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Wiesbaden Germany
1190 km
excellent (used)
Measuring range: 0 - 300 mm Measurement deviation: +/- 0.02 mm Repeatability: 0.01 mm Weight: 4.7 kg Bwg9r9vpax Required space: 138 x 90 x 475 mm
Immediately available from site : Height measuring device Trimos, type V 1000 plus, with granite plate, measuring range 1000 mm Circumferential measuring device Zeiss, Zeiss dividing head with base and counter holder, measuring length 1000 mm Price together from location Euro 2.000.---plus VAT Bvun2tj0it
Measuring span: 365 mm application range: 0 - 520 mm Ulknxmxp max. adjustment speed: 600 mm/s(manual) 30 mm/s (motorized) Measuring plate available separately
Digital Height Gauge R7l83wk7 Manufacturer: Tesa Hite Type: Micro-Hite Measuring range: 600 mm
Brand: TESA Measuring range length: 715 mm Application range with standard measuring insert min./max.: 0-870 mm Bwwyblas digit increment (preselectable): 0.0001 mm, 0.001 mm, 0.01 mm Error limit height gauges: (2.5 + 4 x L) µm (L in m) Repeatability bore: 3 µm Repeatability level: 2 µm Perpendicularity tolerance (frontal): 15 µm Measuring force min./max.: 1.0-2.0 N Operating time battery max.: 60 h Data transmission type: RS232 With air cushion device: Yes Weight: 32 kg Gross weight: 35000 g
Outside micrometer set Make Mitutoyo 6 pieces from 0 - 150 mm with corresponding test gauges Pjuol weight 4,5 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator S0vt97ep0 -Max. Working height: 500 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 615/120/H75 mm -Weight: 2.7 kg
+++ OLYMPIA-CRAZERS for immediate sale +++ +++ 36 percent price reduction +++ +++ Unbeatable offer +++ Old price: 2350 Euro New price: 1500 Euro 850 Euro discount Only 1x available Shipping on request ----- Digital 2D-height gauge Manufacturer: Garant / MAHR Type: HC1 350 Year of manufacture: 2012 Measuring range: 350 mm Total height: 741 mm Ivbzetemu Weight: 25 kg Perpendicularity deviation: 5 µm Repeatability plane: 0,5 µm Repeatability bore: 1 µm Measuring force: 1.0 ±0.2 N
Hard stone measuring table 1000X2600X300mm, with measuring bar 200X200X2600 mm, (Johann Fischer Aschaffenburg), four-sided accurate quality 1++, and Tesa height measuring device. Measuring height 1000mm, with printout of the measuring results. Ideal to use as a workpiece control plate. Bimc78bp
Measuring range: 600 mm All data without guarantee / errors excepted ! Eeyp7iap
Digital height measuring device TESA micro-hite 600 Application: for measurements in 1 and 2 coordinate directions, measurement of height and step dimensions diameters, bore distances, slot widths, measurement of parallelism and concentricity of parallelism and concentricity deviations, squareness measurement possible through accessories, simple measurement of bores and shafts through automatic automatic search for the reversal point Scope of delivery: incl. standard measuring insert carrier, st...
I am offering a perfectly functioning height measuring device from the Swiss manufacturer Trimos, type TVM 300. With OPTO RS 232 interface! As seen in photos! Bvqz93vrp0 Unfortunately we do not know the year of construction. You can find the exact dates and information on the Trimos website! Insured shipping Germany 12 euros, Europe 22 euros!
Height indicator, parallel indicator -Max. Working height: 800 mm -Hard metal needle Hgxnh9w -Dimensions: 290/100/H945 mm -Weight: 7 kg
Height ripper / parallel ripper Mgrywscp -max. working height: 600 mm -carbide needle -weight: 4 kg
For sale is a granite measuring table/ hard stone measuring table 1.000 x 1500 x 160mm Groove : 14 mm You are welcome to come by for an inspection. You will receive a proper invoice. For foreign customers, a net invoice can also be created. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Ctmuqil0 Subject to prior sale. If you have any questions you can contact us by phone. Visit our shop and take a look at our other offers. Company names and trademarks are the property of their owners and serve only to ...
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1025 km
Height gauge Make Suhl Fnxs2poe3 up to 500 mm
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1190 km
Measuring height: 0.01-300 mm Podvyvu9
Product information "KHT MultiScan 800 KHT MultiScan 800 Mobile recording station for article dimensions and weights Complete master data acquisition system Incl..: - Dust cover Multiscan 800 (synthetic leather, granite on polyester carrier) - DC Car 800 - DC Car electric box incl. 2 x 12 V rechargeable batteries and charge level indicator - data flow controller KHT MultiScan 800 Item no.: 200749 Technical data: Year of construction: 2018 Overall dimensions: 1320 x 775 x 725 mm (LxWxH) max. meas...
Height indicator, parallel indicator Ute8qjhy -Max. Working height: 300 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 175/60/H385 mm -Weight: 1.7 kg
Digital height gauge Btwxovrxht Manufacturer: Tesa Hite Measuring range: 800mm Fabrication number: 3M0999706 Instructions for use included Has not been operated since 2008, was always covered in production. Device was switched on, function was briefly tested by the employee. Air cushion function for moving the device has been tested.
used height gauge Bpphtip9g3 full functionality measuring range (Z): 600 mm incl. multiple accessories (see pictures)
900285 Height ripper, Bbmbu08p7f max. measuring range: 600 mm.
Electronic height and length measuring device make SUMESS type VM 300 zero setting possible in the whole measuring range from the zero position the measurement is positive + upwards and negative - downwards measuring range 300 mm with: Xnqg9ani - Digital display - display mm or INCH, step 0,0001 - Display setting 002 - Counting step 0,002 - Display setting 005 - Counting step 0,005 - Locking - fine adjustment used, ready for use
Bretzfeld Germany
1312 km
good condition (used)
As good as new height measuring device, with excellent accuracy, incl. marble measuring plate and cabinet base as well as the corresponding power supply and electronic control. Measuring accuracy 0,001 mm Travel range 600 mm Travel method manual/motorized Hover mode by means of built-in compressor Counterbalancing via counterweights Bhs2n2a72y Dimensions LxWxH 800 x 600 x 125 mm Total weight approx. 300 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator Uteu9dtx -Max. Working height: 500 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 230/80/H650 mm -Weight: 3.4 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator Lic9b -Max. Working height: 500 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 680/160/H110 mm -Weight: 4.7 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator -Max. Working height: 350 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 200/90/H545 mm -Weight: 3.2 kg Bghe9xdi
Height indicator, parallel indicator Hsmjkgn -Max. Working height: 600 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 280/120/H875 mm -Weight: 8.8 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator Xwjixgq -Max. Working height: 300 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 190/75/H500 mm -Number: 3x available -Price: per piece -Weight: 2.3 kg
Clamping plate, measuring plate, measuring table, optical measuring device, altimeter, measuring table -Measuring table: with optical measuring device and altimeter -Width: 695 mm -Length: 1800 mm 0gzm8oo -Height: 1775 mm -Weight: 444 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator I78yuaow3 -Max. Working height: 300 mm -Hard metal needle -Dimensions: 210/80/H510 mm -Number: 2x available -Price: per piece -Weight: 2.9 kg
Measuring stand, tripod, dial gauge holder, dial gauge, test stand, dial gauge holder, precision measuring table, precision measuring table -Rod: Ø 21 mm -Dimensions: 150/150/H300 mm Bkbmw39c -Weight: 4.2 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator -Max. Working height: 800 mm -Price: per piece Be7i9mknlb -Number: 2 pieces -Dimensions: 380/90/H855 mm -Weight: 7.5 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator -Max. Working height: approx. 1100 mm -Dimensions: 275/96/1140 mm Bfamexsoxz -Weight: 10.3 kg
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1086 km
Measuring stand, stand, dial indicator holder, dial indicator, test stand, dial indicator holder, dial indicator holder, measuring stand, magnetic stand, dial indicator stand, magnetic stand -With: switchable magnetic base and prismatic sole Nujb7wj7 -Prisms: 17/50 mm -in: wooden suitcase -Dimensions: 140/120/H85 mm -Weight: 4.3 kg
Height breaker, parallel breaker F3zd89b -max. working height: 500 mm -Needle: carbide -Dimensions: 200/65/H585 mm -Weight: 2.7 kg
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1086 km
Height pliers, parallel pliers, height transfer gauge, height transfer measuring device Bjsa3mnhku -Manufacturer: Hommel Werke, height transfer theory -Type: 4626 DBP -Dimensions: 165/140/H430 mm -Weight: 7.6 kg
Measuring stand, tripod, dial gauge holder, dial gauge, test stand, dial gauge holder, precision measuring table, Precision measuring table P3lwov -Mounting plate: 290 mm -Max. Intermediate dimension: 280 mm -Dimensions: 299/320/H355 mm -Weight: 22 kg
Height indicator, parallel indicator Bbdj0em3gg -Max. Working height: 600 mm -Hard metal needle -Counter -Dimensions: 120/180/H790 mm -Weight: 8.8 kg
Measuring stand, tripod, dial gauge holder, holder, holding plate -Plate: Ø 300 mm -Holder: Ø inside 16 mm, height 70 mm Bk3w2felwb -Dimensions: Ø 300 x 95 mm -Weight 14,5 kg

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