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Mr Rodion Savkov
Stabu str. 46/48-85
LV-1011 Riga

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Table saw
Table saw Elumatec TS 161/00

- well-maintained table saw from window manufacturer - incl. stop system 3000mm - 400V connection - speed 3200 rpm R9snc72ug... ...

Single head cutting-off machine
Single head cutting-off machine Emmegi SCA/P 400

Used Emmegi SCA 400/P single head cutting-off machine for alloy in good condition. Machine bears the CE-label. Dozv9f... ...

Double miter
Double miter Elumatec DG 244

Max. sawing length: 6,000 mm Max. saw blade diameter: 550 mm E 500 control 5 motor-controlled axes (length positioning and precise angle adjustment for tilting/swivelling) Pneumati... ...

Emmegi electronic double-edged saw
Emmegi electronic double-edged saw Emmegi Doppia elettronica 500

Electronic double-headed cutter Useful cutting length : 6000 mm Ed3jwr9vd Max. blade diameter : 500 mm external electronic tilting usb port... ...

Emmegi Twin electra double saw
Emmegi Twin electra double saw Emmegi Twin electra sun 500

Electronic double-head cutting machine Behzz7a useful cutting length : 5000 mm maximum blade diameter : 500 mm electronic head tilting Internal and external tilting Vertical clamp... ...

Roller conveyor
Roller conveyor Elumatec Roller conveyor 3m

Roller conveyor Elumatec 3000mm Rnahgu7lwf... ...


For cutting aluminum profiles to length accurately For mounting on all single-head saws (right-hand side) Stop carriage can be folded back for positioning of profiles Bn0qadmwxft P... ...

Notching saw for aluminum
Notching saw for aluminum Pressta Eisele Prisma 400

For end processing on aluminum or plastic profiles in window and façade construction. Use of a horizontal and vertical saw blade Ø 400 mm. Manual operation with movable machine tab... ...

Single head cutting-off machine
Single head cutting-off machine Emmegi Automatica 550

Used Emmegi Automatica 550 Single head cutting-off machine from 1998 in good condition for 90 degress cutting of aluminium profiles, with pneumatic bar feeder and stop, as well as ... ...

Glasleistensäge Schüco PGS

Semi-automatic aluminium saw for 90° cuts with positioning unit and discharge roller conveyor Max. saw blade diameter: 400 mm (mounted 350 mm, sharp 400 mm saw blade included) Max.... ...

DG244 Elumatec DG244

Elumatec double mitre saw type DG 244 / E555-1 / 6.0 meter used, year of construction: 08-2010 Powerful double mitre saw for large profiles and many cutting many cutting variants ... ...

DG104 Elumatec DG 104

Elumatec DG104 Double mitre saw 6 m D=420mm; E 355; 22,5° inside used, year of construction: 11-2012 - cutting length 6.000 mm - saw blade diameter 420 mm - Swivel range inwards, p... ...

Double mitre saw RAPID DGL 200 M
Double mitre saw RAPID DGL 200 M Rapid DGL 200 M

Description Double mitre saw RAPID DGL 200 M Working length: 5,100 mm Working height: 160 mm Can be swiveled: yes Aluminum spraying device available Short dimension stop available ... ...

Double miter
Double miter Elumatec DG 79

Max. cutting length: 3000 mm Dolvp7 Max. saw blade diameter: 380 mm Automatic positioning of the saw unit via E 255 control Cutting area at 90°: 195 x 120 mm Cutting area at 45°: 1... ...

Notching saw
Notching saw Pressta Eisele Prisma 600

Saw blade diameter vertical: 600 mm Saw blade diameter horizontal: 500 mm Notching width: At 90° processing of profiles up to 300 mm Mitre cuts up to 30° / profile height max. 280 ... ...

Machining centers for windows
Machining centers for windows BJM / BDM ALBZ-100

Machining center for aluminum machining up to 7m. Machine needs an Inverter 11KW to be replaced, quote is available for this repair. (repair cost around 8500 euro). Bl97gillfla... ...

Glazing bead saw
Glazing bead saw RAPID GLX

Year: 2007 - technically efficient, ready to work – after full service - engine: 2x 0.45 kW - disc: 2x 200 mm 7a7jq0vg - pneumatic feed - vertical clamps... ...

Table saw
Table saw elumatec MGS 460

Accuracy is achieved by cutting from below Wide pivoting range of up to 0° to the right and up to 45° to the left The special pivoting mechanism with integrated turn table enables ... ...

mitre saw
mitre saw Graule ZS 170

For sale single head saw Graule ZS 170. Bl28f3bheph The machine after a general overhaul. Equipment: hydraulic brake, stand, attachment for sharp angles new disc As an option, the... ...

Single head saw machine
Single head saw machine Wegoma S5D

- technically efficient, ready to work – after full service Bluflcfxr9l - disc diameter: 350 mm... ...

Notching saw
Notching saw Graule ASU 450

Graule ASU Motor 400 V / 2.0 kW Speed 2,800 rpm Tool Ø 450/400 mm Tool spindle Ø 40 mm Notching height 153 mm Notching depth 128 mm Notching width 250 mm Manual feed Zidvt2adc Weig... ...


EMMEGI two-head cutting machine year 2014 matr. C115528. Cw7ai9un... ...

Cutting saw
Cutting saw IΝΟ METAL TESLA 434

Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50/60 HZ Power: 7kW S7obnv2... ...

GRAULE facade saw type AS 450
GRAULE facade saw type AS 450 Graule as450

Motors 2 x 400 V / 3.0 kW Speed 2.800 U/min Diameter of vertical blade 450 mm Diameter of horizontal blade 400 mm Blade mounting diameter 40 mm Lu2x3jsru Undercutting height 153 mm... ...

length stop
length stop Elumatec Ema 201 /AMS 200

Automatic feed via E 355 P control For attachment to any Elumatec single-head saw (right) Bko8hykixj9 Max. feed length: 3000 mm With glazing bead caliper... ...