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Mr Sj. H. Steinfort
De Opfeart 26
9047 KW Minnertsga

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Drawer shelf
Drawer shelf Hegla Schubfachregal links

- Hegla drawer shelf left with platform and railing - L - 5000 mm Dpeeyj - W - 3100 mm - H - 3220 mm - Glass shelf - 100 mm - 13 drawers - Shelf is disassembled for transportation ... ...

Glass washing machine
Glass washing machine Zafferani Standard 130

Used Zafferani glass washer (standard 130), year of manufacture unknown. Machine was purchased in 2023 after overhaul (paint, chain, brushes and hoses). Machine is no longer needed... ...

Glass panel saw
Glass panel saw Knopp GST-RG 350

With cutting disk, Swivel cutting head, Length: 1200 mm, Width: 1200 mm, Height: 1700 mm, Dpcajb Additional, left and right extendable table top 650 mm each... ...

Glass washing machine
Glass washing machine Bodo-Gerhard W 125 I-2

Washing height 1250 / Open top, 4 brushes / water tank, pumps, 7.5kW / blower cabinet for drying zone, Running direction: right to left, Total length: 6450 mm, Height: 2100 mm, Dep... ...

Automatic glass edging machine
Automatic glass edging machine Bodo-Gerhard K 3008

System with water basin and pumps, Bjqiiylhgc Total depth with water basin 1400 mm Total length: 8100 mm, Height: 2500 mm, Working direction: right to left... ...

Light overcrane with suction lifter
Light overcrane with suction lifter Barbaric Krane B2

Crane runway mounted on the ceiling, Dpb80Z Accessible section is 8000 x 8000 mm (LxW), Current height = 2940 mm, Suction lifter load capacity 80 kg... ...

Belt sander
Belt sander Bohle GKS 100 / 780.4

Belt sander with round plate sanding unit, Working height: 1000 mm, Dpb8N9 Round plates up to 1000 Ø, Connected load: 1.1 kW, Width: 1400 mm, Height: 1700 mm, Depth: 1000 mm... ...

Glass Cutting Machine
Glass Cutting Machine Hegla Unicut AC 2517 LD

Working range X/Y: 2500mm/1650mm, glass thickness range: 0.8mm-12mm, working height: 940mm (+/-20mm), max. cutting speed: 200m/min, cutting accuracy: +/-0.1mm, max. acceleration: 1... ...

Lovati BEM 31 numerical control CNC
Lovati BEM 31 numerical control CNC LOVATI BEM 31

Lovati BEM 31 numerical control CNC machine for processing flat glass Year of production 2017 Power 40 KW Bizcaj7G7A max. size of glass 3200 x 1650 equiped with tilting lo... ...

New ceramic rollers
New ceramic rollers VESUVIUS

New ceramic rollers for tempering furnace for flat glass Dpbxer VESUVIUS long 3049 diam. 85 mm 46 pieces x 400€ = 18.400 €... ...

Disk grinding machine
Disk grinding machine Knopp TS 500

Disc wheel diameter: 600 mm, Height: 850 mm, Width: 900 mm, Bg0Bwi97Io Length: 900 mm... ...

Glass transport rack
Glass transport rack GTG 2160x1500x750

Finish: Galvanized, External dimensions: Dpbb2T Width: 2160 mm, Height: 1500 mm, Depth: 750 mm, Support: 2 x 220 mm... ...

Glass transport rack
Glass transport rack GTG 2230x1140x2150

Finish: lacquered / red, External dimensions: Width: 2230 mm, Dpbb0B Height: 2150 mm, Depth: 1140 mm, Support: 2 x 370 mm,... ...

Sliding glass storage shelf
Sliding glass storage shelf GL-21

For glass sizes max. W= 3240 mm, H= 2000 mm, D= 3340 mm, 21 shelves, support per shelf: 65 mm, Bgypm8Svxs Max. 400 kg per shelf, Easy to dismantle for transportation by truck, Widt... ...

Melting furnace
Melting furnace Gobi 26kW

Connected load: 26kW, Working chamber height: 350 mm, Interior length: 1150 mm, Bgygc703Uo Width interior: 2200 mm, Height: 1220 mm, Width: 2450 mm, Depth: 1400 mm... ...

A-glass storage rack
A-glass storage rack Hegla

Large dimensions: 6000 x 3210 mm, Length: 6000 mm, Bgangn7Kfe Width: 1860 mm, Height: 3100 mm... ...

L-glass storage rack for large dimension
L-glass storage rack for large dimension Hegla TL 50-3V

Load capacity: 15000kg, Support: 600 mm, Dpazcl Large dimensions: 6000 x 3210 mm, Length: 5830mm, Width: 1200 mm, height: 3200 mm.... ...

Screen Printing Machine
Screen Printing Machine Europa-Siebdruck-Centrum AT-PA45

Max. print format X/Y: 300mm/450mm, print table dimensions X/Y: 400mm/600mm, vacuum area X/Y: 345mm/465mm, max. screen frame format: 500mm/750mm, screen frame profile: 20mm-30mm. M... ...

Continuous glass blasting system / sandblasting system
Continuous glass blasting system / sandblasting system Goldmann SR 770

We are selling a SR 770 sandblasting machine, further details can be found on the type plate. The machine works perfectly, only the rubbers on the outside need to be replaced soon.... ...

Glass washing machine
Glass washing machine Klöpper 2600 R-L

Vertical infeed transport - Vertical 2600 mm washing machine with drying - Tilting table (behind the washing machine) - Horizontal outfeed transport - Tilting table (discharge) Fzi... ...

Grinding water treatment SEDIMENTOR 1.0
Grinding water treatment SEDIMENTOR 1.0 Bohle SEDI 10

Automatic process water cleaning for glass processing systems (for CNC or grinding systems up to 12 spindles) Throughput: 150L/min Dirty water tank: 1,000 L R8Yu20Fv7T Filter cart ... ...

Glass Conveyor Machine
Glass Conveyor Machine Hegla SF 2518

A Hegla SF 2518 vertical conveyor for the glass industry is available, weight: approx. 2700 kg. Do37V7... ...

Glass Conveyor Table
Glass Conveyor Table Lisec BTA

A Lisec horizontal conveyor field is available. Pressure: 6bar, max. conveyor weight distribution: 50kg/m², weight: approx. 1450kg. Bojvzuzgd70... ...

Revolving Wall
Revolving Wall Hegla Drehwand

A rotating wall for the glass industry is available. Weight: approx. 1300kg. Dvxp9Boa... ...

Sandblasting machine
Sandblasting machine SAG Sandstrahlmaschine T2 Sandstrahlmaschine

Selling a little used sandblasting machine. Bjixj0Nd For all glass thicknesses and sizes. Closed system. Shipping must be organized by the buyer.... ...