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Insulating glass making machines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Loading capacity 5800 kg, Jumbo size 3210 x 6000 mm, max. loading height 3210 mm Blz7qphvci more
LiSEC, Right - Left - A2RL-25/25HA, 1995, Fully Autom. Tandem Desiccant Filling Machine for Bent Spacer Frames - LBH-25AR, 2009, Autom. Butyl-Extruder / Butyl Application System Very good condition. Dismantled. Blu2f7zijs more
Butyl extruder Lenhardt type KP 7.5 A LSH. Bjgezfi0lh Machine is used as back up machine more
Data: Consists of: - Lisec washig machine - Full length: ca. 8050 mm - Lay-on height for glass: 520 mm - Height: 3500 mm - Passage speed: 3-12 m/min - Glass thickness: 3 – 40 mm - Min. Glass dimension: 180 x 350 mm - Max. Glass height: 1600 mm - Max. Glass length: 2500 mm - Glass flow direction: right – left - Weight: ca. 2500 Kg depends on inlet-and outlet - Assembling station (can also cut threefold glass) - Lenhardt Glass filling press - Tilting table... more
BYSTRONIC RB-NTB-2,20 x 4,00-L-AL/S-M year: 2005 Automated Bending Machine for Spacer Bars (IGU Glass) Rahmenbiegeanlage (Isolierglas) Giętarka do ramek (szkło zespolone) In very good working condition / Sehr guter Zustand – in Produktion / W bardzo dobrym stanie technicznym – w produkcji Do you need servicemen to relocate (disassemble / assemble) machines? Contact us. Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, wenn Sie unsere Servicetechnikern für die De-/Montagen brauchen. Cnlg8oir Potrzebujesz serwisant... more
Automatic bending machine for all common spacer frames Bloo8i9wui more
The DFN632 drills the spacer frame externally using 2 drills set at 90° to enable the desiccant material filling, the 2 holes are then hermetically sealed by the application of butyl rubber. The spacer is drilled externally to leave the receiving walls intact. The machine is also capable of managing shaped spacer filling in addition to adapting to the variations in spacer dimensions. 1 to 4 sides of the frame can be filled, above all using either one or both heads. Only one operator is needed to... more
Two-component sealing system as good as new Siliconizing machine from Rheinhardt Technik Conti Flow Vario ! Conti Flow Vario is a precision gear metering system. Multi-component ! Two component sealing system ! Ogkhefe more
Compressor with air dryer and pressure tank, volume rate 2,74 m³, pressure 10 bar Blys8z2l9p more
LENHARDT / BYSTRONIC, 3500 x 2300, TPS IGU Production line, 2300 x 3500 mm, Right – Left, year: 1999 Isolierglasanlage, 2300 x 3500 mm, Rechts – Links, Baujahr: 1999 Linia do produkcji szyb zespolonych, 2300 x 3500 mm, Prawo – Lewo, rok budowy: 1999 Good working condition / Guter Zustand – in Produktion / Dobry stan techniczny – w produkcji Cmqmut7x - Einlauftransporter / Inlet station / Stacja wejściowa, - Waschmaschine / Washing Machine – 8 brushes / Myjko-suszarka | GW-SU-2,30_VR-4B15, - Ausl... more
The production line for the production of insulating glass units of the Forel brand with Super Spacer applicator and three sectional hotmelt sealing machine. Max size 2500 x 3000 with gassing or 2500 x 4000 with two-cycle pressing. Possibility of making one, two and three chamber glasses with a maximum thickness of 50mm, including shapes. The line is equipped with a scanner allowing to control the quality of the produced glass as well as automatic reading of shapes and control of format dimensio... more
Automatic profile bender High-tech automatic machine to bend the spacer hollow profiles to produce spacer frames in single piece. The machine can process spacer hollow profiles in aluminum The machine is basically made up of magazine with 8 feeding stations, main body and control desk panel. • Magazine (8 feeding stations) Solid structured steel, coated with two-component anticorrosion paint. The process starts in the magazine (supply chamber), which is made of 8 feeding station housing the spa... more
Lisec AKL-25V Condition: Good working order Height: 2500mm Year: 1996 Bfeupzqlbj more
Electrically adjustable glass storage. Consisting of 3 rows. Rows 1+ 2: length 8200, depth 3300 mm, height 2150 mm. Row 3: Length 7300 mm, depth 3300 mm, height 2150 mm, support surface 100 mm (row 1 + 2) 180 mm (row 3) The rows can also be operated and purchased separately. Blysgvmei8 more
2001, LiSEC, BSV-45ANK + PM-45 Automated Bending Machine for Spacer Bars Bkqpstofff In very good condition more
The Forel line was completely restored with new soft brushes and all vital parts. Consisting of a washing machine, a coupling machine and a pressing machine. Bb8zon3jvy more
In excellent condition washing machine from the top brand Forel. The machine has been serviced in 2018 and is in very good condition. The machine has an assembly part and a roller press. Machine specifications: * Automatic inlet part: 3600 mm * 6 brushes washingpart: 2590 mm * Brushes Low E compatible * Automatic out part 2400 mm * Assembling station part: 3600 mm * Roller press * Automatic outpart 3600 mm Dyw99yksc more
Lisec TAL 60 full reconditioned Zm7cw37v for silicone more
Washing machine with open top, washing hight 1300 mm, for insulating glass or grinding range, total length 5150 mm, total hight 2000 mm Od2vx more
LiSEC, VHW-25/8, Left – Right Vertical Glass Washing and Drying Machine, H=2,5 m Vertikale Glaswasch- und Trocknungsmaschine Pionowa myjko-suszarka do szkła Brushes / Bürsten / Szczotki: 8 Dwtrue Refurbished / Überholt / Wyremontowana / Oтремонтированный Do you need servicemen to relocate (disassemble / assemble) machines? Contact us. Kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, wenn Sie unsere Servicetechnikern für die De-/Montagen brauchen. Potrzebujesz serwisantów do przeniesienia (demontaż / montaż) maszyn?... more
Sealing material Polyurethane Type of B component Liquid Type of pump Hydraulic Volume of A component 200 l Volume of A component 20 l Ysgqxs Length of arm 2400 mm Assembled dimension 1000x1500x2400 mm Voltage 400 V, 50 Hz Power 5 kW Operating pressure air 6 bar more
Product Features: • Stainless steel washing unit • Equipped with 2-4 or 6 brushes Ysher8 • Durable tire transport wheels • Business direction 'back and forward • Adjustable working speed with control switch • Stainless steel water tank • Adjustable temperature of washing water by digital indicator • Electrostatic powder coating for long-term protection • Dry fan Glass thickness 3 - 12 mm Min. Dimensions 160 x 320 mm Max Dimensions 3000 x 2000 mm more
Rjukan filler with 2 heads Muoavo more
Sealing rotary table, manufacturer TVG, type TVG 90 Blrckf7sma more
Hotmelt extruder machine Machine specifications: * Capacity of 50 kg tank * Adjustable speed for material Gjkgcnlq * Temperature control systeem in 2 stages * Low temperature safety system * Sensitive temperature adjustment with pid control system * Easy adjustable digital temperature system * Timer system * reliable and compact hose/gun more
Armatec crane system 250Kg Dimensions: Lenght: 8,6m Width: 5,3m Bgy2a0mbwv High: 4m more
Desiccant filling system, manufacturer Lisec, GFL-200, good condition Odh29 more
Make : Lenhardt-Bystronic Type : 2300x4500mm GWU; AZP.SP.G; DA2.7AE; VATEK Year : 1993-1998 (reconditioned 2010) Enc8ifr Condition: in production Description : Washer reconditioned + new brushes 2017 Automatic Gas press reconditioned 2014, up to 60mm units Corc applicator reconditioned 2014 Sealing robot reconditioned 2014 more
Flat glass washing machine with inlet and outlet section + water cycle. Max. Washing height 2700 mm, 8 washing brushes, max. glass size: 2700 x 5000 mm Blratuwm0j more
automatic frame bending machine for aluminum + stainless steel +plastic Blrafk78yz more
Butylextruder in working order from manufacturer Lenhardt X9ox3gof more
Glass size max. 2500 x 1600 mm, working direction right - left, main components: Edge deletion, washing machine, frame conveyor, assembling station, press and robot sealing Btwmo3v more
15 harp racks, with a loading capacity of 1.500 kg each rack Bim2d7li0o more
Insulating glass line, max. glass size 2500 x 2000 mm, working direction right - left, main components: Washing machine (water circulation included), assembling station, press and robot sealing, for 2- and 3-fold glazing Bjqksasxal more
Manufacturing of exact spacer frames in highest quality. Pedtiay more
Lengerich Germany
6406 km
ready for operation (used)
Frame bender with tool kit Cc3ga8q more
4 suction cups, lifting capacity 600 kg, axle tube ca. 2 m Bfrlqajvo9 more
With 4 suction cups, lifting power 400 kg, axle tube ca. 2 m Hymbmwz more
Break and tilt table with air cushion, hydraulically operated with integrated breaking bars for jumbo sizes. Bhgmiiuo3l more
Small gasfilling device with 2 filling stations, with sensor-control and integrated mixing units for reliable off-line gasfilling operation even for specialities, designed for I.G. Cr38a39k more

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