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Mr Florian Müller
Am Steinfels 1
65618 Selters

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Turntable Liebherr KUD03355-080WJ18-001-000

Make Liebherr Model: KUD03355-080WJ18-001-000 Year of manufacturing: 2020 Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 3600 x 300 Weight (kg) ca 5680 Bua8X0Ucvm Total quantity in stock 3 Country of origi... ...

Wide neck drums
Wide neck drums

we sell approx. 400 wide neck drums small 3.6 l and 200 wide neck drums 6.4 l Bo3Ze7Yfcs per piece 1 euro, minimum purchase 50 pieces - pick-up only... ...

Gratings 24 pieces
Gratings 24 pieces Stahl 2525/2500 x 1230 x 35 mm

Gratings, grating, light grilles, insert grilles, insert grilles, stair treads, safety steps, grating step, step -Gratings: 24 pieces, with fastening clips -Dimensions: 2525 x 123... ...

Dyka PE pipes and fittings
Dyka PE pipes and fittings Dyka PE buizen en hulpstukken

A lot of new PE pipes of 291 pieces with a length of 5m total 1,455m and diameter 40x3 mm 57 pieces 285m / 50x3 6 30 / 56x3 25 125 / 63x3 5 25 / 75x3 1 5 / 90x3.5 4 20 / 110x3.4 5 ... ...

Paper towel dispenser soap dispenser stainless ste
Paper towel dispenser soap dispenser stainless ste Edelstahl B-262 / B-4112

Hand wash basin, wash basin, paper towel dispenser, soap dispenser, surface-mounted soap dispenser -Manufacturer: Bobrick, paper towel dispenser with soap dispenser made of stainl... ...

Pipe supports 24 pcs.
Pipe supports 24 pcs. Armacell FX-2-60/64 AF-2

AF/Armafix pipe supports, pipe supports -Manufacturer: Armacell, Armafix AF pipe support FX-2-60/64 AF-2 box with 24 pcs. -Article No.: 38407000 -Tube: Ø 60/64 mm Bjd9Ifzecg -Quan... ...

Corrugated pipe empty pipe
Corrugated pipe empty pipe Fränkische Rohrwerke Co-flex-PP-UV NW 70

Corrugated pipe, plastic hose, empty pipe Dpb02T -Manufacturer: Fränkische Rohrwerke, sealable corrugated pipe type Co-flex-PP-UV NW 70 -Article No.: 38407000 -Nominal diameter: 7... ...

Tools NN Chrome Vanadium screwdriver lot

Brand NN Year of construction: Unused Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 4 big bags 1200 x 1200 x 2000 Weight (kg) approx. 4474 gross / 4386 net Bhutb99Ofo Made in China Comments New / Unused, ... ...

Tension belts
Tension belts NN Ratchet tie down 4000 kg - 10mtrs

5000X Brand NN Dpbk3L Year of construction: 2021, New/Unused Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 10.000 length ( 4000kg) Number of pieces in stock 5000 Terms of sale Contact us... ...

Door closer
Door closer G-U BKS UTS 42

Door closer, floor door closer, locking body -Manufacturer: GU BKS, floor door closer UTS 42, unused, original packaging -Article No.: 50031099 Bhhc7Xdbuo -Door width: 1100 mm -Nu... ...

Mortise lock tubular frame lock
Mortise lock tubular frame lock SAG Schulte-Schlagbaum 18405WO.30..216

Tubular frame lock, locking body, door fitting, mortise lock -Manufacturer: SAG Schulte-Schlagbaum, mortise lock tubular frame lock, unused Ovp -Type: 18405WO.30..216 -Variant: 30... ...

Mortise lock escape door lock
Mortise lock escape door lock BKS B-21160-02-R-8

Tubular frame lock, locking body, door fitting, mortise lock, escape door lock, panic mortise lock -Manufacturer: BKS, mortise lock panic mortise lock, unused Ovp -Type: B-21160-0... ...


Miscellaneous furniture and equipment for bars and the like divided into 3 lots All In poor state of use and currently not in service. Lots can be purchased individually. LOT 2 Ye... ...

Hinge 50 pieces
Hinge 50 pieces unbekannt 2-teilig 105x50 mm

Hinge, door hinge, folding hinge, steel hinge -Hinge: Door hinge folding hinge 2-part, box with 50 pieces -Type: 2-part 105x50 mm -Material: galvanized steel -Quantity: 23x box av... ...

Transport trolley
Transport trolley 2 Stk. Müba Transportkarre Typ 400

2 pcs. Müba transport trolley type 400 - Manufacturer: Müller & Baum Beiadvi - Type: 400 - Wheel: 400 x 100 mm with ball bearing - Load: 500 kg - Item no.: 72740 - Condition: see p... ...

Domoferm fire door EI-2-30-C
Domoferm fire door EI-2-30-C DOMOFERM EI-2-30-C

1 pc. Domoferm fire door EI-2-30-C Door leaf inner door mitre direction left DL width in mm 800 DL height in mm 2000 2 BSW hinges VX100 Stainless steel Door leaf powder-coated RAL ... ...

Full rolls of Secondlife Artificial Grass
Full rolls of Secondlife Artificial Grass Pelser bv Pelser bv

Sales of Secondlife artificial turf We are a Belgian company specialized in the sale of used artificial grass. The artificial grass comes from soccer fields and is still in good u... ...

Panels SIA Hedinberg 2440*605*22 mm

The panel consists of a polyester base and 25 mm wide MDF slats. Sheet size - 22 * 605 * 3000 mm. 1 panel is 1,82 m2 in size and weighs 16,84 kg. Hu2Wnqc It is recommended to use 5... ...

3-ply flame retardant hood
3-ply flame retardant hood COMAZO Flammschutzhaube

Special occasion - ideal for fire departments, occupational safety and military operations! Graduated prices: 1 box of 80 pieces at EUR 16.70 each = EUR 1,336.00 net 10 boxes... ...

Universal gripper
Universal gripper Schunk PGN-plus-P 300-2-AS

2 universal grippers with gripper jaws available. 1300€/piece Olq8Oayg... ...

Door closer
Door closer Geze TS 500 NV 0672-CPR-0121

Door closer, floor door closer, locking body -Manufacturer: Geze, floor door closer closing body type TS 500 NV, unused Ovp Isvktje -Article No.: 0672-CPR-0121 -Number: 11x door c... ...

Salt stones
Salt stones

Lot of salt stones, (6 pallets) Do22Et... ...

Small nitride plate 98.8 x 61.8 x 10mm
Small nitride plate 98.8 x 61.8 x 10mm

We are selling a large quantity of nitride tiles measuring 98.8 x 61.8 x 10mm. Byfscblt... ...

Single-flow centrifugal fan
Single-flow centrifugal fan ZIEHL-ABEGG RG11R-4IP.Z8.4L

700 as-new, unused centrifugal fans from a remaining stock are for sale at a very attractive price. This is an extremely reliable and robust product. Do2Ta7... ...

Wood fiber boards
Wood fiber boards PAVATEX 3010 x620

Per pallet 50 pieces = 92.5 m2 List price 9.50 m2 878.75 Special price 500.-- Euro Pavatex was a Swiss company that produced wood fiber insulation boards for the building envelope... ...