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Ich möchte eine gebrauchte eiserzeugungsanlage abgeben. die anlage ist seit 20 jahren nicht mehr in betrieb. sie eignet sich als Ausstellungsstück.durch die Salzsole hat rost angesetzt. bitte melden sie sich bei mir.

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Air Cooler Edelstahl Edelstahl
Tower cooler, top cooling unit, refrigerated counter, air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cooling cell Tkzjrn00e -incl fan -2 x top coolers available Price per piece Dimensions 610/1035/H230 mm Weight ...
Aircondition - climate chamber Ruhaak Frimair ORD20 AODE
Climate chambers (e.g. for cooling computer systems) Capacity: 53 kW, 18 000 cbm/h Cooling media: Glykol Dims.: each approx. 3400 x 900 x 2000 mm 1 pce. operated only 3 hours Dwlh7a 1 pce. operated only 6 months 3 pces. operate ...
Special Machine KÜBA SGBE 33
temperature: -5 bis +12 °C wall thickness max.: 80 mm dimension L-W-H: 14,3x4,4x3,6 m Cold Storage Plant with wall thickness of 80mm - thermal insulation PU Foam, accurate dimensions and foamed without Chlorofluorocarbon / CFC - ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller/heat pump Carrier 30RQ026-CH
Aircooled packaged Chiller and heat pump 1 scroll compressor,1 circuit,R410A, Cooling Capacity: 26 KW ( 7.5 TR) Heating Cap.: 35,5KW (10,3 TR) 3bmfcsgd in working order,tested with integr. pump
Spiral freezer Vulganus Arctic
Vulgates mod ARCTIC Spiral freezer with associated freezer models year 2003 refrigerant R-404a. Band width 660 mm height between bands 150 mm. Finncol cooling units includes. Nwner 200 meters conveyors. Direct delivery.
Cold and deep-freeze hall, two-part
total approx. 18,000 x 39,000 x 7,000 mm 2 side doors Front: Roller shutter, Fabr.: Nassau, Bj.: 2014 Fk3x3u7
Air Cooler Rittal SK 3150100
Fan filter, fan line, air cooler Pr8odi -1 x fan -For 230 V-50/60 Hz 0.12/0,11A 19/18W Price per piece -1 x available Weight 0.75 kg
Dry cooler 118 kW BERGCOLD RKY8012.32.4.21
BERGCOLD Article no .: RKY8012.32.4.21 Cooling capacity: 118 kW Water with 35% glycol Water entry: 40 ° C Water outlet: 35 ° C Ambient temperature 25 ° C) Heat exchanger area: 444 m² Fans: 2x800 mm 29mhxqm More information c ...
Wall cabinet air conditioner WW20 Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH WW20
The air conditioner is built for the storage of stability samples and on going stability for drugs The storage was designed for 25 °C (+- 2 2K) and 60% relative humidity (+- 5% relative humidity) Bh7kwmi9mx The plant was set up, ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller Carrier 30RB033-CH
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,1 scroll compressor, Pudj0a 1 circuit,R410A, Cooling Capacity: 33 KW ( 10 TR) in working order,tested with integr. pump
Compact water chiller water-cooled MULTICLIMA BCOO SH 40 Z R407C
Dear Sirs! For sale is a compact water-cooled water chiller with all components, condenser etc. see photos. The system has been in use until the last moment and has been operated trouble-free. Key data : cooling capacity 105 kW H ...
Verdamfer Küba KTR - B
Evaporator Küba KTR - B * mass ca 1500mm x 600mm x 600mm * weight approx. 70 kg * lamb Elen spacing 7 mm we have 4 pieces Begxvppzox
Air Cooler Unbekannt DZAE 61
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cold room, ceiling type unit air cooler Lne7h -1 x fan fan diameter 400 mm Lamb Elen distance mm Dimensions 1030/1770/H400 mm Weight 82 kg
Water chiller 900 kW (- 20°C ambient) MTA GALAXY Tech 330 HE - Special (- 20°C)
900 kW, air-cooled water chiller,type: Galaxy GLT330HE_Special (-20 °C ambient) MTA S.p.A The Galaxy GLT 330 HE-special are compact water chillers that are designed for outdoor installation (from -20 °C up to + 40 °C), with sh ...
Tunnel Spiral Freezer Ammonia Unifreezing UNI-SP-1600-660
Ammonia freezing tunnel in like new condition. Refrigerant: NH3 (R717) Capacity: 169.0 kW Belt width: 660 mm Belth length: 345 m Surface: 457.3 m2 Rqrd. surface: 462.2 m2 Mass flow: 1535 kg/h Evaporation temp.: -40.0 C Vol ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller Carrier 30RBSY050C0012
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,2 scroll compressors, 1 circuit,R410A, Bh9qgracb8 Cooling Capacity: 51,2 KW ( 15 TR) in working order,tested with duct connection for indoor installation
Drycooler, water cooler, glycol cooler GEA GAV E09-2x5C GAV E09-2x5C
Dry-cooler GEA GAV E09-2x5C, 275L volume, 10pcs Ventilatoren a 540W, slow speed , very effizient, very silence leise, 11m x 2,35m x 1,8m Bzuyybj
Air cooled chiller Carrier 135 kW Carrier 30RA
Power: 135 kW Year of manufacture: 2007 Type of refrigerant: R407C Refrigerant circuit: 2 pcs. Compressors: 4 pcs. Danfoss (scroll) Number of fans: 2 pcs. Dimensions: 2, 28 x 2,1 x 1,33 m. Weight: 1174 kg. Working hours: 150 h. N ...
Refrigeration compressor FRIGOPOL D 6d15o
Compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressors, compressor Power 1,1 kW Speed 1400 RPM Qkobvmnmp Dimensions 700/350/H500 mm Weight 90 kg
Cooling device DTE K-004.3
The refrigeration machine was used as a demonstration unit and therefore little used,, Hmoys3r the device belongs to the K2 series. Propane R290 was used as refrigerant, 100% environmentally friendly
industrial process cooling unit KKT Kraus Industriekühlung
Cooling refrigeration system, cooling unit, process cooling, industrial cooling, cold for industrial systems for high cooling capacity e.g. for furnaces, lasers, eroding systems, laser welding systems etc. The attached filter unit ...
Aircooled pack. Chiller Carrier 30RBSY100B0008
Aircooled packaged Chiller ,3 scroll compressors, 1 circuit,R410A, Bh9qf77wz3 Cooling Capacity: 97,1 KW ( 28 TR) in working order,tested with duct connection for indoor installation
Refrigeration dryer machine #1783 Ultratroc HPD 1750/ 613
Manufacturer: Ultratroc Model: HPD 1750 Type: 613 Manufacturer year: 2002 nominal volume liters: 1000 Permissible operating temperature ° C: 10 / 50 M7dzh2 Permissible operating pressure bar: 45
Air cooled chiller Ef Cooling 45 kW Ef Cooling WKL
Power: 45 kW Year of manufacture: 2015 Type of refrigerant: R407C Compressors: 2 pcs. Sanyo (scroll) Hydraulic module: water pump and open buffer tank Number of fans: 3 pcs. Refrigerant circuit: 1 pcs. Dimensions: 2.30 x 0.87 x 2. ...
Refrigeration Compressor FRIGOPOL D750-R12-450H
Compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressors, compressor Power 5,5 kw Speed 1415 U/min -1 x available Award pieces Hia73bx28 Dimensions 450/500/H560 mm Weight 150 kg
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