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Nürnberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6741 km
ready for operation (used)
Forklift Fork Cascade 100mm Bd2mz320ff Year -1996 Serial-No. - - Available Immediately - - can be inspect - - on stock - more
Wiener Neudorf, Austria Austria
dealership location
7152 km
ready for operation (used)
Thickness 16 mm Length 3150 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Sheet thickness: 16 mm Cutting length: 3,150 mm Bdskzovbib Throat depth: 350 mm Back gauge: 10-1,000 mm Cutting angle: 0.5-3 ° Stroke rate: 12 per min. Motor output: 33 kW Oil filling: 250 l Length: 4.240 mm Width: 2.620 mm Height: 2,570 mm Weight: 16,300 kg Balls table ball inserts neu1 Seitenanschlag3 Auflegearme15 in the table, hydr motor HinteranschlagKulissenführung15 PCs.. New abgedichtetBetriebsanleitu... more
This Rotator is compl. rebulild and in very good Condition. Nlbkb more
Condition: Rebuilt by AXTRA Drive: Without drive Capacity (in kg): 2500 Width (in mm): 1200 Fork length (in mm): 1150 Additional equipment: opening ranges 32mfb3spf minimum of 560 mm 2010 mm maximum Weight: 465 kg Frame width 1200 mm Suspension FEM 2 A 2500 kg at 600 mm LSP Forks 80 x 45 x 1150 mm Note: Rebuilt by AXTRA more
Tilting bucket hydraulic for forklift forklift holder Gvxafk more
Nnjan - Fabrikat: Littlegiant - Typ: SA 0063 EH - cap: 3500kg - YOM: 1993 - wide: 1100 mm - Own weight: 850 kg more
Installation device for fork lifter: snow shield - width 2000mm - height 640mm - fork entrance distance 870mm (center to center) Dvw3ri more
Pressing force of 200 to Stand width 1300 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Pressing force: 200 to Stroke: 400 mm Light stand width: 1300 Motor: 7,5 kW Length: 2,500 mm Width: 1100 mm Height: 2.800 mm free passage between the page stands: 450 mm Table: 1.300 x 450 mm Weight: 2,300 kg horizontal sliding Zylinderhöhenverstellbarer table manometer operating instructions in German and ENGLISCH(Symbolfoto)WIR have more than 100 references! Ijhpndevi more
shield width 2,500 mm shield height 800 mm right / left adjustable Mnfjqeyv rubber cutting edge stable holder for fork arms with transport frame and storage rack more
weiterstadt, Germany Germany
6560 km
good (used)
2x Work basket Bfhgultae7 Length: 1180mm Width: 800mm Height: 110mm with door more
. Shield width 1500 mm Weight 120 kg . Bfg9d2od9w Mounting internal distance 410 mm Mounting inner width 168 mm . almost unused , but used ! . ..... more
forkenrotator 360 graden and Sideshift! (Fem 4) Wide 1.20 cm ,wide 60 cm height Stabau 1017 Nltyb bearing Rollix 1.20 vorken vorkenbord 70 cm more
Load capacity: 5000 kg at 600 mm LSP 80f2vh Width: 1200mm Opening range: 560 - 2010 mm 2 Hydraulic functions Stem size: 155 mm Built 10/2013 Weight: 520 kg Fork length: 1200x70x80 FEM: 3 with side thrust more
Bending length 2540 mm Bending performance 3.5 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Cfrzkgb Bending length: 2,540 mm maximum sheet thickness steel (420 N / mm²): 3.5 mm maximum sheet thickness stainless: 2.5 mm Bending angle: 0-135 ° Motor: 3,7 kW Length: 3,850 mm Width: 1700 mm Height: 1,860 mm Weight: 3,900 kg hydraulic drive NC control for Biegewinkelvorwahlmanueller rear stop 600 mmdurchgehende straight rail 45 attachment angle 75 ° mmmechanische end position adjustment o... more
Forklift attachment Used goods, good condition, see pictures with hydraulic side slider Lifting capacity 2500 kg Fork length 1.1 m Negotiation price: € 1,300,-- net from stock Goods are in stock. Transport and assembly possible on request. Visit possible at any time by appointment. More information on request. Constantly over 5000 lfm pallet racks in stock by numerous manufacturers. Bewqxsvhzo (changes and errors in the technical data, information prices and interm... more
Xpuhsorf7 Used Stone clamp - Forklifts Attachments Manufacturer: unknown robust construction sideways hydraulically powerfully to open and close. Clamping arms about 115 cm long with interchangeable plastic sheets Net weight of about 550 kg Stone clamp Capacity approximately 2-2,5 to Stone clamp designed for pallet-free transport of manufactured stones of any kind. This Stone clamp engages stone packets from the side. Suitability therefore for example, among other things for the handling... more
Information by phone G7rwgnx more
Roller clamp AURAMO Type: RA 160NT Carrying capacity 1600kg / 800mm Offender: 250 - 1600 mm Rotatable 360 degrees Fem 2 (for staplers up to 2.5T) New hydraulics sloppy All cylinders resealed Good condition. 7jdnioi ready for action. Shipping possible. If you ask, you have to do it. more
Bulk container waste container tipping bowl forklift bowl for forklifts can be machined out mechanically. Dimensions hollow inside approx. Width approx. 125 cm Height approx. 110 cm Nnmal Depth approx. 130 - 180 cm Total length approx. 200 cm Reception fork cross-section approx. 170 x75 mm ( See pictures IST - previous visit is expressly desired, simply leave phone number by mail, then I will return for a viewing appointment. Intermediate sale reserved, All inf... more
Kistenkipple device for attachment to a forklift truck Recording fork carrier 400mm With the device, boxes can be raised for emptying Beuwnlsj7y more
Forklift Mast Duplex Used goods, good condition, see pictures. Lifting height 3.3 m Fork length 115 cm Lifting capacity 1000 kg Negotiation price: € 400,-- net from stock Jbfa7o28a Goods are in stock. Transport possible on request. Visit possible at any time by appointment. More information on request. Constantly over 5000 lfm pallet racks in stock by numerous manufacturers. (changes and errors in the technical data, information prices and intermediate sale reserved!... more
Rotthalmünster, Germany Germany
dealership location
6938 km
good (used)
Forklift attachment - Hydr. Bale tongs Manufacturer: Kaup Aschaffenburg Germany Type: 1 T 214 Year: Jan / 1982 D9sh87 No. 3422 Capacity: at 500 mm / 900 kg hydr. Pressure in bar; Max. 150 / min 125 bar Dead weight: approx. 600 kg Anvil weight: 135 mm more
We offer you, used new forks by the manufaturer Bolzoni. The forks were used only a few times (wrong order) Type: 1150x100x40mm Nl2cn Load capacity 2, 5T Our offer is aimed at commercial persons covered in the sense of the Gewerbeordnung GewO according to § 14. The offer is subject to change reserved, sale. Please enter your full contact details to get a quote with our terms and conditions and terms of payment. Mistakes in the descriptions and offerings are subject to change! more
Forklifts shovel, hydraulic forklifts shovel, Leichtgutschaufel, tipping bucket Hydraulic truck shovel -Schaufel 860/800/H680 mm mm -stable version 2meev8lrw Recording truck 420 mm -for forklifts Dimensions 1120/1030/H870 mm Weight 456 kg more
Work basket people transport basket work platform for forklifts upper protective grille can be folded. incl. works bowl Dimensions approx. Width approx. 180 cm Height approx. 160 cm Bfaowddouk Depth approx. 80 cm ( See pictures IST - previous visit is expressly desired, simply leave phone number by mail, then I will return for a viewing appointment. Intermediate sale reserved, All information without guarantee. The machines can be picked up themselves or shipped... more
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