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Identified location: Ireland (Edit)
Schunk Swivel Unit SRU+20- W # 361432 6 pieces are available B9u2bwn
Emulsion splitting plant, oil-water separation system The inexpensive and permanently reliable The solution to the problem is usually the oil/water Separation for dispersed condensates. The Bnu0wvz purified water meets the legal Sewer discharge regulations
last maintenance: 26.06.2019 • volume flow: 2,40 m³/min • compression pressure: 8 bar • motor speed: 3000 U/min Clqvrdf • power consumption: 15 kW • dimensions (LxWxH): 1240x 1020 x 1500 mm
Leipzig-Stahmeln, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1409 km
Anwendung: Bhhgq9znyq Bilderrahmen, Fensterbau, Fertighäuser, Glasleisten, Hohlkehlleisten, Innenausbau, Sockelleisten, Türenbau, Zierleisten, Zierprofile usw. Für Brads (Stauchkopfstifte) der Type "J" von 16 - 50 mm Technische Daten: - Auslösesicherung - Seitenladermagazin - Rückschlagsfrei - Geräuschdämpfer - Gewicht: 1,25 kg - Arbeitsdruck: ca. 4-7 bar - Luftverbrauch: ca. 0,7 l / Nagelung Lieferung im Kunsstoffkoffer
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1337 km
standing Bn0rwgpab7 used, top condition Make OKS / Kaeser Year of construction 2005 CE type-tested Content 500 l. Max. permissible pressure 11 bar with automatic water separator in 21 Plus Space requirements approx. 600 mm x 600 mm x 2000 mm Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, unloaded, unpacked Handover as is, as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty
Weißenhorn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1407 km
Dimensions (L/W/H) ca. 700 x 500 x 1.080 mm Nlnof current intensivity 0,73 / 0,42 A weight ca. 80 kg
Festo mini slide SLT-25-80-A-CC-B 197913 OVP Series E102 New Buuj3da3ti
Emulsion splitting plant, oil-water separation system The inexpensive and permanently reliable The solution to the problem is usually the oil / water Separation for dispersed condensates. The purified water meets the legal Sewer discharge regulations -Dimensions: 500 x 1000 mm Qk8ozeglr -Weight: 50 kg
A used tipping cylinder with cardanic suspension is offered. Dxcjqe 2-stage cardanic bearing
Für Coilnägel der Type CNW von 45-90 mm Drahtmaß: 2,5 - 3,1 mm Draht- und Plastikmagazinierung Flach- und hochgewickelt Anwendung: Gestellbau, Holzbinder, Fertighausbau, Dachlatten, Kisten, Unterkonstruktionen, Holzrahmenbau, Paletten Technische Daten: - Tiefeneinstellung C2btqccqo - Coilmagazin - Rückschlagsfrei - Einzel- und Kontaktauslösung - Abdruckschutz - Geräuschdämpfer Gewicht: 3,7 kg Arbeitsdruck: ca. 5-7 bar Luftverbrauch: ca. 2,85 l/Nagelung
Keller Vario 5.2 Dry separator Suitable for separating the finest dusts in many areas of application The VARIO series of units is ideally suited for separating the finest dusts in many areas of application. Almost all types of dust can be separated without any problems. In metal processing as well as in plastics processing, the chemical industry, in pharmaceutical companies or in the field of ceramics, stones and earths. Bu7fuirq2m The dry separator is located in Hildesheim and can be disman...
Maximator/compressed air amplifier GPLV 5 Compressed air amplifier year of construction 06.2008 Used, very good condition pressure increase from 6bar up to 40bar Completely functional unit ready for immediate use Equipment: Compressed air booster inlet pressure regulator Piping Manometer outlet pressure Pressure vessel with stopcock Enclosure with sound insulation Specifications see pictures nameplates Bu8vyx9jq7
FESTO DFM-16-80-P-A-KF # 170913 8 pieces are available Buujv0ygot
Case: Light scratches Item condition: New from stock Pressure (pmax): 8 bar Piston diameter: 25 mm Warranty in months: 12 Hakemezx0 Angle: 180 degrees Item number: R 412 000 368
Tank capacity: approx. 300 l Bt87cohoro Pressure: 10 bar Suction volume: ? 4 KW three-phase motor
Glasleistennagler für unsichtbare Glasleistenbefestigung. Geeignet für Silikon- und Trockenverglasung. Durch ein speziell entwickeltes Werkzeug können die Brads direkt in dem Versiegelungsfalz verarbeitet werden. TECHNISCHE DATEN: - Brads (Stauchkopfstifte) der Type J von 16-50 mm Bhhgqwiiep - Auslösesicherung - Seitenladermagazin - Rückschlagfrei - Geräuschdämpfer Gewicht: 1,5 kg Arbeitsdruck: ca. 4-7 bar Luftverbrauch: ca. 0,7 l/Nagelung Drahtmaß: von 16 - 50 mm Drahtmaß : 1,05 x 1,...
Induced draft unit AERO D315 Kannegiesser SC 90.21.10 L Suction station year 11/2012 Suction pull unit AERO Gwuscy0jc diameter 315 mm Kannegiesser SC 90.21.10 L D315 Suction station year 11/2012 Nominal load 120 kg Hopper Manufacturer Kannegiesser Complete documentation and CD available. 400 V Unit runs perfectly The unit was dismantled professionally as can be seen on the pictures. Pictures of the dismantled unit are also included. Suction nozzles are not part of the delivery, they are avai...
Sandblasting hose - smooth inside, fabric patterned outside - the hose ends are cut off - wear-resistant core: approx. 5 mm Pap2h - nominal width: 25 mm, length: 40,0 m, wall thickness: approx. 8 mm - working pressure: 10 bar, bursting pressure: > 30 bar - Abrasion-resistant inner rubber, weather-resistant outer rubber - Cuts are possible on request (minimum 10 m) - The price per meter is 12,50€ + tax. - Shipping costs according to effort
Festo mini slide DGSL-12-150-C-P1A # 543906, Series E502 Cdmckg2c Available are 3 pieces
Packing: Original packing Piston diameter: 16 mm Angle: 28 Pressure (pmax): 10 bar Warranty in months: 12 Item condition: New from stock Scope of delivery: Operating instructions Manufacturer: FESTO Item number: 175801 2s3i8e
EL- O-Matic Pneumatic Actuator with Sensor and Valve - 3 pieces ( new ) Type - ES1600 Eepxdbm Type - PS2500 Type - PS2500 Bar - 8 PS - 2 3 pieces are available All data can be taken from the type plate.
Korschenbroich Germany
1038 km
good (used)
400 V electrical cabinet for distribution of compressed air systems H = 2200 B = 1200 T = 500 Protection: 2 x 55 kW 3 x 30 kW 3 x 400 V Outlets 10 x 230 V Outlets Cj3uxpeo 3 x dryer DC 16A All prices are exclusive of VAT and freight. Payment in advance. Self-organized pickup preferred.
Elster SM-RI-X-E G1600 Turbine gas meter Elster turbine gas meter SM-RI-X-E-G1600-200-98.5-K (170) Qmax: 2500 m³ / h Qmin: 130 m³ / h pmax: 89.5 bar No: 10520813-2014 Pulse generator HF2 162.370 Imp / m³ Beuuc2mln8 Manufacturer price: 21.540, - € net More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request!
Festo pneumatic cylinder with flexo coupling M 20 x 1.5140 x 140 x 200 mm piston 120 mm diameter, stroke 50 mm mounting plate 400 x 180 x 20 mm 20 kg. Bfpaem9acd
New, Festo quarter-turn actuator DRRD-16-180-FHP2E2-PA 574339 2 pieces are available Pvnydu
Angle: 180 degrees Case: Very good, no scratches Packing: Original packing System height: 25 Usm7r80h Item condition: New from stock Warranty in months: 12 Item Number: 357520
Parallel gripper KGG 220 item condition: new in stock Housing: Fine, no scratches 7m7fmjebt Packaging: Originalverschweisst Warranty in months: 12 Weight: 1.97 kg Storage location: Rosenfeld Storage: 15 B 25
Hydraulic unit 1000 BAR FAG Kugelfischer Werk Hydraulikaggregat 1000 BAR Bpurusl8jo
compact blower GMA 12.6 compressor Eeetvat 22m³ / min 1 bar 27.70 kW 3220 rpm compressor Emmerthaler Apparatebau 96 ltr.Temp 140 ° degrees Motor Siemens 1LA6 207-2AA70 200L 37 kW 2945 rpm  High vacuum Super condition More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request!
Pneumatic cylinder Ikihjyn Piston 100 mm diameter Stroke 120 mm Piston rod 30 mm diameter x 390 mm M 16 x 1 thread Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 215 mm
Bosch Rexroth Stroke-Rotation Unit Pneumatic Cylinder Pneumatic Cylinder # 3 842 525 849 Buuj2gnlxf 160 x 160 x 180 x 90 mm Original price at that time EURO 3900,-+ VAT.
Item condition: New from stock Warranty in months: 12 Haj2obq83 Item number: 308242
Product condition New from old Stock Nowrbfxgq Manufacturer SCHUNK Guarantee in months 12 Weight 1.898 kg Stock location Rosenfeld Stock ground 16D09
Please see the attached pictures in Side Ddmxmv7 Bitte beachten Sie die beigefügten Bilder
We provide the following to the purchase : Itemnumber: 1599 Control System Overpressure Capsel System for more information please contact us. please keep the item number ready 02n8cjzrg Shipping costs pls contact us
For sale is a Teaching board for hydraulics from FESTO DIDACTIC HYDRAULIC NG / Size 6 fully equipped with valves, switches, hoses.... The hydraulics work perfectly! ( Video available! ) Width : 153 cm Fib9wkf7 Depth : 86 cm Height : 180 cm On castors Condition : Used. Self-collection or forwarding agency. We are happy to help you organize an inexpensive shipping company. You are welcome to come by for an inspection. You will receive a proper invoice. For foreign customers, a net invoice ...
Schunk angular gripper GWB 80 # 0307139, with accessory pack Hfdq0knsq
Continuous torque Nm: 1 Loosening torque Nm: 1.5 Rotation: unlimited pressure (pmax): 10 bar Guvgocz Item condition: New from stock Voltage: max 60 V Case: Very good, no scratches Packing: Original packing Warranty in months: 12 Current: 1 A Speed (max): 120 rpm Item number: 30031892
Technical data - see attached document with technical data of the system T0r8lioh
Generator, nitrogen N2 generator Domnick Hunter Nitrox UHPLCMS12E Bnsvrfx8 230V 2001 Used on another site $ 1000-2816 Used product Product code: 8383
Bydgoszcz Poland
1739 km
unexamined (used)
3 compressors for sale: 1 x Garo (2008) 2 x Siemens (1997, 2002) Bgqfyl88yk Previously used as a set for carbon monoxide compression.
Vácegres, Hungary Hungary
(dealership location)
2040 km
Capacity: 320 m3/h Xv7shzhrp
Balatonfűzfő Industrial park Hungary
1985 km
good (used)
Nitrogen generator for sale, due to underutilization. It is perfect: for industrial laser machines for wineries for food industies for car services to filling tires for laboratory applications for the production of vegetable oil for protective gas packaging for electronics industry for aluminum castings Generated nitrogen volume: 30 Nm3 / hr Dwevim Nitrogen purity: 99.9% (argon content not specified) Pressure of nitrogen produced: 5-6 bar Compressed air demand: 105 Nm3 / hour Compressed air p...
Connection thread: G 1/8 Temperature: max. 80 °C Item condition: New from stock Angle: 90 degrees Fz03tx9 Pressure (pmax): 8,4 bar Packing: Original packing Warranty in months: 12 Scope of delivery: with assembly and operating instructions Manufacturer: FESTO Item number: 533420 Type: DAPS-0106-090-R-F0507
Manufacturer: FESTO Pbjbp Pressure (pmax): 10 bar Angle: 180 Item condition: New from stock Packing: Original packing Scope of delivery: Operating instructions Piston diameter: 16 mm Warranty in months: 12 Item number: 540455
4WRP6W16S-1X/G24Z4/M-755 Gadfj3u Manufacturer: Bosch Warranty in months: 12 Voltage: 24 V DC Item condition: very good, unused Pressure (pmax): 315 bar Item number:

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