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Beading machine, flanging machine, seam closing machine, motorized beading machine -welded lower arm -Max. Sheet metal capacity: 1.5 mm -Number of sets of beads: 9 pieces -electrically driven: 0.6/0.75 kW -Projection: 320 mm -Dimensions: 1000/350/H1220 mm N7myf -Weight: 250 kg
Beading machine Max. Sheet thickness: 1.75 mm steel projection: 250 mm Weight: approx. 200 kg Bossnum2nl
Thickness 1.2 mm RADIUS 160 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Sheet thickness: 1.2 mm Projection with stopper plate: 130 mm Bemabx0pdx Discharge without stop plate: 290 mm Roll diameter: 62 mm Wave length: 140 mm Length: 750 mm Width: 300 mm Height: 520 mm Weight: 50 kg incl. 9 WalzensätzeBetriebsanleitung in English
OFFER 21130 Technical data: - Throat / working depth approx. 350 mm - roller centre distance approx. 60 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 1,5 mm - working speed 12 m/min - drive 400 V 1,5 kW - space requirement approx. W 1000 x H 1300 x D 1000 mm - weight approx. 500 kg - with: - E - foot switch Hasuk9z - roller set - stop apron
Beading machine, hand beading machine, flanging machine, seam closing machine, manual beading machine -Max. Sheet metal capacity: 1.0 mm -Projection: 200 mm -Stop plate: adjustable -Dimensions: 750/700/H1500 mm -Weight: 120 kg Wgjpkv9xp
with rollers, 10-set beading rollers, mounted on sheet metal box, Machine will be repaired, checked, cleaned and fully functional by a specialist. Test run will be carried out. Bte7ae337p sheet thickness: 0,8 mm projection: 100 mm Colour: grey Machine weight: 20 kg Pick up shaft: 18 mm
Manual beading machine flanging machine RM08 Habusch data: Outer dimensions: approx. 500x500x150 mm sheet thickness: up to 0,8 mm distance between rollers: approx. 50 mm Bkkrhj7x0o weight approx. 20 kg insertion depth approx. 200 mm 6 pairs of rollers
Sheet thickness 1.2 mm projection 140 mm Delivery time prompt, subject to prior sale sheet thickness: 1,2 mm throat: 140 mm shaft length / neck length 100 mm motor: 0,75 kW number of tools: 8 roll diameter: 62 mm Speed: 32 rpm length: 900 mm width: 450 mm height: 1.350 mm Bdsklony0s weight: 110 kg stable cast iron body motor with brake foot pedal adjustable lower roller 8 roller sets underframe operating instructions in GERMAN and ENGLISH
Motorized beading machine make GEKA technical data: roller centre distance 65 mm throat 265 mm sheet thickness approx. 1,25 mm outer dimensions L x W x H 450 x 600 x 1100 mm motor power 0,22/ 0,4 kW Ovhex motor speed 63/ 125 rpm with - double foot switch - underframe - 1 pair of rollers used, in good condition
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1190 km
metal sheet thickness: 1,6 mm spindle distance: 63 mm working speed: 3,2 - 16 m/min engine: 380 V, 0,75 kW space needed: 645 x 250 x 1350 mm weight: 220 kg D2f982f
Technical data: - Working depth up to approx. 500 mm - roller centre distance 125 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 3 mm Brg9cnoydh - working speed infinitely variable - infeed path of the upper shaft 25 mm - Adjustment travel of the lower shaft 20 mm - roller mounting - diameter 50 mm - right + left rotation - drive 400 V / 3 kW - space requirement approx. W 500 x H 1550 x D 1050 mm - weight approx. 550 kg - with: - E - foot switch - 2 sets of rollers - stop apro...
Manufacturer RAS Model 11.31 Year of manufacture xx Machine no. 99/23 Technical data: Boxpflzytj power 1,25mm 2 speeds Forward and return Engine brake Throat 220mm roller centre distance 65 mm + set of rollers 380 volts Foot switch Weight 50kg
sheet thickness 2,5 mm Throat 160 mm Delivery time approx. 6 weeks from order placement sheet thickness: 2,5 mm Projection: 160 mm Engine: 1,5 kW Number of tools: 4 roller diameter: 96 mm Speed: 16 rpm length: 1400 mm width: 550 mm Height: 1.120 mm Weight: 380 kg adjustable lower shaft steel shafts with bronze bearings self-braking reducer motor foot pedal for forward/reverse operation base 4 sets of standard rollers CE instruction manual in GERMAN and ENGLISH Nirgt
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1232 km
good (used)
Motorized beading machine make FASTI type 416 size 100 / 2 Machine # 77416049 Year of construction 1977 Technical data: Buyfddga roller center distance 100 mm max. sheet thickness 2,0 mm max. throat 400 mm max. working depth 338 mm 2 working speeds 1,3 / 1,8 kW weight approx. 318 kg with - 1 set of beading rollers - foot switch used, in good condition
Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak 7ybm9mk -Type: KBM H4,0 -Country of origin: Turkey -With foot pedal -Electric -Power current -Hydraulic -motor 2,2KW -weight approx. 400Kg -Sheet metal up to 4,0mm -insertion approx. 300mm -with roller set Price is net
Technical data: - max. projection 400 mm - roller centre distance 125 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 2,5 mm - roller mounting / shaft diameter 40 mm Oqh3p - shaft length 60 mm - outer roll diameter approx. 100 mm - 3 working speeds - right + left rotation - drive 400 V / 2,2 kW - space requirement approx. W 600 x H 1500 x D 1300 mm - weight approx. 650 kg - with: - E. - foot - button - stop apron - emergency - off button
Sheet thickness 0.8 mm Throat depth 80 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Sheet thickness: 0.8 mm Throat depth: 80 mm Roll diameter: 52 mm Wave length: 110 mm Length: 380 mm Width: 180 mm Height: 380 mm Weight: 30 kg Bdskkr0h8p incl. 7 WalzensätzeBetriebsanleitung in English
Manual beading machine Fabr. Remote access type 11.11 Cpa2c0vf Fabr.# 39/9 year 1984 Technical data: maximum sheet thickness 1.25 mm Roll center distance 50 mm Throat depth 200 mm Weight approx. 16 kg External dimensions approx. 500 x 250 x 400 mm with -8 roller sets -Base used, in good condition
Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak -Type: KBM 4 -Country of origin: Turkey Bqeqsnwe92 -With foot pedal -Electric -motor 2,2KW -Power current -weight approx. 400Kg -Sheets up to 4,0mm -insertion approx. 300mm
motor beading machine Offer number: 19422 Make: KRAMER Type: SBMM 56 machine no.: 49231 Year of construction: 1991 Technical data: - max projection 250 mm - Working depth 220 mm - roller centre distance 56 mm B3spfyhi - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 1,25 mm - working speed 7 + 14 m/min - Right + left rotation - Drive 400 V 0,75 kW - Space requirement approx. W 500 x H 1250 x D 655 mm - Weight approx. 180 kg - with: - E - foot switch - Roller set - Stop apron
Hohenbrunn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1522 km
Sheet thickness: 1.0 mm, roll center distance: 60 mm, on a homemade frame, with combined ribbed dressing plate approx. 400 x 400 mm Boc3y9d88
Technical data: -manufacturer. Binmak -BY 2020 -Type: KBM H2.5 -Country of origin Turkey -with foot pedal Ogemt -Electric -High voltage current -Hydraulic -Weight approx. 400Kg -sheets up to 2,5mm -Plug-in unit approx. 300mm -with roller set
motor beading machine offer number: 07276 Make: KRAMER Type: SBMM 56 Machine-No: 16437 Year of construction: 1969 Technical data: - max throat depth 250 mm - Working depth 220 mm - roller centre distance 56 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 1,25 mm - working speed 7 + 14 m/min - Right + left rotation - Drive 400 V 0,75 kW - Space requirement approx. W 500 x H 1250 x D 655 mm - Weight approx. 180 kg - with: - E - foot switch - Stop apron Gwajkw
Manual beading and flanging machine Fabr. FASTI type 412/80 x 1.75 Masch.# 78412036 built in 1978 Technical data: maximum sheet thickness 1.75 mm largest projection 315 mm Roll center distance 80 mm Weight approx. 192 kg External dimensions approx. 900 x 450 x 1350 mm with -multiple set of rollers -Guide for soils 150-750 mm -Hand crank used, in very good condition, from vocational school Bbxw0ujizl
Technical data: - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 4 mm - max. projection 260 mm - Working depth approx. 250 mm - roller centre distance 50 mm - Roller holder 50 mm - Shaft thickness 85 mm - Working speed 8 m/min - Right + left rotation - hydr. infeed of the top roller - Drive 400 V / 2.2 kW - Space requirement approx. W 700 x H 1450 x D 1650 mm Bmcv8ieq2h - Weight approx. 700 kg - with: - separate control panel with E - foot switch - Roller sets
Manual seeping and stock pading machine Fabr. BEUTNER Technical data: max. sheet strength about 1.25 mm Bevvzwmzpc Roller average distance 63 mm Exoffload 160 mm Weight 23 kg with -different reels needed, in good condition
Mörsdorf Germany
1393 km
ready for operation (used)
Motor beading machine make GÜTHLE type SMP 80 Machine # 26 Year of construction 1986 Technical data: max. sheet thickness 2,0 mm Throat 315 mm Drive power 1,1 kW Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz with - Foot switch for R+L run - 9 Set of beading rollers Sux9fo9l used, in good and functional condition
JÖRG 5731 / 5704 / 5705 / 5706 Manual Beading machines Technical details - Capacity: Zinc 1,1 mm - 5731 For beading rods Ø 12 - 25 mm, - 5731 working length 1020 mm Xrofc - 5704/5705/5706 for beading rods Ø 14, 16 and 18 mm - 5704/5705/5706 Working length: 2020, 2520 and 3020 mm Options - Beading rods 1 meter and Ø 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 mm can be supplied from stock. - Motorized beading machines 1 to 6 meter - Folding unit JÖRG 5714 Beading machines ’’Professional’’ Technical details...
The Fletcher 3100 is quickly ready for use with little effort and is mounted on the wall to save space. The supports on the left and right side of the base plate ensure its squareness and accuracy. The clamping device holds the materials over the entire length and thus enables slip- and wave-free cutting. The clamping device can hold up to 160 cm of the working material for cutting. The 3100 can be operated with one hand and has a cutting device that slides on chrome-plated steel tubes. The 4 di...
OMEGA Automatic machine for drilling water drainage channels in PVC profiles APPLICATION: Used for cutting out water outlets in PVC profiles FUNCTIONS: - Hydropneumatic operation, automatic operating system - Ease of use and operational safety through ergonomic design - Possibility of opening the drainage channels in 3 axes with different angles and sizes - Independent running motors - Selection of motor operation based on button and profile - Secure profile fastening button STANDARD EQUIPMENT:...
Relief printing machine Therm-O-Type 13,000 Several machines & powder available Ccijvzlk
Working length: 8000 mm Max. sheet thickness: 2 mm Bukyju7kv7 Description: The machine is in good technical condition, by prior arrangement the possibility of testing.
DE248HL ,DERBY, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
457 km
excellent (used)
CMT Cheese Cooling and Stretching Line Included Moulding Accessories. 1400 kg/H Iz0b0lvds Condition: Excellent/ Boiler Tanks/ Accessories.
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
1741 km
The tool washing machine is in working condition. Bt7xcqker8
Machine for peeling onions Technical parameters: - manufacturer: GOLDEN MACHINE - machine type: 2-row Bkvxbvftpd - capacity: approx. 0.4 - 0.6 tons / h - year of production: 2018 Condition: used, operational Machine location: 33-340 Stary Sącz, Poland
Length of the cut - 3000 mm Width of the cut - 1900 mm and 2950 mm Fence 750 mm Auto cut set for cutting backward and forward One sided blade Double sided blade Cut thickness 1mm - 850mm Speed control for rotation of blade Zthyl0f7 Variable speed control for cutting the length Blade Size: 9745.
Europa VS660 Gap Bed Centre Lathe with 660mm swing x 1500mm between centres. Equipped with Fagor 2 Axis DRO, 3 jaw chuck. Quick change toolpost and toolholders. Large capacity, heavy duty lathe Specification Europa VS660 Centre height 330mm Distance between centres 1500mm Swing over bed 660mm Swing over cross slide 430mm Spindle bore (max. bar dia) 104mm Spindle nose mounting D1-11 Camlock Taper in spindle bore No. 7 Morse Swing in gap 860mm Width of bedways 480mm Total travel of cross slide 390...
1. Equipment’s purpose: 1.1. 3MK1620/1 designated for the crisscross grinding (cup grinding wheel method – cup wheel abrasive stone rotates perpendicular to the raceway) of raceways at outer rings of spherical roller bearings. The Equipment is a best solution for large-scale manufacturing in a bearing industry. 1.2. Range of treated sizes (by diameter) of rings: Ø = 120…200 mm 1.3. Range of treated sizes (by width): 20…60 mm 1.4. 3MK1620 uses the principle of movement of table oriented mutually ...
Sośno, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1712 km
as good as new (ex-display)
LEOplus LEOplus automatic cutting centre 550 mm disc with automatic profile feed robot APPLICATION: Used for cutting aluminium, PVC and wood profiles FUNCTIONS: ⦁ fully automatic operating system ⦁ hydropneumatic cutting ⦁ Automatic positioning. All steps between -22.5° to +45° with an accuracy of +-0.1 degree ⦁ Industrial PC with Windows, 10" touch screen and easy, practical interface ⦁ Precision slicing function ⦁ Big memory ⦁ Adjustable disc stroke speed ⦁ Automatic cutting with previous ...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1446 km
ready for operation (used)
Film width: 200mm, inside diameter: 1500mm, without controls, including two conveyor belts. Suwfew
Bed size 880 x 630 mm Outer edge seal 950 x 700 Inside edge seal 880 x 630 Double heater 6 heat settings for the top heater Ojdgl 1 setting for the bottom heater Vacuum pump included Vacuum tanks included Top air ramp for blowing domes
15X DRILL MACHINE Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand Furukawa Sandvik Tamrock Stocknr.: BN1210 ALSO 10X DRILLING INSTALLATION WATER DRILLS AND 5X ANCHORING MACHINE 15X DRILL MACHINE Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand Furukawa Sandvik Tamrock Stocknr: BN1210 ALSO 10X DRILLING INSTALLATION WATER DRILLS AND 5X ANCHORING MACHINE Bqzhpeccyf

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