: Min.length Max.length Bottom boards 600 1600 Longitudinal boards 600 140 Fb8lzux more
CATALOG NUMBER 5318 TECHNICAL DATA - min board length after formatting 800mm - max board length after formatting 1300mm - max board width 200mm - max board height 70mm - max blade diameter 300mm - shield for shields (serves as a pressure) - spindle diameters 40mm - spindle length 260 mm working part - main engine power 7.5 kW - feed motor power about 0.55kW - 2 feed speeds on the belt Beiugbihbz - cutting width adjustment - dimensions of the top 1530x1500mm - overall dimensions length / width /... more
- in stock - reconditioned - very good condition TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - max. The length of 1200 mm - max. height of the 80 mm - element width of 70 to 145 mm - 6 comprises a drum slides DIMENSIONS: 7bqko7f7 - the length of 500 cm - 230 cm width - height 135 cm more
Pallet production line / nailing line VANDERLOO Plant is used, functional possible pallet dimensions: width 750 – 1250 mm length 1000 – 1500 mm plant includes: -Beam task -Log saw -Conveyor belt -Feeding into the nail machine -Nail machine I -Pallet Turners - automatically bottom board feeding -Nail machine II -Corner cutter + burning station -Turner + hub Bapa38m8 -Stacking device -Roller conveyor system is still in assembled state Used machines without guarantee. Subject to prior... more
U-stencil nail machine with freely programmable nail dropping by means of stepper motor and nail control for 18 nail feeders. Stencil drive controlled by frequency inverter. Upper pallet guide, U-stencil for opening (approx. 40mm) for easier insertion of the repair pallet. Special program for board and skifenan selection via control panel with automatic assignment of the required nails. Pressing of the lower parts during nailing by means of pneumatic cylinders. Skid and board insert by hand. Inc... more
Automatic pallet block saw SMA-REF-6543 Type: pallet sawing machines Manufacturer: Vanderloo Model: VS Year: 1993 Features: Waste wood optimisation Sorting of head-/remaining ends Magazine Turntable Working range: flexible Capacity: 60 blocks/min. Condition: ready for action stored Location: Southern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Bymllzkw Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Pallet production line - incomplete O878zeob The line equipped with: - Head eraser - Legswashing machine - Milling machine - Cutter - A burner - Stacker   Incomplete line, technically unusable, visible marking of the year of production on the plates nominal base components - 2012 There is no technical documentation attached to the machine - no technical documentation Lack of some elements of control equipment and electrical installation Condition: used, for technical inspection more
Producer: ZM Jabłoński Model: SDP-03 Year of production: 2008 Gratis nailer (1 piece). Pneumatic table for whipping euro epal 80 x 120 pallets, allows for correct placement of nailed elements and precise nailing of nails in predetermined positions. 2p22hudl more
Pallet production line producer: Bohm und Kruse, Vanderloo year of manufacture: 1992 Jcfz8zxma Parts of the line: Skid nailing machine Bohm und Kruse H 27 1500 Assembling nailing machine Vanderloo SPKR Pallet turner Pallet stacking machine The line is in good working condition more
For the manufacture of pallets of the furniture and door industry Nikgr It will be the part of batch prepared for shipment on a sub plate supported on rollers. The company missed the block machine plate length and width and sticks from below the required Amount of range blocks of plywood on the bottom plate. Then, the part of stack with the forklift can be moved. consisting of: -Machine frame with height-adjustable feet -3 piece masts with motorized lifting motion, with 2 pieces powered hea... more
Pallet deck nailing machine SMA-REF-6510 Type: pallet nailing machines Bcdjjk9vy Manufacturer: Storti Model: FLEX 60 Year: 2008 Working range: Decks / 2-way-pallet size: min. 400 x 800 mm max. 1.500 x 1.500 mm Features: Output: up to 10 pcs/min Will be sold without stacker Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Austria Availability: on demand more
Complete production line of range of cutters, compound miter saw and stamp machine were renewed 2014; Performance approx. 1,200 pallets / 8 hours Mlhfx Space requirement approx. 40 x 6 m The plant is still in operation and fully functional more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Output: 250-300 covers/h, length: 9000mm, width: 9000mm. 2rewbe more
Technical details : Capacity - 900 pallets/8h Number of workers - 4 Very good condition Line Consists : 1) tapes and positioner caps 2) 1A nailing machine STORTI GSI 150T.A. with 24 Nailer 3) runs crooked pallets 4) 2A nailing machine STORTI GSI 150 T.A. with 12 nailer 5) cutting the corners 6) 90-degree turn Bdaecodvqy 7) 180 degree turn 8) stacker 9) final shutter more
HORIZONTAL BAND SAW for PALLET - MC MENICHINI 100AMC year of manufacturing 2010 CE standard max cutting width 1600 mm max cutting height 150 mm working table dimension 1600x1850 mm band saw motor power 5,5 kw (7,5 hp) band saw rotation 53 rpm band saw type 6390x34 mm T6 user manual + CE certificate overall dimension 3400x2000x1300h mm weigth 1000 kg Vsricu more
Gluing cardboard decks with 9 or 15 cardboard blocks in different different dimensions Machine description: -Lift and a gate valve with vacuum -Machine frame made of profile steel/aluminium profiles with a transport system -For the transport of the deck is attached to the belt system to the frame. This is the cardboard deck through the machine and under the block- Magazine carried. -Machine frame are 2 heads for gluing station, Klotz- magazine with electronically controlled width adjus... more
Capacity - 1000 pallet/ 8h Year - 1985-2014 In offfer is just nailing head with Input transporter . Machine is complete renewed in 2014 . Bewrrz3w3g more

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