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Waterjet cutting machines for sale

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Table Outer length 4000 mm Outer width 2000 mm This Flow MACH 3-4020b Edition 35 Waterjet Cutting Machine was manufactured in the year 2016 in the United States. it has been working for only 900 hours. It counts with a pump drive power of 3800 bar. It presents very good working conditions. Fs23brzqe Application Types Water Cutting
WJA II TYPE /WATERJET CUT COMI, leader in design and manufacture of Water Jet Cutting Centre, presents its new generation of table type “WJA II” 3, 4 or 5 axis. Heart of COMI range, it is compatible with all the options and can evolve in time! The machine is driven by a latest generation CNC FANUC (No.1 Global) allowing ease of use and offering a previously unequalled level of Reliability and Precision. The very high pressure water supply (4000B – 6200B), is supplied by a BFT pump (Europ...
Resato water cutting machine Type R-CM 2060 2D Year 2006 Serial number 7285 Displacement x-axis 6000 mm Y-axis displacement 2000 mm Connection 400 V Beivygdg 4000 bar PJE cutting source; filter unit with abrasive extraction system
3 axis CNC controlled water jet machine Pkacr - Cutting table working area 2000x1000 - Resato high pressure pump with 3800 bar intensifier - 2 abrasive cutting heads - 2 pure water heads - Abrasive tower tank 1000 liter - Desludging system - Approx. 10.000 cutting hours The machine is in a very good condition. The customer sell the machine for purchase of a new cutting technology. It has always been properly maintained. It is complete with all original manuals, wiring diagrams.
PROLINE 2040 Blechexpo-Showmachine Axis-Movement: X-Axis: 3.300 mm Y-Axis: 1.700 mm Z-Axis: 200 mm Bkwta03j included options: - 1x 5-axis cutting head with automatic taper compensation - Height sensor with anticollisionsensor - Software IGEMS - Automatic tank cleaning with dredge - Abrasivtank and automatic abrasive doser High Pressure Pump Greenjet 4150 Direkt driven electric pump. Power consumption: 34 kW bei 5,0 ltr. / min Electric connection: 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz Max. Pressure ...
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
1782 km
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Catalog No. : 5210 Type: Byjet 4020 Producer: Bystronic Made in: 2008 Characteristic: Total hours: 28000 Number of cutting heads: 4 pcs Length of the table: 4000 mm Width of the table: 2000 mm Maximum working pressure: 4.2 bar Gov3mzn Max. workable material thickness: 100 mm
- STM 3D/68 5-Axis Waterjet with BFT Ecotron 39 Kw pump - Table 4000x2000 mm - 4000x250 mm tube cutter - 5-Axis Cutting head with up to 68° of travel for 3D-cutting, bevelling, etc. - 39 Kw BFT Ecotron pump (3000-4000 Bar operating pressure) Kaiblgc - STM control cabinet and STM CNC software - Automatic abrasive dosing unit - Manual controller - Manufacturing Date 03/2018 - Pump motor hours: 1700 Machine is in good condition and working
FBJET III TYPE/WATERJET CUT COMI presents its 5-axes-“FBJET III” new generation machine. Open structure set up is concepted with a inox tank cantilever and all advanced technologies. Our Model has a remote arm and unique configuration for increased accessibility! The machine is driven by a latest generation CNC FANUC (No.1 Global) allowing ease of use and offering a previously unequalled level of Reliability and Precision. The very high pressure water supply (4000B – 6200B) is supplied b...
RIDDER WARICUT 2,5D abrasive waterjet cutting machine TYPE: WARICUT HWE-P 2030/1-2,5D Demonstration machine year of construction 2018, with approx. 700 operating hours cutting range X-axis 2050mm (gantry), Y-axis 3050mm, Z1 axis 2,5D 400/750mm positioning accuracy < +/- 0,02 mm/m repeatability < +/- 0,015 mm/m Support range X 2250mm, Y 3250mm Hz73mlygo table support grids, 800kg/m² Features of the WARICUT Waterjet machine: 2.5D bevel cutting head (C-axis +/- 540 degrees, B-axis +/- 70 degrees)...
CMS Tecnocut IDROLINE S 2040 Cutting Area / Axis Movement Wfief3u2 X-Axis: 2.000 mm Y-Axis: 4.250 mm Z-Axis: 250 mm C-Axis: 630° B-Axis: +/- 60° Options included: - 5-Axis cutting head - automatic abrasive removal via dredge - R-Axis for tupe cutting - Automatic water level system for under water cutting - Sanddoser - Antikollisionsfeeler - CAD/CAM High pressure pump Jetpower EVO 45 KW Power consumption: 45 kW Water flow rate: 5,4 Liter pro Minute Max. Pressure: 4139 Bar
Manufacturer: Knuth Type designation: HJ Vario 1313 5 axis Year of construction: 2017 Software: IGEMS 2017 dongle version; 2020 online license until 11/2021 Working area: 900x900x150mm 1 cutting head B3sqrc8i 450 hours of operation Dimensions when set up with pump and sand separator: approx. 4m x 5m Cutting angle at max. 60 ° high-pressure pump BFT ECOTRON 40.37 Size 1800x800x1500mm Power 37kW 4000 bar 390 hours of operation
Waterjet cutting system STM 1020 EcoCut - Cutting range effective 1000 x 2000 mm - CNC control Eckelmann up to 10 m/min - Z-axis CNC clear height 180mm - Control housing ECO desk Pb397 - Computer with 20" LED monitor and splash-proof keyboard and mouse - Waterjet software SmartCut - Waterjet cutting valve - Abrasive cutting head - Abrasive dosing unit CNC with intermediate tank - Abrasiv storage tank 320 kg - Abrasiv Minihopper system pressure ...
Water Jet Cutting System V-Series Water Jet V-Series water jet cutting system with integrated water basin Working area 1.524 mm x 3.048 mm - Z-axis clearance: 152 mm - Z-axis travel: 152 mm - Repeat accuracy: ± 0.03 mm - Maximum cutting speed: up to 15.2 m/min - Positioning speed: 25.4 m/min - X and Y axis drive system: Bujsdoxkry Rack and pinion drive - Z-axis: threaded spindle - Standard working surface: 10 cm steel blades KMT pump Streamline VI - 50 STD KMT high-pressure pump SL-VI 50 Stand...
Eckert OPAL Waterjet cutting machine with Pro-X 3D Cutting Maximum cutting angle +/- 47 and taper compensation, Working Hours: ca. 1100, Dynamic water level, Control i - Vision Type ECS 872, Bed0nvtsf2 Working Area 2000 x 3000 mm, High Pressure Pump BFT Ecotron 40.37, 37 KW, 3,8 l/min., 4000 bar, Software for PC from IGEMS, Drives Servo AC Cutting width 2000 mm Working length 3000 mm Cutting thickness - Waterjet 2D 0,5 - 250 mm Cutting thickness - Waterjet 3D 0,5 - 150 mm Positioning sp...
RIDDER WARICUT micro-max 2D AB Micro Waterjet Cutting System Precision Waterjet Cutting Maschine with 2D AB Cut-Angle Compensation; RIDDER Works Demonstration Machine YOM 2020 with approx. 150 running hours; Cutting Area: X-Axis 650mm, Y-Axis 750mm, Z1-Axis 200mm, A-Axis 12°, B-Axis 12°; Table Support Area: X-Axis 950mm, Y-Axis 950mm; Controller: SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D sl incld. SIEMENS 24” Touch-Panel, swivel-mounted; Machine Operating Software: RIDDER WARICUT Expert-System for Waterjet System...
WATERJET cutting unit - working area: 1250 x 1220 mm - Year of manufacture 2012 Ba3rut Böhler Dynatronic 403S-SO high-pressure unit - max. operating overpressure 4000 bar - Year of construction 1999 (high pressure pump for repair - sealing - disassembled) Storage hopper for abrasive material
EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL DUE TO UNIQUE VALUE FOR MONEY Modern CNC waterjet systems are suitable for automatically processing almost every contour and every material. However, this standard no longer comes close to satisfying requirements for modern industrial solutions. As an experienced, long-term manufacturer of CNC machine systems, imes-icore GmbH has therefore concentrated on the fundamental features with the iCUTwater basic range, and has succeeded in developing the most economical and reliabl...
CMS Tecnocut High Pressure Pump Jetpower EVO 45 KW Used - Aprox 8000 working hours Fbmzwz0eg Intensifier with 3 parallel Zylinders Power Consumption: 45 kW Water Flow Rate: 5,4 Liter pro Minute Max. Pressure: 4139 Bar
Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis Austria
1639 km
Waterjet Cutting System STM WS 4020 PremiumCut 2X 2D Cutting Head - Working Area 4000 x 2000 mm - CNC Control NUM FLEXIUM 40 m/min - 2 Z-Axis CNC 300 mm with Quick UP - 2 Abrasive Cutting Head - LED- Lightning System in the Working Area under the Brigde - Control with air conditioner - Computer with 20" LED-Monitor and water resistent keyboard and mouse -Hand control unit - Water Jetl Software SmartCut 2 License and Nesting Module ( Machine and external PC) - BFT HD-Pump SERVOTRON 40.45+ (4.00...
MJT BYFAM -W5-45D -3020 WATERJET CUTTING MACHINE HIGH-PRESSURE WATER CUTTING SYSTEM Cutting size (mm.) CNC - 5 axis bridge 45D Type 3000x2000x250 CNC control unit ESA control unit Ethernet and network interfaces, USB port Additional handwheel (X, Y, Z) X axis motor 1 pcs. Set of 1,5KW servomotors X axis motor 1 pcs. Set of 3.2NM servomotors Y axis motor 2 pcs. Set of servomotors 3.2NM Z axis motor 1 pcs. 1.6NM servo motor with brake A axis motor 1 pcs. 1 NM servo motor with brake C axis motor 1...
Waterjet Combined Plasma cutting machine, 4000x2000 cutting capacity, double head, Hypertherm XPR 300 plasma less than 200 hours of work (latest top of the range model), Waterjet head TCI pump 3500 bar, 11000 hours of operation, mud extraction and filtering, bigbag support with automatic abrasive filling, fully functional and equipped with a complete set of plasma torches. 0al92cm9
THE COMPACT WATER JET CUTTING SYSTEM The iCUTwater SMART is the first choice for small series, educational institutions and workshops. Our goal was to realize a compact and inexpensive water jet system, which requires as little effort as possible, to set up, maintain and operate. The machine can be connected to a regular 16 A power connection, and works cleanly and quiet through their housing. The high-pressure pump, developed and manufactured in Germany, is completely integrated in the machine...
Perndorfer - WSS 4020 Axis-Movement: X-Axis: 2.000 mm Y-Axis: 4.000 mm Z-Axis: 350 mm - 1x 5-Axis Cutting head with height sensor and Antikollision - 1x 3-Axis Cutting head Crobrwyy - Drilling unit - Automatic tank cleaning system - Sandtank and automatic Sanddoser HP-Pump Hammelmann to serve 2 cutting heads with 0,33 mm orifices
Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis Austria
1639 km
good condition (used)
used desludging plant for machine sizes Btfde2e8cd up to 4.000 x 2.000 mm. especially suitable for Intermac waterjet cutting machines
HIGH PRESSURE WATER CUTTING SYSTEM Cutting size (mm.) CNC - 3 axes - Bridge type 3000x2000 x250 CNC control unit 3-axis control unit Ethernet and network interfaces, USB port Additional handwheel (X, Y, Z) X axis motor 1 pcs. Set of servomotors 1,5 KW Y axis motor 2 pcs. Set of servomotors 1,5 KW Z axis motor 1 pcs. Set of 0.75 KW servomotors with brake Helical gear system Hardened gears and pinions Linear bearings Linear guides and rails Step accuracy 0.01 mm Fast rotation speed 30.000 mm / min...
43044 Collecchio PR, Italia Italy
1647 km
good (used)
- Waterjet cutting machine PRIMUS 326 - Master Z-axis travel 220mm (with 3D head version) - Slave Z axis / travel 220mm (with 3D head version) - Abrasive cutting head FULL-3D 2 pcs. - Automatic measuring unit for 3D head system - Fully automatic abrasive dosing unit made of Plexiglas 2 pcs. - Automatic abrasive conveyor (2000 Kg) - Cutting basin made of stainless steel - Strip grate for PRIMUS 326 - Switch cabinet / machine control - Light barriers (after clarification with the customer accordin...
Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
1802 km
excellent (used)
Parameters: Processing size: X-axis range 6,060 mm Y-axis range 2,060 mm Z-axis range (for each material) 320 mm Repeatable positioning accuracy +/- 0.020 mm Repeatable approach accuracy +/- 0.020 mm Operating speed range 0.1-20,000 mm Movement accuracy of the cutting tool +/- 0.080 mm Power supply and power consumption 3x400V AC max.16A Bm7yw9me2u The abrasive water jet cuts hard materials such as metals, stones, composite materials and ceramics. A water jet without abrasives can be used to cut...
The JetPhant II system is developed by P-Max Technology Ltd. exclusively for waterjet machines It was invented to remove the used abrasive from the pool of waterjet machines. The sedimentation system for abrasive accumulation in the cutting machine pool during water jet cutting has been developed to remove material. Ensures continuous operation of the water cutter as Ntudf can be used simultaneously with the cutting operation. Thus, there is no need for a periodic shutdown to remove the produc...
1. High pressure pump 50,KMT Classic,3800 bar,3,8 lit/min, 7000 working hours; good condition, service made on hydraulic-intensifire by WJS, year: 2011 -Price : €12 000 ; V.A.T. not included Delivery place: Ex.Work Sarajevo,Bosnia and Hercegovina 1. 2. High pressure pump 50, BHDT Hytron 40.37, 3.8lit / min, 9000 working hours, still in production, good condition- price €12 000; V.A.T. not included Bspinb2j7q Delivery place: Ex.Work Ronneby, Sweden 3.Control unit NUM 1020 complete. SOLD
MAVIJET WATERJET W5-3D 3020 WATERJET CUTTING MACHINE direct sales from the producer to the consumer with very affordable prices HIGH-PRESSURE WATER CUTTING SYSTEM DELIVERY FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN A SHORT TIME Cutting size (mm.) CNC - 5 axis bridge 45D Type 3000x2000x250 CNC control unit ESA control unit Ethernet and network interfaces, USB port Additional handwheel (X, Y, Z) Helical gear system Hardened gears and pinions Bsa7lpxrrg Linear bearings Linear guides and rails Step accuracy 0.01 mm...

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