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INDUMASCH Indumasch 30-1000

Wust-Fischbeck, GermanyGermany
6655 km
good condition (used)
Inhkhzp more
workpiece diameter 99999 mm material thickness 99999 mm centre distance mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Mecpj As good as new from technical college New control in 2005 more

metal spinning machine InnoSpin MSC 500

Lippetal, GermanyGermany
6457 km
refurbished (used)
High performance printing machine MSC 500 Technical data: 500 mm centre height 900 mm centre distance 5 mm max sheet thickness stainless steel machine bed length 100-2800 1 4300 mm / min speed (stepless) spindle head DIN 55027 Gr. 11 Support: longitudinal support stroke 600 mm Cross support path 300 mm Longitudinal support force 55 kN Cross support force 55 kN Longitudinal support speed (max) 8 m / min Cross support speed (max) 8 m / min Tailstock stroke 500 mm Contact pressure (ad... more
Hand-operated embossing machine Dvhctzz Manufacturer Otto Borries KG Ludwigsburg Eglosheim Universal stamp and riveting machine patentiertem with infinitely adjustable spring percussion mechanism. Note also the attached pdf file more
Production year: 1998 Serial number: 1712 307 Diameter range: 21.3 - 89.3 mm F3av03jcu Estimated monthly capacity: 4000 tons Manufacturer: CARTACCI Tube Machinery, Italy more
Druckfuegezange Fabr. ECKOLD type MZD 25/3 with mobile hydraulic unit type HA 550 Technical data: Pressure force 30 kN Operating pressure 500 bar maximum sheet thickness St. 3.0 mm Jnf8xj9du maximum sheet thickness AL 3.0 mm Designed for S-DF DF Variant Hydraulic hose length 6 m Weight 4.5 kg Performance of the aggregate 500 bar External dimensions approx. 600 x 500 x 700 mm with -Mobile -Folding pliers type MZ 20 Masch.# 397/979 -Druckfuegezange type MZD 35 Masch.# 457/287 -ma... more

Mobile pressure joining tongs ECKOLD MZD 30-6

Rödermark, GermanyGermany dealership location
6579 km
Specifications: - max. VA sheet thicknesses 3 mm; ST 4 mm; AL 4 mm - projection - horizontal 30 mm - vertical up / down 35/30 mm - Pressure force max 60 kN - Opening dimension 21 mm - pliers width in the workspace including scrapers 45 mm - operation Single-acting with single stroke - weight 9 kg - Balancing - wall-mounted slewing jib 3000 mm with drive unit Make: Eckhold type: HAS 550-10.11 Machine no .: 762/909 Year: 1992 - Working pressure continuously adjustable max 550 bar - drive 400 V / 0... more
Type: MARWA indicative machine State is used, fully functional 2qxjba technical data: see photo Contact us by mail. Gladly we send you a video! You can like to come for a visit. You will receive a regular invoice. Also a net invoice can be created for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Subject to prior sale. Visit our shop and see our other offers. Specified trade names, and trademarks are property of their owners and are used only for id... more

Orbital Riveter rivet machine Dunkes DNX05

Berlin, GermanyGermany dealership location
6745 km
Universal rivet machine, orbital riveting machine Wkoqc Motor power 0. 25kw 380V Power: 7,5 KN more
Trapezoidal sheet profiling line T-18 (reinforced trapezium) with an automatic computer system. Symmetrical reinforced trapezoid. Used machine. Width of flat sheet 125 cm, after strapping: 110 cm Cover width 105 cm The sheet profiling line includes: - 2 automatic unrollers (for developing flat sheet from a circle), with a displacement of 6 tons each, Sgogzic - circular shears, - profiling module, - shaped shears for cutting sheets, - collector for a 6-m trapezoidal sheet, - control computer. T... more
Hydr. Druckfuegezange Fabr. ECKOLD type MZD 35/6 B Masch.# 1346/2447 with hydraulic power pack type HAS 550 Masch.# 796/076 and Balancer Fabr. TECNA built in 1992 Technical data: Fuegeleistung steel 2 x 2,0 mm ALU 2 x 2,0 mm VA 2 x 1,25 mm Projection 60 mm Jvpjdtvr7 Pressure 550 bar Oil flow rate 0,9 l / min. Weight of unit 35 kg with -Druckfuegezange univ. handle for two hand release with safety relays -Hydraulic hose -Hydraulic unit HAS 550 -Balancer (balancer) used, in ver... more

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